Canadian Confessions

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She had caught my eye at the conference, there was something about her that sparked an instant attraction There she was now, at the hotel bar, changed into a little black dress and simply irresistible. I buy her a drink. We chat. We flirt. My eyes drink in her thighs, her breasts tight against her dress. She knows I’m looking, leans forward to give me a better view.

“If you think that’s good, you should see the view from my bedroom window,” she says with a dirty wink.

Our drinks hit the bar and we sprint to the elevators. Our fingers brush as we wait, an electrical tingle sparking between us. The doors close behind us and we kiss hard, deep, passionately. Our tongues fight as our hands claw at each other. I can feel her skimpy thong under her dress, nothing but a tiny string at the back.

I slip my hand up and grab her smooth bare ass, squeezing it tight. She pulls her lips away and slides her dress off her shoulders. I need no second invitation and kiss her neck, her chest and then bury my face in her cleavage. We are urgent, passionate; her nipples hard in my mouth, her ass squeezed hard. The elevator stops, doors open. We stagger out, flushed and horny. She covers her breasts with her hands as I fumble with her key card, desperate to get into her room.

We stumble inside, our bodies unwilling to be apart for even a second. I flick the door closed with my foot, hands on her waist, my tongue fighting with hers deep inside her mouth. The city lights of Vancouver flicker across her skin, casting shimmering highlights in her blue hair as we kiss. We don’t need the light on, we have our desire burning through our bodies.

I press June up against the wall, her arms round my neck, pulling me tight, my lips kissing her throat, making her moan gently. Her dress hangs around her waist, her full heavy breasts pushed hard against my chest. I can feel their warmth through my shirt, soft, tender and inviting.

I run my right hand up June’s thigh, under her dress, and rest it between her legs. The thin triangle of her thong is soaked, wet with her lust. I can feel her heat and can resist no more. Two fingers pull the skimpy fabric to one side and slide straight in to her soaking wet pussy. June gasps as I plunge them in, feeling no resistance, just her wet, wanton yearning. My thumb rubs her clit through the thong as my fingers swirl inside her, feeling the smooth silkiness of her pussy walls, luxuriating in her wetness.

“Make me cum,” moans June.

I gaze into her eyes and see the urgency, her hunger. This isn’t time for romance, this is high school going to third base before someone catches us. I slip my sticky fingers out and start circling her clit, feeling her hard pearl respond to my touch. I rub faster and harder, slipping back between her lips to use her gushing juice as lube.

June’s moans fill the room and tip me over the edge. Hungrily I move my mouth to her breast, tongue licking her nipple, lips sucking and pulling. I push her back hard against the wall, finger furiously working her clit. I alternate between pulling her hard nipple with my teeth and flicking it with my tongue. June’s fingers are twisted in my hair, pushing my face onto her breast, her breathing becoming more ragged as her climax builds.

“Oh. Ohh. Ohh fuck, yessss!”

I feel her dam burst, her back arch and body tremble as she cums. She pulls my hair hard, lost in the waves of orgasm pulsing over her body. I hold her tight, canlı bahis her chest heaving against mine, drinking in her pleasure. We kiss. She smiles, takes my hand and leads me to her bed.

My fingers fumble at my shirt buttons, then at my belt; they have one purpose, get me naked as quick as possible. I fling away one sock, then the other, kick off my jeans and collapse on the bed. My cock is visibly straining against my trunks, a dark sticky circle revealing the extent of my arousal. June lifts her dress over her head, tosses it to one side and I gaze upon her voluptuous figure.

She stands there, the lights of Vancouver dancing over her skin, in her hold up stockings and tiny thong. She kneels on the bead and prowls forward on on all fours, holding my gaze, a tigress moving in on her prey. As she moves, I feel the weight of her breasts tracing up my belly, through my chest hair, so warm, so soft, so arousing. June’s face reaches mine and I lean forward to kiss her. She places a finger on my lips and purrs

“Not yet Matt, I need you to do this for me.”

She reaches forward and grabs the headboard, and slides herself forward and sits up, her stocking clad thighs straddling my head, her soaking wet thong rubbing against my face. Her scent fills my nose, and I instinctively know what I have to do.

