Champagne and Come

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I always had a bit of a crush on auntie Enid, going right back to childhood and when I hit puberty for some reason she became pretty much my number one sexual fantasy. I must have wasted a bucketload of cum on her by the time I hit twenty although naturally I never tried to do anything about it, you just didn’t.

Now I was twenty-five and pretty sexually experienced although still single. I was a little surprised when she rang, out of the blue, to ask if I would come over to give her son Jake a few driving tips as he was having trouble getting through the test.

She led me into the sitting room of her house and I sat down waiting for Jake to turn up. She was wearing a tight-fitting dress of some thin, stretchy, clinging material that stuck to her beautiful heavy butt-cheeks and thighs like a second skin. As she went over to the window and peered out I got a good look from the back and it seemed to me she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. As she leaned a little forward a loved the way her high heels made her legs and arse flex and, to tell the truth, I was pretty turned on; maybe tonight, for old time’s sake, I would rub one out thinking of her again.

She stayed looking out of the window as she spoke to me:

“Sorry Nick, Jake called about 10 minutes ago and he can’t make it tonight, it looks like you’ve had a wasted trip. My phone’s flat or I would have rung.”

She leaned a little further as if looking up the street at something, her heavy right boob, again apparently with no bra on it, straining forward, the nipple clearly visible. It was, by now, getting difficult for me to control my erection and I dreaded having to get up to leave.

She swung round and looked at me suddenly:

“Penny for your thoughts?”

“W-what?” was all I managed to blurt out.

“Tell me what you’re thinking right now, what do you think I mean?”

I gazed at her still beautiful body in that dress and I just couldn’t help myself:

‘Sorry Auntie, I was thinking of a sexual fantasy I have sometimes.”

To my surprise she wasn’t angry but chuckled a little:

“You might as well tell me what it is, Nick. Don’t worry, I wont tell anyone.”

I cant remember exactly what I said to her, I suppose I beat around the bush a little and she coaxed the whole thing out of me eventually.

I was supposed to be going Yenibosna Escort to a party for some people I slightly knew after helping Jake with his driving and I had a bottle of champagne in a bag with me. I decided to work it into my so-called fantasy. I told her I’d always wanted to try pouring champagne down a woman’s butt crack from the top and licking it from her pussy. Her eyes grew quite wide but she still didn’t get angry.

“And my arse put that idea in your head did it?”

I had to be honest and admit that it had, as well as her legs in the high heels.

“Is that it?” she asked expectantly?

“Not really, you see another thing your beautiful tits made me want to do is come all over them and then lick my come off.”

“My my, what a mind he has” she said to herself and turned towards the full- length mirror behind her. She grabbed her right boob and squeezed a little, tweaking the nipple so it showed through even more.

“Yes I suppose they do look kind of enticing at that.”

She turned back towards me and looked back over her shoulder as she lifted the dress up to expose her butt for her inspection. To my amazement she did, indeed, have no undies on and I gazed at the naked orbs as she must have known I could from where I was sitting.

“Okay, as I have been responsible for filling your head with all this nonsense we had better do something about it, hadn’t we? Where can we get a bottle of champagne from though”?

She laughed like a drain when I produced my bottle of Moet and I just told her I hadn’t planned it, it was just a coincidence.

“More like fate Nick, let’s call it that but we’ll only do the things you told me about, okay?”

I told her I was more than happy and it was a dream come true. To be honest I could hardly believe my luck that my childhood sexual fantasy object was about to let me have my way with her, even such a specific and limited way.

She didn’t want to mess up her bed-clothes so we went into the bathroom and stripped off. At that time I certainly couldn’t hide my full erection from her and she whistled a little to herself.

“My God, I wonder how long you’ve been dealing with that in your pants?”

“Since you looked out the window.” I replied. I got her to lay face down with a cushion under her fanny so I could get my tongue in Yenibosna Escort Bayan there properly and I opened the champagne.

