Christmas Present

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I must have looked a bit funny as I slammed down the receiver on the phone; certainly my coworkers thought something was strange. “Hey guy,what’s up?” said Jim.

“Oh, nothing.” I replied lamely. “Nothing at all!”

Well, that part was a lie. I had just gotten off the phone with my “SO”. She’d just spent the last few minutes whispering sweet nothings in my ear. In fact she had been quite specific, describing in detail how much she liked the Christmas gift I’d just given her, and how she planned to thank me for my efforts. Fortunately for me it was the Friday before New Years day, and I wouldn’t have any trouble leaving the office early. Not too early though; I had to wait for my throbbing hard-on to deflate before I could risk standing up to leave.

The drive home was a blur. I had to stop and pick up some wine (her request). I also bought two bags of ice to chill the wine while I drove. Beyond that I don’t remember a thing except thinking that the trip home was taking WAY too long…

Pulling into the driveway I noticed that the blinds were tightly drawn even though it was only three p.m. The car screeched to a stop as I jammed on the brakes, then bounded out of the car and up the porch stairs two at a time. Throwing open the front door I immediately noticed that the living room was very dim. No light came through the windows, certainly, and the electric lights were not in use; only a few scented candles illuminated the room. I slowly closed the door and stood still, waiting for my eyes to adjust to the sudden dimness.

“Hello lover!” I could just make out her form on the other side of the room. She was leaning against the far wall, holding a pair of crystal goblets and a corkscrew. She sauntered slowly to where I stood, mouth agape.

I’d spent about two months searching for her Christmas gift; a sheer, green ribbed teddy, a garter belt, and matching green thigh-high stockings. She wore the outfit now, and it took my breath away. It was form-fitting, accentuating her curves. Her breasts, while supported, were clearly visible through the flimsy material, as were her erect nipples. The hemline stopped just above the bottom of her buttocks, exposing her garter belt. She wore no panties. As she approached, my eyes raked over her, drinking in the exquisite ankara escort view.

Placing the items on a nearby table, she threw her arms around my neck, pulling me tightly to her, and tilted her lips toward mine. I placed the bottle on the table as well, and bent to meet her. Our lips met and as we kissed, I inhaled the sweet perfume of her scent. My hands traveled down to cup her buttocks, and I pulled her even closer. Our lips parted; she teased me with a flick of her tongue. My tongue responded to her invitation, darting into her open mouth. She seized the opportunity to gently suck on my tongue, and began slowly wriggling in my grasp while I massaged her rounded cheeks. Except for our labored breathing, there was no other sound.

Suddenly she stepped back, breaking our embrace. I tried to pull her back, but she placed a finger to my protesting lips, saying: “Shh! I don’t think you’ll mind!” She turned and disappeared into the dimness. While I waited, I absently uncorked the ice-chilled wine, and poured some into each goblet; setting them back on the table let the wine breath until she returned. Suddenly she emerged from the darkness, smiling, hands behind her back. As she came near, she drew her hands forward. She was holding a giant candy-cane! It was about a foot long, and about an inch or so in diameter. “I thought I’d give you a little show before we got started!” she purred. This was getting interesting!

She took a sip of wine, then stepped back and began to gently sway, moving her hips from side to side. Using the candy cane, she began to stroke her cheeks, then moved the tip of it down until she was stroking her breasts through the gossamer of her outfit. Her nipples, already erect became engorged as she stroked them side to side in time with her gyrating hips. I picked up my wine glass and sipped slowly, all the time watching her sensual dance. All the while I was painfully aware of an aching, burning sensation in my groin as I tried not to split the fabric of my pants.

She was really into her dance now. She stopped stroking her nipples with the candy-cane, and, staring me straight in the eye, took one end into her mouth. She sucked it back and forth, pulled it out to lick it vigorously with her tongue, then placed it back in her mouth sucking it escort ankara once more, all the while dancing around the room, twirling close to me. I could smell the peppermint scent wafting through the air. As she danced and sucked the candy, I started to strip; slowly at first — just unbuttoning my shirt.