One hand grabs her ass, squeezing and kneading, the other reaches round and pulls the thong to one side. Her wetness is intoxicating, a sweet nectar I have to drink. I plunge my eager tongue deep inside her, my lips kissing her labia, their swollen folds filling my face. I work her ass with both hands now, fingers yearning to possess her soft flesh. Gripping the headboard, June starts to grind her hips, forcing my tongue in deeper, fucking my face with her pussy.

“Eat me harder you dirty bastard, make me cum on your face!”

My tongue laps at her juicy pussy, licking faster and harder. It slides out of her tight cunt hole and dances over her clit, the firm tip working her swollen bud. My hands pull her ass cheeks apart, kneading hard, finger tips teasing the edge of her asshole.

“Oh. Ohh. Ohh fuck!”

Her thighs clench against my face as a spasm wracks her body, a low long moan filling the room. I lie there, face flooded with her juice, hands holding her hips as she sways on my face, letting the waves of climax ripple through her body. Sated, June slides off my face, and gives me my kiss at last. Her tongue is firm against mine, as we share the taste of her orgasm.

She holds my arms down and turns her attention to my neck, kissing, nibbling, running her tongue along my throat. I arch my back with pleasure, aroused by being pinned down and used by this goddess. Slowly she works her way down, turning her attention to my nipples. I gasp as she grips them with her teeth, gently pulling and biting. It’s sweet ecstasy as I can’t move, her mouth licking, sucking, teasing my nipples, driving me wild.

Suddenly I’m free, and gasp for breath. I look down and our eyes meet, a wicked glint visible through her blue fringe. June slips her fingers into the top of my trunks and pulls them back, drawing out a long sticky thread of precum. She rolls it around her finger, sweeping it all up, then sensuously puts it to her lips and sucks it clean. She eases the fabric down, just exposing my glistening swollen tip,and leans forward, taking it into her mouth.

“Oh June, yes, please, yes,” I moan as I feel her bahis siteleri tongue swirl over my helmet, probing every curve, flicking fast then slow, consuming my precum. She pulls away but only to ease my trunks off, revealing my engorged cock and swollen heavy balls. My cock throbs against my belly, precum already pooling, balls pulsing.

June takes my shaft in her hand, lifts it up and licks up the puddle of clear sticky precum before taking me full in her mouth. I gasp and grip the sheets as she devours me, her lips clamped around my shaft. I twist my fingers in her hair as her tongue rolls over my smooth balls, her mouth sucking and pulling, mixing pleasure and pain. Her tongue licks slowly up my shaft, rolling around my tip, drawing in my precum, glazing her lips.

“Fuck, don’t stop, fuck fuck,” is all I can say as she swallows me, holding me deep in her throat before releasing me and beginning the sensuous cycle again. Licking, sucking, pulling my balls; teasing my shaft, caressing my throbbing tip and then taking me deep. June releases me from her throat and grips my shaft, forefinger and thumb tight on either side of my helmet, squeezing.

“Don’t come yet Matt, I need you inside me,” she purrs.

She slips off her thong and reveals her luscious smooth shaven pussy in all its glory, her lips pink and swollen, still glistening with juice. As I lie there, chest heaving, she straddles me, taking my cock in her hand one more time. She works my helmet between her pussy lips, mixing our juices into one sticky blend of lust and desire. She eases me inside her, her pussy tight, warm and sensuous, her lips parting, swallowing my tip.

June leans forward and rests her hands on my chest and takes me fully inside her. She feels like warm silk and my hips move up instinctively. I need to be one with this woman, to be in her as deep as I can. My hands cup her big hanging breasts and squeeze and pull her perfect rock hard nipples as her hips begin to move. This is going to be one amazing ride.

June’s hands grip my chest hair as she slowly grinds her hips. I can feel her pussy lips gently dancing up and down my swollen shaft, accompanied by a low gentle purring from her mouth. I run my fingertips around the swell of her breasts, starting with the pads of my fingers, then turning slowly so my nails glide across the underside of her breasts. I stroke and tease them, keeping to the rhythm of her undulating hips.

