College Cheerleaders in Pantyhose Ch. 03

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As Jeff and Kelly sat down on the bench, still breathing heavily from their exciting nylon fuck, my stepsister looked over to me, and I noticed a brief expression of pity moving across her face.

“You know what, Jeff,” she said then, “I think Mark has suffered enough for this time… How about we release him and let him join in the fun for some time…?”

Jeff was rather surprised by this suggestion from Kelly. He probably thought that there should not be any reward at all for me that night whatsoever. But then again, he just had experienced two of his most wonderful orgasms in a row with these magnificent hot cheerleader girls, so what the heck, should he enter an argument with my stepsister about something of such little importance? To everyone’s surprise, he agreed and asked Trevor to assist him to untie my neck, hands, ankles, and dick and also removed the hose from my mouth. Once I was free again, I felt great, ignoring the still lingering pain from my body parts that were tied up for quite a while, ready to finally experience some of what I had just seen and had not really been able to enjoy due to my bondage.

Kelly had the idea to re-activate the sock game they had done earlier, and the sequence of socks I would draw from the bag would determine the sequence of girls I would be allowed to enjoy for a while. The mood was very upbeat with everyone still walking on clouds after their multiple orgasms, and I sensed that the cheerleader girls were eager for more meat that night and were definitely up for some more naughty play.

To the cheers and laughs of the crowd I drew one girl’s sock after another from the bag and had no problem identifying the cheerleader it belonged to, after having watched the scene earlier. I would start out with Jenny, then engage with Brenda, afterwards with Mae, the Thai girl, and finally with my stepsister. I thought it was quite serendipitous that she would be last, almost like the ultimate prize for me, and I was sure she was looking forward to being fucked by me; after all, why would she have suggested freeing me from my bondage?

As I was done with the “sock lottery”, my stepsister told me to “hold on” for a minute before the steamy action would begin. She whispered something into her friends’ ears and the four cheerleaders went on to get dressed again in their uniforms, apparently to increase the turn-on for the two other guys and for me, as well. Of course, I didn’t mind in the least seeing them fully dressed again in their hot short skirts, uniform tops, and now also wearing their sexy white socks and sports shoes again, in addition to their tan tights, some of them already having been severely soiled by the football players’ cum. I noticed that Brenda and Kelly had gotten quite aroused when putting on their cum-stained tights again, as they were still wet from the male ejaculates, in particular in their crotch areas where they had been fucked by Trevor and Jeff while still wearing their nylons.

Jenny approached me and asked me to lie down on a bench in the middle of the changing room, my head facing up. The other cheerleaders and the two football players meanwhile sat down on the benches next to the lockers, ready to watch what naughty scenes were going to unfold in front of their lecherous eyes. I also noticed that my stepsister and Mae started to engage in some lesbian play again, kissing, touching each other’s breasts and private parts and working each other up for yet another climax that night. Mae evidently drove Kelly crazy by massaging her heavily cum-soiled crotch area of her nylons against her enlarged pussy lips and clit, making her moan and breathe heavily out of sexual arousal. Brenda enjoyed some attention from Jeff and Trevor, getting aroused by them playing with her tits and wet crotch, where her own pussy juices blended with Trevor’s sperm. She also used her hands with large dark skinned fingers and red painted fingernails to massage the athletes’ boners, teasing them and driving them crazy of lust.

Jenny started by squatting over my boner and rubbing her tights-encased crotch area over my hard-on that already emanated slimy translucent pre-cum that she happily rubbed over her smooth silky tan tights. Her hands played with her breasts and her lusty eyes locked with mine, increasing the level of my arousal to a yet higher point. She then encouraged me to take off her top, then her bra and pay attention to her soft firm young breasts and hardened nipples, until she went into a heavier breathing, moaning louder and louder of lustful arousal, her pussy lips still rubbing all over my boner, with her tights increasing the sensation and pleasure for both of us.

