Bridgeford Tales Pt. 01

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Bridgeford Tales, Part 1

By Alex Barton


There are villages within fifty miles of London where pretty cottages with roses in the front garden, backing on to orchards and paddocks that slope down to lazily meandering rivers, have been a feature of the English countryside for hundreds of years.

Now, though, where once generations of families were born, married and lived in these villages all their lives, the cottages are being bought by wealthy people who want to own a second home in the country, or for wives whose husbands stay in town from Monday to Friday and only return home at the weekend.

Naturally this has led to extra-marital affairs and even wife-swapping, the ‘incomers’ thinking they have brought their enlightened attitude toward sexual promiscuity to insular rural communities. In fact they have done nothing of the sort: village folk have been fucking their sons and daughters and each other’s husbands and wives for as long as they have lived in pretty cottages with roses in the front garden…

Pepper Dresses for Dinner

“Oh and Pepper? Wear something sexy to show off those gorgeous boobs of yours…”

Pepper laughed as she put the phone down. The success of her husband Ian’s accountancy business depended on social networking and he’d been desperate for an invitation to join the newly built members only Bridgeford and District Golf Club since they moved to the village. The annual dinner dance was the social highlight of the year and Pepper could hear the relief in Ian’s voice that Andy Brock had asked if he and Pepper would like to join him and his wife Val that evening as their guests.

“It’s a 70s-themed night,” Andy had told Ian. “You know, hot pants, flared trousers, kipper ties, all that stuff…”

Pepper had an idea she had something that might fit the bill and she went to look through her wardrobe.

The little black dress her mother had given her was there, at the back, and Pepper slipped it off its hanger and stood in front of the closet mirror, holding it against her body. Quickly she slipped off her blouse and jeans and lifted the dress over her head, squirming it down her body. She smoothed the material down over her hips and turned sideways to check the hemline still covered the cheeks of her ass. It did, but only just, her bottom having become curvier since she got married.

“Hmm,” she said, as she mounded her hair up in her hands and swayed from side to side, admiring her reflection. “Not bad, not bad at all.”

At seven, bathed, made up, wearing the dress, Pepper heard Ian’s car pull into the drive. A moment later the front door opened and he called her name.

“Up here, darling,” she called back and stood up, waiting for him.

“Did you find anything suitable?” Ian asked abstractedly.

“Oh, I think so,” Pepper said and she checked her reflection one last time, shaking her body so her huge, naked breasts jiggled provocatively, their smooth creamy skin and pale pink nipples perfectly displayed by the topless dress.

Repaying Andy

“I suppose you’ll be wanting sex now?” Val Brock said to her husband as he parked in front of their house and turned off the car’s engine.

“No, that’s all right,” Andy said and Val glanced at him sharply.

“Good grief, I thought you’d be as randy as a dog after Pepper Winston’s display. It may have been arousing for the men but you try having a conversation about where to buy fresh asparagus with a woman whose bare breasts are on display, her nipples sticking out a good half inch which showed how aroused she was by exposing herself.”

Val paused and then added with note of envy in her voice, “She does have Incredible boobs though. I wish mine were that big…”

“Topless was all the rage in the 70s, as I recall,” Andy said quietly. “And she certainly looked stunning in that dress. Something of a coup for that husband of hers. Chaps will be lining up to give him business.”

“And you, I suppose?”

“Of course.”

“Well I’m ready for bed,” Val said as she opened the car door. “Do you want anything?”

“No, thanks. I’ll follow you up.”

“Suit yourself.”

Val got out of the car and let herself into the house.

Andy watched her go and then closed his eyes, remembering the moment Ian escorted Pepper into the vacant Club Manager’s office, informing her as he did so that Ian had agreed to repay Andy for putting him forward for membership of the Club and arranging their invitations to the dinner dance.

Of course Pepper was shocked when Ian told her what that entailed but she agreed to do what her husband asked. Andy instructed her to bend over the desk, positioning Pepper so everything would be recorded on the CCTV camera installed in the office which he knew about but Pepper and Ian didn’t. Then he pulled her dress up to her waist while she reached back with her hands to hold her buttocks open so he could enjoy slide his cock into whichever of her openings sikiş hikayeleri he preferred.

Filling his hands with her huge breasts completely exposed by the dress, Andy marveled at the way Pepper was prepared to do everything she possibly could to ensure her beloved husband was put forward for membership of the club, even if that meant willingly taking Andy’s cock deep into her asshole.

