Co-worker’s Man Ch. 15

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Double Penetration

I reached over and grabbed the photograph Frank had tossed onto my coffee table. He must have printed it off his computer this morning while I was cleaning up in the kitchen and bedroom.

I took a good look at the picture. Fuck! My face was almost totally covered by the loads he and Evan had plastered me with last night! Just looking at the picture and remembering the feel of their gobs of thick creamy semen raining down on me was making my cock stiffen even further in my pants. I remembered my face feeling heavy and warm under their massive loads of cum. And then Frank had used his hands to feed me all of their delicious milky cream. I flicked my tongue out and ran it around my lips and as far down my chin as I could. I was able to taste the residue of Frank’s cum that he had deposited there just a few minutes ago before he left.

My throat felt raw and sore from his brutal onslaught as he had hammered his big cock deep into my throat as I had hung my head backwards off the end of the couch. I wanted a cool glass of ice water to soothe the rawness I felt there. I got up off the couch and walked into the kitchen. I grabbed a glass from my cupboard and opened the freezer and grabbed an ice cube tray and carried it over to the sink.

“What the fuck?” I thought to myself as I looked down. The tray was filled with golden-yellow ice cubes! Then I remembered that when we had stopped in here yesterday so I could take a shower before we went to Claudia’s store, Frank had told me he had re-filled my ice-cube tray for me. He just hadn’t told me how he had filled it!!! My cock lurched in my pants as I realized he had left me a bunch of piss-sicles for my enjoyment. I popped one out of the tray into my glass and returned the rest to my freezer.

I hurried into my bathroom and searched under the sink…..aaahhh…there it was. I knew I had a container of Vaseline somewhere in here. I pulled it out and took it with me to the living room. I quickly pulled off my jeans and underwear over my hard cock and sat down on the couch. I popped the lid off the Vaseline and scooped up a gob in one hand. As I wrapped my hand around my hard 6″ cock, I picked up my glass with the ice cube and tipped it up to let it slide into my mouth.

“Hhhhmmmmmmm,” I purred out loud as I felt the outer surface start to melt and the taste of Frank’s salty piss slid across my tongue. I swallowed and felt the cool fluid soothe the raw lining of my throat that had just been ravaged by Frank’s demanding cock. My cock throbbed in my slick hand as I swirled my tongue all around the ice cube.

With the ice cube secure in my warm mouth, I set down my glass and picked up the picture Frank had left for me. The picture was absolutely beautiful with my face totally covered with their two massive loads. I set the picture down beside me and leaned back against the couch and pumped my slick hand around my pulsating cock as I took another swallow of the melting piss…..hhhmmmmmm……

I closed my eyes and thought back on the weekend with Frank and wondered how many loads I had taken. I remembered load

?…..Oh yes……the first one Friday night back at their place with Frank sitting in the chair beside the bed. I had licked off the remaining juices from when he had fucked Lori just before he dropped her at the airport. He then fed me that first massive load of his creamy cum. I would never forget the exhilarating first taste of delicious semen.


had been when Frank had me lay with my head back over the edge of the bed just like I had just done on my couch. He had taken my throat for the first time. He then had me eat his ass for awhile until he gave me a quick face-fuck and then painted my face with load

We had then rested for a bit and then he got me to work on him with just my hands and the Vaseline. He ended up shooting load into my wine glass for me. Hmmm, yummy. After we both finally fell asleep for awhile, Frank woke me up in the middle of the night and had me deep-throat his cock from my hands and knees until he pumped load into my eager mouth.

I woke him up with a leisurely deep rim-job and he then had me use my hands again until he sprayed load

all over his black plate for me to lap up. We then went to Claudia’s shop and that is where he allowed me to feed on load
that he had dumped into Claudia’s sweet steaming pussy. Eating his hot creamy cum with my face pressed against her slick pouting pussy-lips had been heavenly.