Jenny then moved first one, then both feet up on the bench and started to tease me all over the place, sometimes purposefully use more pressure then necessary to make it painful in addition to arousing for me. She asked me to lick her dirty shoes all over, which I gladly complied with, licking them and soaking up every little dirty spot, while still playing with her breasts, while she kept riding my harder and throbbing cock like crazy. She asked me to take off her shoes, n continued the same treatment with her feet, now just wearing her slightly smelly white casino siteleri socks on top of her tan tights. I got so crazy of sexual excitement and arousal that I had a hard time not to come already, but I wanted to fuck her so bad that I did everything in my power to hold off with an orgasm until later. Having her feet with her smooth white socks dancing across my face, over my eyes, cheeks, and mouth, was as magnificent as being in heaven and I sniffed them and soaked in every scent I could, licking them and sucking on them, and noticing her added arousal from this treatment. Finally I would take off her socks, too, and I was able to enjoy the ultimate prize of experiencing her tights-encased pretty feet for an extended period of time, with more licking and sucking of her soles, heels and toes, bringing me again almost over the edge. I was so hot at this point that I forgot myself and where I was, raising my upper body, making her get off my boner and turn her around with her ass facing me, raising up her cheerleader skirt and moving my stiff cock towards her wet pussy for a fuck.

“No way!” My stepsister exclaimed at this moment, annoying the shit out of me. “You are NOT going to have Jenny! You’re not going to fuck anyone of us tonight, you hear me?” And she had a dark and humiliating expression on her face. Apparently, her plan was not to allow me have all the fun I wanted, but rather frustrate my ultimate desires even more…? Whatever it was, I could tell from the menacing looks by Jeff and Trevor that they would not hesitate to enforce Kelly’s wishes at this point and that I had no choice but to abandon my plan to fuck Jenny…

Brenda was next, having been worked up all the way by Trevor and Jeff in the meantime and ready to engage with another guy. She ordered me on the floor and started to walk all over me with her hot white sports shoes, sometimes purposefully stepping on my hard boner to hurt me or on other sensitive spots on my body. I just loved the way her dark skin contrasted with the white socks and shoes, and her body walk was, as much pain as it caused me at times, definitely one of the highlights of this evening.

Brenda next lay down on a bench, spreading her legs wide and resting her feet on the sides of the bench. She fingered her crotch with both of her hands and her dark eyes had a very lecherous and lusty expression on them, enticing me to attempt to rape her right there and then, but I knew Kelly would no way allow for this to happen. Brenda asked me to help her “down there” and used her fingers to sensuously massage her nylon-encased crotch using Trevor’s cum from earlier as a convenient lubricant. I did not hesitate and lowered my head right on top of her crotch and tongued her enlarged very dark outer and inner pussy lips that were very wet from the blend of her pussy juices and Trevor’s sperm. I loved the sensation of her big black bush behind her tights and the slightly musky and pungent aroma of the mix of her own and Trevor’s juices and licked and sucked on Brenda’s private parts like crazy, while she used her hands to play with her small breasts and nipples, through her cheerleader top and her bra. From her breaths getting shorter and her body tensing up I could tell that orgasm wouldn’t be far away, and given that fucking her obviously did not seem to be an option that night, I did my best to bring her over the edge by moving all my tongue’s attention to her hardened clit, licking, rubbing and flicking it in rhythmic and circular motions. When Brenda came, it was quite the fireworks of sorts, with her whole body spasming and shuddering, her crying out loud several times, and her pussy squirting out juices all over my face, me licking and sucking them in, not missing a single drop. The crowd cheered us on and even applauded when Brenda climaxed, not sure if it was for me or for her or for both of us…

Brenda was so excited and high after her orgasm that she decided not to stop there yet and started to give my boner a wonderfully sensuous massage with her dark skinned feet, covered by her smooth tan tights. She was extremely skillful in this, in that she knew how to work me up to a high level of arousal, then taking off some of the stimulation and use her red toenails to inflict some pain on my sensitive organs. My cock would soon reach its maximum size, started to throb and ooze large amounts of pre-cum, which Brenda used to lubricate my boner all over the place. She made a wedge using her big and second toes of her right foot, grabbing my cock and massaging it up and down several times, looking me deep into my eyes. Then she used both of her feet to squeeze my steel rod and keep the massage going, also not ignoring my firm balls that were ready to shoot at any moment. Brenda was the perfect teaser in that whenever I was almost on the verge of coming and exploding all over her, she briefly withdrew, just enough to frustrate me, letting me hang in limbo, providing a kind of torturing play of stimulation and withdrawal that made me crazy of lust and desperation at the same time.

