Club X

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I have never tried it but I think that I would be really good at sucking cock. Let me know what you think of my little story, people. I hope it makes the boys hard and the ladies wet and open.

Club X is like no other bar I have ever known. It is nothing less than a monument to the nude male form, a self indulgent hedonistic extravaganza. From the outside, it looks like nothing at all but surface appearances can be deceptive. Tonight will be my third visit in as many weeks and each has proved unforgettable and utterly exhilarating, resulting in total satisfaction. But then again, I love to suck cock!

Once past the anonymous surface security I descend a steep spiral stair into a large dome like ante chamber. At the foot of the stairs, I’m met by a well oiled and hairless Adonis wearing nothing but transparent polythene briefs and a leather collar. He smiles and offers to take my coat. After presenting my member’s card and medical certificates, I hand over the rest of my clothing. He stares openly at my cock as I stand naked and relaxed before him.

Set into the wall behind him are rows of miniature erect penises. From these hang an assortment of rubber bands, each one a different colour, like a rubber rainbow. I choose a white one and, as I slip it over my wrist, I smile at his long thick cock, hanging heavily against his thigh. I fantasise about draining his balls and how his cum would taste, before slipping through the heavy velvet curtains and on towards the music thumping in the distance.

I pause in a long tube like corridor, rubbing the tip of my cock with my thumb. The flesh coloured walls are lined with ribbed and veined neoprene which seems to throb in time to the music. My heart skips a beat and I can feel my penis begin to flush with bl**d in anticipation. I give a little pull on my fledgling erection and walk quickly along the corridor towards the pounding rhythms beyond. My cock stiffens with each stride, swinging before me, like a fleshy antenna, pointing the way until I come to a pair of large heavy steel doors, studded and intricately embossed with male erotica. I eagerly push them aside and step into a space about the size of a small aircraft hanger. Welcome to the Club.

At once I’m hit by a terrific wall of bass beats and I pause for a moment to let my eyes adjust, soaking up the scene. A large brightly lit dance floor occupies the middle of the room, heaving with sweaty naked and semi naked dancers of all body shapes and sizes. Above the floor, suspended horizontally from the vaulted ceiling, hangs an enormous golden phallus swaying languidly back and forth and thrusting into the steamy night air above the floor. No one seems to notice me as I stand there naked, my cock standing before me like a well drilled soldier, my cum-hunger building.

To my left and right a series of dimly lit booths stretches into the shadows and as I make my way towards the bar I can hear the fevered grunts and gasps from their occupants. Each booth holds a selection of toys and accessories: butt plugs, anal vibrators, lubricants and oils. Mirrors are scatttered liberally around the room amid a multitude of nude male sculptures and phallic statues. Even the chairs resemble erect penises with bean bags nestled beneath long tall shafts and bright purple crowns atop. In fact, everywhere you look, you see cock.

The spaces between the dance floor and the booths are covered in luxurious cushions and throws of velvet, silk, satin and leather. Here and there are the remains of restraint as the Club overwhelms the newcomers and they readily cast off the last of their clothing, and reservations! The air is laden with pheromones, testosterone and amyl nitrate. The rich heavy smell of semen hangs on the warm breeze as I move through the crowd towards the bar and strong hands brush and caress my body as I slip through the mass of muscle and male flesh.

Abruptly, roughly, when I am almost at the bar, I am pulled forcefully into a corner and pushed firmly down onto my knees. I don’t resist; my white band announces my purpose. Strong hands push my face into well oiled bulging thighs and, all at once, my mouth is full of hot cock. Usually, I would take my time, savouring each moment but, right now, I just need this evening’s first load of semen. I feed enthusiastically on this stranger’s meat, like a starving man at a banquet. My technique is exquisite and almost instantly he is shooting his load down my throat. I drain his balls and want more but, as an aperitif, his cum hit the spot. I wipe my lips with his cock and drift off towards the bar to find something colder to drink.

With the taste of creamy semen still fresh in my mouth, I wait to be served. At the bar, each of the taps has a unique handle cast from the moulds of various porn-star erections. Behind the bar, several huge TV screens show excerpts from hardcore gay movies interspersed with clips from inside the Club. To my right, I can see the Dairy Farm: about a dozen men, their heads bobbing to and fro are milking casino oyna the semen from a host of erections poking through from behind the wall. To my left, a tall door leads through to the steam rooms with hot tubs and showers.