When we got back his place, Frank took his time loosening up my ass and the he finally took my cherry. Oh fuck, I’d never forget that either as load #8 filled my ass with his milky nectar for the first time. He fucked me gaziantep escort for the second time in a row and then just before he came, he pulled out of my gaping ass and pumped load #9 directly into my waiting mouth.

We took an afternoon nap and then had been woken up by Evan’s phone call. As we waited for Evan, Frank had me suck him off as he watched some TV. He ended up blowing half of load

0 onto my pizza before finishing off directly in my mouth.

Frank headed off to work for a short time and left me with Evan who was eager to get off. I took load

1 straight into my mouth and then he had me ride his foot-long cock until he plastered load

2 deep into my gripping ass.

The three of us had taken a fantastic shower together and then they had both taken me at the same time, alternating between my mouth and ass. They had fucked me and stretched my throat relentlessly until they simultaneously blew loads

3 and 14 all over my face.

I looked down again at the picture and moaned around the diminishing ice cube as I remembered that feeling of their loads raining down on me. I rubbed the ice cube against my cheek and was rewarding with another splash of Frank’s liquid gold. My hand continued to pump my dripping cock as I thought back to last night again……

After Frank had pushed all of their creamy cum into my mouth, Evan sat on my face for me to give him a slow leisurely rim job as he jerked off. Unknown to me, Frank had given him my wine glass from the night before and Evan had blown load

5 into my wine glass. They were both pleased as I gulped it down.

Evan left to go in for the late shift and Frank and I hit the sack. I took the opportunity to slowly pleasure myself by exploring Frank’s magnificent body until he got me to ride his 10 ½” monster. I took it nice and slow as I rode his thick weapon until I coaxed load

6 out of him.

We were exhausted and dropped off to sleep after that but I woke up just before 5:00am and amused myself with his morning hardon. He finally woke up and proceeded to dump load

7 into my vacuuming mouth. We went back to sleep for awhile and then I cleaned out my ass in case Frank wanted an early morning fuck. He surprised me in the shower and backed me up against the wall before hoisting onto his turgid spear and then hammered it into me until blowing load

8 against the walls of my clutching ass.

I made breakfast and then Frank ordered me below the table to service his incredible cock. He then had me go under his computer desk and suck load

9 out of him as he read about a cocksucker and a trucker on the internet. He had to pick up Lori at the airport and on the way home I had used my oral talents to convince him to give me one last load. He got me to lay with my head over the end of the couch here at my place and then filled my waiting throat with his throbbing manhood before pulling out and pumping load

0 over my face and into my mouth.

Fuck! Sixteen loads from Frank and four more from Evan! These guys were incredible and even though I was sore and tired at both ends, I still wanted more!

I continued to suck on the ice cube and the cool liquid of Frank’s piss continued to soothe and bathe the raw lining of my stretched throat. I looked down at the picture once more as I swallowed more of the salty nectar and felt the semen start to rush up the shaft of my throbbing cock. My hand became a blur as I looked down at my face covered in their milky semen. My cum burst forth to spray over the front of the shirt I still had on. I kept pumping as my orgasm overtook me and I moaned out loud as my jizz blasted forth over my stomach and the back of my hand. I continued milking as my load finally dwindled to a few trickles.

“It must be catching!” I thought to myself. It seemed like I was cumming more this weekend than I ever had before. Not just more often, but bigger loads too. Or maybe it was just being so turned on about being able to service Frank. Whatever it was, I had a mess of my own cum everywhere.

With the last of Frank’s ice cube melted and in my stomach, I raised my hand to my mouth and licked my own creamy load off the back of my hand and fingers. I purred as I lapped it up and swallowed it all, just as Frank would want me to. I used my fingers to scoop up the drops from my stomach and slid them into my eager mouth and finally withdrew them after I had gleaned every milky drop off them with my swirling tongue.

