Business Escape Pt. 07

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The Vegas Journey Finally Wraps

As we bulldozed the door down, the three of us, mostly already naked, shockingly didn’t b-line straight to the bed. Like a normal couple getting home from date night, we all went into the bathroom to pee and brush teeth. As we are all three brushing our teeth naked in front of the mirror, I am smiling and shaking my head in amazement how tame we were being. With my mouthful of toothpaste I ask, “Who the fuck are we?”

Camella mumbly responds with her toothbrush wedged inside her mouth, “Oh honey, settle down, that wonderful cock of yours will soon be deep inside this little pussy of yours”, pointing her finger to both my cock and her pussy, toothpaste falling out of her mouth, with a tone as if we were an old couple.

Morgan just continues to casually laugh, smile and shake his head as we bantered back and forth.

As Camella finished brushing, she turned on some wonderful, Spanish music and starts seductively dancing between Morgan and I. The lights were dimmed to perfection, they both smelled delicious with a hint of booze and hands were soon all intertwined feeling our electric love for each other.

As we collapsed on the bed together, Camella pulled away slightly to situate Morgan and I together. Without needing instruction, Morgan and I quickly knew what she wanted and reignited our elevator kiss, with our lips and tongues finding their familiar grooves. Somehow as Morgan and I began to intensely make out, Camella pulled away a bit further to let Morgan and I discover each other. Our hands and moans did their best job of acting as if this was their first time touching, but with our matured ease, it was impossible to not immediately grab onto the areas we desired. As Morgan and I passionately kissed, stroked and caressed, Camella sat on the edge of the bed with one hand caressing her large breasts while the other enjoyed her clit.

Even now after a number of times fondling Morgan’s cock, the size, warmth, firmness yet sponge-like squishiness and smoothness continued to provide such a pleasant shock to me. I couldn’t help myself with, “My god Morgan, your cock is no joke.”

Camella broke her self-serving dance, laid down on her side, partly curled up and dove in with my hand and added, “No fucking joke is right”, as she extended herself to begin sucking the head of his cock.

In her curled position, Morgan took cue, opened her legs and began his face’s journey to find her now very wet pussy. Knowing Morgan’s impressive skills, Camella was quickly grunting in pleasure with her eyes shut. As these two were in this new sixty-nine position, I let go of the base of Morgan’s cock and decided I wanted to fuck Camella while Morgan also pleased her below. They adjusted their positions to allow me to partake in the action, which now had Morgan lying flat on his back with Camella straddling over his face.

As I knee-walked over to get perfectly behind Camella, this also had my cock and balls lined up right above Morgan’s eyes, nose and mouth. Between her excitement and Morgan’s orally-skillful assistance, Camella was already deliciously wet for me to slide right in. As she bobbed up and down on Morgan, you could hear her mouthful of moans as I pushed deep inside to her full limit. I immediately felt Morgan’s nose tickle my balls with as his tongue sliding with my cock in and out of Camella’s tight wet grip. Never having experienced a tongue licking my cock while having sex, I thoroughly enjoyed the sensation of two separate wet body parts providing love and attention to my now very spoiled cock. As the three of us kept focus on our individual tasks, I felt the need to orchestrate the next chapter in our adventure.

I pulled out of Camella and asked her to flip around and lay backside-down, flat on top of Morgan. Picking up where this was going, Morgan lets out a, “Oh boy, here we go.”

As Camella situated on top of Morgan with both legs spread, knees bent for leverage on each side, I grabbed Morgan’s cock and inserted into Camella’s already wet pussy. As they both began to fuck each other lying flat, this gave me an amazing view of Camella’s huge, wonderful breasts bouncing up, down and off to the side of her chest. Camella’s breasts truly were somewhat of a freak-show for someone of her small size, overall being completely disproportionate to her other assets, but in my opinion truly one-of-a-kind gorgeous. I sat there stroking myself watching Morgan’s large, thick cock slide in and out of Camella as her breasts danced to their sexual rhythm.

As this continued for minutes, I finally caught eyes with Camella and quietly asked, “Are you ready for us both again?”

She hypnotically nodded in agreement, re-positioned herself to adjust her backward hands on each side of Morgan on the bed, while Morgan remained stuffed inside her, she looks down and asks me, “Do you think you both can fit inside my pussy?”

