Cathy’s Big Job Break Ch. 1

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After I graduated from college I took a short break and then started to look for a decent job. I went to a liberal arts university and it seemed as though there wasn’t much demand for anyone but the nerds, like Bill Gates.

At first I was optimistic and soon found a job at a company that offered me a lot of stock options, but in less than a year, their stock was worthless and I was laid off. A short time later, got another job and went through the same thing.

I lived at home and the fact that my parents weren’t financially that well off, I knew that I had to get a job quick, whatever was offered to me,would be O.K., I was desperate. I’d take it. Plus I had some college loans that would be due very soon for payments.

I loved my parents, especially my Mom, she was so beautiful and always played with me from the time I could remember. We would even take our baths together, I loved it when it was my turn to scrub her with soap and especially when she told me to wash her good between her legs, she always enjoyed that, but when I got older she said that it wasn’t right for us to bath together, I really missed that.

Also, I was getting lonely. I didn’t have a boyfriend, all the kids I grew up with had all left the area and went to wherever they could find a job. Frequently I would find myself getting sexually aroused just by reading erotic stories on the internet or looking at magazines that had adds with models, men or women, that were dressed provocatively with revealing clothes.. The only time I felt comfortable masturbating was when my parents were out of the house or when I was in the tub or shower. I was becoming addicted to my vibrator and found myself wanting to masturbate every day, in fact, several times a day. I was almost positive that my mother knew what I was doing in my bedroom, just by the smell of my sex, sometimes, I swear, that I could hear her foot-steps outside of my bedroom when I was masturbating, and realized that I had to have a place of my own.

After many interviews, and their response would always be, “We’ll call you when we have an opening.” As a last resort, I knew this girl that was in my sorority that was taking over her families garment business. She had called me a couple of times and asked if I was interested in a job with her company. I really didn’t care that much for this girl, Niki, because she acted like a spoiled brat. I had my share of run ins with her, but hey, I needed a job badly.

Niki was very smart, as well as being very popular in college, the fact that she had a BMW sport car and always wore expensive designer’s clothes, that drew a lot of the guys and gals to her. Otherwise, Niki didn’t offer that much in the looks department, for one thing, she had a hook nose plus she was over weight, her complexion wasn’t the best either, a lot of zits. Also I heard that she was quite promiscuous sexually.

The reason I describe her that way is for only one reason. I have a few friends that are not exactly beautiful, but they’re nice, so looks don’t mean that much to me, it’s more personality that counts.

Niki was a bitch, she would make all kinds of comments to me when other students were around, again, I came to realize that she was envious of my looks. I’m considered attractive and have the looks and the body she wished she had, but I didn’t flaunt my looks. I was shy plus I never had extra money to buy smart clothes or go out with the group, so she always called me stuck-up or other insulting names.

I called her company and told the HR woman that I would like to come in for a job interview. After I gave her my name, she excused herself and then, in a couple of minutes, returned, she told me she was sorry for the delay, but she had an important call that she had to take. She then continued and asked me a few questions about my work and education back-ground which I answered, then the questions became more personal.

She asked me if I was married, when I told her that I wasn’t, then she asked me if I had a boyfriend, again I said no. Then the next question really threw me, she asked if I had ever had sex with another woman. I hadn’t, but I didn’t think it was any of her business, but I also needed the job desperately, so I told her “no.”

She made an appointment for me to be there at five tomorrow afternoon, Friday. I thanked her very much for the opportunity. She then said, when you come into the office, tell the receptionist to call me, Tracy Trim.

I hung up and as I was thinking of what I was going to wear for the interview, then it hit me, I knew that name, she was one of Niki’s closest friends. She didn’t belong to our house but she came over frequently and visited with Niki. I remember her being a nice looking girl with a body that looked like she had been pumping iron from the day she was born, all muscle and she loved to show it off, but I have to admit, she was hot looking.. When she visited Niki, they would retreat to Niki’s room and stay there until it was time for guests to leave.

The next day, I started to get ready for my interview with istanbul escort Tracy and decided to wear a business suit and look professional. I wasn’t too sure about the skirt because it was a mini, but I knew that I had nice long and good looking legs and the skirt wasn’t that short. Another thing, Niki always wore slacks or dresses that went down to her ankles, maybe she would be a little pissed at me showing off my legs. Let’s face it, I didn’t have that much in my wardrobe to choose from, so that’s what I wore.

