Brother Sister Just Wanna Pt. 02

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Cliff rolled on his side and made room for Amy to get up. He backed up just so and clank bang, he knocked over his bottle of beer from last night. He turned instantly and ran for some paper towels in the kitchen. His dick was semi hard before, but the beer bottle fell over it instantly went limp. Slap slap, his dick went against his thighs. Amy watched him and was fascinated at his slapping dick. It was funny, but Cliff felt like a bull moose in a gift shop. OMG, he said, I’ll wipe it up not to worry!

Ha ha ha, your funny Cliff. I fix some breakfast, what would you like sweet heart. The paper towels were not far away, Cliff was back in a jiffy wiping up the beer before it ran onto the floor. How about those breakfast crèpes you like to make. With some hollandaise sauce instead of syrup. Oh yummy, said Amy, I’ll get started on it now. She got up and made sure her tits would shake and bounce as she stood. Cliff noticed without a doubt, then his dick began to grow again. Amy went in the kitchen and started the Crèpe batter, and put the frying pan on the burner. Put the heat on and grabbed the eggs out of the fridge. All the while she had not a stich of clothing on. Cliff was thrilled to watch her and went to sit at the kitchen table to watch the show. Amy knew he was behind her and decided it was time for a show. She bent over to the bottom cabinet to get the flour, spread her legs and looked at Cliff through the opening in her legs. She looked at him and he had a fixed stare on her pussy. She squeezed her buns to make her pussy lips move and she could see that is was making Cliff rock hard. She stayed there for a moment and enjoyed the sight of him getting hard. Then decided it was time to fixed the grub.

Amy mixed the batter for the scrambled eggs and mixed the batter for the crepes, she had left over hollandaise sauce in the fridge and pulled it out. After the crèpes we’re cooked and the eggs scrambled she rolled the eggs ataköy escort in the cooked crèpe and put some hollandaise sauce on top, an extra heavy amount because Cliff liked it so much. She turned around with the Scrambled egg crèpe a la hollandaise and there Cliff was masturbating. He was going at it really fast and then exploded all over his tummy and thighs. She just smiled at him with a crooked smile and a cocked eye brow. Looked him in the eye, well breakfast is ready you horny man. Cliff smiled at her, well I’ll just last longer the next time I enter your pussy.

She sat next to him at the table and Cliff put his hand on her things and let his fingers start to massage her pussy lips. OMG, these crèpes are so good, you always do a good job. Amy was starting to breath heavy, she could hardly swallow her crèpe. Then she was finally able to swallow her food, Cliff let’s finish eating first then I’ll let you fuck me again. He couldn’t hardly wait, but removed his fingers from her cunt.

Dinner was so good Amy, I’ll make the coffee. Well it’s about time, said Amy, you could have done that instead of masturbating to the show. But that’s OK, I know you couldn’t help your self. Her pussy was leaking now just thinking about how she made her show affect Cliff, and he was starting to smell her, but he also smelt the cum that he had wiped up off his belly with the paper towels. He took her by the hand and said, come let’s go to your room and make love on your bed. Amy said, why not your bed Cliff? Well he said, it has always been a fantasy of mine to make love to you on your bed. So they left the kitchen and went straight to her room, leaving the dishes on the table for later.


After sex it was now late morning. Amy said, well what shall we do tonight for dinner? Shall we just romp around the house naked all day or do you want to go out? We should go out, said Cliff, let’s avcılar escort go to that Cajun Café we both like. What shall I wear then, said Amy. I like those cut off jeans with the no panties on that faced me last night, said Cliff. OMG, I know you like those Cliff but I can’t wear those like that in public you silly goose. I would be arrested for improper exposer in public, but how about this low cut top. She slipped it on and Cliff went nuts over it, and his dick got rock hard. Yup, said Amy, this is the one. Let’s get a shower together, that way you don’t have to peek in on me when I getting a shower. She led him into the bathroom and started to rub his cock. She put some hair shampoo in her hard and started to jerk him off. Just before he was ready to cum, OK time to wash it off. She turned on the water and got it hot. She loved to take a hot shower and so did Cliff.


Time to go Amy, are you hungry yet. I’m starving Cliff, said Amy. They went to the car and drove to the Café they were ready for this. Cliff drove there and Amy was playing with his dick through his jeans all the way there. Your going to make me cum in my pants before we get there Amy, if your not careful. Cliff was rock hard as they arrived at the Café, got out of the car and wasn’t ashamed of the tent that was pushing his jeans out. The hostess looked right at his crotch when they went to be seated, that will be just one she said? No of course not, said Amy, we’re together! He is taken and not for you. Cliff, hoped she would not continue because she was making a scene. They sat at their table and started looking at the menu, even though they both had an idea what they wanted.

OMG hello Amy, it was a friend of Amy’s and she had a man with her. Amy looked up, hello Jennifer who is this that is with you? This is my half brother John he is in from Illinois. Amy just looked at her, I didn’t know you had a brother. beylikdüzü escort I think that’s a great thing. The hostess sat the two in the booth next to Amy and Cliff. I know her said Cliff, she has been over to visit a few times. Yes she has, said Amy. Amy and Cliff watched Jennifer and John for a moment and then John leaned over and kissed Jennifer on the lips, his kiss lingered for a moment and Amy and Cliff just looked at each other. Amy said to Jennifer, why don’t you and your brother John come over to our place after dinner. Jennifer and John looked at Amy and Cliff and said OK, sounds like a plan.


Jennifer and John followed Amy and Cliff in their car, while Jennifer was driving John slipped his hand up her skirt and started rubbing her pussy. Careful John, don’t start something you can finish said Jennifer. I am pretty sure we can finish what you start at Amy’s place. She and I have had mad passionate sex at the motel before when her parents were home. Amy told me about two weeks ago her parents were going away this weekend. John just looked at her and said delightful.

They all pulled up in the driveway and John stepped out of the car with a rock hard dick pushing against his pants, then Cliff stepped out from behind the wheel of the car and he also has a rock hard dick pressing against his pants. Cliff looked at John’s crotch and John looked at Cliff’s crotch. Amy looked at Jennifer and they winked at each other. They all went inside together, and sat on the couch. Amy looked at Cliff and said I think I’ll get changed into those jeans you like so we’ll. Cliff just looked at her, really!?! Jennifer and John said to Cliff, got anything to drink. Sure said Cliff, how about some white zinfandel. Sounds delightful they said. Cliff went to pour four glasses of wine, when when he returned Amy was sitting on the end of the couch with her leg propped up so her crotch would be open. Cliff just about tripped went he noticed the position she had taken. Set the glasses down on the coffee table and handed everyone their glass, picked up his and sat down with everyone. Wow said Cliff I think we might need some more wine maybe.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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