“You tell me”, I quickly volleyed back with my eyebrows spiked high canlı bahis above my eyes.

Camella contemplated for maybe five seconds while looking back and forth at Morgan and I’s cocks and says, “Let’s give it a try – use a ton of spit to lube up the sides.”

As if we were in chemistry class together mixing explosive chemicals, I waddled over gently, unleashed a large wave of spit into my fingers and delicately slathered all over the walls surrounding Morgan’s cock, who hadn’t moved an inch in fear of lighting out experiment on fire.

As they both laid frozen, I began to navigate my cock directly into the tiniest of cracks of space on the right side of Morgan’s cock. With all of us watching intently, my cock took to the lubricant and began to slowly wedge its way between Morgan’s sturdy pole and Camella’s wet hole. The human body is quite amazing, and more so, the female body is truly the most genius invention on this planet, as Camella’s pussy was seemingly in on the her ambitious adventure, opened up further to let me into the party. The elasticity allowed for my cock to continue to slide next to Morgan’s whale of a cock where soon we were both filling Camella. In addition, this position really forced both Morgan and I’s packages to intimately reacquaint themselves as our cock and balls were smothered and sliding all over each other.

Similar to last night as she took us inside both holes, Camella laid there in silence, but breathing intensely. I again asked, “Are you okay? Too much?”

All she could sexily mumble out, in a lower than normal tone, “I’m going to cum really soon – my god this is so fucking intense.”

As I went inside as far as I could, I paused to let Morgan proceed with his sliding, which now felt wildly amazing for me. As he fucked, his sliding created a friction with my cock that felt and looked insanely erotic. Her body’s juices were flowing all over our two cocks, which also made for such wonderful views, sounds and feelings. The whole area was drenched wet as the three of us penetrated each other with passionate love.

It didn’t take more than a couple minutes of Morgan picking up his pace, as I sat there awkwardly frozen with my cock wedged to perfection, when Camella slaps her hands down onto Morgan’s forearms with a white-knuckled grip and begins a screaming orgasm that included squirting, aquatic fireworks to follow. The amount of wetness being released truly left me a drenched mess as she lost full control of her orgasmic state. Her body didn’t know what to do with two large cocks wedged inside a hole meant for one, so it decided to send her sexual organs into a state of emergency setting off the fire alarms.

Once-in-a-lifetime moments were advertised as moments you’d experience just once in your lifetime. I was now approaching double digit number of these moments with my two lovers, which confused me how to even articulate these continuous, new intense moments. As I sat there glistening wet, I paused for a moment to acknowledge how wildly erotic Camella’s orgasm was. Morgan didn’t seem to notice as he just continued to plow inside and out, while I remained frozen savoring the moment.

Quickly distracted back into the game as Morgan’s pace picked up and began to really increase the blood flow to my cock. As we all had officially returned to fucking our little Camella, the three of us now were equally moving and grooving together with an intensely steady pace. As the decibel-level increased from our moans and body slaps, you could feel yet another volcano building soon to explode. With Camella’s returned death grip on Morgan’s forearms, met with Morgan and I both fucking in rhythm inside and out of Camella’s wildly wet pussy, the three of us exploded as if a timer went off. For whatever reason, both Morgan and I kept our pace steady as we both filled up Camella with our love, which was indicative of our careless, zero-fucks attitude about anything in the world but each other. The notion of two streams of unique DNA simultaneously filling our girl was met with our predictable laughing response as we were all sweating and breathing frenetically.

Not only had the three of us climbed the sexual version of Everest, but we shattered the record for reaching it fastest in an organic way. Our chemistry and compatibility held its ground as we all just remained stuck to each other for what seemed like minutes after our volcanic mutual explosion. With the both of them pancaked on top of each other staring up at me, and me in this awkward twister-like position, I couldn’t help but sexily stare back and forth to each of them.

I believe I wanted them both to know that I was truly head over heels falling in love with them both, so I purposely wouldn’t keep a stare on one or the other for any extended period. My loves needed to now know this was balanced love officially. Never in my wildest nightmares or dreams did I think I could fall like this after committing to marriage with my wife. And to top that, bahis siteleri fall in love twice at the same time, with one being a man.