I got in my beat up old car and arrived at their office around four forty-five, I thought better early than late. I went to the receptionist and told her that I had a five o’clock appointment with Tracy Trim. She looked at me with a smile on her face, like the cat that ate the canary, and then said, “please be seated and I’ll page Ms. Trim.”

I sat in a chair facing her and I watched her as she called Tracy, but I also noticed a smirk on her face, evidently she knew Tracy well enough to joke around with her. When she got off the phone, she got up and went into another room and then came out with a glass of champagne, which she offered to me. Then she said, “Tracy is tied up but will be with you in a few moments.” She went back to her desk and then said, “I’ll be leaving, but just make yourself comfortable and Ms Trim will come as soon as she’s finished.”

The receptionist was not much younger than me, but she was extremely attractive. The way she walked was similar to a model walking down the ramp at a designers show. She was shorter than me, but she had a perfect “tight” body.” I found myself just staring at her. As she walked out, it was now five o’clock, she looked at me, gave me a wink and then said, “good luck, hope to see you again,” Again, with a big smile.

While I was waiting for Tracy, I sipped on my drink and picked up a magazine that was on the table next to me. I was flipping the pages and became aware of the fact that every page had beautiful women wearing some very skimpy clothes that they appeared to be modeling. Then on other pages, there were two or three of them together in erotic poses, the way the held each other as well as kissing one another. I thought that I would be wise to put the magazine down, but found myself getting a little aroused by looking at these women, hell, they were sexy.

“Hi Cathy, I’m Tracy, nice meeting you. When you called, I thought that your name sounded familiar, you went to school with Niki. I see that you’re as beautiful as you were when I visited Niki. Let me join you as I get a glass of champagne and give you a refill, I sure can use one.” I started to say no, but she just took my glass and went to the other room.

She came back and handed me my drink and then she said, “good luck, I hope that you are the one we are looking for.” Then she clicked my glass and we both took a drink.

“Let’s go into my office and we can get more comfortable. I like to interview potential employees after all the others have left, of course Niki and I always get more done when we are alone. Speaking of Niki, she’ll be down in a while but she told me to start interviewing you without her.”

We walked into Tracy’s office and I was amazed at how plush it was. There was a leather couch, plush carpeting, a large walnut desk with a beautiful black leather chair, a wet bar and the walls were covered with beautiful, sexy woman, most of them looked like competition body builders. Then I saw one that was Tracy, my god, she was nude and had the most beautiful body of all of them. I couldn’t help but stare. As my eyes moved down her body, I noticed how firm her breasts were, and then further down, I noticed her smooth, hairless crotch, showing her very prominent clitoris hood. . I hope she didn’t notice, but for some reason, I was getting wet between my legs. Am I a lesbian?

Evidently, Tracy was aware of me staring at her picture and said, “So what do you think of my body? I won a couple of gold medals when I was into competition, but these days I’m too busy helping Niki build here business that she took over from her dad.”

I had to respond, especially after two glasses of champagne, I lost some of my shyness. “I always thought that you were attractive with a nice body, but you’re awesome.” I blushed a little after saying that.

“Cathy, the reason you’re here is that I remembered your name and also what you looked like. When we were on the phone when you first called, I had you wait and then I called Niki, putting you on hold. Niki told me that you just may be the type of woman we’re looking for. The job pays, just to start, fifteen hundred dollars a week.” My mouth fell open as I was astonished at how much they were offering.

Tracy continued. ” Cathy, I could tell by your expression that you were surprised at how much we’re paying for the job we have in mind, and hopefully for you, also remember, I said that’s just to start, it could end up much more. But before I go any further with the interview, would you please stand up for me.” I put my empty glass down and stood up beylikdüzü escort as she asked.

“You look to be about 5’8″ and about 125#s and I would venture to guess, you’re about a ‘C’ cup. This is what we’re looking for, maybe a little taller with the proper platform shoes. Cathy, please disrobe for me so I can see what you look like naked.”

