Cal Meets Stacey the Freak

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“NO WAY!” I spun around— straight into Stacey’s bulging chest. “Oh I didn’t know it was you.”

Stacey laughed. “Yeah not until you saw my biggies.” She wiggled her hefty boobs in my face as her friends giggled. “So Cal, can I drive your car?”

“Um I guess so… But I have to go along.” She sat on my desk letting her long blonde hair brush across my face. “So Stacey where do you want to go?

“How about Beaver Lodge?”

“But isn’t it closed for the winter?”

“Of course it is silly.” Stacey winked one of her green eyes. My prick sat up and told me this wasn’t real. I’d gone out with lots of girls, but Stacey was the hottest chic in college and the head cheerleader. But of course she had a boyfriend.

The sizzling hot blonde led me to my car, with the other girls behind us. I opened the car door and handed her my keys. Stacey revved up the engine, honked the horn and flipped off her friends. She tore out of the parking lot and down the highway.

At the deserted lodge Stacey parked under a huge cottonwood. “I really like you Cal, like a super-super lot.” When I tried to kiss her, she turned her head. “Cal let’s get in back where there’s more room.”

That was my line.

Stacey’s fine ass jiggled into the backseat and I followed. I couldn’t believe it when her fingers unzipped me and yanked out my boner. Her soft hand stroked my prick up and down as she watched it grow. “Gosh Cal you’re prick is huge! I had no idea!”

While she stroked, Stacey placed my hand on her bra. “Squeeze ’em dammit.” So I groped her big boobies.

“No wait you’re wrinkling my top.” Stace took off her blouse she leaned forward so I could unsnap her bra… and out bounced her large succulent tits. The cold air made her big nipples stick out like pink drawer knobs.

My mouth sucked her aroused nipples, twisting them with my tongue. Stacey inhaled. “My gosh you’re driving me frickin crazy.” Her mouth fell on my prick and sucked deep. I eased my hand under her skirt and rubbed her wet panties. Stacey moaned and her head sprang up.

“Want to see my pussy now?” I yanked up her dress. “Wait you’re messing up my new skirt. Let me take it off.” The girl slipped off her skirt and folded it neatly. “Cal aren’t you going to get naked?”

I dropped my pants and yanked off her pink panties. Stacey spread her long legs wide and leaned back. I stared in awe at the naked girl… Long legs, bulging tits and a glistening pink slit, trimmed in golden blonde pubes… The girl was built to fuck.

“Hurry up Cal— mount me!”

“Ooof!” Stacey grunted when I plunged my prick into her wet crack. I fucked the sexy girl hard, making her fat tits bounce like fleshy pom-poms. Stacey moaned and locked her legs around my hips, pulling me into her sex. My stiff prick pounded deep in her gripping fuck-hole.

“Oh you’re so long… so damn long… suck my tits Cal.” Kuşadası Escort My mouth slobbered over her huge boobs. “No I mean bite them— bite my nipples!” So I bit each one… then pulled her puffy nips together and bit both at once.

“Oww Cal!” Her hips bounced up like she’d hit a speed bump.

“Ungh-ungh… ungh…” Stacey thrust her clenching pussy onto my pole, fucking me so hard the car shook. I heard her panting like a tiger. Suddenly her long nails dug into my back as her head flew in the air. “OOOOH SHIT!” Stacey’s entire body jolted in climax, and her wild cunt spasms made my prick spew.

I collapsed but the horny girl kept humping my prick as her voice trailed off in grunts of animal pleasure. In the moonlight her open slit glistened with gobs of white cum froth, slowly dripping onto my backseat.

“You’re so damn pretty Stacey, let me take a picture.”

“No. No twatty pics.” I snapped a pic anyway. Stacey covered her sloppy hole and blushed. “Cal don’t ever tell anyone we did this okay?”

“Stacey um… how about Saturday night I take you out on a real date?”

“Ha! You can’t be serious dude. I have boyfriend. Plus I’m a super-hot cheerleader and you’re a… a nerd.”

She noticed my icy death stare. “Jezz Cal I only came up here with you ’cause the other cheerleaders dared me to.” Stacey’s eyes fell to my cock. “I was supposed to just give you a hand job— but your meat pole is so damn long— it drove my pussy crazy.”

“Dammit you only fucked me on a dare? And you cheated on your boyfriend?”

“Dammit you got a piece of ass didn’t you?” Her face went flush. “Look you can screw me again if you want.”

“What I want? Hell what I want is to give your lying ass a good spanking.” Flipping her over I walloped her shiny white butt. Red hand marks glowed as I smacked her ass hard and fast.

“Ouch…Stop…Ohh…AHH—AHH…OH-MY-GAWD!” I stopped my hand. The quivering slut just had an orgasm from the ass spanking. Now I was totally pissed and stiff as a petrified log.

“You asked for it Stacey. So I’m going to spank your lying ass with my fuck stick.” Pulling up my boner I pressed it against her tight anus. “Prepare to be rectified.”

“No Cal—not in my ass! You’re too big!” Stacey’s hand tried to stop my hard prick as it pierced her wiggling anus. “OUCH DAMMIT! STOP!”

The bitch bit my hand. So I yanked her hair like reins and plowed into her taut ass, riding her like a butt-fucked filly. “Giddy up Bitch!” Slapping Stacey’s butt my prick punched in and out, reaming her out.

Stacey panted, with tears and black makeup streaking down her face… and a smile on her lips. Soon she bucked her ass up taking my prick deeper in her anal canal. All at once I realized she liked it… the damn bitch loved it. Grabbing a flashlight from the glove box I screwed it up her naughty cunt.

“Ouch, what Kuşadası Escort Bayan is that? What did you stick in my pussy?”