She smiled wickedly as she ran her tongue the length of the candy-cane, then retreated to the couch. Spreading her legs, she used the tip of the now-glistening stick to part her pussy lips, and began to rub it against the length of her slit. Slowly hell! The rest of my clothes disappeared in a flash! She held up her hand, motioning for me to keep my distance for now. Repositioning the candy rod, she began to masturbate herself in earnest. Her scent flooded the room, mixed with the smell of melting peppermint. I, meanwhile, was balanced awkwardly on my toes, ready to pounce, quivering with pent-up lust. Faster and faster she stroked — the candy rod was now slick with her juices, not just saliva.

Suddenly she threw the candy-cane across the room. “Take me!” was all she said. I didn’t need another invitation! I practically leapt the short distance to the couch, burying my tongue deep in her dripping hole. The combined scents of her juices and the candy made my head reel as I set about lapping her to a furious orgasm. She pulled my head close and ground into me as I licked and kissed her, savoring her sweetness. My tongue found her engorged clit and pleasured it insistently. With one last tug on my hair, she wrenched about with huge orgasmic spasms, screaming out her pleasure like a banshee.

Now it was my turn! I grasped her by the wrists and helped her to stand on wobbly legs. Reaching down, I tugged at the hemline of her slip and pulled it up and over her head. The material shredded in my hands as I peeled it away from her body. Ah well, the store had carried a red one as well. I led her behind the couch and bent her over the back. I paused briefly to grasp my throbbing cock, and guided it into her slippery tunnel. The silky feeling of her womanhood on my shaft made me gasp in pure pleasure. I started pumping, grasping her hips and straining forward into her welcoming tunnel. She responded by bucking up against me, driving me even deeper into her body. We groaned ankara escort bayan in mutual pleasure.

As I drove into her, I could see her dangling breasts swinging freely to and fro with each frenzied thrust. Reaching forward and under her, I cupped her breasts in my hands, teasing and pinching each nipple between my thumb and forefinger. She squealed in delight at the extra sensation. I felt myself rapidly approaching a climax, luxuriating in the pre-orgasmic tension. Moments later I shook as the wave of delight washed over me, and I flooded her with my semen. A final thrust ensured that she was filled with my seed.

We stood there briefly, she resting on the couch, and me collapsed on top, still kneading her tender nipples. After a few moments we stood, and moved to the front of the couch. We toasted each other with our respective goblets and sipped our now-tepid wine; one glass, now another, draining the bottle in the process.

A thought occurred to me as I eyed my last mouthful of wine. Leaning forward, I deliberately dribbled it onto her breasts, then drew them alternately into my mouth and suckled her nipples. She moaned and squirmed as I did so, throwing her head back in enjoyment, and stroking my neck. When I had cleaned away the last traces of wine, she reciprocated, pouring a few drops onto my semen-encrusted tool, then taking it into her mouth, returning the favor. I felt a renewed surge of desire as she sucked me, and I was quickly rigid again. I pulled her up, and kissed her full on the lips.

Standing, we quickly threw the sofa cushions onto the living room floor. She laid on the cushions, spreading her legs and displaying a wicked, seductive smile. I immediately mounted her, pinning her legs back with my shoulders as I thrust into her. We kissed again, passionately, thrusting together. I lowered my head and again teased and suckled her nipples, continuing my assault on her loins. She for her part grasped my buttocks with her hands and pulled me deeper, thrusting against me at each stroke. Faster and faster we pistoned, gasping for breath in our efforts until finally, the tension peaked and we both exploded with thunderous orgasms.

I’m not sure how long we lay there, catching our breath and feeling the coolness of the room against our naked flesh. As I traced the outline of her face with my fingertip her eyes fluttered open and she smiled at me. “Why don’t stay ‘indoors’ for our New Year’s celebration this year?” she purred. No doubt about it, this was going to be a great weekend!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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