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(For Chloe and her lover. Chloe has asked for me to tell her fantasy and promises to share it with her lover — someday. If you care, tell Chloe to open herself to her lover, to let her lover change her panties for her — SplendidSpunk)

What can I, a forty something woman with a daughter; a female lover and her two daughters tell anyone about love and life? Until a few months ago not much, but now as I sit here and recall those few months and the changes in all of our lives, the abject humiliation I’ve experienced, the submissive little girl I’ve become, well I think quite a bit. Some of what I am about to reveal you may have already guessed, yes I was once a happy heterosexual woman with a husband, hence my lovely daughter. Since my lover also has two beautiful daughters you also realize that she too once believed a man was important to her.

So my story will begin long after my lover Liz and I understood that the men we knew in our lives were little more then pricks, that once they had their fun filing our pussies were found wanting. That story, the story of how Liz and I discovered our own sex was preferable is not for now, perhaps another time. I will only admit that while I am deeply in love with Liz, I have on occasion taken a lover and on very rare occasions that lover had a cock. Again this is only background.

Liz is a stunning woman who like me stands at five foot eight with a body men stare at long after they realize she is no longer playing for that team, seeing her in my arms they sadly realize that this goddess seeks her gratification from another women, one with short blonde hair. Our bodies are similar though I find I envy Liz as I am sure she envies me. We all see our lovers be they male or of the same sex as more desired then our own. Her full tits and firm ass never fail to turn me on, make me a needy slut for her. Our daughters resemble us, hers, Louise and Clare have her looks and hair and through the magic of their father’s genes actually have turned them into young women more striking then their mother. My daughter, Cathy, keeps her blond hair long as most young girls seem to like, and while she resembles me, she is, due to her youth a bit more attractive then I am, as gravity has not yet come to visit her, and her tits are firm and her ass not burdened with childbirth.

As I said the change to our happy, if unique, little family began about three months ago when unknown to me, my daughter watched me in one of my perverted moments. You see I have a few sexual issues that I’ve tried to keep secret but since that day every one of my perverted sexual desires have become exposed to my lover and all of our children. That first mistake, if it truly was a mistake, my daughter watched me as I rummaged through her hamper full of soiled clothes and extracted a pair of her panties. After putting them to my nose and inhaling the aroma of her sex, I pulled those soiled panties up my legs and wore them against my own now wet and dripping cunt. I then dressed in a very short and tight skirt. I wanted my legs rubbing against one another I wanted to feel her damp panties with every step. Thinking nothing at the time I then went about my day, never suspecting that I’d been caught out.

Later that day while enjoying a lite lunch with a friend my daughter sauntered into the café and slid into the bench seat next to me. Although somewhat surprised, as she should have been in class at the time, I hugged her and calmly introduced her to my friend. When my friend went to powder her nose my daughter leaned over to me and whispered in my ear.

“You’ll remove my panties now and give them to me or I will expose you right here right now.”

She’d said it softly, but there was no missing the seriousness in her voice. She would not hesitate to make good her threat. Meekly I said.

“Please not here, please I’ll give them back but please not here not now!”

She smiled at me and I cringed seeing the dominance in her eyes. She didn’t bother with whispering her reply.

“Now mother or wait for your friend, but it will be here and it will be today.”

Not wanting to do this at all, but not wanting her to make scene either I wiggled in the seat. The tight skirt I’d worn forced me to raise my ass and risk exposing myself in order to just get at her panties. I moved as fast and as quietly as I could, not wanting to draw any undue attention to this embarrassing scene. I realized as I worked panties off how wet they’d become, much more so then when I slid them on, and crumbled them in a ball and handed them to her. I was mortified to be sitting now, in my very tight and short skirt, with my naked puss certainly visible if I moved the wrong way and most assuredly when I would have to slide down the bench seat to leave. I expected her to leave now that she’d succeeded in humiliating me, oh how wrong I was.

“Now mother, when I tell you to do something you will do it. I know you want this little secret of yours to remain between us so you will listen when I speak and you will obey. Am I clear mother?”

I poker oyna could only nod as the thought of what had transpired and what my daughter now knew of me filled my head.