I love it when girls ask that… “It’s a fucking flashlight Stacey!” I shoved it in all the way as her butt squirmed against my pounding prick.

“Oh Cal that’s sooo nasty…oh it hurts… oh it hurts sooo good.” Slapping her rump I reached under and pinched her rubbery nipples, stretching them out like titty taffy. “Oh yes Cal… pinch them hard— twist them!”

I felt Stacey humping the flashlight and decided to bronco-bust her crazy ass. Yanking the filly by her hair, I whipped her ass with my belt while pumping my cock balls deep into her stretched asshole… Ride ’em cowboy!

Stacey reared up like she’d been struck by lightning. “Oh yes… fuck my naughty ass… oh yes… whip me… oh sweet Jesus yes… Whip me hard you bastard…I’m cumming … OH GOD! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!!”

The sweaty girl bucked so high my head hit the car ceiling. Gripping her bouncing boobs I held on to the bucking blonde, enjoying this fuck rodeo… After a few more bucks the filly bit the seat and collapsed.

I fell on top of her with my prick deep inside her ass, feeling tremors of orgasm roll through Stacey’s body. Soon my cock spewed cum deep into her steaming hole.

Stacey panted for a long minute then groaned. “Get off me I have to pee.” I pulled my prick out and snapped a pic of her wide gaping anus. When she stood up I saw light flickering through her pussy lips. Stacey popped out the flashlight and threw it at me.

“You and your stupid twat toys!”

Holding her dripping twat Stacey ran over to a bush to squat and tinkle. And of course I got a pic of her sweet tinkler. Then I watched the chesty girl get dressed while I washed my prick. We left in silence. She drove of course.

Saddle-sore Stacey had to lean sideways on the seat as she drove. I love giving girls a sore rump. Along the drive I tried to chat but the cunt just stared straight ahead with her lips pursed. Stacey looked pissed as hell and I prayed she wouldn’t show anyone the belt welts on her back and ass.

Halfway home the crazy girl veered into the parking lot of Big Tony’s Steakhouse. She slammed the brakes. “Hold-on Stace you can’t throw me out of my own car.” Stacey got in my face with her bottom lip trembling.

“You bastard. You-you abused me and you whipped me… and you ass-fucked me so hard I can’t sit straight. Dammit now you’re gonna buy me dinner!”

“Sure Stacey, but this place is way too expensive.”

“Look you’re lucky I’m not pressing sodomy charges, you butt-fucking pervert.”

“Okay-okay psycho…” I opened the restaurant door nice and wide for the bitch. She winked at the waiter and wiggled her nice ass. He quickly sat us at a corner table. Another waiter brought us a big bottle of wine without asking Escort Kuşadası for ID’s. Stacey giggled and ordered two lobster dinners.

“Lobster? Really? How the fuck can I pay for lobster?”

“Shut up Cal.” The blonde stared at me with an eerie smile and blinked her fake eyelashes. “Cal do you know my thighs are still fluttering… like sweaty butterflies?” Stacey bit my ear. “Just the thought of you spanking me makes me wet as a fountain.”

Grabbing my hand, she pushed it under the table and into her panties. “Finger my burning hole.” So I fingered her sticky pussy and tickled her clitty with my thumb. Soon Stacey jumped as her cunt muscles crushed my finger. “Wow Cal, you always make me cum so hard my toes curled.”

She winked. “That makes you my new boyfriend.” Her hand rubbed my crotch. “Isn’t that what you want Studly? To be my favorite fuck toy?”

I faked a smile. “Sure. I mean you’re the hottest chick in class… and the freakiest.” Stacey laughed, rubbing my crotch until my prick stiffened. The checkered tablecloth reached the floor so I decided to push my luck.

“So girlfriend I dare you to go down on me right here, right now. In fact I double dare you.”

A wicked glint flashed in her green eyes. “Okay— you freak you.” Tying her hair back Stacey dropped under the table and unzipped me with her teeth. Her claws pulled out my prick and I felt her tongue lapping my shaft. The thirsty girl sucked my prick, bobbing her blonde head furiously up and down like a good psycho slut.

I lowered my phone and snapped a quick pic of her cock sucking mouth. Stacey giggled and sucked harder, pulling on my nuts with her sharp fingernails. After a minute my balls began to churn and churn… and erupted!

Stacey gagged as a cum wad spurted down her throat, and then another, and another… And the bitch bit me!

A waiter delivered our food and winked at me. After he left Stacey climbed up in the seat, wiping her cummy lips on the tablecloth. She gulped down a glass of wine.

“Dammit Cal… I had to swallow gobs and gobs and GOBS of your gunk. You’re like a cum firehose.” She smiled. “And I can’t believe you had me blow you right here in the middle of my daddy’s restaurant.” Stacey rubbed her tits. “Now that’s kinky.”

“S-so your dad is Big Tony?”

“Yep, BIG MEAN TONY. But don’t worry Sweetie I’m not going to show him the belt marks on my back… cause he’ll chop your head off and use it as a bowling ball.” Stacey laughed. “So be a good boy toy and do what I say— when I say. Now finger me while I eat.”

So I fingered her twat again. Stacey giggled and her green eyes sparkled. The nympho loved this.

“Now Cal after dinner I want you to tie me up and spank-fuck my ass again. Whip me really-really hard this time. And don’t forget the flashlight dildo thing.” She nibbled my ear. “Honey we’re gonna make our own little sex video… for my porno blog.”

From her purse Stacey pulled out two nipple clamps on a spiked chain. “Use these, you know on my big rubbery nips. Oh and on Saturday I’ll bring my pink jumper cables and my gerbils. And we’ll get SUPER FREAKY.”


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