Cleaning Up Mandy

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Big Tits

Mandy slowly stripped off her clothes and lay back on the bed. She asked the anxious young man, “Did you do as I asked? A week without cumming?”

“Yes…” he answered in a shaky voice.

The thirty year old married woman then said, “You may undress.” The young man, maybe all of 20, quickly removed his clothes and stood by the bed. Mandy smiled as she looked at his throbbing engorged cock. It swayed before him. She said nothing for a moment.

“Get on the bed,” she ordered. He hurried to lie on the bed next to her. She straddled his cock and heard him sigh with pleasure as she took his full length inside. “Keep still. I’ll do all the work.” With his anxious and impatient cock inside her, she lay prone on top of him. He was panting. He was not accustomed to having to control himself, to keep still while his cock was inside a woman.

With her firm breasts against the young man’s chest, Mandy slowly and steadily rocked her hips. The young man’s cock felt good inside her pussy. She loves a man’s willingness to please her when he has a denied cock, especially when the denial is at her instruction. And a week without ejaculation is a long, long time to a man in his early twenties.

He panted aloud as Mandy slowly and inexorably brought him closer and closer. As soon as he exclaimed and started to spurt, she pressed her pelvis against him and did not let him thrust in and out, although he did buck wildly. Thirty… Forty… Forty five seconds later, the young man opened his eyes and gave a loud satisfied sigh. Mandy giggled.

His cock didn’t soften, even though he had just convulsively ejaculated. “Stay inside me,” she whispered, and with her arms around him, rolled over on her back. “Now fuck me,” she whispered softly, “and stay inside me after you cum.” She put her hands behind her head.

The young man’s eyes were wide with passion as he thrust his hungry cock in and out. Mandy didn’t move under him; she just wore an inscrutable smile as he frantically pumped, trying to make up for the week of denial. After ten minutes she got a dreamy look on her face, and the young man spurted – and spurted – and spurted. He was ecstatic. The slippery feeling of his cock inside her was due to his two massive ejaculations. He slowly pumped to keep Nevşehir Escort himself hard. Mandy was impressed with the results of a week of denial with a young man.

When he was rock hard, she withdrew him and turned over. She arched her back and said, “Fuck me from behind.” He impaled her pussy, grasped her hips, and pumped steadily, working up to another massive orgasm. He lasted longer than before, and after a good fifteen minutes of vigorous fucking, he spurted inside Mandy in the most intense ejaculation of his life.

“Stay inside me until you slip out. Then you’ll have to leave,” Amy instructed. He slowly pumped while Mandy milked his cock with her pussy. Finally he slipped out, and began to put his clothes on.

“Can I see you again?” he tentatively asked.

“Was it worth the week’s wait?” she countered.

“Oh yes!”

“Would it be worth it if it were two weeks?”

He hesitated. It would be extremely difficult to deny release for his cock that long. But he knew that if he wanted to fuck her sweet pussy again, there was only one right answer. “Yes, Miss,” he replied in a surrendering tone. Mandy liked that.

“I can’t have you over again before that, and I don’t want you wasting any of your sperm between now and that time. If you’re serious about two weeks of chastity, leave a message on my cell phone tomorrow and I’ll get back to you. Go ahead and let yourself out.”

“Yes, Miss,” he said, and quietly left.

Mandy went to her own bedroom, where her husband was waiting. “He fucked me three times. And he hadn’t cum for a week. Lick me clean – every drop – and I’ll let you inside me.”

Mandy got on her back and her husband started by licking up her lover’s profuse ejaculate. She crested quickly. Then she straddled his mouth and he kissed and licked her well-fucked pussy to two more orgasms.

Mandy got on her back. “Okay, I’m ready for you.”

Her husband carefully inserted his throbbing cock – the cock that he had dared not touch for a week – into his wife’s receptacle. His breathing was shaky as he tried not to spurt right away. He tried to enjoy the sweet feeling of being inside her unfaithful pussy. It was not to last long, however, and he lost control. He called her name several times Nevşehir Escort Bayan as his denied cock spurted and spurted inside her.

