College Days at the ABS

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My first college experience happened at a porn shop. I had never been in one. Everyone I normally hung around went home for the weekend and left me alone: Alone and horny. I hadn’t jacked off or fucked for about two weeks.

I drove to a seedy side of town. And found a shop that looked likely. I really thought I would buy a magazine and go home. They advertized having an arcade. I had no idea what that meant.

I went inside and saw a selection of magazines that got my boner hard as soon as I walked in. I Loved the cover pics of woman getting fucked and sucking and was in heaven. Then I noticed that there were about 15 older guys in the shop looking at mags and at me. I was glad that my coat came down a little below my belt to kind of hide my raging hard-on.

I walked to the entrance of the arcade and the guy at the desk said I had to buy at least a dollars worth of tokens to enter. I gave him a dollar and took my token into the dark hallway.

When my eyes adjusted I saw a board showing the title and cover of the movie and showed the booth numbers that showed that movie. I also saw a sign that said “If you are in a booth you must be dropping tokens.”

I went to a booth and closed the door. This was in the days of the Super-8 stag films. The booth had a glass to the front with a small screen on which the projector showed the movie. When I dropped my first token I discovered that this made the light go off and the movie start.

I felt for the chair and sat down to watch two nurses swap turns giving a patient a blow job. I rubbed my cock through my jeans, unsure if I was safe to whip it out. I began to look around the booth to see if it looked safe.

I discovered a small hole behind me about the size of a pencil. I looked through it and realized I could see the guy in the booth behind me. I looked at my screen to see if there were any peepholes and saw that none were there. I forgot all about the movie and started to watch the other guy.

Through the peek hole I saw that his pants were down and his hard cock was out. I thought he was jacking off that 6.5 inch pole until I realized I could see both of his arms. “Damn!” I thought. “His girlfriend is in there with him.”

I watched the hand pump him in long slow strokes. I had to pull out my own dick or I was going to cumm in my pants.

I thought to myself that his girlfriend has big hands for a girl. Then “she” leaned over to lick the head and I saw that it was a guy I had seen in the magazine area. He began to lick the head of that dick in big swirls. Then he took almost the whole dick into his mouth and held it there casino oyna as he played with the balls.

I had my cock in my hand and began stroking my hard dick. I imagined what it must feel like to be sucking that long, hard dick or to be sucked by someone.

I watched him bob up and down on that hard pole for several minutes. All the while I was rubbing my own cock.

My token apparently ran out of time. The movie stopped and the light came on. I thought I had been busted but I was still safe in my little room. I put in all three of my remaining tokens and returned to the peephole just in time.

I saw the guy sucking on the dick with his mouth tight around the head while he jacked off the dick with gusto. Soon I could tell he was cumming.

I could see cum seeping out of his lips around the head and down the shaft. After a bit He stopped pumping and took the whole cum covered cock in his mouth.

About that time I started to shoot cum all over the back of my little cubicle. I shot load after load of hot cum onto the wall and chair.

I watched the man lick the cock clean and then they stood up and started to dress. Their time ran out and I saw their light come on. I pulled back from the hole when I heard their door open. I leaned back and tried to compose myself. I saw a roll of paper towels on the floor and tried to clean up the wall and chair.

I watched my movie until the time ran out and I stepped out into the dark hall. That is when I noticed the guy who had just been sucking the dick looking at me. He rubbed his cock through his jeans and looked down at my bulge. I rubbed my cock too and he motioned to one of the nearby booths. I stepped in and he followed.

I stepped into the booth and the man followed me. I said “I’m Tony. I’ve never…”

He touched my lips with two of his fingers and said “Shhh. I’m David and I have.”

I started to sit down and he said not to. He dropped about 4 tokens in the box and the lights went dark. The movie came up showing a full figured woman getting her pussy fucked by a big cock. I loved her thick, dark black bush and big tits.

David moved me up against the back wall so that I was facing the door with the movie showing to my left. He sat down in the chair and said “relax” as he undid my belt.

I guessed David was in his late thirties. He had a wedding ring on and was clean shaven. He reached up and rubbed my dick through my jeans as he undid my belt. He unzipped me and opened my pants. He pushed the belt and my underwear down over my hips so that I was standing in front of a stranger, naked from the waist down with canlı casino my rock hard cock popping up in his face. (I loved how fast I could get hard after cuming in my youth. Now… that has changed.)