I pulse my cock, making the head swell deep inside her, tightening my balls to send the blood to my tip. As June’s pussy slides down my shaft, I pulse and make it flick deep in her cleft, teasing her walls.

‘Uhhh Matt, yesss,” she moans, quickening her tempo.

My hands envelop her swinging breasts, feeling their weight, their heat. I squeeze them tight and massage them together, kneading her soft, pliable, willing flesh. I clench my buttocks and thrust upwards, forcing my cock deep, my tip nudging her cervix.

June’s nipples are pulled tight between my thumb and fingers as I pulse my cock again, helmet swelling and bumping her inner depths. Pinned beneath her, I pinch her nipples hard each time her pussy swallows my cock, our hips moving together, joining us deep, hard and intimately.

“Jesus, fuck. I’m close. Fuck, I need more cock.”

June leans back, arms behind her and grabs my ankles, lifting her knees, legs wide open. Her hips thrust hard and deep, jack hammering my cock, her body bahis şirketleri consumed by the desire to cum. I look down and the sight of my cock ramming into her glistening wet lips drives me wild.

“Take it baby, take all of my cock!”

The room is full of the sound of our juices foaming, like waves on the shore. My cock is slick with her cunt cream, sticky and delicious. I move my hand between her heaving thighs and rub my index finger over her hard prominent clit.

“Nnnnnngh. Mmmmmmm. Fuckkkkk. Fuckkkkkkkkk!”

I keep rubbing as the orgasm explodes across her body, inarticulate animal sounds pouring from her lips. I feel her pussy spasm around my cock, as the climax ripples through her, consuming her. Face flushed, gasping for breath, she lies back across my legs, breasts heaving. I hold her legs, stroking gently, connecting her to the real world as she revels in her high.

The ache in my balls and the fire in my cock crave satisfaction. I slide out from under her, and turn June round so her ass is on the edge of the bed. I place a pillow under her ass, raising it up and spread her legs. I stand in front of her, gazing at her moist well-fucked cunt and clasp my cock in one hand, pulling the skin back tight. I dip my purple helmet between her lips and scoop up her cunt cream.

My finger and thumb part her ass cheeks and I rub her cream into her asshole. I go back for more, lathering my cock in her cream and then painting it on her asshole. My hands grip her raised thighs and I start to push my cock against her hole.

“Mmmmnnnghh. Fuck my ass you dirty bastard.”

Her asshole puckers, relaxes and takes my helmet, and I gently ease my cock into her ass. She feels so tight, I know I won’t last long. June grabs the sides of the bed as I start to thrust, gently, pulling her thighs tight against my chest. I up my tempo; she feels so good, so tight, so sexy. My eyes drink in her body, her breasts and belly moving to my rhythm. She is a symphony of curves, and my cock is the conductor.

“Fuck yes June, fuck yes, yes,” I roar, pure animal instinct taking over.

The sight of my cock sinking into her ass is so erotic, so charged, I can feel my chest begin to tighten, my breath become more ragged. The sensation of her body overwhelms me, her hard nipples dancing, the red sex flush across her face and chest. I hit the point of no return. I release her thighs and slide my cock out, standing between her legs. I grab my ass with one hand and my cock with the other, furiously stroking it, hard and fast.

‘Uhh. Uhhhh! Mmmng! Uhhh! Fuckkkkk!”

There is nothing. Just the need to pump my cock hard. My eyes are wide and it hits me. Raw guttural sounds spill from my lips. My back arches and my balls tighten, hand still pumping. A fire burns through me as the first rope of hot white cum erupts from my cock. It arcs and adorns her breasts with sticky puddles. One droplet splashes onto her chin. A second wave comes, less intense, but still wracking my body. It lands across her belly, a white river of cum.

I stand, shaking, the last beads of cum clinging to my cock head, and then collapse beside her trembling. June places a finger on my cock and scoops up the sticky bead. She parts her lips and places it on her tongue and leans over to kiss me. Her hand rubs the cum on her breasts into her skin, lathering it into her still hard nipples.

I scoop the cum from her belly and stretch and play with it between my fingers, feeding it to her hungry tongue as she licks me clean. Satiated, June nestles her head on my chest and wraps her arm around me. Now we sleep, ready for the morning and another chance to explore and pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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