Finally, as she squeezed my cock with her nyloned soles even harder and used her toes with red painted toenails to exert a rubbing motion on its tip, I could not hold canlı casino back any longer and exploded into my probably already fourth orgasm that night, shooting my cum jisms all over Brenda’s pretty nylon-clad feet and calves, then helping her to massage the hot ejaculate all the way into her smooth tan cheerleader nylons. Watching me cum all over her hot tan tights and feeling the sensation of my hot white cum on her skin brought her over the edge yet another time…

The third cheerleader I would have the pleasure enjoying that night was Mae, with about 5 feet the shortest of them, and I could barely hold back my excitement of being able to meet her intimately for the first time; the other three I had met previously after all, but not her yet. From seeing her nude body previously, my anticipation was at a very high level, in fact, almost to a point where I got a bit nervous about what would happen and if I would be able to satisfy her needs.

Mae had thought of something different in that she lay down on a bench in the middle of the room face up and asked me to gently massage her all over the place. “Take good care of your sweet little Thai girl!” She said to me, more teasingly than anything else. Of course this was the best opportunity I could have hoped for in terms of exploring her body in every and all ways, taking as much time as I thought I’d need. I started with her head, gently moving my finger cusps over her pretty mouth, making her smile briefly, her cheeks, and forehead, then playing with her stunning fine long black hair for a while. Then I would move my attention to her shoulders, down to her breasts, where I stayed for a long time, witnessing how her small tits grew firmer and larger inside of her bra and her dark nipples got erect. I gently squeezed her nipples, with her indicating her pleasure by soft sighs; only when I pinched them a bit too hard she moved my hands away from them, indicating that she felt too much pain.

My hands moved down over her belly towards her most private areas, and I lifted her cheerleader skirt up all the way to get better access to her sex. I enjoyed the sensation of massaging her hot young Asian pussy that was completely shaved, her pussy lips already being enlarged and showing a dark rim at their periphery. Mae was probably the most sensitive of all down there because she quivered and squirmed with my every touch of her pussy lips and clit, and her breathing got increasingly shorter, and her moans that were subdued and almost inaudible initially became louder and pronounced over time as her sexual pleasure and excitement was building up. I moved my face down there and continued by licking Mae’s hot pussy lips and lust Perl with my skilled tongue, soaking in all the flavors of this hot young Thai cheerleader girl, my cock having reached its maximum erection, its tip completely wet with glistening pre-cum, and my orgasm only being away by a gentle touch, which, of course, I had to avoid in order not to cut the experience short. The longer I licked Mae in her cute Asian sex, the hotter she got and the more sweet pussy juices soaked her crotch and smooth tan tights. She meanwhile had started massaging her breasts and nipples, as well, and I figured that she would be coming over the edge now any time. But to my surprise, she got up, facing me, and indicating that she wanted to do “something nice” for me.

Before I could consider the offer and say anything, she had moved her head down to my throbbing boner and started to lick and kiss it all over the place with her little soft juicy Asian lips. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was, still in kind of a surprise about these developments of suddenly her taking all the initiative. She also used her hands and fingers to pleasure my manhood, and soon went all the way giving me head, sucking my cock down her throat until it hit the end of her mouth, increasing the sucking and exerting more and more pressure on it with her skillful lips and tongue. Again, I was in heaven, hardly being able to imagine anything better than that. I grabbed her head, squeezing it even tighter into my crotch and her mouth firmer on my steel rod, moving my hands through her long black hair. Mae further increased the intensity of her cock-sucking, cheered on by the crowd watching us, and used her cute little hands to massage my firm balls, as well. Eventually I wasn’t able to hold back any longer, and I pushed into her mouth several times, until I exploded into one of the greatest orgasms I ever had, shooting my cum loads first deep inside of her throat, forcing her to swallow all of it, then pulling my cock out of her mouth and shooting more loads all over her face, beautiful black hair, uniform, and finally onto her nylon-encased crotch. As she experienced the sensation of my hot white cum first hitting her face, and then multiple shots of ejaculate hitting her sensitive pussy lips and erect clit, she went over the moon and climaxed as well, with rhythmic shaking of her pelvic area and copious amounts of orgasmic juices coming out of her lust hole, mixing with my sticky warm cum that had penetrated her silky smooth tan tights.

