Co-worker’s Man Ch. 33

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“Well, it looks like you two boys are ready to cum,” Frank said to us. Our surging cocks were an obvious indication of how turned on we were from sucking him off and sharing his cum-load. “So, I’m gonna let you two get a little relief while I loosen up the Kid’s ass. Jon, you lay down here,” he said pointing to the middle of the bed near the bottom. I did as he asked and my legs hung over the front edge. Frank got up from the bed and stepped over to the night table and picked up the dildo and the jar of Vaseline and moved back to stand in front me at the foot of the bed.

“That’s good. Now Greg, slip one of those pillows under his shoulders so his head hangs back.” Greg did as he was told and my head was angled back so that my throat would be in perfect position to take a hard cock. “That’s good,” said Frank. “Now remember I asked you to bring something up to help with his sore throat? Well, while I work on his ass, you’re going to get the chance to massage his throat from the inside and leave him a nice soothing coating to help ease that soreness. Of course, you’re going to have to suck him off at the same time. But I think a cocksucker like you won’t have any problem with that, right?”

“No sir. Not at all, sir.” Greg answered compliantly.

“Good. And when you guys cum, I want to see you share your loads. Now get those legs up Kid,” Frank said as he smeared a big gob of Vaseline along the length of the dildo. I drew my legs up and apart as I set my feet right on the bottom edge of the bed, my cock still hard and pointing straight up. I felt Frank move closer between my legs and then the slick end of the dildo was pressing against my puckered hole. He pushed and I felt my lips stretch and then the mushroom head slipped past my clutching ring. He gave a few slight pulls to make sure I had the head nicely secured within me. Once he was satisfied I had a good grip on it, he started to slowly push it in.

“Uuunnhhh….uuunnnhhhh,” I moaned as the artificial cock started to fill me. At the same time, Greg was moving into position behind me and I looked at his hard leaking cock looming over my face. He started to lean forwards and the tip of his rod came down towards my open mouth. I spread my lips wide in anticipation and he eased the broad swollen head between them. I closed my mouth around his hard shaft and let my tongue explore his velvety smooth cock. Mmmmm, it tasted fresh and clean yet the pure manly taste hit my tastebuds and I hungrily wanted more. I reached back and put my hands on his asscheeks and encouraged his penetration. His cock hit the entrance to my throat and he paused for just a second before I forcefully pulled him further into me.

“Oh fuck! That’s so hot!” moaned Greg as the full length of his cock slid into my throat. With his cock buried in my throat, I felt his hot soft lips slip over the drooling head of my cock. Mmmmmmm, it was so moist and warm in the loving cavern of his mouth. His tongue was swirling around my spongy cockhead and I felt his vacuuming mouth drawing lustfully on the shaft. His head started bobbing lower as his tongue laved all around my head and shaft.

Frank was starting a back and forth motion with the dildo and he seemed to give it a delightful little twist every time the mushroom end slid over my prostate. With the cock sliding deep in and out of my ass and Greg’s suctioning mouth feeling incredible as he sucked me off, I felt totally on fire and new I wouldn’t last much longer. Greg was starting to hump his hips up and down as he pounded his rock-hard cock in and out of my throat. My face was covered with sweat as his balls kept slapping against me. Both Greg and I were moaning with our mouths filled with each other’s cocks as our orgasms approached. Frank slammed the dildo into me with a firm circular motion and that was all it took. My body started to twitch and gyrate as I felt my semen speed up the shaft of my cock.

“OOOOOOHHHMMMMMM,” I moaned into Greg’s throat-filling cock as I felt my cum erupt into his hot suctioning mouth. My hips were bucking up and down as I clenched down on the dildo as my cock lurched between his lips. As soon as the first shot entered his mouth, I felt Greg’s cock surge and he started to convulse on top of me as his climax overtook him. I felt a blast of cum shoot forth deep in my throat and then he pulled back so it would shoot into my mouth so we could share it as Frank had instructed. He fired rope after creamy rope of salty cum into my mouth at the same time as he kept drawing the spurting seed out of my spasming erection. With a cock deep in my ass, one shooting a full load into my mouth, and my own cock spewing into a warm loving mouth, I was in heaven! I kept sucking at Greg’s cock and finally his cock stopped shooting and I drew the final drops of his goo from his gaping piss-slit.

“Okay Greg, bring his load up here,” said Frank as he let the rubber cock slide out of my gaping ass and moved to sit beside me on the bed. As Greg raised himself off me and got to his knees, Frank slid the pillow from beneath my shoulders up until it supported Sakarya Escort my head. Greg leaned over me keeping his lips carefully together. I could see a few flecks of my cum at the corners of his mouth.