Poor Val, Andy thought. It was hardly surprising he didn’t want sex with her. He’d come so hard in Pepper’s rectum his balls were drained dry…

Pleasant Dreams

During the night Pepper woke as Ian’s fingers moved her sleep-heavy limbs apart. He entered her drowsing body and she gasped at the driving power of her husband’s thick cock as his strong body mastered hers. Pepper clung to him as Ian suckled her hot heavy breasts, her cunt flexing in orgasm as he groaned and climaxed.

Eventually Ian eased his weight off her and Pepper slipped back into sleep. She loved Ian’s big, muscular body on top of hers, face up or face down, either way she loved it.

Again in the night Pepper woke up. She was on her side, her back to Ian, and he was lifting her leg, pulling her round so he could enter her from the rear. His cock nuzzled her sperm-slick cuntlips and Pepper moaned with pleasurable anticipation but then she reached back and put her hands against her husband’s hip and whispered, “No. In my bum.”

Ian sighed with delight and began to push at his wife’s anus. His swollen glans slipped in easily, oiled by the slippery mass of Andy Brock’s semen deposited earlier in his wife’s bowels. Pepper moaned with delight and her fists curled in the bedclothes as Ian fondled her sleep-warm breasts and buried his face in her hair. Suddenly Ian’s body stiffened and he shuddered in climax and Pepper felt him empty his balls into her rectum, setting off her own intensely pleasurable orgasm.

Pepper lay breathing hard as her husband slowly withdrew but he had not finished. He turned her on her stomach and lowered his face to her distended anus so he could suck and lick his cum from her ass.

Pepper’s last thought as she fell asleep was that she really ought to be annoyed with Ian for making her have sex with Andy. And she would have been, if she hadn’t enjoyed it so much…

An Uninvited Guest

Pepper heard her mobile phone ring. Just out of the shower she picked it up, using her free hand to hold her silk bathrobe closed. The material clung to her wet body, becoming translucent over the curves of her ass and the bulge of her voluptuous breasts.

“Hi Pepper, it’s Andy Brock.”

“Hello Andy,” Pepper said, coolly.

“I was wondering if Ian was home?”

“No, he’s at work. Why?”

“I was in the neighborhood and wondered if I could drop some papers off for him?”

“I don’t see why not.”

“I’ll see you soon then.”

Pepper put the phone down and was about to head back to the bathroom when the doorbell rang. Despite being almost naked she answered it.

Andy Brock was standing at the door, his mobile in his hand, his erect penis protruding from the fly of his pants.

“You better come in,” Pepper said.

Moments later she was naked sitting astride Andy Brock, her back toward him. Her thighs rested on his thighs; her knees were hooked behind his so her legs were forced wide open. Her asshole was once again filled to capacity with Andy’s prick and Pepper was powerless to do more than grind her buttocks against his belly, whimpering with a mix of discomfort and pleasure.

Beads of sweat stood out on the slopes of her huge heavy breasts as Pepper struggled to take Brock’s massively erect organ into her rectum. To help his entry, Andy reached down and pushed his fingers into her pussy, scooping up oily liquid which he brought to Pepper’s mouth. She sucked Andy’s fingers clean and he thrust them back inside her cunt like a second prick invading her body, stretching and stimulating the walls with loud squelching noises.

“Ian will be back soon,” Pepper gasped.

“Good,” Andy Brock said. “His cock fucking your cunt at the same time as I’m fucking your ass will feel better than my fingers.”

“That’s true,” Pepper said. And she climaxed yet again.

Val Makes a Decision

“Oh God, I’m sorry, Val – I mean everyone in the village is talking and I couldn’t bear it to be behind your back.”

Val listened to her friend Marjorie’s voice on the phone and thought how hollow the sentiment was behind the words. She knew what pleasure Marjorie was taking from being the one to tell Val her husband’s half-hour absence at the golf club dinner dance had not, as he’d claimed, been to spend time discussing business with Ian Winston but to shove that ever-erect cock of his into Pepper Winston’s shapely bottom.

Marjorie was still talking. “You know what you should do, don’t you, Val darling?”

“No, Marjorie. What?” Val asked, amazed Marjorie was too thick-skinned to notice the quiet fury in her voice.

