College Encounter

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After three years in college together, Chris and I were firmly in the friend zone. I knew him though various friends, and I knew the kind of girls he liked: blonde, giggly, airhead toothpicks. OK, maybe I’m a bit biased. Bottom line, girls not like me: reasonably intelligent, dark hair, curvy with a little extra padding.

Chris and I got along as some of the few northerners attending school in this small Florida town. We liked to talk hockey and play cards, laugh at each other being goofy and go see the latest action flick. He was comfortable with me, in a frustratingly platonic way. Chris was the tall, thick, kind and funny man of my dreams. Sigh.

It was nearly spring break and Chris was hanging out in my dorm while I tried to clean up and pack a few things. Though I shared the room with several other girls, including his current bimbo, it could at times be a bit claustrophobic. We laughed as every time he tried to move out of my way, he in fact placed himself in the way of my next target. This culminated in a slow dance around the room, my grabs for objects bringing me closer and closer to his musky smelling torso until I could feel his heat in the short space separating us.

I suddenly noticed that his chest was raising and falling with quick breaths, noting my own increase in respiration as well. Surely he noticed my flushed cheeks as he looked into my eyes, both of our faces growing serious as eternity sped by in the space of a scant moment before one of us, and I couldn’t tell you who, broke the eye contact. We stepped away from each other quickly, as though caught in an act more intimate than it was, and shortly left the confines of the room for a smoke on the front step.

Though we were quiet, surely contemplating two different subjects, there was no discomfort. It took every ounce of my resolve not to lean my head back against his chest or shoulder as we sat next to each other on the steps. Our silent revelry was interrupted by the appearance of his fuming girlfriend. The pitch of her shrieking was such that I honestly couldn’t tell you what the argument was about, but I decided they deserved privacy in any case, and retreated to the dorm, stubbing out my cigarette prematurely.

Though inside, I could still hear their muted back and forth exchange, hers angry followed by his strangely calmer response. I canlı bahis tried to continue with my cleaning spree, but in truth I was keeping more than half an ear on their proceedings. After only a few moments they followed me into the dorm to continue the fight, live and in person. I putzed around for another 30 seconds of intense yelling, before deciding to again relocate. I grabbed my robe and bath kit and headed for the shower. Chris caught my eye as I closed the door to the shared bathroom, and I read the apology on his face.

I took an extra long time in the shower, shaving and even moisturizing, hoping the feud would be finished by the time I returned. Instead, to my surprise, when I opened the door, Chris was propped against the jam, waiting for me. I started to say something, but stopped at the pained look on his face. He looked at me deeply, brow furrowed, not saying anything until I eventually cocked an eyebrow at him. That got a slight smile, before he pounced.

His lips met mine, catching me completely off guard. I stiffened up in shock before eventually relaxing into his touch, my body melting against his as our lips fused from the searing heat. It wasn’t a deep and dirty kiss, but a hot passionate kiss that starts in your toes before erupting through your tongue and out your mouth like Vesuvius. I stumbled backward before realizing there was no wall to catch me; fortunately his arms did the trick.

I looked at him intensely, conflicted. Though kissing him was something I had dreamed about for years, I also was worried he had just been fighting with what I knew to be his girlfriend. The rational side of me tried to come up with something to say, some pointed question to ask, but I’m afraid my mouth merely gaped open and closed a few times like a fish out of water.

He smiled at me again, arms still locked around me, eyes smoldering, before gently bringing his face close to mine. As our lips touched for the second time I felt my heart flutter as my body responded to him from my head to my toes. I relaxed into him again, not able to keep a hold of the thoughts in my head. I noted somehow that my hands were braced against his arms, keeping us criminally separated. I rectified that, sliding them behind his head to pull him closer.

He moaned into my mouth and pulled my body firmly against his. Our gentle kiss turned bahis siteleri deeper, tongues dancing, gently probing, before pulling back to again taste each other’s lips. My fingers felt the short hair on the back of his head, not wanting to break contact but knowing it was time to come up for air. Our chests, pressed together in a warm and thoroughly un-platonic way, heaved as we separated, both gasping in disbelief.

He leaned his forehead against mine, so I couldn’t read the expression in his eyes, though a smile still played on his lips. I could feel his breath on my face and breathed him in, not wanting to break the contact. My brain had almost restarted as I became aware of the fact that I was still in my bath robe, and that his girlfriend could come out and find us at any moment.

Ugh — the girlfriend. Before this moment I had had very strong feelings about girls who went around kissing other girls’ boyfriends. Now that I was on the inside, my resolve was weakening. The next thing to go weak was my knees as he leaned down to nuzzle my neck up to my ear. The heat and passion between us was so intense, I didn’t think twice as he walked me backwards into the bathroom.

I vaguely registered his closing the door as my ass came to rest on the edge of the bathroom counter. I was never one prone to brief encounters or quick dalliances, but at this moment all I could think of was HIM, and how badly I wanted him. I scrambled trying to pull the back of his shirt up, while his hands helped his face slide the robe further off my shoulders before pulling away to slip his shirt over his head.

My robe was now essentially parted, and my legs wrapped securely around his waist, pulling him as close as we could get. Our lips and hands were everywhere at once. What had started out two minutes ago with a rather sedate kiss was quickly becoming a breathy, steamy affair, the likes of which I had never even known could exist in real life. I realized with mild surprise that I was actually panting as I reached for his belt buckle.

He laughed as I tried to open his pants while still refusing to relinquish my anaconda constriction with my legs around his waist. Realizing the futility I allowed him to pull back slightly, but only long enough to let his pants drop. We were both instantly serious, looking into each other’s eyes as, without bahis şirketleri preamble, he slid his firm length deep inside me in one slow, smooth move.

Nothing in my life had ever felt so RIGHT. We were more than two puzzle pieces coming together, more like two halves of a whole, destined to wind up in our entwined embrace. My legs pulled him closer, arms again encircling each other, mouths joined, tongues dancing.

Though his thrusting began slowly, with tenderness, I knew neither would last long as we raced toward the finish line. I pulled myself closer still, but neither was satisfied with the angle. I nodded to the floor and he understood at the same time. A brief scuffle ensued, but we did not lose contact as we tumbled to the floor.

Now his thrusting took on a new frantic pace, my legs still firmly wrapped around him, my arms pulling him closer. I closed my eyes and breathed his name, almost as if afraid to wake from a dream, and with that my orgasm began. I say began because as he continued thrusting, the feelings inside me grew stronger and stronger, rather than quaking and dying out. I could hardly breathe and looked up into his face, imploring him silently to come with me, just so I could finish and breathe again.

As he looked down at me he let out a mighty bellow, and I could feel his sticky seed firing inside me. The back of my brain registered our lack of protection, but I shoved that niggling little thought aside so I could have this one moment of bliss. His thrusting ceased and he leaned to the side, taking his weight on one elbow as we both gasped for cool air.

Coming down from the high, everything we had done crashed down around me with a startle. I suddenly came to realize that I was naked on the bathroom floor, with my good friend sweaty and panting beside me, pants still twisted around his shod feet. Aware that reality was just around the corner, I tried to tactfully reach and pull my robe across my chest but his hand reached out to stop me.

He leaned up on his elbow again to look me in the eyes. “Don’t,” was all he said at first. “Don’t hide yourself from me.” He shook his head a little as I remained mute. “I’ve been blind, haven’t I?” He asked, and I was pleased to realized this wasn’t going to be a one-time encounter.

I smiled and reached for him, and tucked my head against his chest as he held me close. This was all I could offer him in response, but my internal debate had calmed drastically. Things may have been a long time in coming, but I was certain we were on our way to something better.

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