I finally croaked just as my friend came into view and headed back to the table. I hoped that I’d been humiliated enough but when my daughter got up to leave I felt more was to come. I was seated where I could see out the front window at the crowded streets, the shoppers going to and fro, the derelicts begging for coins and the school children on an adventure with their teachers. When my daughter left the café, her soiled panties still crumpled in her hand I watched as she slowly let them hang from her hand as she went thru the door. She stopped at an older woman begging for coins and handed her the panties, then pointed to me and said something to the woman. I cringed and I’m sure my face went deep red as I saw those soiled and sex filled panties now in that old woman’s dirty hand. When she smiled at my daughter I saw the wide gaps where her teeth should have been as she looked into the restaurant and said something to my daughter who turned and grinned and then looked back at the woman and nodded.

I let my friend leave first, claiming I needed to make a cellular call first and promised we’d do lunch again soon. I knew the old woman had been promised something from my daughter and whatever it was I wanted to learn of it alone. When my friend was safely gone I up and walked out. No sooner out the door then the old woman called me by name.

“Chloe come here child, come and see what I’ve got to sell.”

I inched towards her, looking left and right now wanting to be seen by anyone. I came along side the old woman who held up my panties, my daughter’s panties and said.

“I think these would look good on you Chloe and I’d be surprised if you went home without them. I was told that you might need these once you’d returned home. So how about we say ten for them? They’re a bit soiled and smell a bit so fifteen might be a bit too much, don’t you think?”

I fumbled in my purse but only had a twenty, so I handed that to her and grabbed the panties and walked off. I heard her old tired voice crackle.

“You don’t have to run Chloe you’ll not be my slut tonight.”

Her words rambled in my head for the rest of the day. As I made it back to my office I new I’d need to put the panties back on, no way I could sit in the office with my bare pussy peeking out beneath my skirt, it was bad enough in the café and walking back to work. I slipped into the loo and found a stall and slid the panties over my heels and up my legs. When they’d seated on my ass I was not surprised that my hands went under them and found my wet cunt. I masturbated into those panties shocking myself at the knowledge that what my daughter had done, humiliating me in the café and again on the street had turned me on so much. Shame flamed across my face and as I washed my hands I could still smell the aroma of my sex now embedded in my daughter’s even more soiled panties. I stalled going home, fearing what my daughter might demand of me but another part of me, a part I’d always known was there, pushed me and before I knew it I was walking into my house, at least at that time I truly believed it was my house.

There was a note on the table to the left of the door addressed to me. I opened it and read the short note, I was to go to my room and wait. It was from Cathy. I recalled her warning from the Café and so I left my purse on the table and went to my room. Fortunately Liz would be working late so whatever Cathy wanted of me, I would not be forced to endure it in front of her. Neither of Liz’s daughters were in town that week either, so I sat and fumbled with my hands, unsure of what I was to do or what Cathy would want of me. I didn’t have too long to wait; only a half hour, but it seemed liked years. Cathy, wearing a light summer sundress came into my room. I could tell by the soft dents in the fabric that she’d shunned her bra and her bare legs told me she wore no hose either. She came and stood in front of me and said.

“Give me your hand Mother!”

I lifted my right arm placing my hand in hers. She then took my hand and pulled it under her dress and up to her panty clad pussy. She rubbed my fingers along her slit and I could feel her panties dampen as she continued.

“I’m going to let go, but keep your hand there Mother and get my panties nice and wet.”

I did as I had been told. Using my fingers on her pussy and feeling her thru the thin material of her panties. The panties became moist then damp then they were soaking. I could feel Cathy’s pussy juice now coating my fingers and at that moment she took hold of my head by my hair and pulled my face into her crotch. She’d lifted the hem of her dress and my face was now pressed against her cunt.

“Lick me Mother. Lick me thru my panties you’ve not earned the right to lick my pussy yet. Lick my panties, the panties you love so much. Lick them Mother.”

I did. I wanted canlı poker oyna to do this for a long time, and even though she released her hold on my hair I kept my face tight, I’d have licked her and loved her through her panties regardless. When she allowed her dress to fall over my head, covering my actions she made me feel even more humiliated, she didn’t want to see me licking her. Sucking her pussy juices from her panties was a delight I’d longed for. When she’d had enough she just backed away from me, her dress pulling off my head leaving me on my knees with her cunt juices covering my face. She said.

