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Silently, she cursed herself for her impulsiveness. She stood quietly, back to the room, looking out at the lights far below her, waiting to see what kind of trouble she had gotten herself into. She heard the door open and then close. The lock snapped. She concentrated, trying to hear what was happening behind her. The sheer curtains on the window gave no reflection. The soft touch on her shoulders startled her. She had heard nothing. She started to turn around. The hands stopped her. She stood still. Her dress was slowly unzipped and eased off her shoulders. She shivered slightly as the material slid down her body.

She cursed herself again. She had complained that no man paid any attention to any woman over the age of 25. She’d said it where it had been overheard and evidently taken as a challenge. Now she was in a room with a stranger who was slowly removing her clothes. The hands were on her shoulders again, gently caressing. The straps of her bra were eased off her shoulders. She felt his fingers on the hooks and the garment fell free. His hands brushed her nipples as he let her bra fall to the floor.

Her heart was pounding. Then the black silk scarf settled over her eyes. She tensed as it was tied securely. The hands again caressed her shoulders, sliding softly up and down her arms until she relaxed. The first gentle etiler escort touch of his lips on her neck made her nipples harden and her breath catch.

The hands settled on her hips, sliding under the elastic of her panties. She felt his warm breath on her back as her panties were slowly lowered and her feet lifted one at a time to remove them and the puddle of cloth that was her dress. Hands closed on her wrists and led her away from the window. She felt the brush of the bed sheets along her leg. She was turned to the feel the edge of the bed behind her knees. The hands left her.

No words had been spoken. She was reluctant to break the silence yet curiosity was burning in her. Who was he? She heard soft whispers of sound. His clothing being removed? She sat carefully on the bed. Hands on her ankles, lifting her legs, urging her to lie back on the bed. Trembling, she laid back. She felt his warm breath just a split second before his lips touched her left nipple. Her breathing became quicker.

She felt the dip of the mattress as he joined her. She felt his body heat near her. His hands and lips now explored her prone body. Each time she tried to touch him, he trapped her hands and held them at her sides until she remained still. He was arousing her with the soft touches and fatih escort gentle kisses on her quivering flesh.

A soft touch of lips on hers. Her lips parted under his, barely touching, a sharing of breath that made her shiver with want. A touch of his tongue on hers. A kiss pulled gently on her lower lip as his hands stroked her body with feathery touches. A hand caressed her knee and moved slowly up her inner thigh. Her soft moan against his parted lips was the first sound in the room. His hand cupped her vulva. She arched against the gentle touch.

He had not touched her clitoris, yet she was ready to explode. He held her, trapping her heat under his hand. Then he stroked her clitoris as his kiss became harder. She writhed against him and then arched, her body wracked by wave after wave of intense pleasure as her orgasm burst. His hands and lips were now more insistent as his fingers teased her. He pushed two fingers slowly into her and waited, his thumb against her clitoris, another finger pressed against her anus.

She moaned again, her body clenching around his fingers. His fingers moved, stimulating her more as his lips went to her breasts. She was panting, moaning, writhing against his hand and lips. Her orgasm exploded again. Suddenly, he took his hand from her and mounted fındıkzade escort her. She moaned as his penis began to push into her. He was huge! Her hips arched up again and again as his penetration pushed deeper and deeper into her.

A soft sigh of pleasure in her ear. The first sound he had made. She felt his hot, hard body press against her, his hot, hard penis buried in her. Her orgasm massaged his massive erection as he moved slowly in and out of her, the hot friction of his motion causing her body to convulse in constant spasm. He took his time, keeping her writhing and convulsing until his own orgasm finally exploded, sending rivers of fiery ejaculate deep into her.

He held her tight against his body as the ripples of their passion slowly faded. His lips caressed her neck, then her lips as he slowly eased from her body. She started to sit up. His hands on her shoulders urged her to remain still. She heard him move around, then the snick of the lock and the sound of the door opening and closing. She sighed and removed the blindfold. Would she ever know who he was?

She got up and closed the curtains for privacy. Then she turned on a light and went to shower. Her body still tingled from him. He had satisfied her more than any lover she had ever had. She sighed again as she slowly dressed. The black silk scarf was still on the bed. Smiling slightly, she folded it carefully and put it in her purse. That’s when she found the note. Thank you, it said, perhaps we will meet again.

The handwriting was elegant and the paper heavy and expensive. Perhaps they would meet again. She found herself hoping so.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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