Brotherhood of Janus Ch. 04-05: Sarah , Wedding

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Copyright ©2013 – 2021 – This is an original work by Zeb Carter and is protected under copyright by U.S. copyright law. It is only submitted at Literotica.Com and any submission to any other site has not been authorized by the Author.

Author’s Note: This is a long story and is the fourth and fifth in the series. As you can see, I have combined the last 2 chapters into one, so this is the end of the Brotherhood Series. You may want to read the first three part if you haven’t already. Please Enjoy.

Brotherhood of Janus Ch. 04-05: Sarah & Wedding


My mouth hung open in astonishment, as the gentleman across the table from me explained my inheritance. I knew my father had died, some years ago. What I didn’t expect was anything from his estate. I knew he was wealthy, but I wanted nothing from him. For the past thirty years, I had been on my own with no contact, with him or the rest of my family for that matter. My children were grown and on their own, with children of their own. I do adore my grandchildren and would do anything in the world for them and saw them as often as I could.

As I listened to the lawyer, who had tracked me down, wonder at what he told me filled my mind. I wasn’t to inherit my father’s company or his investments. I was to inherit his membership in the Brotherhood of Janus, whatever the hell that was. That along with substantial amounts of cash, allowed me to do things to better my life, as the lawyer put it, hefting a box onto the tabletop.

“In here is all you will need to know about the Brotherhood. No, don’t ask me any questions, I don’t belong and am not privy to what or who they are. At the time of your father’s death, his wife and several members of the Brotherhood sealed this, so I could deliver it to you unopened.

“You will find the numbers to the accounts and the amounts of each that are now yours in this,” he told me handing an envelope to me.

I opened the envelope and took out the papers inside. As I unfolded the papers, another envelope dropped out. It was the size of a credit card and when I looked inside there were five debit cards. Looking at the paper I had unfolded, surprise, is the only word I could use when I saw the amounts listed for six accounts. My heart was racing as I stared at the numbers typed on the page.

“This is also yours,” the lawyer says handing me a metal briefcase. “It contains enough cash to get you through the next month or so. You will have to visit each of those banks to activate the cards. You will need proof of who you are…well the papers explain everything.

“This is all that I know and all I can tell you about this transaction. Your brother turned all this down. The order of inheritance is the eldest son, but we couldn’t find you until recently. Offering your brother the membership in your stead is an alternative, he flatly refused and we were lucky enough to hear of an email to your cousin through which we tracked you down.

“Our business is now concluded, sir. Good luck to you.”

“Ah…thank you, I think,” I say stunned.

The lawyer, I never even got his name, although he did leave me his card, left. I sat there looking around the small room of a restaurant in which this meeting took place. I shook my head to clear my mind. Taking a deep breath, I gathered up the cards and papers, opened the briefcase, and stuffed them in a pocket in the top. I sat for just a second as I marveled at the cash that filled the case. Slamming it closed I locked it, making sure it would not open accidentally.

A waiter appeared offering to carry the box out for me. I nodded my assent and followed him out of the restaurant to my car. I open the trunk and he placed the heavy cardboard box in closing the trunk lid. As he turned to go, I told him, thank you, and went to hand him a five for helping. He shook his head no.

“The gentleman you were with took care of that sir. Thank you anyway,” the waiter says as he turned and walked away.

I drove home in a daze. When I got there, my wife was out, so I sat at the kitchen table and opened the box. On the very top of the papers, there had to be a couple of hundred file folders, there was a single booklet. It was about 50 pages, typed and bound. The title page inside the cover had printed across the middle, “Brotherhood of Janus – Bylaws, and rules of Membership”. There was a preface.

George J. Hood and Hyraim Janus founded the Brotherhood of Janus in 1865. The founding of the Brotherhood was for the advancement of members and their families. The Brotherhood required members to help other members in the areas of business and conservation of family fortunes. That was the primary reason for the formation of the Brotherhood. Only, later – 1920 – did the gifting of pleasure to each other in a monthly celebration come to be an additional aspect of the group. Although, in the archives, there is mention of grand meetings of the Brotherhood council and once business concluded, kaçak iddaa refreshments and entertainment, provided by the member’s wives, began.