As the scene started to blur, life snapped us back into reality as my limp, wet cock sadly slipped away from our pack. Like an odd yoga stretch, I found myself using muscles I had never used to get myself out of this awkward position. Finally feeling the ground, I stood there and continued to gaze at my two gorgeous lovers, still drenched in sweat and juices. Without a word, I reached out as if to gesture let’s go shower and finalize this night.

After our peaceful shower, we all situated in bed like it was a routine we had practiced for years and quickly fell asleep. Our default configuration had us all naked with Morgan and Camella on both sides of me tightly snuggled to perfection. With the amount of energy we had exuded in the last 48 hours, in addition to the chemicals and booze, we slept like babies for a solid 8 straight hours.

Similar to the morning prior, some light found its way in to wake me up to release some fluids, which also woke up the full crew. I plopped back into bed purposefully knocking into them both as we all exhaled loud. Camella was the first to speak as she hilariously starts complaining how sore her pussy and ass are.

I felt Morgan move his hand down to grab his cock and quickly agreed with, “Oh god, my cock is so sore too!”

I concluded the sore theme with, “our little troopers earned some well-needed time off”, and sarcastically added, “Well don’t you worry little buddy, we’ll be home later today and you know you get lots of rest at home.”

After some giggles and continued laughter about our last two nights, Camella asked, “Are you stressing about going home? I know we all started talking about some pretty heavy feelings last night, which must make for going home super confusing.”

I nervously exhaled and lightly said, “Yep, I have some real conversations coming, which honestly make me want to throw up.”

Morgan, as always, empathetically adds, “Foxy, don’t stress, give it time to digest. What we three have is weird, rare shit – but obviously what you have with your family is much deeper weird, rare shit. I know I speak for both Camella and I in that our priority is your happiness, not just what we both want.”

Camella sarcastically interjects, “Uh, speak for yourself Morgy-boy, I want us all to live in San Diego together!”

We all busted out laughing, with Camella quickly extinguishing the joke with, “I’m kidding of course, my priority is for us all to be happy – just make sure to take your time Mr. Fox – you know you can trust us with your life at this point and we want nothing but the best for all of us. But let me add one more thought before we get out of bed.

As drunk and sexed up as I’ve been with you two over the last couple days, I meant every fucking word I said. You two are my soulmate lovers – and I’ll correct what I said at some point – I will forever be willing to let you do demolish my pussy, asshole or mouth anytime you two want. I’m fucking so wildly hot for you both – you two bring the best of all worlds in what I’d want in a man.”

I looked over to see Morgan all teared up, and once Camella caught wind of Morgan’s emotions, she too was quickly crying.

As tears rolled down his cheeks, Morgan all blushed red, wiping tears away, lightly adds, “I’m so fucking in love with you both – I know we haven’t spent a ton of time beyond our business escape, but I’ve never felt this way before about anyone.

You guys have no idea how confused I’ve been my whole life about being gay or straight. No book or lesson teaches you how to be both. And all my life I’ve lived in this confused area of not belonging to either club. Admittedly, in normal life, I don’t think I’d have a chance at either of you two, but just the way cupid had us all interacting, here we are. So when our chemistry just kept building and building into this quickly-established comfort with each other – and I don’t just mean our sexual behavior – I mean everything. We were so fucking cute last night getting ready for dinner – I mean who does that after knowing each other for weeks?”

I sat there in silence with a calm smile letting them both emotionally release these feelings, which also filled me with love and emotion. I did my best to try and blend my thoughts and respond with sensibility, even though my behavior these last few weeks had been nothing sensible whatsoever. Once Morgan paused, they both looked at me as if it was my turn to further open up about what has happened with us. I oddly felt I was the anchor to our throuple, almost responsible for the good and the bad of what happened to us.

As my eyes welled up, I reached out to each to pull them into my body to snuggle in. As they nestled into me, under my arms, I said, “I’m sorry you two – really – I’m sorry for instigating this life-changing love fest between us three. And in the spirit bahis şirketleri of our newly formed bond, Camella, I’ve hid something from you – actually – we’ve hidden something from you. As you and I had our own one-on-one love fest in Chicago, Morgan and I did too the first night of Chicago. I’ve never once in my life kissed, held hands or even glanced in the way of a guy before – and Morgan swept me off of my feet in us discovering a chemistry for each other.”

