Co-Worker Fantasy Pt. 07

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The next day she woke up sore and smiling. She stretched, letting out that morning sigh and then realized it was back to reality. She had to pack and head to the airport.

She showered and shaved, too exhausted and tender from last night to even think about masturbating.

She walked through the hotel lobby to catch a taxi to the airport and she saw him across the lobby. The memories of the past couple nights flooded through her and she smiled. He gave her a professional smile back and waved and she saw the woman next to turn to look at her. He must have invited his girlfriend to meet him in Chicago and extended his work trip for a little vacation. His girlfriend was absolutely adorable, one of those really cute petite women that tall women are always jealous of. She gave a small wave back to him and his girlfriend and continued towards the cab, not wanting to get into that awkward situation.

She headed back to New York and back to work. Things settled back into the normal routine; work, home, sleep, repeat, weekends. Their work relationship resumed as if nothing had happened, coffee dates and lunch breaks where all they discussed was work, and some co-worker gossip. She just followed his lead; if he didn’t want to address it, she wouldn’t address it. She didn’t want to come on too strong and lose her favorite work friend. So she sat through all of their work discussions, getting wet just listening to him speak, secretly hoping he would just push her into some corner or alleyway. She would then go home and get herself off thinking about those fantasies.

A few weeks after Chicago, they went to their usual deli and grabbed food then ended up at their usual park to eat because of the surprisingly great weather. The great weather had inspired her to wear her first sundress of the season. It was a floral print dress, a little shorter than knee length and it had ruffles around the top to somewhat hide her cleavage in a work setting. She had paired it with a nice pair of nude wedges, a cardigan and a belt to make it even more professional. They sat down at a picnic table to eat and he got really animated telling her a story about a istanbul escort client of his and how he had gotten them money back on a deal where the contractors had completely screwed up work on their house. She smiled as he told her how he had taken control of the situation. She remembered him taking control in Chicago and started day-dreaming as he continued his story. She didn’t even notice when he went silent until he cleared his throat.

She looked up and his face was unusually serious. She let the moment hang there, not knowing what to say and his eyes stared her down.

He broke the silence first, “tell me you’ve thought about me since Chicago.” He asked seriously without a hint of his usual charm and jokes.

Without breaking the stare, she responded “I’ve thought about you since Chicago.”

His eyes left her face as he put his head down and let out a sigh, running his fingers through his hair. She felt as though he was disappointed in her response and she tried to run through the short conversation again in her head to understand what she did wrong. He interrupted her thoughts by standing up “why don’t we walk through the park’s community garden before we have to go back to work.” She shrugged and stood up, leaving the conversation behind. She wasn’t particularly confrontational and she was still re-going over the conversation in her head trying to figure out what she should have said.

There was only one other person in the garden at this time of day, an Old Lady tending to her dahlia plants. As they strolled around the garden, he commented on random plants he saw, looking all around the garden for new plants to discuss. She thought his sudden interest in plants was just him feeling awkward around her now that she had admitted she had been thinking about him. He steered them down one path then another before they came up on a small shed toward the back of the garden. It was a secluded corner, surrounded by tall trees, the fence behind the shed was covered in trailing, bushy ivy. “I wonder what’s behind the shed” he exclaimed, back to his usual childish humor, and he dashed behind the shed. She continued escort bayan walking on the path, letting him go explore. “So cool!” She heard him yell, “come check this out” he yelled at her. She let out a big sigh as she looked down at her dress and nice shoes. Stepping carefully through the dirt she made her way over to the corner of the shed to peek behind it before retreating back to the path.

A hand came out and grabbed her wrist pulling her all the way behind the shed. His other hand came behind her head as he kissed her. She felt a sudden warmth in her pussy as she got aroused. He had that effect on her, she would be dripping just from his kiss. She leaned into him and he pushed her back against the wall creating a moment of separation. His hand on her cheek, he looked directly into her eyes. She was panting a little bit from the lack of oxygen after the kiss, but more because she was so turned on.

“You’re irresistible” he said before covering her mouth with his, preventing a response.

She wrapped her arms over his shoulders, one hand running through his hair. One of his hands moved down to her breast finding her nipples already hard and straining against the light layers of fabric. He ran his thumb over her nipple as his hand massaged her breast. She gasped and threw her head back with pleasure. He took the opportunity to run his kisses down her neck leaving a trail of fire as all of her nerves reacted to his touch. His other hand moved to her ass, caressing, groping, then lifting up her dress to find her sweet spot with his fingers.

“If you keep up with this, I’m not going to be able to be quiet” she whispered to him.

He brought his head back up, close to her face and whispered back to her “you’re going to have to try, I want you. Now.” He punctuated those words by pulling her underwear to the side and sliding a finger into her warm, wet folds.

She groaned as quietly as possible “I’ll try, but let’s make this fast” she said.

That was all he needed to hear, he could feel how ready she was for him. He straightened up, both hands under her ass, and lifted her up, back still against escort istanbul the wall and legs wrapped around his waist. Using one hand he undid his pants and his thick hard cock sprang out. she laughed out loud, “commando” she thought. He smiled back at her as she laughed, kissed her and he thrust into her in one movement. She gasped into his kiss as she felt him penetrate her warm, soaked depths. She tightened her legs around his waist, trying to grind into him more by pushing off from the wall. One of his hands was still on her ass and the other was at her breast, playing with her hard nipples. He broke away from their kiss and slowed down his pace, watching her as she felt his every movement inside of her. He brought his cock almost all the way out of her, letting her opening swell around his head, which in turn rubbed the underside of her swollen clit.

She panted with pleasure, trying to remain quiet. She pushed off the wall, taking him by surprise and sliding all the way back down his length in one rapid thrust. She smiled at the surprised and pleasured look on his face before she grabbed it and kissed his beautiful full lips. He increased his pace and she felt him approaching the brink. His hand moved down to her clit, his thumb rubbing circles around her. She felt the brick of the shed biting into her back as his movements pushed her harder and harder against the wall. She kept her hands firmly around his shoulders, biting his neck and she tried to restrain her noises. Both of his hands went to her ass as he continued his final thrusts, lifting her onto him and making sure each thrust buried him in her to the hilt.

The movement of that soft skin just above his penis slamming into her clit as he thrust into her pushed her over the edge and she began to cum. “Fuck fuck fuck, oh my god, Jacob” she whispered in his ear as the waves of pleasure washed over her, trying to find some way to avoid her usual noises. Her pussy tightened around him as he sped up his pace, pumping in and out of her. He reacted to her pleasure, covering her mouth with his own as he did one final thrust, groaning into the kiss and cumming inside her. They stayed that way for a minute, against the wall, panting, his cheek against her cheek. “How am I supposed to go back to work now?!” She whispered into his ear jokingly and he started laughing. “You think I’m not taking you home right now?! We can grab a shower…”

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