Membership is either inherited or bestowed. Although there are instances, that short-term memberships were given for payment for the good of the Brotherhood. The first five hundred members are founding members. Even though the member currently holding one of the first five hundred memberships is only a descendant of the first member, they are always to be revered as one of the five hundred.

Looking at the number in the lower right-hand corner of the booklet I read my membership number. Zero-zero-zero-two-nine-three, I was a Five Hundred.

I read and reread the booklet. I read every scrap of paper in the box over the next month as I flew to Atlanta, Charleston, Nashville, Birmingham, and Miami to activate the check-cards. For the sixth account, I just had to notify them that I was accepting the membership. That account held the projected dues for the membership for the next twenty-five years.

By the time, I returned home, I was conversant with the bylaws and rules of the Brotherhood and knew there would be a problem when I explained them to my wife, Jenny. Especially rule one-twenty-one. That rule says that the wife had to participate as a member of the Brotherhood in all aspects. This was the rule about Gatherings. It was long, involved, and never mentioned sex specifically.

I knew it meant divorce would be inevitable, so I had papers drawn up while I was out of town. When I returned, I explained the Brotherhood in as plain a language as I could. As I explained the purpose of the Brotherhood to her, she perked up at the mention of us now being financially independent. At the point of explaining the regional lodge’s monthly meeting, she just shut down.

“So will you support me in this?” I ask her.

“What? You have to be kidding me. I’m sixty years old and I don’t particularly like sex anymore, even with you. I love you, but I don’t want to have sex with you. So why would I have sex with complete strangers in the setting you described?”

To tell what took two months to resolve as quickly as possible, we settled on divorce. I gave her one of the accounts. It had a substantial amount in it and we parted ways. It was a sad day, but the future appeared brighter, a little at least. I went about getting myself an apartment and started looking for some kind of business to invest in or buy. I also looked at the schedule of gatherings around the country and chose one to attend. It would be my first of many and would hold many surprises.

S a r a h

Chapter 1 – Sarah

When I had agreed to become a Duchess of the Brotherhood, I had no idea I would be so busy. Nor did I realize I would have to fly everywhere. The first real-time, I was in an airplane, I was gripping the armrests of my seat as it bounced around in the sky. I was frightened to death. You can see I am very afraid of flying, yet I didn’t want to let the Brotherhood down. With my knuckles white, eyes closed, and felling my stomach trying to crawl up my throat, I shuddered as the Brotherhood plane descended into Baltimore. That was my second time out with John as an investigator for the BID. He actually gave me insight as to my fear.

It has now been six months since I accepted the job as a Duchess and an investigator in the Brotherhood Investigation Division. I have become quite comfortable flying around the United States. Flying had been my only problem. The rest of my job was wonderfully easy. I enjoyed performing the ring ceremony and I especially enjoy going to all the different lodges and investigating any complaints against them. That we found a lot of the complaints true was sad, but we gave those lodges back to our brothers and sisters.

I loved the second time, all except for the plane ride, I went to a different lodge with John. He had kept his promise to be my partner my first time, even though he was with me on my second time, he said he wouldn’t count New York. I had a wonderful time checking out the Baltimore lodge. My next trip was to the Carson City lodge. By then I was an old hand at flying. It still scared the crap out of me, but I was able to keep calm, even in the most turbulent of weather. I had been on five different trips before the current one. All with different partners. Always with a contingent of the BID Tactical Teams. With John, it was always Feldman. With other operatives, it was someone else in charge. They were always proficient and knowledgeable about Brotherhood rules and covenants. They were there to protect the investigators. Meaning me. This time, John, had given me Feldman and his team. If John knew something, he hadn’t told me.

This time I was with Jimmy, John’s best friend and suitor to my friend Sally. She had physically healed from her ordeal. She still had a way to go emotionally. Jimmy was an open book when it came to Sally. I was trying kaçak bahis to do right by her. From the stories I had heard from Pam and Barb, John had always bedded them down after they completed the job. But he had put a stop to that when I came into his life. I was his one and only, except of course at a gather. We had been to two since the Grand Gathering. I had enjoyed them both. So did John. Now I was to be Jimmy’s gift to the Nashville Gather.