“Now, I want you to drizzle that load into the Kid’s mouth. Once he’s got it all, I want you to go down there and suck it all back into your mouth and then do it all over again until I tell you,” Frank instructed. Oh fuck, this was so hot, I thought to myself. Greg leaned over me until his mouth was about 6″ above mine. I opened my mouth and both he and Frank looked in to see the milky pool of Greg’s cum. Greg slowly parted his lips into a little “O” and then I watched enthralled as my cum started to slither like a white snake out of his mouth. He released it slowly and it ran out in a clingy web to settle softly into the growing wad already in my mouth. By the time he finished my cheeks felt like they were bulging with our two loads. Greg leaned down and I felt his soft warm lips press against mine as his tongue slid between them to play in the warm batch of semen. We pressed out tongues together and moaned and then I felt his tongue withdraw and he started to vacuum the precious seed up into his mouth. Our lips formed a seal and I pushed it upwards with my tongue as he sucked it all up. He closed his mouth and raised his head to hover over mine again. I opened my mouth and Frank looked in to see that Greg had it all.

“That’s beautiful. Now give it back to him,” Frank instructed. Greg softly opened his lips and the cum-load slid down to fall into my mouth once again. When I had it all, Greg started to lean down to retrieve it.

“Uh-uh,” said Frank, stopping him. Frank reached over with his big hand and slid his middle finger into my mouth and stirred it around in the big pool of cream. He drew out his coated finger and held it up towards Greg. Greg moaned with lust as he slid his lips over Frank’s finger and lapped up his prize. Frank stuck his finger back into my mouth and fed Greg again. He did this about six times and then instructed Greg to kiss me and take the cum again. His lips felt soft and warm as they pressed against mine and his tongue slid over the inside of my cheeks affectionately before he sucked up the remaining semen. He drizzled it back into my mouth one more time as Frank looked on.

“Well Greg, I told you the Kid here has a sore throat so I think he needs this load to help soothe that pain. Go ahead Kid, it’s all yours.” Greg had an almost hurt look on his face as he looked down at my overflowing mouth. I closed my mouth and instinctively my eyes closed too as I started to swallow the double load. I purred softly as it slid down my throat, leaving a clinging residue on its way down. Greg’s load and my load together were still not as big as any of Frank’s loads he’d fed me!

“Don’t worry Greg, you’ll get another load. And it’ll be mine this time.” Frank must have noticed Greg’s disappointed look. I saw that Greg looked immediately more chipper as he looked down at Frank’s heavy manhood. I noticed it was semi-hard and starting to arc out beautifully from his body.

“Now, stay right there Kid,” Frank said as he got to his knees and straddled me. He was facing the bottom of the bed and started to sit down with his ass coming down over my face. “Get that tongue in my ass Kid. And Greg, you get in front here and suck my cock,” Frank commanded. As Frank settled down on my face, I extended my tongue and licked all around his hot pink hole. The taste was manly and sinful but I loved it. I eagerly probed and pushed at his tight hole as I pushed my saliva against his puckered orifice. I felt him relax and my tongue slid deeply over his hot inner membranes. I felt Greg move between my legs and he must have been leaning forwards sucking on Frank’s cock.

“Oh yeah, that’s good. Two cocksuckers working on me at the same time,” Frank said as Greg and I used our combined oral talents on him. For the next ten minutes I was kept busy lapping at his steaming hot crease or probing my tongue deep into his welcoming chute. I heard him occasionally give Greg some guidance on how he liked his big cock serviced. I heard things like, “just relax, you can take more….there…see”, “press your tongue just under the head there…yeah…that’s it”, “breathe thru your nose….there….now you’ve got more in your throat”, stuff like that.

“Okay guys, switch,” Frank commanded as he swung his knee over me. Greg and I switched positions and Frank settled back down to feed Greg his succulent ass. I moved between Greg’s legs and could see that his cock was up hard and ready again. But that was nothing compared to Frank’s tremendous monster! His full 10 ½” was standing up dark and angry. He looked like the classic stallion in heat about to fuck the living shit out of someone! I only hoped it was me!

His cock with slick with Greg’s saliva and I slid my lips over that huge flared head. It was as hot and red as a branding iron and I welcomed that familiar mushroom cap into my warm loving mouth. I wrapped Adapazarı Escort a hand as far around his lower shaft as it would go and started bobbing my head up and down on his surging member. I could hear the wet sloppy sound of Greg licking and nibbling at Frank’s hot moist ass. He kept us busy for another ten minutes or so as I was happy to worship at his hard erection with its oozing supply of precum.