“You should take a lover. Young, old, male, female, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is you have a damned good time being fucked silly and that Andy should find out. That’ll bloody teach him, the philandering sodomist…”

Val wondered idly how Marjorie knew about Andy’s little fetish but she didn’t pursue the matter.

“Thanks, Marjorie,” Val said and put the phone down.

The drinks cabinet beckoned and Val made herself a stiff gin and tonic. As she sipped the drink she wondered whether she really cared about what Marjorie had told her. And she found herself wondering what her feelings were for her husband. Did she even love him anymore?

And then she realized what fun, what sheer blissful fun it would be to get her revenge. And she’d enjoy some bloody good sex into the bargain.

Val finished her drink and stood up, suddenly resolute. Young or old, male or female, Marjorie had said. Well she knew someone who fitted the bill perfectly, just perfectly. A very pretty young woman whose huge breasts turned Val on something wicked…

A Surprise Visitor

Pepper Winston was in her garden lying on a sunlounger reading when the doorbell rang. She was wearing nothing more than a tiny triangle of material covering her mons which left the cheeks of her ass bare. Bridgeford was experiencing a heatwave and Pepper was determined to get an all-over tan.

Deciding she was too under-dressed to answer the door, Pepper kept reading and then jumped with fright when a woman’s voice called out, “Hello!” and Val Brock suddenly appeared, letting herself in by the side gate.

“Oh, Val – hi!” Pepper said, flustered at being almost naked. “Let me just get – ” She started to reach for a towel but Val took it gently but firmly from Pepper’s fingers, spread the towel out on the grass and sat down.

“No need to cover up, darling,” Val said, her eyes meeting Pepper’s. “I saw everything you have at the dinner dance, remember? That fabulous dress!”

A flush of embarrassment colored Pepper’s cheeks.

“Which, apparently, had more than a passing effect on my husband…” Val paused to smile and then asked, “Has he fucked your ass since then, sweetheart?”

“Oh no, of course not – ” Pepper started to exclaim but Val cut her off.

“No? But my friend Marjorie says Mr. Patel the pharmacist told her you bought several tubes of anal lubricant earlier this week.”

“That was for Ian – ” Pepper started to say and then stopped, speechless with surprise as Val stood up and slowly began to unbutton her blouse at the same time as she reached into her shopping bag and brought out a black rubber strap-on cock.

“Don’t lie, darling, it doesn’t suit you.” Val said. “Now let’s go upstairs and make ourselves comfortable, shall we? I understand you’re rather keen on being fucked in your bottom so you can tell me in delicious detail what it feels like when my husband fucks that pretty little asshole of yours while I’m doing the same thing to you with this…”

Pepper is Taken Aback

Later that evening Pepper Winston was crouching on all fours on her double bed. She was wearing a baby-doll nightie which had been thrown back to bare her naked ass. Kneeling between her open legs, her husband had pulled the neckline of her nightie down to bare her full heavy breasts which swayed from side to side with each deep, hard thrust Ian made with his prick in her pussy.

Pepper loved being fucked like this. Her eyes were closed in ecstasy, a thin line of drool escaped from the corners of her mouth, and she rubbed her nipples against the bedspread as she ground her hips back against Ian’s groin, her cunt swallowing his prick with juicy slurping noises she was so creamy with her arousal.

“Oh Ian, that feels wonderful,” Pepper moaned.

Her husband responded by shoving himself even deeper inside her. “Oh god, yes it does – ” he groaned.

But then suddenly he withdrew his cock and Pepper’s opened her eyes as he climbed off the bed.

“Oh darling – ” she started to say but then a little smile crossed her face as she saw Ian pick up the lube from the dresser and smear a thick blob over his fingers. Pepper’s asshole quivered with excited anticipation and she closed her eyes once more.

“I was thinking – ” Ian said as he lubed his cock.


“We should invite Andy and Val for dinner. You could make your delicious Spanish Chicken. To say thank you for all their help.”

Closing her eyes, Pepper heard Ian climb onto the bed and felt the slick head of his penis against her asshole. He began to push against the sphincter muscle, forcing it to open and then flexed his hips forward until his glans entered Pepper’s bowels.

“Oh god, sweetheart!” he cried out with delight. “You are so tight tonight! It feels incredible…!”

Pepper didn’t dare tell Ian why she had involuntarily tightened up.