He was nervous about that. He really wanted to keep himself for Sally. I told him he would be at a Gather. He told me that if Sally wasn’t there then he had no reason to enjoy himself. He sat there looking at me waiting for my answer.

“Did Sally forbid you?”

“No, no, she told me to have a good time. But it doesn’t feel right if she isn’t here,” he told me.

He was so cute as he tried to make sense of something he had never had to think about before. You see Jimmy had been somewhat of a cad since his divorce from his first wife. He had bedded down woman after woman not thinking of consequences, just his pleasure. Now he was in love again and was confused.

“Well then you have a conundrum,” I told him patting his hand that lay on the armrest.

“I know. What do I do about it Sarah?” he asked.

“Well, you can do exactly what I’m going to do.”

“What’s that?”

“I’m going to enjoy myself and try to do right by this lodge. John told me to enjoy myself. He knew I would be at a gather. He knew I would be with you. Sally told me to make sure you enjoy yourself.”

“How are you going to do that?”

“When I’m on the floor I will be available to every participant, that includes you,” I said softly.

Jimmy’s eyes widened. Then his jaw dropped open.

“Yep, now you understand,” I said giggling.

I reached out, put my finger under his chin, and pushed his mouth closed. He swallowed. Nodded. Turned his head so he was staring at the seat in front of him. Our little plane turned sharply and started its descent into BNA. We were on the ground in twenty minutes. The plane was on the tarmac in front of a hanger on the private side of the airport. Waiting there were four black SUVs parked by the hanger, along with a black town car limo.

Jimmy and I climbed into the town car while Feldman and his team climbed in the SUVs. Jimmy and I would be going to a downtown hotel, while the tac-team would be staying at a motel close to the lodge. The gather didn’t start until the next evening. I was lucky to be here. The school where I teach sixth grade had a four-day weekend. All the teachers were off Thursday and Friday. We would be back at the latest, Sunday afternoon. Jimmy and I stayed in the same room, a suite really. He was so cute about not intruding on me. He slept on the couch. It was a foldout bed, in the living room of our suite. I was a little disappointed but I would respect his wishes.