I hesitated and then asked, “is this really necessary. I mean I’m not sure what you’re looking for or what the job entails. I have to be honest with you, I’m rather shy and modest.”

“To answer your question, it is necessary but if you can’t deal with it then tell me now so that I can continue on with our search for the type of woman that we want.”

I stood there looking at her and at the same time thinking about how much that money would help me out of my current financial troubles. “Well Cathy, are you interested in this job or not? I don’t want you to waste my time, I’ve got an awful lot of work that I could do. So what do you say? One more thing, this job requires discipline, if we tell you to do something, it’s not a matter of you wanting to do it, YOU DO IT.”

I could tell by that last statement that she meant it. I desperately needed the job and knew I’d have a rough time getting a job, even at a fraction of what Tracy said that the salary would be. Besides, I had a couple of glasses of champagne and felt relaxed. I slowly started removing my clothes.

“No no Cathy, I’ll direct you on how to disrobe. I want you to do it slowly and in this sequence. First unbutton your suit jacket and slowly remove it and put it on the arm of the chair next to you. Very good, now I want you to unbutton your blouse and remove it and put it on top of your jacket. Ugh, were did you get that bra, at K-mart? Now remove your skirt and let it drop to the floor.”

Just then the door opened and in came Niki. “I see you girls have started without me,” she said with a smile. “Nice seeing you Cathy, I see that you have taken pretty good care of yourself. So far you look as sexy as you did in college, not that I got to see you in bra and panties then.”

Taking one look at Niki almost floored me, this wasn’t the Niki I remembered. First of all, she had a perfectly straight nose and her body was as trim as Tracy’s. Her legs were trim and it looked like she was developing the type of body that Tracy had, she looked hot.

Tracy said to Niki, “I think she looks like what we’re looking for, but Cathy seems to be a little hesitant about disrobing in front of us, that doesn’t bode well.”

I quickly spoke up and said, “well, it’s just that I’ve always been on the shy side and I think that’s why in college that a lot of the others thought that I was stuck up, including you, Niki. I’m not stuck up at all and I really could use this job, just tell me what you want me to do and I’ll do it, I promise.”

“That’s good to hear, but before we go any further, you said that you would do as we instructed you to do, without questioning us and doing it obediently, will you do that?”

“I said I would and I mean it. Niki, Tracy, I really need this job and I’ll do as you ask.”

“Then let’s continue. Now take off your bra and put it in the waste basket, I don’t think you’ll be needing that any more. Just as I thought, size wise you have what we’re looking for, but those need to be firmed up a bit, but I love the nipples. What do you think, Niki?”

“I always knew that Cathy had a nice pair of boobs. Cathy, I want you to show us how you massage your boobs the way you do when you’re masturbating. But first, remove your panties.”

I promised myself that I would do whatever they asked of me because I really needed this job, whatever I had to do to get it, so I slowly lowered my panties and took them off. All I could think of was, I could certainly use another glass of champagne.

They both looked at me, standing stark naked in the center of the room, and then they looked at one another, with an approving smile. “Cathy, you do have what we are looking for, no doubt about it,” Niki said. “Tracy, why don’t you pour us a glass of champagne so that we can give our new employee a warm welcome, and then we can continue.”

We drank up, I was the first to finish my drink as if it was a glass of water. Not being much of a drinker, in fact, rarely did I have a drink, I could tell that I was certainly feeling it.

“Now Cathy, as I asked before, we want to see how you massage your breasts when you’re masturbating.”

“Uh, well, uh, I really don’t masturbate. Really, I know that a lot of guys do it but I don’t believe that women should, ya know, masturbate. So, uh, I just never did it.”

“Oh bull shit, Cathy, if you’ve never masturbated, I’m Mother Teresa.” Tracy said. “Another thing, your room was next to Niki’s in college and through the walls we could hear you going at it every night, now come here and stand in front of me, I can tell if you’re telling the truth, and if you’re not, then that will cost you. You gave us a verbal agreement that you would obey us without questioning our esenyurt escort requests, you either do it, or your life will be made miserable. Now come here and stand in front of me and spread your legs.”