I order a tall cold beer and a Viagra. As I stand in the crush, waiting for my order, I am suddenly aware of hands pulling at my hips, pressing what feels like an impressive erection into my back. I reach behind and slip my hand beneath the elastic of his white Lycra briefs. Slowly, I inch my hand down towards the base of his shaft. No pubes, my favorite! Still with my back to him, I take a firm grip on his erection and begin to work my fist up and down his impressive pole. The thin skin of his cock glides beautifully over the stiffened flesh beneath. I hold him there until my pill and drink arrive and, as I turn to face him, I am surprised by a pair of young lips fastening onto mine. A naked and very athletic blonde youth takes hold of my head in one hand and as his tongue darts into my mouth, he skillfully presses our cocks together with the other as I continue to work the third cock between my fist.


Slowly, our trio edges away from the crowd at the bar and slips into a convenient nearby booth. We part and position ourselves on either side of what I assume to be a newbie as only on your first visit do you cling to your underwear so sheepishly! I have no patience for this and at once I am slipping between his knees. His cock looks enormous set in relief against his underpants and his pre cum has made a small damp patch. Taking hold of the elastic in both hands, I carefully lift the stretching material over his erection and his cock springs forward like an escaping prisoner and lies proudly against his belly. Slowly, I pull down his underpants, scraping the elastic down his pole, scratching his erection with the rougher material while flicking my tongue all over his hips and thighs.


This stud clearly works out and, with a dick like his, he could have a promising career in porno. His cock is colossal! At least ten inches from root to tip and, without a nest of pubes, it looks even bigger. Up close, like this, it could pass for a baseball bat! I can’t wait. He smells delicious too, the sweet sharp scent of testosterone enveloping my senses as I work my mouth over his hips and towards his meat. As I inch closer, I can feel the heat of his erection warming my face as he tries to guide his sex into my mouth. But not yet, I will make this one beg for release! I resist the very strong natural urge to wrap my lips around his glans evading his insistent, desperate thrusting. I tease him for some minutes, gradually drawing nearer to my target before withdrawing once more.

?His balls look loaded as they pull the smooth skin of his nut sack tight, each one perfectly defined in outline and nestling beneath his thick shaft like a hairless peach. Carefully, one after the other, I scoop them into my mouth. He gasps above me as I delicately suck on his flesh. They feel cool and tantalizingly heavy as they rest upon my warm wet tongue and, as I delicately work them, I begin to fantasize about their sweet juices and the hot cream to follow.

His skin shines wetly with my spit and, as I withdraw, I let my hot breath fall over his nut-sack before kissing his inner thighs, his hips, his belly, my excitement rapidly rising, all the while staring up at the powerfully veined length of his thick hard shaft and working my nails gently over his tummy and torso. Once again, I lower my head. His spunk tube stands proud rising like a tensed muscle and pointing like an arrow straight up towards the domed tip of his cock. I work my tongue over it, flicking from side to side as I slowly begin to creep up his erection.

As I inch up, my Partner-In-Pleasure begins to quickly work his way down over the muscled terrain of bulging pectoral perfection and rippling abs, down and down to the flat smooth lower belly. Our tongues meet over the summit of our Club Virgin’s mountainous manhood, his purple crown peeping out from beneath his foreskin. A surprising amount of pre cum has flooded and pooled on to his belly and glistens invitingly, like a warm lake on a cold day. We dive in, lapping up the yummy-sweet cock juices from foreskin and belly with cum hungry eyes.

As our lips meet over his cock, I take a firm hold of his engorged penis and snatch back the foreskin in one sudden jerk. Above us, we hear him gasp as I expose the delicious purple fruit within. His cock’s eye weeps with joy, a river of salty sweet, sweet tears and, as our tongues wrestle and writhe like mating snakes over his blood flushed flesh, we feast on his delicious pre cum, lashing the swollen tip of his erection as we kiss wildly over his big fat cock.