We spent most of Friday doing a little sightseeing. It was one of the perks. In all the time of my first marriage, I never left the Chicago area on a vacation. Sure, I had been to Wisconsin, around some lake, in my husband’s fishing boat but we never went anywhere of much interest. Now, I had been in five different cities within the same amount of months. Five mini-vacations in so many months. Except for New York, we always flew in the day before the gather. After our sightseeing, it was time to get ready for the gather.

~~~ Janus ~~~

Jimmy put his mask on as we exited the limo in front of the mansion. The Nashville Lodge built by the Brotherhood when founded, was very similar to the Chicago South Lodge, both built within ten years of each other. Both were very beautiful old buildings now. Lots of dark wood and marble. As we entered the lodge, we split up and went into separate dressing or undressing rooms. I told the attendant my membership number and she handed me a packet with my gown, wristband, and a pamphlet listing the color code rules.

And that was the second most complaint received. Color code violations. With nothing done about them by the Master at arms or the lodge council. I had to wonder why, as I disrobed and slipped my white gown with the black piping over my head. John had left the selection of my gown color to me, I chose black. I hope this lodge followed the requirements about doctor’s tests. But thinking about it, we had never had a complaint where a doctor fudged results of tests. We had complaints from members who thought the doctors were being too rigid, but nothing about them being lax.

Jimmy was waiting for me as I exited the dressing room. As we were both participants there was nothing prohibiting him from walking me to my bench, which he did. I kissed his cheek and pushed him on his way. He wouldn’t go far. I was a new wife at this lodge. We would have to see what happened. We didn’t have long to wait, as who we assumed was the president climbed the podium.

“My number is five-one-six-two-eight is there a lower number illegal bahis here tonight?” he asked looking around the ballroom floor.

Jimmy was wearing a number that was three higher than the man at the podium. Which was strange, as the president of this lodge was supposed to have a higher number than Jimmy’s. He looked at me, his eyes wide with confusion. I just held my hand up signaling him to wait.

“As there are none…” The man at the podium looked around the room again.

“To begin, these are the rules. Women in light blue are only to give and receive oral sex. Women in pink must require all men to use a condom. Women in red will only allow anal penetration, no vaginal penetration. Women in black will do whatever the male wants, within the color exceptions of course.

“Men in Yellow do not have to wear a condom with black or red. Green may only have intercourse with a condom. White may only observe and if invited may touch the woman. They may also have contact with light blue following the rule for light blue.

“If a woman says no, for whatever reason, walk away. Lodge master-at-arms will be circulating on the floor to enforce the rules. You all know the consequences of breaking the rules, suspension of membership for one calendar year, for which dues are still payable.

“So, have a good time and follow the rules no matter how heated the couplings get.”

He paused looking around the room again. Nodding he raised the gavel.

“Let the festivities begin,” he shouted, slamming the gavel to the podium.

The noise level went from zero to eardrum-bursting in an instant. I watched the man at the podium as he climbed down. Even though he wore yellow, he made no move toward any bench. In fact, he stopped several times to engage other members in a discussion. It baffled me with what I was witnessing. Jimmy watched him too. He started to move toward him. I hurried to catch up to Jimmy, even though someone had just approached my bench.

“Hey, where are you going,” he yelled.

“I’ll be right back,” I shouted back over my shoulder.

“Sir, if I might?” Jimmy said to the man.

“Can I help you five-one-six-three-one?”


“Hold on a second, sir. Miss,” he was talking to me as I skidded to a halt next to Jimmy.

“Missus,” I told him I wasn’t really, but for this trip, they listed me as Jimmy’s spouse.

“Missus, you should be at your bench…”

“Sir,” Jimmy interrupted flashing his BID creds. “She is with me and we need to talk to you in private.”

“I see…” he held up his hand to stop the master-at-arms before he arrived. “This way then. Missus.” He was directing me to go first. “Upstairs in my office.”

Both Jimmy and I knew where that would be. We climbed the stairs. I held onto Jimmy’s arm. The man who we assumed was now the president hurried ahead of us and unlocked the door, and opening it for us. Once inside both Jimmy and the president took off their masks.

“Ah, you’re not who I was expecting,” Jimmy said, chuckling.

“Yes, the notice to the BID and the Grand Council went out yesterday afternoon. The man you were expecting, we voted him out of office, and the council has suspended him indefinitely. Or until the BID or Grand Council makes a determination…”

“Ah…well then…” Jimmy was confused.

“You may both stay or leave whichever you wish. I know why you were here, maybe…”

“If we might have the use of your office?” I asked. “Jimmy we need to speak with John.”

“You’re right.”

“Of course you may,” he said handing Jimmy the key. “Just give this to the Majordomo at the bottom of the staircase when you leave. And please lock the door.”

“Of course. Thank you, sir. What is your name?” Jimmy asked.

“William Handles at your service, sir.”

“May I call you Bill?” Jimmy asked.

“As you wish…”

“James Nielson, Jimmy to my friends,” Jimmy said sticking out his hand.

Bill took it, smiled as they shook. Bill left, walking tall. Jimmy went to the desk picking up the phone and dialed. I sat in the chair in front of the desk. Jimmy and John talked for a good half hour. In the end, the decision came to was for us to stay in town until the mail caught up. Just to make sure. If Jimmy and I stayed at the gather, well John left that up to us.

“Well?” I asked looking at him.

“Speaking for myself, I would rather leave. How about you?”

“That would depend.”

“On what?”

“Would we be getting two rooms or one?” I smiled at him. He was suddenly very uncomfortable.

“Crap,” he croaked. “One I guess, but no guarantees…”

“I was just thinking about the money…”

He coughed loudly. I looked up at the ceiling.

“Let’s go.” We locked up and changed and left. We did say goodbye and good luck to the new president. He was sorry to see us leave and wished us well.

As we left, Feldman and his men were just inside the main gate of the estate the mansion sat on. We stopped and Jimmy went over to the SUV Feldman was in and told him to return to their motel, that we would be returning to ours to wait for a call from John. We all drove out together.

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