C.L.A.M.P. Ch. 02

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About an hour after I’d hung up the phone from Ali’s call, I got a call from Owen. We’d known each other for nearly ten years, in fact he had facilitated my meeting with Dr. Kate Abrevia, the surgeon and now friend who’d amputated my leg for me.

When Ali had told me that they’d gotten together, I’d been overjoyed. She was my very best friend, and the fact that he’d treated her so well with the new partnership and their relationship had thrilled me to the core. In short, not only did I love Ali to death, I was deeply in Owen’s debt and was ready to do whatever he needed to try to pay back the favors he’d done for me and for Ali. As he explained the new project and how he’d tapped into Ali’s devotee fetish, I nearly creamed my panties. When he asked me to take over her experience and spend some “Girl” time with her, I’d screamed with excitement. I’d gotten instructions from him on the transmitter program he’d installed on my phone, and I’d used my time as Ali’s first bi-sexual lover to further enhance her experience. He’d booked me on a private jet so that I could arrive a day earlier than Betsy had planned, and I took a cab to the airport, so excited I could barely sit still.

It really made the trip so much nicer to fly on a private plane, since I could bring some toys that Ali and I had enjoyed in the past. I’d chosen to wear one of my peg-legs, since I was going to be pulling a couple of suitcases, which was impossible with crutches. I’d never had a prosthesis with a knee and foot, since the whole point of the amputation was to be one-legged. The pegs were a good compromise, and they were quite dramatic to wear and be seen in.

I’d chosen a fairly modest outfit (for me) to travel in. I wore a pearl thong under a black leather mid-thigh skirt. I chose my favorite deep royal blue silk blouse and a contrasting short sweater-vest to complete the outfit. A leather boot with a three inch heel made me over six feet tall, and my hair was up in a French braid and a black pony trailed down my back to my hips. My breasts are very small, so I only wear a bra for effect, and went without today, partially because the feeling of my large pierced nipples bobbing on the silk is entrancing, and partly because the combination of the heel and peg really makes my little boobs snap when I walk, and I can reach orgasm easily with just a short hike.

My peg socket is carbon fiber with Japanese themed tattoos painted on by my favorite tattoo artist, Steve Anderson. Not coincidentally, they match the tattoos he’s done on the rest of my body. I have a complete back piece and full sleeves on both arms. My stump is mid-thigh on my right side, and a pale pink and purple Japanese octopus is tattooed on it all the way around, legs extending up my leg to my waist, one each appearing to disappear into my pussy and asshole. Another leg goes into the pussy of a traditional Geisha in the center of my back. Not everybody’s cup of tea, but very definitely mine.

I walked into “Million-Air” and gave my name to a pretty woman dressed in a blue business suit, and she had a young man take my luggage, after I’d placed the sweater vest in the largest of the roller bags. I could almost hear his eyes as they danced back and forth between my chest and my peg. The woman, whose name tag said “Lisa”, offered me a glass of champagne. I declined but said that I’d take Guinness Stout if they had it. She smiled and returned shortly with a frosty pint glass and led me into a nice lounge on the airport side of the business. I sat at a small bistro table, hopping up onto the high padded stool easily, my peg stretched out in front of me like a gun barrel (and yes, I had gone as Cherry Darling from ‘Planet Terror’ for Halloween last year). After I’d arranged myself, she’d placed the glass in front of me and asked if there was anything else she could do for me. Her face was quite lovely, and my heart did a little jump as I noticed that she was missing her right hand and was wearing a non-functional prosthetic.

“Not unless you are going on the plane with me, and then you could keep me company,” I replied, shyly.

“That would be a nice trip, I think, and I am technically off now,” She answered back with a dazzling smile. “Let me check if the fuel load is OK. The person who paid for the flight pays both ways, so let’s see, if you’re serious, of course?”

“I’d like to get to know you better, Lisa, if that’s okay with you.”

“Let me check with the pilot, and I’ll be right back. She walked through the door labeled “Flight Operations” and disappeared.

She returned in a few minutes, having changed out of her smart blue suit and skirt. Her ash colored shoulder-length hair was down and she wore belled jeans over boots with a peach colored peasant blouse. She’d taken off her prosthetic and I was fascinated to see her slim stump, apparently ending right at the wrist. No scars were noticeable, so it was probably congenital. Her breasts were encased in some sort of a jog bra, but the swell gave the impression casino siteleri of extreme size.