Taking a firm grip between my teeth, I pull it away from his body and let it snap back, slapping against his tummy with a satisfying thwack! At once, we pounce upon it once more, like kittens playing with their catch. We can feel canlı casino his fingers running through our hair as our tongues and teeth glide up and down the thin vein laced skin of his shaft, from balls to tip. He’s trying desperately to guide our mouths onto his glittering purple crown and, just as we have him teased almost to the point of orgasm, a fourth partner joins our group. He clambers over the table, sending butt plugs and lube skittering across the floor then, balancing on the red leather upholstery of our corner booth, he guides his semi flaccid cock towards our Virgin’s face. Immediately, he complies, parting his lips to accept the gift.

This is our cue to up the tempo. I grip the drool covered erection we have been working and, with both hands, I point it towards my partner in fellatio. His mouth is on it almost before I have finished aiming and I watch, transfixed as his lips slip up and down the long fat pole. My cock is achingly stiff as the Viagra begins to take effect and I know that I will be hard for hours; I am in no rush to empty my balls but I am hungry for a taste of our virgin’s hot man cream.

At last, it’s my turn to blow his cock! Eagerly, I suck his length into my throat and, as I suck his hot swollen flesh, I look up and notice our fourth partner working his erection around our Virgin’s mouth, slapping it against his face and pulling his cheeks this way and that with his bell end. I glance up at my tag-team mate, smiling with my eyes as he flicks his tongue over hips, flanks, nipples. Not needing a second invitation, and naturally preferring a nice hard cock in his mouth to kissing, he immediately sinks to his knees before me and scoops up my steel-stiff erection into his mouth in one fluid movement.

His technique is fabulous. His mouth feels so wet and warm and it grips me like a fist as his lips form a perfect tight seal around my pole. His tongue probes and works my erection, flicking, stroking, licking, probing as he drives me at full speed towards my climax. Feverishly, his head works over my crotch as he pumps my foreskin back and forth. I feel so turned on, inspired, motivated. I instantly match him stroke for stroke, gasping, grunting, slurping. I know that our Virgin Clubber won’t be able to take much more and I can feel his glans swelling on my tongue as his breathing becomes labored.

He’s moaning loudly now, much to the approval and joy of the Fourth Man riding his face and, reaching between my legs, I gently encourage the skilled youth working my cock to join me at the feast. I help him up, directing him towards the cock slipping in and out of my mouth, and together we lap at the blood flushed. Above us, his breathing becomes erratic. Thighs bulge and tense. His tummy flattens as he holds his breath. His bell end, deep purple, hot and flushed with blood, swells enormously. He seems to whimper, just a little, before releasing a loud cry of pure pleasure!

Pearly white ropes of hot jizzum leap abruptly from his twitching penis, spraying hotly over our up turned faces and splashing in great white gouts over his belly and chest. My fist pounds his pudenda and his man-milk flies wildly in great looping arcs of tasty protein. Like kittens, we lap up his cream until his cock and tummy are spotless. Then I take my thumb and forefinger and squeeze out the last drops onto the spunk spattered tongue opposite me. He holds it there for me and together with snog once again over the erection, swallowing and moaning in ecstasy as the sperm slips down our throats before scooping up the splashes and drops from our chins, each spooning it into the others eager mouth with the fabulous phallus. It doesn’t take too long before Our Virgin, or should I say ex Virgin Clubber, is fully aroused once more.

I watch fascinated as my partner in fellatio carefully guides this now fully aroused length of man meat up into his bum. Slowly, he slides inch by inch down the rigid pole until he has stuffed the full ten inches into his body and, as he begins to work his hips up and down, I stand up and glance around the Club.

For the first time in a long while, I actually become aware of the pounding music. The flashing of the lights and the pounding of the bass mingle magically with the gasps and groans of pleasure; the heavy scents of man juice and amyl nitrate drift wonderfully in the steamy night air. Above the dance floor, the mighty golden phallus is still swinging purposefully to and fro in time with the music while beneath it a mass of heaving sweaty bodies gyrate and twirl like leaves in a storm. I turn away from our booth and my cock bobs before me like a dowsing rod as I seek out the evening’s next experience.