I thought it would take me a while to recover from this wild and crazy experience, but my kaçak casino stepsister had obviously been aroused and excited by my three cheerleader encounters so much that she was not willing to wait for even a minute and threw me onto the bench almost with force, with my face down. She seemed to be inspired by Brenda who had walked over me earlier when I was lying on the floor face up, since Kelly also started out by walking over me, except that I was now on the bench, which made it a bit harder and trickier for her, and I was face down so I could not see anything that was happening which actually increased my sensation of sexual arousal since all the moves my stepsister made came to a surprise to me. I was quite amazed at how long she was able to walk over me without falling off the bench and I figured she liked that, too, probably, and rightly so, seeing it both as a punishment and as a reward. I experienced the hottest feelings when she trampled on my butt cheeks with her sports shoes and when she briefly rested there, squeezing my butt and playing with my butt muscles using her shoes. But she was not done with that, took off her shoes, and kept walking over me now wearing her hot white smooth sports socks. It was really exciting to feel her even more closely and intimately, experiencing the sensation of her heels, soles and toes, mediated by her socks and tights, all over my back, butt and legs. The other cheerleaders and the football players, certainly still engaged in lesbian and other naughty play, applauded and cheered Kelly on, as she did some tricky stunts on top of me, until she finally also took off her socks, and did a third body walk, now wearing just her tights. It felt absolutely magnificent and if it were me, she could have continued that dance forever, my hard cock already being aroused and excited to the max, and my fantasies going wild and crazy, involving her feet, her tights, her pussy and, yes, fucking her all the way in all ways as hard as I could.

When Kelly finally stepped off my back, I raised my head and noticed the other three cheerleaders and the two football players engaged in wild and steamy sex; Brenda and Mae were performing a mutual cunnilingus on a bench, eating each other’s wet pussies, their tongues licking, sucking and flicking across each other’s inner and outer pussy lips and their hard clits, while Jenny was sandwiched between Jeff and Trevor, Jeff fucking her pussy and Trevor banging her ass, while she was still wearing her cheerleader uniform and tan tights. First, the two cheerleader girls doing their lesbian play climaxed, crying out loud of lust and excitement, then Jeff and Trevor came almost simultaneously as they double-fucked Jenny’s ass and pussy, and finally Jenny got over the edge with both of the football guys exploding inside of her and filling her up with their hot cum, giving her an enormously arousing sensation in her lust hole and ass.

Kelly then sat down on the bench next to me, asking me to worship her feet and legs. She knew how much I would love this and I made sure that I exerted the utmost dedication to this “assignment” of hers, starting with a long, sensuous foot massage of my stepsister’s nylon-clad feet, massaging her cute heels, soles, and toes, then also raising them up to my face, rubbing them all over and across, inhaling their sweet sweaty girly scents, kissing and licking them all over, and then continuing my work up her calves, knees and thighs.

Finally, I reached her crotch area that featured a large wet spot from all of her pussy juices that had emanated from her lust hole earlier, mixed with Jeff’s cum, and I wasted no time using first my fingers and then my tongue to provide her as much pleasure by coming down on her as I could. I loved the combination of flavors from her own cunt juices and Trevor’s ejaculate merging together to a musky aroma and could not get enough of it. My stepsister’s sweet pussy lips were very much enlarged and more streams of hot sweet juices flowed out as I kept licking and kissing her with ever more intensity. Meanwhile, my stepsister took off her top and her bra, exposing her beautiful firm round breasts with dark erect nipples to all of us and working on pleasuring them with her fingers and hands.

Then, to my surprise, she suddenly bent down and whispered into my ear “I want you to fuck me”, making sure that no one else could here it in the room. What was that? I thought her plan had been to frustrate me all along and not allow my cock to fuck any of the cheerleader girls that night. Had she planned to be the only “lucky one” all along or was she just overcome with her sexual excitement and arousal that she herself had to go all the way and not leave out this last step? In any event, I was of course overwhelmed with happiness that I would be able to fuck my stepsister again and after a little more of pleasuring her pussy lips and erect lust Perl, I raised myself up, then kneeled in front of her, and to everyone’s surprise and amazement, slowly inserted my throbbing hard cock into my stepsister’s pussy, fully enjoying the sensation of the smooth silky soft fabric of her tights between my cock and her pussy wall. With Kelly’s pussy being completely lubricated with that mix of her own hot pussy juices and Jeff’s cum from earlier, my steel rod had no problem sliding in easily all the way. I relished the thought that this was already the second time my stepsister got fucked that night, now by a different cock, my own one….

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