“If you’re ready, we can board the plane, now, Ms. Roberts.”

“Lead the way, Lisa, and I will surely follow, and by the way, my name is Betsy.”

“Betsy it is, then,” She held open the door and placed her stump on my shoulder as I passed her, applying light pressure to guide me and sliding it gently down my back until it rested on my hip as we walked.

We exited under a red-carpeted awning toward the jet, which sat on a spotless red carpeted pad. The pilot and co-pilot, both women, stood at attention and saluted as we approached. I found it intensely embarrassing, and the flush on my face betrayed me. Lisa chuckled and asked the pilots to relax. They did, giving Lisa hugs and obviously happy that she would be coming along. As I stood behind her, I noticed glass plugs in her ears, probably ¾ of an inch in diameter. The front of the glass was a stunning iridescent blue, which complemented her light blue-gray eyes nicely. Visions of light silk scarves threaded through those holes to disable her arms made my head swim for a minute, and when I came back to myself, Lisa was introducing me to the flight crew.

Janet, the pilot, gave off a slightly butch attitude, clearly business-like. She gave me a firm handshake and a head nod. Elizabeth was softer and gave me a handshake followed by a nice hug. They lead the way up the stairs into the Gulfstream G250.

The interior was softly lit, and the dark wood shone in contrast with the cream colored leather. The crew went right to work, and within a few moments we were rolling. As we taxied, Lisa sat beside me and asked if I needed anything.

“Not that I know of, Lisa. Besides, you’re off duty, right?”

“Well, yes, but you are still the client, and I need to take care of you until we touch down at the destination, okay?”

“How long is the flight?”

“About three hours, give or take, so I’ll be serving lunch in about an hour. Do you have any special dietary needs?” I felt like telling her that I ate nothing but pussy, but I didn’t actually know her that well, so I just said, “Anything you’d find at an Irish pub would be fine.”

“Well,” she smiled. “I took note of your previous request and had the ground crew load some more beer. I chose a couple of local micros that I think you will like.”

“I only have one rule with beer, Lisa. If you can see through it, I’m not drinking it.”

“Great. I think you will like the Deschutes Brewery Obsidian Stout, then.”

“Perfect! Can you join me?”

“I’d love to. As soon as we’re airborne, I’ll be back.” She walked to the back of the plane and strapped in. It was fascinating watching how she used her round, slender stump.

Soon the engines throttled back and the nose dropped into a gentler climb, and Lisa appeared at my side with a pair of bottles on a tray and two frosted glasses. “I have a disadvantage when it comes to bottles. I wonder if you’d help me with these?” She held up her stump for me to see, and gave me the bottle opener. She nudged the closest bottle toward me with her stump and I opened it and poured for her, then repeated the process. I took the tray from her and sat it on the table next to us, and then reached for her short arm. I raised it to my mouth and slowly drew my tongue along its length from elbow to tip. “You had some dampness on this, and I didn’t want it to drip.” I said softly.

“If there is any danger of something dripping on this plane, it’s me,” she whispered. I took her stump and slid it into my mouth, deep-throating it almost half way to the elbow.

Her eyes closed and she said, “Sweet Jesus! I’ve always wanted that. How did you know?”

“I didn’t. It’s just that I know how nice it feels to have your stump pampered.”

“Can I see yours?”

“Sure. Would you like to take the socket off?”

“Could I?”

“I wish you would, darlin’. Just unscrew the little plug there on the inside, and then pull.”

She slid the socket off, followed by the silicone sock, dropping the parts on the thick carpet; and then took my stump in her hands and brought it to her face. Eyes closed, she rubbed it gently across her face and eyes, then gathered the loose end of skin in her hands and kissed it tenderly.

“My God, it’s just wonderful. I have wanted one of these all of my life, and to touch yours is affecting me nearly beyond my ability to describe. The end is so soft and mobile! The bone doesn’t start until way up here!” She pointed to the moving bump four inches from the end of my flesh.

“I know. I custom designed it this way, so that it would be exactly as I wanted it. I gave the surgeon a drawing with measurements a week before she did it. I almost screwed myself, though; I did it to make it hard to change my mind about wearing a prosthesis, and there is so much empty leg on the end that wearing my peg requires a very special socket that extends to my butt. If I had it to canlı casino do over again, I might have left more bone.”

