Case of the Black Badge Ch. 06

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The chronological order of my stories is as follows:

Todd & Melina series, Interludes 1-5, Sperm Wars series, Russian Roulette series, Case of the Murdered Lovers series, Case of the Murdered Chessplayer series, The Swap series, Interludes 6-10, Case of the Black Widow series, Teresa’s Christmas Story.

The Case of the Black Badge, Ch. 1-6

Feedback and constructive criticism is very much appreciated, and I encourage feedback for ideas.

This story contains graphic scenes, extreme language, and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial or racist language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.

Part 39 – Aunt Crowbar 2

On the morning of April 19th, I was embroiled in ritual combat, deflecting ever-harsher blows from one stalwart opponent.

Cindy and I were working out in the police gymnasium’s boxing ring, and we were not playing around. We were using crowbars… certainly not my blue one, but plain and simple black crowbars bought from the hardware store. We fenced with them while wearing football helmets and pads, face guards, eye protection and some body padding, but landing a blow could still hurt.

Needless to say, my martial arts and personal combat skills had been greatly improved by the workouts with Cindy. The workouts also had earned her the name ‘Crowbar 2’ around Headquarters, as sometimes officers would watch us in battle.

Today, however, I was ever on the defensive. Cindy was apparently mad at something, and she was really letting me have it. Finally I broke down, deflecting one move but unable to deflect the next blow that whacked hard into my right hip!

“Aaauuugh!” I gasped out, going down to my knees.

“You all right?” Cindy asked, backing off and breaking off the engagement.


“Good Godamighty, that hurt!” I said, slowly getting back to my feet and throwing my black crowbar down in surrender. “Damn, girl, what’s got you fired up today?”

“Well, that’s what you get for knocking up my sister!” Cindy replied, her face a mixture of pretend anger, concern and amusement.

“Whaaa…” I said. I saw Cindy’s face react to what must’ve been the shock on mine.

“Oops.” Cindy said. “I thought she’d told you by now. Ah geez, I’ve fucked it up now.”

“My hip, yes.” I said, limping a bit as the pain continued. “As to Molly, she’s coming up tomorrow and visiting, and now I know why. I’ll pretend to be surprised… if I can walk, that is.”

“I would say I’m sorry, but since you impregnated my sister and corrupted her morals, I think I’m happy I did that.” Cindy said, her wickedly sarcastic sense of humor returning.

“That makes one of us.” I replied, my sense of humor yielding to the pain.

Part 40 – The King’s Gambit

In chess, a ‘gambit’ is a seeming sacrifice of material in the opening to gain back an even greater advantage over time. That is what I was thinking of as I watched Jack Muscone prepare Sergeant Brody to be released.

On April 20th, the Court proceedings had gone exactly as we expected. The U.S. Attorney had put up only token resistance to Gunn’s expensive lawyer’s demands that Brody and Gunn be returned to the custody of the County courts. One wrinkle developed when Brody called out that the attorney representing Gunn was not representing him, and that he, Brody, wanted different representation. The judge brought in a public defender, which only delayed the proceedings for one hour and did not alter the course of those proceedings one iota. During that interval hour, Brody said that he’d done that just to piss off that attorney, and I daresay it worked.

The judge also discounted Brody’s immunity deal, saying the County court system would have to approve it and release Brody into Federal custody via a new hearing. Until then, Brody and Gunn were to be transported back to our County for further legal actions.

“This would never hold up under appeal.” said Cindy Ross to me as we left the Courtroom. She was fully aware of what was going on.

“Probably not.” I said. “But it’s the only way to keep Judge Francis alive and maybe keep Brody and Gunn alive.

Back at the FBI building, Brody and Gunn were given their clothes back so that they could be dressed before being transported to the County. What they did not know was that Jack Muscone’s friends at Homeland Security had secretly embedded no less than six tracking devices in their shirts, pants, belts, jackets and shoes.

Gunn did not know of the tracking devices, and he’d been given no clue to what was going on. He and his wily lawyer had been chirping about the ease of their ‘victory’, not knowing it was a calculated retreat on our part. But Brody had been told some of it, and Muscone explained to him that he (Brody) needed to do one more thing: kartal çıtır escort take what looked like a medicine capsule when it became obvious that the Black Badge people were coming for him. Inside the capsule was a tracking device, and Brody had only the time that it took the capsule to work through his system, probably 12-18 hours, for us to be able to track him with it.

