Caught Ch. 03

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It had been nearly six months since Dave and I had been intimate with each other at my wife, Ruthie’s request. On the one hand I was very glad, yet on the other hand I was a bit disappointed as I was really aroused at our two times together. Dave and his wife, Ruthie and I had been together socially and Dave and I alone, but the events of those two times were never alluded to. Things had returned to normal.

I got home from work on Friday at 5:30 and was looking forward to a nice quiet dinner and some T.V. Ruthie decided that she wanted to go out for dinner and I agreed. We had drinks a nice dinner as we drove home she suddenly said, “As soon as we get home call Dave, and tell him to come over at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow.”

A lump formed in my throat. A lump of anticipation and fear. I pulled in the garage and made the call. Dave tried to protest but to no avail.

I woke up about 8 a.m. with an erection which I knew was caused by the prospect of the upcoming event. I had coffee and Ruthie and I didn’t say too much. I wondered what she had in mind for the two of us. She remained in her robe but told me to undress and wait naked for Dave to arrive. I felt humiliated and excited at the same time. At 11:00 a.m. the doorbell rang.

I looked through the peephole and saw Dave. I opened the door and he was taken aback at my nudity and my erection sticking up out of the black nest of hair. I gave him a half-hearted smile and we walked back to the bedroom. He removed his clothes and we knelt in from of Ruthie, palms up.

She smiled and said how good we were to remember. As we listened to her I noticed that Dave had also sprouted an erection out of his blonde curls. It was an odd moment as both of us realized that while there was a bit of dread in our hearts, there was also a great deal of passion.

We knelt gaziantep escort there for a few moments when Ruthie got up and walked into the bathroom. She came back shortly with an electric razor in her hand. She handed it to Dave and told him to shave my cock and balls smooth. I began to protest but she just gave me a look. I stood up, spread my legs, and heard the hum of the razor.

Dave’s hand moved skillfully around my cock and balls and it didn’t take long for me to be completely smooth, like the day I was born. She smile and said, I should now shave Dave. Dave protested. What would he tell his wife. Ruthie just laughed and reached for the phone. She dialed and said, “Hi Shirley, this is Ruthie.” Dave handed me the razor.

“Yes, yes Dave’s here and they are working on a special project. Why don’t we have lunch on Monday.” After a pause Ruthie said, “Good, see you then”

She hung up the phone and told Dave he had made a wise choice. I turned on the razor in a short period of time Dave was as bald as I. She took the razor back and asked what we thought of our handiwork. We both agreed that it was a nice change. She smiled and told us to get in bed and start making out.

We did and as we kissed passionately and reached down between each other’s legs it was a new experience. Two grown men with no hair like two pre-pubescent boys playing with each other. We were getting excited as we kissed and stroke each other’s cocks.

I went down on Dave first. Licking up and down his cock like an all day sucker. I licked from balls to top over and over again. Then my mouth closed around his cock as my tongue swirled around his erection. Soft moans escaped from his lips as I sucked and massaged his balls. My head was bobbing up and down as I rotated his balls in the palm of my hand. His moans became louder and then just as he was hitting the point of no return, Ruthie told us to stop.

We both looked at her and she had taken her robe off. She stood in all her naked beauty. She told us that today we were going to fulfill one her long time fantasies. We both waited as she got in bed and was half laying and half reclining against the head board. She pulled her legs up with the soles of her feet on the sheets. We both looked at her and waited.

She handed Dave a small container and said, “I have always wanted my husband to kneel at my pussy and eat me while I watched him being fucked in the ass. Today that fantasy is going to come true.”

Dave and I looked at each other. I looked down at his cock and said a silent prayer of thanksgiving that he was not hung like a horse. Dave open the bottle and lubed up his cock as I got in position between Ruthie’s legs. I lowered my head and inhaled. I was hooked on the scent of her pussy the first time I went down on her thirteen years before.

I lowered my head and began to kiss her. As I did that I felt Dave squirting the lube into the crack of my ass. My tongue came out and I began to lick her slowly form anus to clit. Long, slow strokes. As I did I felt the bed shift and Dave slide in behind me. Somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered someone saying to relax and push back slightly like you are trying to take a shit. This will help in allowing the other guy to enter you.

As I licked I felt the head of Dave’s cock press into my anus. I relaxed and gently pushed back. It worked. The head of his cock pressed in and he stopped for a moment. I kept licking and then he gently slid the rest of the way into me. I felt his belly hit my ass as I began to focus on Ruthie’s clit.

Then Dave began to move in and out. Slowly and carefully he thrust in and out. The initial burn changed into a feeling of pleasantness. I felt one of Dave’s hands on my hip and the other he had reached around and place on my cock.

As he fucked me and stroked me I licked Ruthie. As I did I slid two fingers into her and pressed up into the roof of her pussy. She moaned but never closed her eyes. We all got into a nice rhythm and were all moving toward orgasm. Dave actually felt good in my ass as he pushed in and out. In and out.

His hand was working wonders on my cock and Ruthie’s hips were beginning to move in and out as she neared orgasm

I’m not sure how long we were at it but suddenly I felt Dave’s cock expand and he shuddered against me. As he moaned he fired his first jet of cum into my waiting anus. As he groaned Ruthie began to cum.

Her nipples rock hard, her hips bucking, her pussy contracting. She held my head in place as she came. One person cuming in my mouth the other cuming in my ass. I felt so hot, that in a moment I joined them. I began to spurt into the palm of Dave’s hand. Groaning as I ate my lovely wife who had introduced us to this new dimension of our sexuality.

After a few moments we all returned to earth. Dave pulled gently out of me and I felt his cuming dribbling down my ass. It tickled but felt so good. He lay down at the foot of the bed as I backed away from Ruthie’s we pussy.

I lay down with my head on the pillow and all that could be heard was the breathing of satisfied people. Finally Ruthie spoke. She thanked both of us and then gave me a long soul full kiss. We all lay there for a while and finally Dave got up and said he had better go. He dressed quietly and left.

Ruthie and I cuddled up and fell into a blissful sleep the afterglow filling our loins. As I drifted off two thoughts went through my mind. First, would there be anything else and second, what would happen at the lunch with Shirley. My mind went blank as I fell asleep.

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