Mandy kept her arms around him as he recovered. She did not have to ask him if it felt good. She knew it always felt good. “I want two, maybe three, more servings tonight,” she whispered. His cock didn’t soften completely, and he freely thrust in and out of her slippery cunt. It didn’t take long for him to exclaim and thrash about as he pumped more sperm into his wife.

They slept, and in the early morning light, she made sure she got another intense serving from him.

The next day she told him that she was having another “session,” as she called them, with another boyfriend that evening. “It’ll be fun. He hasn’t cum in two weeks. He’s the one with the big cock, so don’t be surprised if you hear my voice.”


“Take your clothes off and get on the bed,” she told Dan, the thirtyish male with the large cock. He had assured her that he hadn’t had release for two weeks. She straddled his mouth, and told him, “Lick! And swallow!”

He detected a slightly skanky scent. In spite of that, the scent also aroused him further. Mandy moaned as he swiped his tongue on her creaming pussy. Her first orgasm of the night was intense, and her arousal helped the stale semen from her husband make its way into her boyfriend’s mouth. “Yes, lick me clean. Swallow every drop of my juices!”

She climbed off after her third orgasm. He did not ask, and she did not tell him, that he had cleaned another man’s cum from her pussy.

In the other bedroom, her husband lay naked on the bed. His engorged cock reached upward, and his heart raced. The combination of jealousy and arousal was a familiar feeling since Mandy had begun her extramarital sessions on their honeymoon six months ago.

The unabashed sounds of his wife’s excited and sometimes frantic voice coming from the room down the hall indicated that she had taken her boyfriend’s large cock inside her. Her voice got louder and more excited, and then stopped for a few minutes. He reasoned that her boyfriend had cum inside her.

Three more times over the next two hours, her husband waited patiently Escort Nevşehir while hearing his wife’s yells of passionate struggle and pleasure. He wished that he was the one whose cock was inside her, holding her tightly as she squirmed under him and welcomed his sticky mess inside her. I can’t blame him, he thought to himself. I’d fuck her senseless if I were him.

Mandy giggled as she entered their bedroom with her hand over her pussy.

“Oh my gosh, he really filled me up!” She quickly mounted her husband’s mouth, and he began licking. Her pussy was a real mess, with sperm, feminine juices, and sweat. He dutifully licked and swallowed the profuse mess as Mandy rocked her hips and moaned.

Several orgasms later, Mandy lay on top of her husband and guided his aroused cock inside her. She rocked her hips like a milking machine, and her husband soon helplessly spurted as she giggled. With his cock still inside her, she got on her back and spread her arms out and cocked her head back in sensual surrender. Then her husband vigorously fucked her. And fucked her, and fucked her. After his third ejaculation, he fell asleep in her arms, his cock still inside her wanton pussy.

Over the next week, she refused nothing that her husband wanted. Her firm supple body accepted him in whatever way he wanted, whenever he wanted. She wore whatever he told her to wear, and went without panties whenever he suggested it. She picked up on his moods and accommodated his fantasies.

Then it was time for several days of chastity. She frequently got creamy thinking of the 20 year old guy who was no doubt going crazy with desire, holding off for the two weeks that she demanded of him.

A few hours before the session with the young man, she allowed her husband to penetrate her. “Keep still when you cum,” she instructed. “I want you to stay aroused until I come back to our bed.”

It wasn’t easy for him. Basically it was a ruined orgasm, which made sure that he was agonizingly horny.

The session with the young man was memorable for him. He was indeed almost crazy with desire. Only after licking Mandy’s pussy to orgasm (Is that sperm that I’m licking, he asked himself), was he allowed inside her sweet pussy. She accepted him as many times as he could in the two hour session. She again demanded two weeks of his chastity for the next session.

Her pussy was a real mess, and her husband dutifully cleaned her as he knew he must. Then it was sweet relief for him while she planned her forthcoming sessions.

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