Brody had agreed to do it for (his words) the ‘Thin Blue Line’, the same Line which he’d betrayed by his actions. But I wasn’t worried about that; he was helping us now at great risk to his own life. I prepped him on as many scenarios as I could in the limited time we had.

The defendants were brought straight to the Courthouse, the vehicles driving into the basement garages to protect them from possible snipers. We awaited them upstairs…


“All rise! Court is now in session, the Honorable J.B. Stone presiding!” intoned the Bailiff. Judge Stone entered the chamber and took his seat at the Bench, bidding everyone to be seated. The case of Brody and Gunn was called up for a re-hearing of their bond. To the surprise of no one present, Stone stated that the previous bond was still valid “in spite of the interference of corrupt agencies”, and that Brody and Gunn were to be released with Federal-court-mandated ankle bracelet monitoring devices worn at all times.

“Well, that’s that.” D.A. Krasney stated to me, Paulina and Cindy in his office after the hearing. “They’re pretty much on their own now.”

“When do you think the gang will make their move?” Paulina asked me.

“Tonight, after dark.” I said.

“You’re taking a real gamble here, Lieutenant.” said Krasney. “This could really blow up in your face.”

“If you have a better idea, Mr. Krasney,” I replied, “I’ll be delighted to hear it. But they’re absolutely dead and the gang gets away scot-free if we don’t try this or something like it.”

“Ladies, would you give the Lieutenant and me a moment alone, please?” Krasney asked. The women looked surprised but responded to my reassuring nod and left the office.

“Lieutenant,” Krasney said, “I just wanted to tell you that I did as you suggested and went to the Inspector General about Sanders. They’re going to open an investigation on him.

“I’m glad to hear that, sir.” I said. “But get ready for a challenge to your office; I’d expect Sanders will follow Malone’s example.”

“I’m already hearing rumblings of that.” said Krasney.

“You’ll kick his ass, Mr. Krasney.” I said. “That is, if I don’t physically kick it first…”


As Cindy and I left the D.A.’s offices area, she said “I think you’re doing the right thing. This is the only way we can keep any measure of control of the situation.”

“Yep.” I said. “You’re catching on fast. It’s all about attempting to control the events that happen. But it’s still extremely risky for Brody and Gunn.”

“Let’s just hope the gang does what you think they’re going to do– oh, hello Molly!” Cindy said. We had just observed the lovely platinum blonde woman walking down the hall to meet us. As Molly approached, I observed the gleam in her eye and her rosy cheeks.

“Hi guys!” Molly said, hugging Cindy and then giving me a very warm hug. “The guys at Headquarters said you were down here. What’s up?”

“What’s up is that you two can go to lunch, and I’ll head back to make sure everything is set up with Hugh and the SWAT team.” Cindy said, quickly dismissing herself from our presence.

“Check in with Myron and let me know what our little test subjects are doing.” I said as Cindy walked away. She gave a thumbs-up in reply.


As Molly and I walked along the Courthouse Square, she said “You’ve got a limp, what happened?”

“Your sister happened.” I said. “We were exercising, fencing with crowbars, and she got one over on me. Those crowbars hurt like hell, you know.”

“I hope I never find out.” Molly said. “And I would imagine that Sergei Molotov and that traitor Sommes are feeling no sympathy for you right now.

We arrived at our intended destination. Sitting down at an outdoor table of one of the bistros near the Courthouse Square, Molly peered at me then said, “Yes, you know, don’t you?… she told you, didn’t she?”

“Not on purpose.” I said, realizing that Molly knew that I knew. “But I would have to be getting mighty dull not to have figured it out.”

“So, is she happy about it?” Molly asked.

“Why do you think I’m limping right now?” I replied. Molly burst out laughing at that one.

“Well, are you happy?” Molly asked.

“Very happy and very excited.” I said. “So what are your plans? Have you bought a house yet? You know I want to help with that, and everything else.”?

“I’ve got my eye on a house that I want you to come down and look at this weekend, if you can.” Molly said. “I actually put in an initial offer for it, just so the agent will hold it. I think kadıköy yabancı escort it’s perfect, it’s got a sitting room off the master bedroom…


“UNNNH!!!!” I gasped as my cock erupted, shooting what seemed like a gallon of hot cum from my balls deep into Molly’s cunt. The sperm would find their quest fruitless, as Molly was already pregnant with my child, but the pleasure of the release into the lovely woman’s hot, tight pussy was deeply intense.