I knew that I couldn’t refuse her request because I did agree to their terms and again, I was now desperate for the money. Fortunately, I was relaxed from the drinks, plus I had to admit to myself, I did feel a certain amount of arousal from the way Tracy gave me orders; she spoke firmly with a no nonsense manner.

“That’s more like it,” Tracy said as I approached her and spread my legs. “later we’re going to have to get rid of this bush, for one thing, it hides your sexy cunt, now stand still.”

I did as Tracy asked and then I felt her fingers probe all around my bottom. “Turn around and bend over. Take your hands and spread your cheeks.” My god, they were even viewing my butt-hole.

Tracy Took her finger and started to massage my little rear hole, but she didn’t penetrate it with her fingers. I had to admit, I’ve rubbed it when I was masturbating and did get a great deal of sexual feeling from it.

“Niki,” Tracy said, “She does have a sexy ass-hole. “I’m going to ask you again, and don’t give us an idiotic answer, have you ever played or put anything in your ass-hole while masturbating?”

I didn’t even hesitate in my answer, “Yes, sometimes I rub it or will stick my finger in it if I’m really sexually excited, in fact, once I even put a candle in there when I was masturbating.” Oh damn, now they are going to think that I’m a sexual pervert.

“Very good,” Niki said, “Now you’re learning.” Then Tracy told me to turn around like I was before, and to spread my legs. Again I immediately obeyed. They gave an approving smile to one another. That made me feel good.

Tracy took her hand and started to massage my pussy lips. . Her touch was like magic and there was no way that I could hide the fact that I was getting sexually worked up. She then put a finger into my pussy and started to rotate it in my hole, I was not only getting very wet, but I knew if she continued, that even if I didn’t want to, that I would cum.

“Hell,” Tracy said to Niki, “I think our new slut is one hot cunt. I believe we do have the perfect sex slut for what we need, she is going to serve us well after some training.”

At this point I didn’t care what they said or did with me, it just felt so wild to have someone else touch me in a sexual way other than doing it with my own hands.

“How does it feel, slut? Do you like my fingers in your cunt? Do you want me to continue playing with your hole and to make you cum?”

I was breathing hard and I knew that if she continued any longer that I would cum, but I didn’t care, at this point I was beyond being embarrassed, I just wanted to cum. “Yes,” I quietly said.

“Yes what,” Niki demanded. “What do you want us to do to you, and answer louder?”

“I want you to make me cum. Yes, I want you to make me cum.” I repeated as I was getting closer to my orgasm. Then suddenly, Tracy took her fingers out of my hole. My body was shaking and I was hurting from the need to have an orgasm.

“So you want to cum, I always thought that you were a horny slut.” Niki said. “Now go over to the couch and sit down and spread your legs.” I did as she asked, “Now show us how you massage your tits as you masturbate.”

At this point, there was no way I could stop myself, I was in desperate need for some relief. My shyness and inhibitions were no longer an issue, mostly from the fact that those drinks helped and I was becoming more and more aware of my strong sexuality.. My breasts were always sensitive, but even more so in my present state of arousal. I didn’t hesitate to fondle my breasts, being fully aware of the two of them taking in everything that I did.. I started to pull on my nipples, for me, my nipples were almost as sensitive as my clit and the sensation would immediately make my pussy throb.

I had enough awareness to realize that I was getting Niki and Tracy sexually worked up as they watched my every move, and at the same time, they were touching each other in a sexual way. I was beginning to enjoy myself, knowing that I was pleasing these two beautiful women, I was becoming aware that I would do almost anything to please Niki and Tracy.

I was slouched down on the couch with my legs spread wide open as I was getting closer and closer to my orgasm. I dropped one of my hands and started to pull on my engorged inner lips that were really protruding out. From pictures I have seen of the female genitalia, I became aware in my adulthood, that my lips were much fuller and when aroused, as I am know, that my lips really get engorged and my large clit sticks out like a little cock and gets super sensitive.

I was now moaning loudly and breathing hard. Niki and Tracy were now on their knees on the floor, right in front of me. I couldn’t help noticing that they were fingering one another as they took a real close look at my pussy. At this point I was out of control and almost oblivious to anything except that I was starting to cum. Then I felt a finger go into my love hole and another finger into my bum hole, I was losing control as I started to hump the fingers as they were going in and out of my body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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