“I want you in my room in two minutes, naked!

I started to unbutton my blouse but my right hand was sticky from her juices and I struggled. Finally in a fit of need I just ripped it open and threw it to the floor, quickly freeing my tits from my bra and then dropping my skirt and Cathy’s panties before I quickly went to her room. As soon as I entered her room she pulled the shades up and opened the window. The door remained open as well. If the neighbors looked they’d see a naked mother with her clothed daughter. I wondered what they’d think, probably just what I was thinking. What was Cathy planning?

“On the bed Mother, make sure your ass is on the towel. Now spread your legs and put your hands behind your head. Good girl!”

Cathy brought a container of something, a second towel and the panties she’d been wearing when I was licking her earlier. I realized she was now naked beneath her dress.

“Stealing my panties, my soiled panties was childish of you mother. Then again you’ve always been a bit of a child haven’t you mother. You cheated on dad and you’ve done the same to Liz, you’re a slut, Mother. A childish slut so now you will be my little girl, Mother. You will obey me and call me Mommy. You will wear what I put on you and you will always be Mommy’s little girl. You do know that little girls do not have any pubic hair, so I am going to remove it. Now open your mouth Mother.”

When I did she forced her wet pussy juice filled panties into my mouth. Then she began to apply hot wax to my pubic region. I wanted to scream no, but with her panties stuffed in my mouth I couldn’t. When she put the paper over the wax and pressed it down she took a second to stoke my cunt making me whimper in joy at her touch or in fear of the pain to follow, I’m not sure. She continued to stoke my slit as the wax cooled and without any warning she ripped the first strip off and I screamed into the panties. I realized now why the window was opened and turned red knowing the sounds of my scream were echoing thru the neighborhood. Each strip was yanked and I could not keep from screaming. When she was done she examined he work and said.

“Roll over my little girl, Mommy needs to do your ass too!”

Whimpering, wanting to beg her to stop I rolled over, compliant and afraid. When the warm wax filled my ass crack I cringed at how good it felt and knew how painful it would soon be. Cathy fingered my asshole as the wax cooled and when she pulled her finger from my ass she said.

“Mommies little girl is dirty. Mommies little girl is going to need her poop hole cleaned too.”

As Cathy ripped the strips of wax from my ass my screams were muffled now with my face buried in the pillows. I felt her get up from the bed and as she walked from the room she said.

“Stay put for Mommy.”

My pussy and ass tingled from the waxing and I waited for Cathy to return. I felt her weight on the bed just before I felt the greased plug enter my asshole. When she released the stopper on the rubber bladder of hot soapy water; the fluid filled me quickly and kept flowing.

“Pull your knees up under you Dear. Mommy has to make sure you get it all in your ass baby.”

I did as required and felt my belly expand from the enema as it flowed and filled me. I felt as if I would burst when she pulled the plug from my asshole. Before I could clinch my ass together another, much larger plug invaded my ass.

“Now this is to hold it in for a bit baby, while the soapy water cleans you up. Now Mommy wants to feel her little girls tongue in her pussy baby so roll over.”

I rolled over and felt all the liquids inside me slosh about. It was painful. As Cathy pulled her wet soiled panties from my mouth and spread her legs and lowered her pussy to my lips I forgot about all of that. I stared as her hairy cunt opened in front of my eyes as she squatted over my face. Her blonde pubic hair was full and lush, framing the juicy pink pussy. I stuck out my tongue to meet her as she sat down on my face and fed me her pussy. I licked her just as I licked Liz and loved the taste of my daughter’s pussy. I enjoyed it as she reacted to my actions and when her cunt clinched on my tongue I loved knowing I had brought her to orgasm. Her juices flooded my mouth and I greedily sucked them down. When she calmed down she moved her ass down and sat on my stuffed belly making the pain of the enema still inside me worse.

“Now, my little internet casino girl, Mommy will take you to the bath and let you release the enema but you have to promise me you’ll be my good little girl and do as I say. Are you my obedient little girl? Will you obey your Mommy?”

“Yes! Mommy, I will be your obedient child. Please Mommy it hurts.”

“Tonight my baby, when Liz comes home I want you to tie her to the bed and blindfold her. I want you to start to lick her then leave and come to my room. You will tell her she is being punished and you’ll return when you think she’d ready. Now will you do that for your Mommy?”