He said something about young hard, cut cock and started licking my head. I watched as he sucked my head into his mouth and I felt his tongue start to swirl around my head. It felt better than any mouth I had been in. Up to this point I had been sucked a few times in Jr High by a few guys and by one girl friend in the summer after high school. But this guy, WOW!! He really loved sucking cock and was great at it.

I watched as he started to bob up and down on my cock. I couldn’t believe that my whole 7 inch cock fit in his mouth and I felt no teeth. Damn!! He would bob up and down my dick for about a minute and then he would suck my whole cock in his mouth and bury his nose in my pubic hair and hold it there. I felt my whole cock being stimulated at once and it felt great. He would then go back to bobbing up and down and then He would swirl his tongue around my head while he jacked me off.

As he was bobbing up and down I felt something touch my butt. I thought it was David’s hand but both of them were busy: one on my dick and the other on his.

I moved forward a bit and saw that there was a hole in the wall behind me that was about 4 inches across. There was a hard, 4.5 or 5 inch cock with a precum slick head sticking through the hole.

David stopped sucking and was just holding my dick when I moved. He saw the cock, looked up and me and went back to licking me.

I whispered “What do I do?”

David looked up and said “Whatever you’d like to do.” And he went back to giving me the most awesome blowjob I had ever had.

I looked at the new cock and reached down with my left hand and lightly wrapped my fingers around it. It feels so good to have a hard cock in my hand. I love the soft skin covering that hard shaft.

I began to pump it up and down like I was jacking myself off.

I am in a room with a hot porn film playing. I have a cock in my hand and my cock in a warm, wet mouth. MMmmmmm I couldn’t imagine a sexier moment. (I still go back there in my fantasies when I jack off without porn.)

I was getting close to cumming again and didn’t know what to do. Should I cum in David’s mouth? Do I pull out? I decided to tell him and follow his lead.

“I’m going to..”

He cut me off and said “Cum in my mouth baby.” And he went back to sucking my head and pumping my shaft quickly.

I was pumping the dick beside me and felt that he must be getting close too. I kaçak casino leaned back and my cumm started to shoot into David’s warm mouth. I shot five or six shots which David took in his mouth without missing a beat.

When I finished and David had me cleaned off, we heard the guy connected to the dick in my hand say “I’m close.”

David said “Where do you want him to cumm?”

I said I didn’t know. David took the cock in hand and said “Move over” and he pushed my butt toward the hole. He lifted the cock and slipped it between my ass cheeks. It wasn’t in my butt hole and was rubbing against it.

I felt the guy start pumping like he was fucking me for all he were worth. In about 30 seconds he was shooting hot cumm in between my legs. I could feel it shooting against my balls and running down my leg.

David leaned back and saw the cumm running down my leg and said “Damn”.

I felt the guy pull back and out of the hole. I heard him say “Thanks.” Through the hole. I looked back and saw that he sat down on the chair in his booth while his cock softened a bit he was still playing with it. David took some of the tissue paper in the booth and cleaned the cum off my legs just as the time ran out and the lights came on.

I finished cleaning and zipping up and asked David if he came he a lot.

“Just when my wife is out of town. But not on any kind of a schedule.” He replied. With that he turned to the door and walked out. I walked into the darkened hall.

I wanted to find the booth that joined mine. I was curious about the guy connected to that cock. I found it and saw that there was a light on above the door. I guessed this meant that his movie was still going. I stood there for about 30 seconds and I saw the light go off and his door open.

He stepped into the hall and I saw one of the guys from my dorm. He was a jock on scholarship. I was amazed. He saw me and just went white. I don’t think he could have known that I had just gotten him off.

He came up to me and whispered “You won’t tell anyone I was here will you? I mean, the guys would … My girlfriend would kill me.”

About that time I looked at the door he came out of. Unlike my booth, his was marked “Gay”.

I said “It will be our little secret.”

He said “That’s cool.” And then he looked me up and down and said “You know, we could work out something to make it worth it to you. Interested?” with that he rubbed his cock through his jeans.

I reached forward and rubbed the same place and said “I think we could work something out. But not tonight. I am fresh out of cumm..”

He said “Me too. I just fucked some guy with a hot ass.”

“You’ll have to tell me about it. How about tomorrow, noon?” I asked.

He said “Great. I’ll meet you in the commons and we’ll find a private place.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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