Just as I’m about to continue nervously explaining our secret, she looks up to me with her face flush red, drenched with tears and says, “You guys are idiots, I so already knew you two had something – it was ridiculously obvious in your comfort with each other during our romp and just overall.”

We all busted out laughing at the continued emotional comedy of the moment, while further trading hand-rubs, cuddles and hand-holding. I jumped back in with, “Well great to know those acting classes I took were a scam! I promise to you both I will never again hold a secret from either of you.”

As I pulled Camella’s face to mine, I gave her a deep kiss as our wet faces stuck together. I pulled back and said, “I’m sorry – seriously – even though it’s sort of a stupid, weird lie, it honestly was weighing on me – that’s how much I already care about you both.”

Morgan added, “Actually Foxy, I’m the one who needs to apologize, I’m a horrible liar when Camella was asking me about you – I’m the one who probably gave it away.”

I now pulled Morgan’s face to mine and gave him a kiss, quickly pulling back with, “Don’t be sorry – I’d prefer you be a shitty liar. Again, I just promise to you both I’ll be open and honest about everything going forward. I have some crazy self-therapy time coming up to figure out how to handle these emotions and decisions. And of course I’m going to give it some time to make sure I’m thinking about this sensibly.

I also promise none of my decisions will be based on this – meaning, if my wife and I decide we’re just not the right long term fit, it obviously has nothing to do with me falling for you two. Me falling for you two is just a sign that my home life left me susceptible for a serendipitous moment like this. Or at least that’s what I’ve convinced myself – who fucking knows.”

As my body language clearly told a story, they both came quickly to the rescue by nudging their faces into mine into a three-way kiss. Somehow this became an incredibly emotional moment as we just kept our lips stuck together, with tears streaming, for what seemed like minutes. All of our faces remained wet and flushed-red, while our eyes traded intense glances to each other.

Morgan broke up the silence with, “You really want to hear something depressing? We need to leave Vegas today.”

That helped break our lock with me jumping up needing to go to the bathroom. After I peed we decided to order food and continue to lounge in bed.

The mood remained slightly adjusted from our typical sexual, smart-ass-banter into a bit more of quietly nervous ambience knowing we didn’t have much more time together. To help try and liven up the mood, Morgan asked for us to start planning our next adventure together. We mentioned to Camella we considered Seattle as a next option, which she loved.

I asked if we wanted to keep our neutral city theme running and that I’d treat on picking up the tab for one big suite. We gave ourselves homework to figure out which neutral city would work best. I added my own strategy to try and divert our mood to something brighter, so I flipped on the television. We only had a couple hours left before we needed to check out, so we ended up ordering a new movie none of us had seen.

Within minutes of the movie playing, the sexual electricity kicked in with all of us playing footsie under the covers. Still naked, footsie turned into legs intertwining, which evolved into hands rubbing breasts, chests, stomachs, shoulders and faces. Within minutes of this not one of us was watching the movie.

As we began to focus on each other, Camella broke the silence with, “So now that the secret is out, tell me more about your first night.” Her eyes looked at us both sarcastically-suspicious as Morgan and I smiled at each other.

I started with, “Camella, did you know Morgan used to practice physical therapy?”

“Nice diversion tactic, Mr. Fox”, she replied while rolling her eyes.

Morgan quickly jumps in and adds, “No seriously, Foxy had a kinked neck after his flight to Chicago, and if it wasn’t for that, we wouldn’t be sitting here right now.”

With continued suspicious eyes, Camella asks, “Wait, what? Morgan you massaged Foxy that first night? And that turned hot? Holy shit I need a video of this!”

I broke into a smile hearing how ridiculous we sounded, but added, “This is the truth. But let me add to the truth – we’ve been alone I believe three times total? Is that right, Morgan?”

Morgan shrugged his shoulders with a guilty look, started counting in the air as-if to think about how many times we had been together, and then counters with, “I think that’s right, including one time here while we were waiting for you yesterday.”

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