Business Trip Surprise

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This is my first submission to . I have been a fan for many years. I would appreciate any comments or feedback. Thank you for taking the time to read my short story.


You tell me that you are going to Toledo for 3 days for interviewing. I tell you that I am extremely busy and as much as I would like to see you I don’t think I will be able to get away. But I tell you to text me the address just in case I able to come to you. The first day you’re there is normal you conduct your interviews, go back to the room, have some dinner, watch a movie and go to bed. The second day is a little more hectic, you have to conduct more interviews than you planned, and then they ask you to run to Detroit to do another one. You hate to do all that running because it is freezing outside, close to 12 degrees.

When you finally make it back to your room it is late and you are so tired. You take a much needed hot shower then you grab your laptop to finish entering some data. When you’re finished you turn the TV on Sports Center and just zone out. Around 11:30 you hear a knock on the door, you are surprised not only because you are half sleep but you are not expecting anyone and you are traveling alone. When you open the door I am standing there in a floor length mink coat and black 6 inch stiletto heels. You rub your eyes unsure if what you are seeing is real. I ask you, are you going to invite me in, you look a little confused but you move to antalya escort the side and let me pass. Once I’m in the room you begin to ask me a million questions as to why I am there. I press my fingers to your lips and tell you to ask no more questions. I turn around to unbutton my coat and I am wearing a black and red nightie with lace over the breast area and the front of my panties and the rest silk. You have an expression on your face like wow…you really came up here in a coat and a nightie…and I give you a look back like HELL YES I DID!!

You come over and try to kiss me but I STOP you. I want you so bad and I don’t want to rush a thing. I turn the TV and lights off except for the one on the desk. Then I climb in the bed and with only my finger I tell you to come here. Again you try to kiss me but I won’t let you, I tell you that I will only taste your lips after they have my essence on them. That is all you needed to hear. You push me back on the bed and spread my legs. You tease me by licking the inside of my thighs and blowing your warm breath on my sex. You can see my panties getting damper by the second. My breathing is becoming heavier and you know that I am anticipating you. Without warning you move my panties to the side and stick your whole tongue into me. I gasp with pleasure, OH MY your tongue is awesome, it takes every bit of control I have not to come right away. I want to savor the feeling but you are bringing alanya escort me so close. You must have felt that I was close because you stop. You take your hands and pull my panties down slow. You then return to pleasuring me. Then you pull me a little closer to you and you begin to lick my asshole just slightly putting your tongue inside it. I am wriggling like a worm on a hook, you are driving me insane. Without warning you go back to my pussy and begin devouring it. It takes only a few seconds and you have brought me to my first orgasm. I am holding your head so tight with my thighs until my orgasm subsides.

I pull your face to mines and kiss you, I mean really kiss you, like I have never kissed another human being before. I lick all around your mouth and I play with your tongue, I taste delectable on you. But now it is your turn. Of course you want to continue your assault on me but I have to taste you, I have waited so long. I turn you on your back and pull your boxers down. Your dick is so hard for me. I slowly lick the pre-cum from the tip of your dick and savor the taste of it in my mouth. Then I lick your dick up and down like a popsicle. I can see your eyes rolling in the back of your head, you needed this so badly and I am so happy that I was the one to do it for you. I take your entire dick into my mouth and I suck it like the cure for cancer will come out of it. Then I get down low and have you bend belek escort your knees so I can lick your balls and your ass hole. You are breathing so hard and I know you are concentrating on not coming but I am sucking your balls and jacking your dick with my hands and I can feel that you won’t last much longer. You tell me to stop but I can’t I’m possessed and I need your cum all over me. But before I can make it come down you stop me. You are breathing so hard that you are panting and so am I.

You pull me to you, and kiss me hard, our tongues dance with a ferocious passion. You lift me and I’m impaled by you. We both gasp at the sensation that it causes, we have waited so long for this moment. Both dreaming of the time and the day that it would come when we would be together. I ride you slowly but steady, kissing you as I hold on to your shoulders to steady myself. We are both so close but we are trying to delay the inevitable. I reach my peak first, falling on your chest moaning loudly in your ear. Your pumping in me so hard, so close to reaching your peak. I feel it when it leaves you, you come hard. You hold me close and put your face in my hair. Your grunts are animalist and I love hearing you in the throes of passion. As your heartbeat slows you kiss me again and laugh a little bit, you were definitely not expecting that. I lie on you for a moment longer, then I roll over and begin to gather my things. I know you have early appointments and I don’t want you to be late. But apparently you have other plans because you grab me by my waist and pull me back in bed. “You can leave in the morning when I leave”, you tell me. “I would like to shower with you and start again”. I am more than happy to oblige.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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