She had gone this far for me and I didn’t think she would be picky about the details so I started gently rubbing her pussy lips and squeezing her butt cheeks a little. The booze would be trickling down the full length of her cheeks, over her anus and hopefully getting into her pussy and pubes, I would have to pour it quite slowly not to waste any. I gave an exploratory lick around and inside as far as I could and she twitched a little, still no objections and even started breathing a little harder. My nose was close and I was sure I could smell her arousal, taste it too as I kept licking rhythmically.

I began pouring and it went just as I planned, flowing down in a little river between her cheeks, swirling around the tiny well of her anus and more or less pouring into her open pussy, I pushed her hips forward a bit to increase the angle, as I certainly didn’t want to lose any and started drinking thirstily.

I suppose I must have drunk a couple of glasses before I noticed how turned on my Auntie was getting. As I drove my tongue into her pussy and lingered on the way out to lap at her clit she was grinding her pubis into the cushion and making all sorts of groans and moans.

“Oh it feels so good Nick, my arsehole isn’t dirty or anything is it?”

For reply I jammed my tongue in there as far as it would go, wiggled it around a bit before taking it out:

“Nope, clean as a whistle. By the way are you thirsty?”

She said she was so I got her to sit up and straddle my face so now I was between her thighs looking up at her gorgeous pendulous boobs and her snatch. I passed her the champagne, of which there was still over half left.

She started chugging the champagne and almost immediately squeezed my head with her thighs:

“Don’t stop.”

I happily continued licking her pussy as she gyrated her hips rythmically. I concentrated on her clit as I didn’t have to worry about the drink for a while and she responded enthusiastically.

“That’s a good buy, lick Auntie’s cunt for as long as you like.”

It seemed to me she was getting a bit pie-eyed and I didn’t really know where it was going to go now, I did know I was in it wherever it went, though

Auntie Escort Yenibosna leaned back and poured the champagne in between her tits; it poured mostly down her belly and funneled between her thighs down to where I could lick most of it. This was going very well, better than I had ever hoped.

“Oh Nick, I drank too much of your champagne.” She slurred, looking at me with a funny sort of grin.

“I need to pee. You don’t mind, do you?”

“As foggy as I was from the booze I had drunk it only took me a second to realize what she meant.

“That’s fine Auntie, go for it.”

Well she certainly did go for it the stream of piss was squirting into my mouth, nose and face with the force of a garden hose. Through the one eye I managed to keep open I could see her squeezing both nipples hard as she rocked her hips back and forth, for sheer comfort and self preservation I tried to swallow as much as I could as it was going more or less directly into my mouth, Auntie’s thighs clamping me into position.

For a long time after she finished peeing she didn’t move, just sat bolt upright with her head back and her eyes shut. It seemed to me I had witnessed her climax but then again I was pretty pissed myself, no pun intended.

“Okay Nick now don’t forget what else you said you wanted to do. Get up and rinse all the pee off in the shower. I hope you haven’t come yet as Auntie wants to see how much you can produce.”

Well I hadn’t come yet but if she, at any time, had licked, sucked or stroked my cock I certainly would have done; while I was washing the pee and spilt champagne off myself I had to be careful not to accidentally touch my still raging erection.

“Just let me save this load till I get near her tits, that’s all I ask.” I muttered to no one in particular.

She had pulled back the bed-clothes and was sitting up in bed with her legs wide and a vibrator gently humming inside her. She looked at my dick which was pulsing and throbbing, as hard as I was trying not to come.

“It looks like it was touch-and-go there well just let go now, Nick.”

She squeezed her tits together and held them in front of my cock so nothing would go to waste and I had only to pump a few times before a big load shot across them. She held them sort of horizontal so none would flow away but hard as she tried a fairly large lump dripped down onto her belly.

“Well that’s quite a load isn’t it? Shame to waste any though.”

Carefully cradling both tits on one arm she reached down with her free hand and scooped the spunk up on two fingers and put it in her mouth.

“Mmmm yummy, well, bon appetit.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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