“Okay, I’m ready,” Frank said as he pushed me off his cock and lifted himself off Greg. “Greg, put some of that lube on my cock and Kid, get down on your back and get ready to get fucked.” Frank’s words sent a shiver thru me and I lay back on the bed and drew my legs up. I watched as Greg scooped up a gob of Vaseline and generously spread it along the tremendous length of Frank’s rearing cock. When he had his cock coated with the viscous gel, Greg smeared some around my gaping hole and even shoved a gob right inside.

“He’s ready,” said Frank as he pushed Greg out of the way. “Greg, go back up behind his head. I need you to hold his legs for me.”

“Holy fuck!” I thought to myself. Frank was getting me ready for a deep hard fucking! I was sweating in anticipation already. Greg kneeled behind my head and I could see his hard cock arcing out right over my face. Frank moved between my spread legs and then grabbed my ankles in each hand. He raised my legs and almost folded me in two as he pushed my legs up until they pointed up and over my shoulder.

“Here. Hold these up and apart,” he said to Greg who took hold of my ankles and held me wide open for Frank’s rampant cock. My legs were splayed far apart and I felt like my asshole was gasping for attention as Frank moved forward and pressed down on the top of his heavy bludgeon. I looked up at his handsome face and he locked his lust-filled eyes on mine. He looked incredibly aroused and I hoped I could prove myself worthy of his desire. I looked down as I felt the burning tip of his manhood lodge itself against my eager orifice. He pushed the head against my straining pussylips and I felt them stretch and stretch over the broad head as I raised my head and watched the long head slip into me.

“Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh,” I gasped as the engorged crown popped fully inside me. I let my head fall back onto the pillow as I felt that wonderful feeling of Frank’s cock stretching my yearning hole. Once his cock was lodged inside me, Frank took his guiding hand off it and leaned forwards over me, supporting himself on his strong arms on either side of me. He adjusted the position of his knees and gave a slight stirring motion with his hips.

“Ooooooohhh…..that’s so good,” I moaned as his apple-sized cockhead stirred around just inside my strained opening.

“How much do you want Kid?” Frank asked as he teasingly continued stirring my guts.

“Oh fuck! I want it all! I want every fucking inch buried inside me,” I said between


“Well, I wouldn’t want to disappoint you,” he said as he flexed his hips and started to drive it into me. I drew in a quick breath of air as his invading cock seemed to be knocking it out of me. My whole body went rigid and Greg held on tight to my splayed legs as the incredible feeling of Frank’s thick hard cock filling that needy void within me washed over me. He entered me in one slow firm penetration and I was moaning constantly until I felt the flat part of his groin pressing up against me. He had fed all 10 ½” into me and in my splayed position, I felt wonderfully filled by his rock-hard manhood.

“You like that Kid? You want more?” Frank whispered to me as he rolled his hips with his cock totally buried within me.

“Oh fuck, yes! It feels incredible. Fuck me Frank. Fuck me as hard and as long as you want,” I pleaded through clenched teeth. The initial feeling of pain had been overtaken by exquisite pleasure and I wrapped my hand around his round firm ass and pulled him towards me. With my legs being held up and apart by Greg, I couldn’t do much with my hips but I was a wide open eager receptacle for Frank’s lust-driven desires.

“Hold on to him Greg,” Frank said as he looked down at me with a wicked leer. “My friend here is about to get thoroughly fucked!” he said as he quickly drew back and then hammered his turgid rod full force into me.

“OOOOOOOOHHH!” I yelled as his massive dick seemed like it was splitting me in two! He started jack-hammering it into me and the bed was creaking and bouncing like crazy. I had never had Frank fuck me that hard before. Greg held on tight as I was flailing and gyrating like crazy as Frank slammed that love weapon into me again and again. My cock had started to harden as soon as he had slipped the engorged crown into me and now it was rock hard and throbbing as it leaked precum onto my stomach. I kept my hands firmly gripping Frank’s tight ass and could feel the rippling muscles flexing under my fingers as he pounded it into me relentlessly.

I lost all track of time as ecstasy was radiating throughout my body at the incredible fuck Frank was giving Serdivan Escort me. Time and again I felt his bulbous head tearing across my fiery prostate as he used me for his pleasure. I flexed the muscles deep within my ass the best I could and gripped and massaged his plundering shaft. I was covered in sweat and could see that Frank was glistening from his own exertion as he impaled my willing body with his rigid bar. He started working in that stirring motion to his thrusts and as his bulging corona tore across my prostate, I felt my orgasm hit me.