“BANG…..BANG….BANG!” I looked up as there was a loud knock at my apartment door. I quickly pulled my jeans on and went to look out the peephole in the door. It was Mr. Wolfe, the caretaker/landlord for the building. He lived by himself in an apartment on the main floor of the building. He was a nice man in his mid-50’s and had served overseas in the services for a number of years before taking an early retirement and managing this building for the owners. I think they appreciated his abilities in doing some of the required physical work around here as he was big man at about Frank’s height and was solid as rock. He always leant a helping hand to people who were moving in or needed repairs. I was surprised to see him at my door as I had not complained about anything in my apartment for quite some time. Without really thinking, I opened the door wide.

“Hi Mr. Wolfe, how are you?”

“Hello Jon. I’m good…..real good,” he replied.

“Is anything wrong,” I asked.

“Not really….but I need to talk to you,” he said as he made his way past me into my living room.

I closed the door behind us and walked into the living room as he turned to look at me.

“I was fixing Mrs. Duncan’s drapes a little while ago on the second floor and I saw your friend bring you home in his truck,” he said calmly.

Uh oh…..I thought. I wondered if he had seen me with my mouth all over Frank’s big cock in the truck.

“Ummmmm…….I’m not sure what you mean,” I stammered.

“Oh, I think you do Jon,” he said with a knowing smile. “And I think your friend may have left you a little gift on your shirt there,” he said as he pointed to the front of my shirt.

I looked down and could see gobs of my own cum glistening on the front of my shirt. Fuck!…I thought. I hadn’t even thought to look down at my shirt as his knock at the door had caught me completely unaware.

“And this looks like you here too,” he said as I watched him reach down and pick up the picture of me with my face coated in cum. I knew you could see enough to easily identify me and I felt myself glowing red as he looked intently at the picture and then directly into my eyes.

“It’s okay Jon. Nobody else in the building needs to know anything about this. It can be our little secret. That is……just so long as you do what I say….,” he said as he continued to stare directly at me.

I couldn’t hold his gaze any longer and let my eyes drift down until I saw a sizable bulge down the inside of one leg of his work pants.

“Well Jon, is this going to be our little secret or what?” he asked more sternly.

I nodded my head as I looked up at him again, a feeling of shame at being caught washing over me.

“That’s good, Jon. We’re gonna be real good friends from now on. How about you come over here?”

I walked over until I stood right in front of him but kept my head down. I saw a wet spot appear on the inside of his thigh and could see the outline of a large bulging cockhead beneath the fabric.

“On your knees Jon,” he instructed. I dropped to my knees instantly and this brought my face in line with his crotch. “It’s all yours. I think you know what to do,” he said as he let his hands run thru my hair.

I reached up and undid his belt and then slowly drew down his zipper. I don’t know if he had been wearing underwear earlier and took it off before he came here but either way, he wasn’t wearing any now. His dark pubic hair had a few flecks of gray in it and I could now see the thick root of his cock. I reached my hand in and drew his cock up and out. It was about half hard and was a thing of beauty. There were large veins standing out on the surface which gave it a mean and angry look. He was cut and had a large mushroom head that already was leaking precum.

I brought it right in front of my face and with the glistening end just inches from my full pouting lips, I flared my nostrils as I inhaled his manly scent. He had been working and I could smell the traces of sweat and pure man emanating from him. I extended my tongue and rolled it lovingly across the eye of his cock.

“Oh fuck….yeah….this is just what I’ve been waiting for around this place. Get used to that cock, Jon. You’re going to be seeing a lot of it from now on,” he said as he pulled my mouth towards his lengthening cock. I slid my full lips over the enlarging crown of his heavy cock and bathed it with my salivating tongue. With my hand wrapped around his cock, I started to pump the outer sheath towards my descending mouth. With my saliva easing the way, I slid my full lips further down Mr. Wolfe’s cock. I started to bob my head back and forth and reached behind him to pull his pants off his ass and slide them down. His balls dropped down to hang loose. I could see they were large and appeared to be swollen with soon-to-be-released cum. I took one hand and cupped those massive balls and rolled that sensitive pouch within my delicate fingers.

“OH SHIT!…..That’s so good! If only I’d known about you earlier Jon. We could have gotten together much sooner,” he said as he started to moan under my attention.