“Mmmm, baby, that was good!” Molly mewled as her legs slowly unwound and slid down my sides. She had wrapped them tightly around me as I reached my climax and ejaculated my load into her.

We had come to The Cabin after lunch, and of course we’d headed straight to the bedroom for two hours of passionate, sweaty lovemaking… our way of celebrating having made a baby together. Now our pillow-talk consisted of talking about our police case and what was going to happen tonight.

“I’ll deputize myself into the SBI and help you guys, if you like.” Molly said. “Double pay, too.”

“No way, you’re pregnant!” I said. “But you can deputize yourself and help us monitor the two guys– speaking of which, I’d better call in and check on them.”

“I’ll take a shower while you do that.” Molly said. I called Headquarters.

“They’re still in their houses.” Myron said. “Their ankle monitors haven’t moved, but that means nothing; they could fake those signals and get out. But we’ve got a Homeland Security guy and the FBI’s Lindy Linares here, and we’re watching the other devices… they’re still at home.”

“Cool beans.” I said. “I’ll be in shortly.”

As Molly came out of the shower, wrapped only in a towel, I took her into my arms and kissed her. “Mmmm, you look good enough to eat.” I said. I began guiding her towards the bed, intending to do just that.

“Easy, tiger.” Molly said. “I’m all cleaned up now.”

“Tell you what, lie back on the bed.” I said. Molly did so. I then took her sexy feet in my hands, put them together, and began sliding my still-hard cock between them.

“Oooh, that’s nice.” Molly said as I used her feet to masturbate my cock, which began throbbing with hardness.

“Yeah, it feels great.” I said. “You’re feet and legs are sexy as hell, and the rest of you is damn hot, too!” I was letting my eyes take in the sight of Molly lying on the bed, her big breasts gently heaving and jiggling. I began to pump my meat harder between her sweet feet.

“Mmmm, I’d bet you’d love to do this to Cindy.” Molly said, sexually teasing me.

“Damn straight I would.” I said. Cindy’s legs and feet were gorgeous, accented by her workouts for her Miss Physical America competitions. I’d often dreamed of kissing, licking and sucking Cindy’s feet, but I knew I wasn’t playing on her team, so to speak. I’d have to be satisfied with her sister Molly’s hot feet, I realized, and that was no problem at all…

But I could fantasize about Cindy and I did, but that soon gave way of fantasizing about Molly and Laura and Melina’s hot feet. Mmmm, so many beautiful women…. it was not long before I felt the burning in my loins intensifying as Molly worked her feet over my cock and balls…

Part 41 – The Gambit Accepted

“This is Bettina Wurtzburg, KXTC Channel Two News!” the lovely redhead reporterette blared into the microphone as the 6:00pm newscast started. “The County political scene was taken by surprise as Assistant District Attorney Sanders confirmed that he will be challenging his boss, Gil Krasney, for the District Attorney’s office. Sanders has been endorsed by Harold Malone, who was quick to say that he and Sanders would form a formidable law-and-order team in the County. Sanders was also endorsed by Pastor Raymond Westboro and Councilwoman Malinda Adams, but neither Councilman Reginald B.F. Lewis nor Councilwoman Kelly Carnes have decided upon an endorsement in the D.A. race…”


As darkness approached, so did my nervousness. I had several unmarked police vehicles along the route I expected the perps to take, as well as the SWAT team ready to go near where I thought their destination would be… a place they likely used in the murders of Carroll and Blondie.

The wait was not as long as I thought it’d be in coming. At 10:30pm my cellphone rang. It was Senior Patrolman Rudistan, reporting that a car was coming up to Brody’s home. I immediately texted Brody the words “Swallow it now.”, meaning to swallow the transmitter capsule we’d given him. He texted back “Done”, and I hoped he’d destroyed the cellphone immediately as I’d advised him to do…

I then got a call from Martin Nash, who was watching Gunn. A vehicle was pulling into his apartment complex and headed to Gunn’s residence.

Using “Channel 5” encrypted radio in our vehicles, we were able to communicate as units followed the two vehicles. They were headed to the north part of town, and not to my surprise headed to a strip mall, kadıköy genç escort parking behind it. I realized they were going to use one of the empty stores.