She looked up, eyes sad and her brow furrowed. “It’s not a nice thing to make fun of me; I thought you’d understand. I was quite serious when I said I wanted one just like it.”

I took her hand and stump in my hands. “I’m not mocking you, Lisa. I had the surgeon make it to order.”

“Was it cancer? I mean how else would you have a week to plan?”

“No, Lisa. I had over a year to plan. It took me that long to raise the money to take the time off. I didn’t have cancer, or an accident. I made an appointment with the surgeon, and she took my leg off where I wanted it off.”

Her face twisted and she started to cry. She looked at me and said, through her tears, “You mean there really is a place where they can do this for me?”

“Yup. She’s a good friend of mine, and I’d be happy to give you her office number. She’ll want to talk to you but she won’t refuse you, partly because she truly wants to help and partly because she is an AK amputee voluntarily herself, so she knows what you’re going through.”

“My God, this is just too good to be true.” She patted my stump gently with hers as she gathered herself. “What is the tattoo, Betsy?”

“It’s a Japanese octopus. All my Tattoos have a Japanese theme.”

“How many do you have?” Betsy asked, sliding one of my sleeves up with her stump.

“Just one, but it covers almost half my body.”

“Amazing! Can I see it, please?”

“Well, I’d love to show it to you, but I’d have to get naked to do it. Is that a problem?”

“Only if you don’t let me help you get undressed.”

I put my foot out, and Lisa pulled my boot off, and then my stocking. I stood, hopping to maintain my balance even though I didn’t need to. Lisa’s eyes went wide, staring at my stump as the empty lower half trembled and shook with my movements. I hopped toward her and dropped my arms at my side as she unbuttoned my silk blouse and let it slide down my arms to the floor. She unzipped my skirt, and it fell to my ankle. I stood before her in my pearl thong, rotating slowly to show off my tattoo, and she actually gasped as she saw my pierced nipples.

“Fuuuuuck,” she whispered. “I don’t know what to play with first. The piercings are so sexy, and your nipples are so…chewy looking.”

“Please don’t think about it too long, Lisa. We only have three hours. I don’t want to complicate your choice, but you might want to check out the pearl thong.” I sat on the lounge chair behind me and put my stump on one armrest, my long leg on the other.”

Lisa’s breath hissed in through her grinning teeth as she saw my pussy. I have ten gold rings in my outer lips, and one in the hood of my clit. They overlap and I slide a golden rod through them, effectively locking my pussy closed. There is a permanent ball on the back of the rod, which teases my anus when I sit just right, and another ball threaded onto the front, just ahead of the clit ring. This morning, I had tucked my long, wrinkled inner labia into my vagina, put the pearls between my lips and locked the rod through the rings, trapping my panties inside them.

“What do I do?” she asked in confusion.

“Come over and stand in front of me, Lisa.”

She moved quickly to the front of the chair. I pulled out on the elastic neck of the peasant top and slid it under her fabulous breasts. They hung heavy on her chest, covering her navel, pear-shaped and pendulous. I lifted them in my hands, astonished at the weight. She appeared to have no areolas at all; the skin on her breasts was the same color all the way to her nipples, which were both inverted.

“I’m sorry they’re not pretty like yours, Betsy.”

Whoa. Who’d been in this girls head? Having never had breasts to speak of, I’d kill to have a pair like these. Well, almost like these anyway. I had to work fast here.

“Are you kidding me, Lisa? These are the most amazing tits I’ve ever seen. I’d give anything to have a pair just exactly like them! God, just feel them. They’re like a force of nature.”

“Once you had them, I think you’d change your mind, Betsy. They look like cow’s udders, except for the nipples, which are worse than useless. They are so heavy, and I get a rash underneath them if I get too hot. If I try to work out, I have to wear three jog bras, or they hurt.”

“Get down on your knees for me, Okay?” I said. She knelt in front of me. I pulled her to me and raised my stump. I began to caress her left breast with the top of my stump, lifting her tit-flesh with my soft thigh remnant. They were nearly the same width, and the curvature at the bottom of my stub was very much like the bottom of her breast. I balanced her tit on the end of my stump and touched it gently with both my hands, molding it and squeezing gently. I reached underneath it and squeezed my stump together with her breast, feeling the warmth as they slid against each other.

“You don’t see kaçak casino the similarities, do you?” I asked.

“I guess not; what do you mean?”