Andy and Val? Together…? Oh. My. God, she thought…

Pepper’s on the Menu

Pepper Winston lay listening to Ian’s breathing as he slept beside her. Poor Ian, Pepper thought as she slid a hand between her legs, her fingers finding her stiff clit as she began to masturbate, he didn’t have a clue that Spanish Chicken hadn’t been all that was on the menu that evening when the Brocks came to dinner.

Wanting to stay cool in the warm evening air, Pepper had worn a halter neck top that left the sides of her breasts bare and a very short skirt that barely covered the dimples of her ass. She gulped when she saw both Andy and Val staring at her lustfully.

“Will you get the drinks, darling?” Ian said as he sat next to Val on the patio.

“Of course,” Pepper said and went to fetch the jug. She’d just stepped into the kitchen when Andy’s mobile rang and she heard him say, “Excuse me,” his voice growing louder as he followed her into the house.

Pepper assumed Andy would take the call in the living room so she opened the fridge and bent down for the jug of Pimms she’d made earlier. Suddenly masculine fingers were lifting the material of her skirt, exposing her bottom, and she had to brace herself as Andy, his phone under his chin, unzipped his pants and slid his cock into her pussy, continuing his call as he fucked her.

Twice more during the evening Andy found an excuse to be alone in the kitchen with Pepper and, despite her protests, fucked her, the third time in the ass. Pepper wouldn’t have minded but when she left the table to relieve herself of all Andy’s sperm, Val followed her and the relieving was done into Val’s hungry mouth!

No doubt about it, thought Pepper as she arched her hips up in excited climax. Juggling two lovers and a sexually voracious husband was not easy…!

Pepper Asks a Favor

It was laundry/cleaning day in the Winston house and Pepper had spent a busy morning. She was about to make a sandwich for lunch when the phone rang. Andy Brock said he was popping round ‘to drop off some papers for Ian’ so Pepper stopped what she was doing, left the front door on the latch and went to undress. Fetching the lube from the bathroom cabinet, she stretched out on her bed and spent an enjoyable few minutes working lubricant round the rim of her anus and as far inside as her fingers could reach.

Before Andy arrived Pepper was hungry. By the time he left she had swallowed three huge loads of Andy’s semen, taking the edge off her appetite, and was breathing heavily, part in passion, part in an effort to cope with Andy’s love of lying behind her in the spoons position, his cock filling her back passage as he ground his belly against the rondures of her bottom, his glans probing for the very depths of her rectum.

“Andy – don’t you think -?” she started to say before groaning softly as Andy withdrew his cock slowly and then slid the full length back into her tight sheath.

“Yes, sweetheart?” he said, barely able to speak with the intense pleasure of sodomizing the lovely young woman.

“That we could fuck the normal way and you come in my pussy instead of you fucking my asshole and then coming in my mouth? I mean, just once in a while?”

“Of course,” Andy said. “As soon I’ve come you suck me nice and clean and then I’ll fuck your pussy.”

“Thank you, that would be nice,” Pepper said softly, amazed at Andy’s stamina. A lunchtime quickie and he was able to flood every hole in her body with sperm. No man she’d ever known could match that, which was why she never said no when the phone rang and Andy said ‘he had some papers to drop off’…

Shopping with Pepper

To her surprise and delight, being made love to two and three times a day made Pepper Winston more rather than less horny. She felt aroused through much of the day, continually ready to be fucked, as if her whole body crackled with sexual energy.

When she went shopping she dressed for her own pleasure. Her lingerie drawer remained untouched. She wore halter tops that displayed her huge breasts so she didn’t have to bother with bras, and matching denim shorts that disappeared up the cleft in her buttocks, outlining the slit of her pussy and set off her long, shapely legs.

At the hairdresser Michelle always complimented Pepper on her glowing skin and the rich tone of her hair. Pepper blushed and said she was just making sure to keep up her protein intake. The chemist, Mr. Patel, would smile and have several tubes of lubricating gel already wrapped in a paper bag whatever else she bought. Every month the newsagent handed her the latest issue of ‘Playgirl’ and the US version of ‘Penthouse’ which she pretended was for Ian.

But it was in the supermarket Pepper enjoyed herself the most. She loved the way her nipples stiffened when she leaned against the chiller cabinets. She lingered over the shampoo bottles, running her fingers up and down their bulbous tops. And she spent the longest time in the fresh produce section, fondling long, firm bananas and thick carrots.

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