“All units, stand by.” I ordered. “This is not, repeat NOT their final destination.” I was already figuring out what they intended to do.


“Okay, guys, strip down naked.” ordered the black-clothed, hooded leader of the group. Only Gunn and Brody were not masked. “They may have planted bugs on your clothes. Put these on. Leave your wristwatches, any cell phones, and any jewelry you had on in the City, too.” There were two sets of black shirts, black pants and black slip-on shoes for the two men. Once the change of clothes was complete, they did not return to their original cars, but got into two black vans and pulled out onto the highway.”


“What the hell?” the Homeland Security man said at Headquarters as only Brody’s swallowed transmitter began moving. “Why are the rest of the transmitters staying put?”

“They must’ve had them change clothes.” said SBI Reserve Agent Molly Evans. She and Lindy Linares were completely unimpressed with the Homeland Security agent, and their admiration for the Iron Crowbar had increased: he’d predicted that the perps might try something like this.

“I just hope they don’t have devices that can detect Brody’s tummy transmitter.” Lindy Linares said.”


The two vans rumbled through the opened gate in the fence, which was then closed but not locked behind them. They pulled up onto the concrete tarmac in front of a concrete mini-tower and a half-built wooden structure. They were at the Fire Academy Range, where plenty of water sprayed through fire hoses would wash away evidence of any crimes. Carroll and Blondie had met their destiny here, and most brutally, and not a speck of blood remained to be found afterwards.

It was very dark, only the lights of the vehicles bringing any illumination to the area. The vans emptied, and Brody and Gunn were ushered into the lights. Just then they saw a limousine pull up, and a very well-dressed man exit the rear of the long vehicle. They recognized him as a man they’d only seen one time: he had been their recruiter into the Black Badge.

“Good evening, gentlemen.” the man said, his voice smooth and even. “I’m glad we were able to get you out of Federal custody.” Brody and Gunn were aware that the other black-clad men were behind them with guns as the man spoke, and they both knew there was nothing that they could do at this point.

“I’m sorry that things have reached this point.” the man said. “You’ve both been good soldiers for us, but you’ve been compromised and your identities known.”

“C’mon man,” Gunn said, knowing it was unlikely he’d be spared but trying anyway, and being sure to sound confident and not scared, “I’ve been loyal to you all the way. I took one in the ass for the team. You can still use me.”

“We’re aware of your loyalty, Mr. Gunn, and we indeed are appreciative of it.” the man said, a sad smile on his face. “And we took that into consideration when discussing your value to us. Unfortunately, and I am very sad to have to say this, just the fact that you are compromised makes your further ability to serve our organization impossible.”

“However,” the man continued, “I can assure you that you will not be treated in the same way that the traitor Brody here will be treated. You will get to watch what happens to him, which will be what happened to the traitors Carroll and Blondie. But I again assure you, Mr. Gunn, that your death will be completely painless, and your body will not be desecrated.”

The man stepped up to Brody, within just a few feet. “I cannot make the same promise to you, Brody. I intend for you to feel every little bit of what’s coming to you for your treason in cooperating with the Feds and with the Town & County Police. You will be seriously regretting that the Iron Crowbar didn’t kill you by the time we finish with you, you son. of. a. bitch. Okay guys, grab him–“


A blaze of light struck the men as the big lights ringing the range suddenly came on. The heavily armed, helmeted, and armor-protected Town & County Police SWAT team was rushing up to them, their assault rifles pointed and ready to fire. The black clad men did not even have time to raise their weapons in the chaotic explosion of light and sound.

The limo driver tried to drive off, but was quickly cut off by two police SUVs. Within seconds, every perp was on the ground, handcuffed, surrounded by SWAT team and other combat-ready police officers. An FBI vehicle roared up to them, and FBI agents scooped up Brody and whisked him off: he would be taken back to the City and, after testifying against the others, would be taken into Witness Protection.

Then everyone watched as the tall figure approached from the shadows, limping slightly on a sore hip, a full-brim Tilley hat, adorned with Airborne wings and a Town & County Police Badge, on his head, his right hand tapping a blue crowbar into the palm of his left hand. He’d been the one to hit the big lights, and this was his victory lap. He came up to the handcuffed group, looking them over as they stared at him. “Ho-lee shit!” I heard one of them gasp.

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