Chatting with a Stranger

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She searched through her favourite erotic fiction website, looking for something that would fulfill her deepest, darkest desires. She was 28, with a curvy body, big perky tits, and a smooth shaven pussy, which right now was absolutely dripping, with a desperate need to be fucked.

Her boyfriend had lost interest in sex a few years ago, only fucking her every once in a while, which never lasted long. She had thought about breaking up with him more than a few times, but they’d just bought a house together and shared a dog, plus her family and friends all loved him. It would be a messy split, and she was never brave enough to pull the trigger and end the 8 year relationship.

This meant that she was always horny, driven almost out of her mind with a need for cock in her pussy. She touched herself every day to keep the cravings at bay, but lately nothing had worked, and she had to change her underwear often as they always seemed to be soaked.

This night her boyfriend was away for work, so she lay on her bed naked, her shaven pussy glistening with moisture as she searched for an erotic story to get herself off. This time however, instead of selecting her usual stories about gangbangs, lesbians, or cheating girlfriends, something caught her eye. It was a different category, filled with erotic and explicit audio recordings. She had never heard of this before and intrigued, put on some headphones and clicked on one of the recordings.

The sound of a deep male voice filled her ears, breathing heavily and speaking in a low gravelly tone. He had a British accent, one of the world’s sexiest accents, she thought, her hand creeping towards her wet pussy at the sound.

He spoke to only her it seemed, ordering her to take her clothes and underwear off and bare her naked body to him. “Too late,” she thought looking at her already naked tits and pussy with a grin. The deep voice continued, telling her about what he was going to do to her, how he was waiting in the darkness, watching her play with herself like a naughty slut. He was going to push her down onto the bed, pinning her down while he pushed his güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri hard throbbing cock inside her, claiming her body as his and fucking her how he pleased,

Her pussy was aching under her touch, his words sending electricity through her body and setting her pussy on fire. The voice kept going, telling her what a horny, needy slut she was as he pounded her into the mattress. The words were so descriptive, she actually almost felt like it were happening in real life. All thoughts of her boyfriend disappeared, nothing else mattered, only the mystery voice and her desperate need to come all over her fingers.

“Come,” he growled in a threatening tone. This was an order, not a request, and she certainly didn’t need to be told twice. Obediently, she came hard, screaming out loud into the darkness, wetness running down her fingers as wave after wave of pure pleasure assaulted her body for a seemingly never ending amount of time.

“Holy fuck!” she exclaimed, fingers still inside her drenched pussy, breathing hard and fast, trying to come down from the incredible rush that the mystery voice had awakened in her.

She had never felt this way before, her boyfriend certainly could never make her explode like this. Sure, he could make her orgasm, but it was always quick and obligatory, not all consuming, raw and primal like this.

Once her heartbeat had returned to normal, she looked at her phone screen, suddenly overcome with the need to contact this man and let him know what he had done to her.

She found a comment section underneath the recording, with no comments yet posted. Shrugging, she typed with her finger “That was fucking amazing, I wish you were here right now.” She chuckled to herself, thinking there was no way he would reply to her comment.

She opened up her social media apps and started mindlessly browsing, still coming down from her incredible orgasm. Suddenly a notification popped up on her phone. Not only had the mystery voice replied to her comment, he had sent her a direct private message.

“And what would happen if I was there?” güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the message read. Her breathing quickened, her heart starting to pound furiously. “Fuck, fuck what do I do?” she thought, her mind racing. She hadn’t actually thought he would reply, let alone send her a private message. Should she ignore it or reply? After all it was one thing to masturbate to an audio recording, it was another thing entirely to engage directly online with another man while she was in a relationship. Would this be crossing a line?

“Fuck it,” she thought, beginning her reply. The way this man had made her feel, and the way her body had reacted to his voice, there was no way she could pass up this opportunity to talk to him.

“I would be waiting for you naked on the bed, with my fingers rubbing my pussy,” she replied with a naughty grin. This was the most excitement she had felt in years, and she felt like such a slut, saying things she hadn’t even said to her boyfriend.

He wrote back “I’d watch you rub your greedy little pussy from the shadows, taking my cock out and stroking it slowly, never taking my eyes off your body splayed out for me.”

She moaned softly, her fingers probing in and out of her wet cunt, then lightly circling her still sensitive clit. With one hand she typed “I love knowing that you’re watching me touch myself, it makes me feel like such a horny slut.” He typed back “You’re such a needy slut, are you ready for my cock?”

She groaned, circling faster, arching her back in pleasure at the text appearing on her screen. She couldn’t believe she was doing this, saying these things to a complete stranger. She had no idea what his name was or what he looked like and she didn’t care. All that mattered was the knowledge that the man behind the deeply sexy voice that had gotten her so worked up was now talking to her and only her. The thought turned her on so much she nearly came again on the spot.

Bringing herself back from the edge, she responded “Oh God, please give me that big cock, I need it so badly.” She had never said anything like this güvenilir bahis şirketleri to anyone before, yet it all came so naturally all of a sudden, this mystery man bringing her inner filthy slut out with ease.

“Yes beg, beg for my cock slut.”

“Please, i need your cock in my needy pussy now,” she typed furiously, a few spelling mistakes resulting from her one handed typing.

“Very well, I’m pushing my throbbing rock hard cock into your little pussy, fuck you’re so wet and tight around my cock.” She stopped, remembering her 8 inch dildo that she had purchased in secret a while ago, as her boyfriend didn’t approve of such things. But he wasn’t here tonight, and at this point she could barely remember his name.

She took the dildo out of her lingerie drawer and got back on the bed, spreading her legs wide and slowly easing it into her cunt. She was so wet, it slid inside easily, making her moan at the feeling of being filled, imagining it was his thick cock inside her.

“Fuck, you’re filling me up and stretching my little pussy,” she wrote, barely able to concentrate on typing.

“I’m thrusting hard inside you, fucking you like you’ve never been fucked before, owning your pussy. Your body belongs to me.”

“Yes, yes my body is for you and you only, please use my pussy for your pleasure.”

She gritted her teeth as she pumped the dildo furiously in and out of her pussy, wishing this man was fucking her for real.

“Fuck I need to cum inside you,” the reply came, “Cum with me slut.”

She moaned loudly, still fucking herself hard and fast. She knew it wouldn’t be long before she came, her pussy was throbbing with desperate need. “Oh, god,” she wrote back. “I’m going to cum!”

The messages came back fast, “Cum, slut,” “Cum for me” “Do it,” “NOW.”

That final word, so aggressive, so dominating, so fucking hot and primal, tipped her over the edge and she obeyed, crying out even louder than the last time, her orgasm slamming into her like a freight train, convulsions rippling through her body endlessly, her pussy pulsing around the thick dildo. She gripped the bedhead, dropping her phone, riding out her powerful orgasm.

As the pleasure subsided, she picked up her phone again. “Fuck fuck fuck, I just came so hard, I love the feeling of you exploding inside me too.” Lying back against the pillows, utterly exhausted, the reply came.

“Round 2?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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