“Ooooooh…..I gonna cum….” I gasped as my cock started to lurch and my cum spewed forth in a powerful eruption. I saw a big wad fly up right over my face to hit Greg and the next blast sprayed out to land on my own cheek. I was twitching and convulsing as an earth-shattering climax coursed thru my body. Frank continued pounding it into me and as he saw my own cock going off, it seemed to trigger his own orgasm.

“OOOOOHHH MAN……OH FUCK…….HERE IT COMES!” he roared as he pummeled his surging rod into me one more time. I felt a fiery blast searing against the lining deep within me as his cock started a powerful ejaculation. He kept thrusting and each thrust was accompanied by a spurting blast of his hot thick cum. His semen was bathing the lining of my ass as I gripped his ass and pulled him fully into me again and again. I was almost weeping with pleasure as he filled my ass with wad upon wad of his potent seed. Frank had gone rigid with ecstasy as his climax had his cock spewing relentlessly. I urged the muscles in my ass to massage and coax as much cum out him as I could. Finally, he gasped and fell upon me, totally drained and spent. Our bodies meshed with a slick layer of perspiration between us. He kept his spent cock buried balls deep within me as we fought to regain our breath.

“Jesus Christ! That was amazing!” we heard Greg say from above us. “I’ve never seen anybody get fucked like that before! Fuck, you had him split almost in two and he was loving every minute of it!”

“Yeah, he’s a real prize alright,” Frank said as he looked down at me and winked. My whole body was thrumming with intense sensations from the furious fuck he had just given me and I was thrilled by his words of praise. He slowly withdrew his deflating cock from my stretched hole and I felt that sad empty feeling as his cock slid out of me.

“Keep your asshole closed,” Frank whispered down to me before he raised his body off mine. “Greg, get over here,” he said as he got to his knees. Greg released my legs and they fell like jello to the bed on each side of Frank. Greg scurried over beside Frank and Frank hefted his cock towards Greg. I could see ribbons of his white cum streaking his heavy member.

“Here you go,” Frank said as he put his hand behind Greg’s head and pulled it down to his glistening cock. I watched as Greg slid his tongue all over Frank’s heavy thick member as he licked up all of our combined juices. I could see that Greg’s cock was hard and ready again from watching us fuck. It only took a minute or two for Greg to have Frank’s cock shining.

“I promised you a load Greg, so lay down on your back,” Frank instructed. Greg flopped over on his back as Frank lifted me under the shoulder. “Okay Kid, sit on his face and let him have that load. And suck him off while he’s eating it.”

I carefully squeezed my sphincter tight as I swung my leg and straddled Greg’s face. I eased my ass down over his mouth and felt his tongue slide up into my crease. I wiggled it down onto his tongue and felt it spear eagerly at my clenched hole. As I leaned forward and took his throbbing cock into my mouth, I relaxed my asshole and felt Frank’s massive load start to slide out. Greg’s tongue was right there to probed deeply into me as I flooded his mouth with warm cum. As soon as he got a mouthful, his cock went even harder and he started to spurt into my mouth. I pushed down with the muscles in my ass as I forced the thick wads that had been plastered deep within me to slide down the lining of my ass and into Greg’s suctioning mouth. He was groaning with pleasure as his cock unloaded into my mouth at the same time as he was swallowing Frank’s heavy load of thick semen. I figured Frank would want to see my mouthful so I didn’t swallow but kept it all within my bulging cheeks. Greg’s climax finally died down and his tongue continued to probe deep into my chute as he finished vacuuming out the last of Frank’s load.

I let his softening cock slip out of my mouth and raised myself off his prone form. I turned and as he had done to me, I brought my cum-filled mouth over his and Frank watched intently as I let my lips open and drooled Greg’s own fresh load into his open mouth. When I had passed it all to him, I lowered my lips to his in a searing kiss and we dueled with our tongues in his milky semen. I sucked it all back into my mouth and brought my mouth above his again. This time I drizzled it so it fell all around his mouth and chin as I purposefully avoided his mouth. With his lower face covered, I dropped my own mouth and used my tongue to push his warm creamy seed into his gasping mouth. He swallowed his own load as my tongue licked his lips and face clean. I plunged my tongue between his lips once more and he sucked at it voraciously as he sought the final drops of his lust.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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