His cock had become rock hard and I pulled my mouth off to look at it. I let go and it sprung up towards his stomach and then bounced back to point upwards at about a 45 degree angle. The head was large and almost glowed with a crimson color as his pumping blood filled it. It had a slight upward curve and I found myself wondering how that would feel tearing over the tissues covering my prostate.

I wrapped my hand around it and pulled it down until it pointed directly at me. I slid my hand along the upward curve and saw a milky globule appear at his piss-slit.

“Get that Jon. There’s a little sample for you.” I needed no coaxing as I extended my tongue and lapped up his musky pearl of semen. I closed my eyes and moaned as I felt it slide across my tastebuds.

“Oh fuck, yeah. There’s lots more for you….come and get it,” he said as he used his hands in my hair to pull me towards his rigid cock. I paused for a second and looked up at him with pleading eyes.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“Please, can you tell me how big it is? I like to know,” I asked.

“Oohhhh,” he laughed. “So you’re a size queen, eh Jon. Well, you’ve got 9 ¾” of cock there for you. Will that be enough for you,” he said with a wink.

I nodded as I looked down at his pulsating cock again and let him pull my face towards his manhood. I slipped my lips over the head and started shucking his rigid shaft as I started to bob my head once more. I could tell he was anxious to get this load off quickly and I increased the speed of both my gripping hand and my sliding mouth. A couple of times I felt him seem to start to get ready to cum and then I would slow down until he settled down again. I would then start back up and then slow down when he reached that point again. I kept teasing him like this for about ten minutes until I felt his cock get that extra level of hardness within my sliding mouth.

“Okay Jon, it’s time. I need to get rid of this load and you’re going to swallow it all,” he said as he started to flex his hips vigorously back and forth into my gasping mouth.

I saw his heavy balls start to draw up in their sack and I decided to see if he liked what Frank did. I took my hand off his balls and used my fingernails to scratch at the taut skin around the thick base of his cock.

“OH FUCK JON……..YEAH! KEEP THAT UP!” he bellowed as I continued scratching my nails against his groin. I felt his hard cock pulse within my other hand as I kept bobbing my head back and forth over his crimson head.

“OH SHIT……YEAH……HERE YOU GO……” he shouted and I felt the first blast of his cum splash against the roof of my mouth. It tasted thick and musky as it settled on my tongue. The first blast was quickly followed by a second and third that joined the first to pool at the back of my tongue. As my mouth started to fill up, I swallowed. I closed my eyes and purred as his thick musky cum seemed to slowly coat my throat on its way to my waiting stomach.

I felt him twitch and his hands gripped my head tightly as his orgasm overtook him and he continued to feed me with his milky semen. I quickly gave his swollen balls a gentle squeeze as I tried to coax every last pearly seed out of him. His cock gave another lurch and couple of more shots of cum filled my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed as I drained him of his creamy nectar.

He finally started to ease his grip on my head and I tasted the final few drops of his warm cum as it oozed out of him.

“Oh fuck….that was so good,” he said as he flopped back onto my couch and his heavy cock withdrew from my gasping mouth. I leaned forward and captured the dripping head within my mouth and softly nursed at Mr. Wolfe’s deflating cock.

“Jon-boy, we’re going to be seeing a lot of each other from now on. I can tell you that right now,” he said as he ran his hand thru my hair. “I’ve got some more work to do. I might be around to see you later.”

He stood and drew up his pants. He stuffed his heavy cock back down his pant leg, zipped up and did up his belt. He loomed over me as I remained on my knees in front of him, cum and saliva running down my chin.

“You look real good like that Jon. I can see why your friend took this picture,” he said as he reached down and picked up the picture. “Yeah, I think I’ll just hang on to this to remind me of that pretty mouth of yours,” he said, stuffing the picture into his shirt pocket.

“I’ll be back soon with my 9 ¾” buddy,” he said as he gripped his cock thru his pant leg and then quickly left.

I remained on my knees, weekend load

1 fresh in my stomach…..ummmmmmmmm….

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