“Close your eyes and hold out your…hand,” I commanded softly. I took her hand and her firm stump in mine and used them to squeeze her breast. “Squeeze softly and feel the density, the weight.” I shifted her grasp to my upraised stump. “Now feel this. The flesh is warm and silky smooth. It molds in your fingers and moves if you shake it a little, just like your magnificent breast, doesn’t it?” I shook my stump within her grasp, and she opened her eyes to watch as the ripples of motion wove across the spongy mass. “If it just had a nipple, it would be just like a breast, wouldn’t it? You have two wonderful stumps, except that they each have a nipple. Frankly, Lisa, I’m jealous.”

Lisa had my stump between her arm stump and hand, and her eyes took on a far away look as she examined me. She traced the scars around the back, tilting my stump up to the ceiling and running her fingers and the end of her stump lightly all around.

“Move the bone, please?” she whispered.

I began to rotate my Femur in little circles. The motion was barely perceptible with my stump held so firmly. I widened the circles, and Lisa’s eyes closed and her hips began to pump lazily. Her nipples took on a rosy color deep in their little wells. I lifted one breast in my hands and brought it to my mouth, where I applied significant suction to the little crater. I was rewarded simultaneously with the feeling of a little ‘pop’ as it reversed itself to project a little from the surrounding tissue, and with a little grunt as Lisa felt it pop out. I was betting the piercer could work wonders with these tiny jewels, and I made a mental note to follow up on the thought.

By now, my femur was making a circle the size of a saucer, and I was getting a little horny. As if reading my mind, Lisa balanced my stump on the end of her arm stump and began to slide one of her elegantly manicured long nails up and down the rod containing my labial rings. The vibration transmitted directly to my clit, my pussy and my anus simultaneously, and I slid a hand up to the flat plane of my chest and found an engorged brown nipple to tug on.

“May I take the lock off your pussy, please?” she asked quietly.

“Yes, please.” I answered.

She looked into my eye and touched my unoccupied nipple with her handless arm. “You have to help me, I’m crippled.”

My pussy clenched, hard, and I gasped out loud. She’d found one of my triggers; the “I can’t do it for myself, I’m just a cripple” one. Oh yeah, this was amazing.

When I opened my eyes, she was staring at me, and I could see the balance of power had just shifted. No longer was she the student. I maintained eye contact and reached behind myself to hold the rod as she unscrewed the golden ball next to my clit. When it was off, she put it in her mouth after licking it sensuously. Her eyes snapped back to my pussy as I slid forward enough that the rod would slip out of the rings. She took it out of my hand and put the end into her mouth. When it came out, the golden ball was threaded on the shaft.

“Talented tongue?” I said softly.

“You have no idea.” She answered.

It was my turn to say, “Fuuuck.”

Lisa hooked her index finger into the rings next to my asshole and gently separated them. When the pearls became visible, she moved them to the side and spread my lips between her thumb and fingers. As she did, her eyes widened as my dark brown lips fell out of my body like a butterfly spreading its wings. At the last moment, the two 10 gauge golden soldered rings fell out of my vagina and stretched my lips downward to their full two inch length.

Lisa exclaimed, “Oh Jesus! I know what I’m having for lunch.” I shuddered again. She stood quickly and began to strip. When her blouse came out from under her tits, the shook with an amazing series of shudders and almost immediately began to swing sideways as she bent over to take off her pants and Vic’s boy shorts. Her pussy was shaved like mine, but there the similarity ended. Her mound was quite pronounced, and her clit was in a delicate hood very high on her pubic bone, projecting its tiny swollen pink head straight forward like a little cock. She put a leg up on the seat in front of my stump, and it was my turn let my eyes go wide.

Where my pussy was all abundance and exorbitant sexuality, hers was as fragile appearing as a rose petal. She appeared to have neither outer nor inner labia, and her vagina opened flat onto a delicate pink plane bordered on one end by her slightly puckered anus, and on the other by a slightly projecting bump with a hole in the center that was her urethra. The entrance to her vagina was slightly ruffled and curved in a flattened oval somewhat like a smile, and it pulsed with her heartbeat. As I stared, transfixed, a pearl of silver liquid oozed out of the smiling mouth, and fell toward the floor, its progress slowed by a thinning strand of lubricant. I reached out quickly and caught the pearl on my fingertip and brought it to my tongue. It tasted tart, and sweet, and the scent of her arousal wafted to me like ambrosia.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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