“Yes, I will Mommy.”

Cathy took me to the bath then and pointed to the toilet.

“Mommy? The plug?”

“Baby girl, you will need to pull that yourself. Mommy will watch you though.”

I squatted over the toilet and reached behind me. I found the rim of the butt plug and pulled it out. I had only seconds to move my hands and sit before my ass exploded. When I was almost done Cathy started the tub and filled it with bubbles. She told me to soak in the warm water and make sure I was clean before I called her to get me out. As I soaked I thought at how easily my life had been turned upside down, how my daughter was now in control and surprisingly how much I was enjoying it all. I never thought about what would happen later as Cathy toweled me dry and dressed me. She made me wear my own panties, sexy ones that she knew Liz enjoyed. She put on the matching bra that never came close to covering my tits and allowed my nipples to pop out over the low ridge of the bra. The thin silk blouse only serving to make my tits more obvious and the short tight skirt I’d worn earlier. She did my make up, and my hair.

Over dinner I noticed that Liz had trouble keeping her eyes off me and that Cathy knew it. Conversation was normal and when Cathy later went to her room to study, I took Liz to our room and said.

“I’d like you to be my captive slut tonight. I’m going to tie you to the bed, your arms and legs will stay open for me and I will cover your eyes so you won’t know where I am. Now will my darling Liz be my captive slut?”

“Yes baby, anything for you Chloe. I am always willing to be your slut.”

So I stripped her and kissed her as I worked. I fondled her firm tits and played with her nipples as I tied first one arm then the other to the bed posts. When I did the same to her legs, I let my fingers play in her pussy before I wrapped the blindfold over her eyes, taking her sight away. Then I licked her pussy till it quivered on my tongue.

“I’ll be back.”

I got off the bed and listened to Liz plead with me, beg me to not stop. I closed the door to her pleas and went to Cathy’s room. I was naked by now as Liz had naturally stripped me too. Cathy was quick to lay me on her bed and from a bag next to it removed an adult diaper, talc and rubber pants. The rubber pants had little yellow ducks on them and Cathy quickly and efficiently diapered me and pulled the crinkly rubber pants up and over the diaper. She then pulled a nightgown over my naked chest. It too was emblazoned with yellow ducks and when I saw myself in the mirror I looked like a six year old. She tuned me around and pulled my hands behind my back and fastened leather cuffs to my wrists. She then reached under her dress and pulled her panties down. When she put them under my nose and made me smell them, they smelled of her own pussy. She shoved them in my mouth then took a scarf and tied it around my head and through my mouth holding the panty gag in place and forcing my mouth open.

Then she took me back to my room and I saw my Liz writhing on the bed, her nipples hard and her pussy running with her juices and she welcomed me back and begged me to finish her, to make her cum. Cathy pointed to the corner and indicated I was to watch. I crouched there as Cathy removed her dress and naked mounted the bed between my Liz’ legs.

I watched, unable to do anything as Cathy made love to Liz’s cunt, and Liz reacted strongly to the stimulation of Cathy’s tongue and fingers. Liz was rocking in her bindings as Cathy teased and pleased her. Liz was screaming her delight as Cathy brought her closer and closer to orgasm. I could tell by her reactions that Liz would soon cum and cum hard. Just as Liz screamed she was cuming Cathy ripped off the blindfold and an orgasmic but befuddled Liz looked at Cathy then at me, dressed as I was in my little girl’s nightie, gagged and bound. Liz’s orgasm grew even stronger as Cathy went back to lick Liz’ spasming cunt and as Liz looked to me I came too. I soiled my diaper, with my pussy juices and my bladder let go too filling the diaper with urine and cunt juice. I’d be punished for it. Tears streamed down my eyes as I realized how totally embarrassed this whole scene was for me. I knew Liz could see my rubber pants and the fat diaper underneath.

My embarrassment grew as Cathy told Liz of the day, of how she’d caught me wearing her panties, how she’d made me remove them in the café, the interchange with the old woman, the waxing of my pubic and anal hair and the enema. She then told Liz that I was her child now, and that Liz would be her lover. Liz merely nodded at first and then shocked me when she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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