My mouth feels wonderfully gummy with cum and I take a refreshing slug of beer, emptying my glass before placing it carefully on a shelf beneath an empty table. I head towards the glory holes and almost step on a skinny young man lying completely naked on a pile of cushions to one side of the dance floor. His young body is entirely kaçak casino shaved smooth and his eyes grin wildly up at me from behind his sperm marbled face. Thick lumps of creamy semen hang in ropes and loops from his chin, nose and ears. His hair is matted to his forehead in slick sperm-greasy swathes. His chest and most of his belly are similarly decorated. As I watch, two overweight middle aged men approach and begin to furiously masturbate over his prostrate form while he works his hands over his virile body, smearing the slippery mass of cum over his pale flesh, licking his fingers from time to time. It doesn’t take long before the sperm is spraying over him again and as another crowd begins to form around him, I continue on my way.

I head directly for the Dairy Wall, skirting the edge of the dance floor and ducking the random advances of horny strangers. Along the foot of the Wall runs a deep luxuriously padded low red leather covered bench and, about a meter away, a parallel gleaming brass rail is set into the floor to support those who prefer to ride a nice hard cock with their bums. Evenly spaced oval openings, about twelve in all, are cut into the wall. Each one is edged with matching red rubber and leather and pinned with brass and chrome studs. To the right of each opening hangs a short cord of brocaded gold silk to draw aside the small satin curtains covering the glory holes, some of which are separated by small mirrored partitions, for those who like to watch themselves, while the more extrovert can choose the unenclosed positions and display their cock sucking skills for all to see; each one contains a small camera and pictures are broadcast intermittently around the club and are available to purchase at the end of the night, like some kind of erotic theme park.

A host of heads are already bobbing rhythmically over a decent line of erections of all shapes, sizes and colors. I gently masturbate as I soak up the scene and, as I watch some well tanned Adonis take a large heavy load in the face, I spy a space through which three semi flaccid cocks protrude, eager for milking. I don’t care whether or not I have an open space or a mirrored cubicle, and I’m not fussy eater. I waste no time settling in front of a nice long, fat, brown circumcised cock, hanging loosely through the opening like a python chilling in the breeze. I have never sucked a black man’s cock before, not through some bullshit racist principle, but simply because I have never had the opportunity. I must admit though, the fantasy of a white slave man submitting to a black master had my pulse racing a little!

I make myself comfortable and let my breath fall on the deeply tanned flesh. Pursing my lips, I blow kisses along up and down the length of the soft shaft hanging limply in front of semen swollen balls. As I begin to breathe life into this manhood, I reach out and take a gentle grip on each of the two to penises hanging loosely to my left and right; I’m greedy like that.

Quickly, with each hot caress of my moist breath, the testosterone laden blood flows into the gorgeous brown penis before me and gradually, inevitably, it begins to stiffen and rise. I hold out my tongue and, avoiding the exposed darkened tip, I lick up and down the top of the rapidly swelling shaft while simultaneously working my thumbs between glans and foreskins of the two other penises cradled beneath my skilful fingers. Like a snake charmer, I coax his erection into life until is stands majestic before the glory hole, broad and straight and true, like the strong trunk of a mighty tree. I had heard all the legends about the size difference and I can now say categorically that they are entirely untrue. However, although his cock may not be the biggest I have loved, it is certainly the most perfectly proportioned prick I have ever had the pleasure of sucking. I can’t wait to drain his balls.

I wrap my lips around the top of his cock and slowly suck his fat sculpted tip into my mouth. At the same time, my fists begin to work the erections to my left and right and, as I pump the thin skin up and down over the stiffened flesh, I can feel my own pre cum cooling my tender skin as it trickles down the front of my hot hard cock. Nimbly, one after the other, I switch from prick to prick, skillfully sucking each one in turn into my throat while always working at least one with my sticky fists. It doesn’t take long before my performance begins to draw a small crowd of admirers and hopefuls until eventually, I surrender first one then the other to a watching cum hungry cock sucker.

And now I can focus all my attention on the magnificent specimen of the male sex organ which had first caught this cock connoisseur’s eye. Starting at the base of the thick shaft, I slowly drag my tongue up the full length, lingering at the tip and pushing his erection this way and that with my open mouth before beginning again at the base. His erection twitches and recoils at every touch and pre cum flows freely from the delicate slit at the crest of his cock. I tease him like this for several minutes, heightening his arousal and savoring the anticipation, until I am quite sure his balls are aching for release and his bell end is throbbing like a well oiled motor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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