Coming Clean

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It had been the week from hell. It always was right after the holidays, when everyone was trying to play catch-up and rushing around in supermode.

Kate was exhausted. She had worked from early morning to late every night. Added to that was the nearly hour-long commute each way. And she felt she hadn’t seen Michael in months, not just days. He was busy too, his office another hotbed of activity.

This wasn’t usual for them. They were a relatively new couple and still enjoyed all the cuddling, sharing and snuggling that was singular to that state. But this week, there had been no long, lingering snuggles or luxurious kisses. It had been days of barely passing each other, staggering to bed late and out of bed early. She missed him with all of her being. Kate thought longingly of spending time in his arms, hearing about his day, inhaling his scent. They had been reduced to voicemail messages and post-it notes all week. Now, thank god, it was Friday night. Finally! They had left enough messages back and forth to know that tonight was going to be special. Tonight they would reconnect in every way possible.

Of course, being Friday, the traffic was even worse than usual and Kate sat, frustrated, behind a long line of equally frustrated drivers. She picked up her cell, dialed Michael and waited anxiously. “Please don’t let it be voice mail, please, let it be….” and then, her own sweet Michael said, “Hello!”.

Kate settled back in her seat, taking a deep breath and relaxing for the first time in many long days. It was so good just to bask in his voice and hear the love there.

“I’m stuck in traffic, Baby. How is your day? Where are you? Will you be home soon?” all tumbled from her almost immediately. Kate could hear the smile in his voice as he replied.

“I left a while ago and went by the store and got us some dinner. Also found a ‘respectable’ wine to share with you. Be careful but hurry home, Darling. We have lots of catching up to do!” he said.

Almost miraculously, the traffic jam untangled and Kate was able to make good time driving home. Home! God, she loved the sound of that. She and Michael had hunted for the apartment together, searching for weeks before finding exactly everything they wanted. As they moved in, it was another miracle that all their stuff seemed to blend perfectly, no hideous chairs or ugly lamps to fight over. In fact, they just didn’t fight. Right from the beginning, they seemed to be perfect for each other. They started out as good friends and became good lovers. They matched wonderfully.

Now her heart began to strum at the thought of being with him tonight. It seemed so long since they could just relax and enjoy each other and now they had two whole days to become re-acquainted.

She parked in the garage and took the elevator to their apartment. Michael must have been listening for her, because he opened the door as she approached. Her breath caught, as it had the first time she realized that she loved him. Michael was everything she wanted in a partner. He was intelligent, but charmingly so, never making her feel dumb or uninformed. He was clever and witty, yet incredibly careful to not hurt others. He was so cute that her heart hurt to look at him sometimes, yet he seemed innocently unaware of his attractiveness. And he loved her! Everyday, she was thankful ataköy escort for Michael and the fantastic difference he had made in her life. Now, he stood in the doorway, smiling at her and holding open his arms. She walked into them, feeling safe and secure… and home.

They went into the apartment, closing out the world. The table was set with the good china, wine glasses and the beautiful crystal candlesticks they had received for Christmas. Andrea Boccelli’s seductive voice filled the air, along with the scent of vanilla candles. He had dimmed the lights, creating a sensual atmosphere, a warm nest for just the two of them.

Michael emptied her arms and took her hand, pulling her close for a very slow, sensuous dance. She felt herself melting against him, into him. Michael was very tall and well-built. She liked the way she felt so small next to him, so completely encased by him. As the song ended, he twirled her into the dining room, helping her into the chair. Then he served her a meal that was excellent, with the wine he had selected just for her. It felt good to linger over dinner, talking and sharing their week, holding hands and locking eyes. They sat there for some time, just enjoying each other. Then, Kate stood, offering to clean up. They carried the dishes to the kitchen and Kate filled the sink with warm, sudsy water. Michael walked up behind her, pressing against her, lifting her hair off her neck and giving her lingering kisses there. God, she loved that. She stood very still as his lips traveled all along her sensitive flesh, nipping and kissing and sending tingles of delight through her Michael-starved body. She pressed back against him, feeling his cock throbbing against her ass. His hands circled her, slipping under her shirt and cupping her breasts. He rubbed her nipples, separated from him by her lacy bra, his thumb making her tighten and engorge. He pinched the nubbins slightly, causing Kate to moan aloud. His mouth continued to move on her neck, and Kate forgot entirely about the sinkful of dirty dishes.

“Kate,” he whispered.

“Yes, darling?” she replied.

“I’m going to shower. I will meet you in the bedroom soon,” Michael said softly. And he was gone.

Kate stood there in shock, feeling the loss of his bulk and heat. She thought he would seduce her right now, right here. She was so ready. It had been a week since they had made love and she missed that too.

Mindlessly, she finished cleaning the kitchen, loading the dishwasher, putting away the pretty candlesticks. She turned off the lights and stopped the CD, checking the locks one more time. Then she slowly walked down the hall toward the sound of the rushing shower.

At the partially-opened bathroom door, she paused. The room was full of steam and, from the doorway, she could see the shower reflected in the mirror. Well, part of the shower, just the lower half, because the top half of the mirror was covered with fog. She could see Michael through the clear shower door and watch his hands as he lathered his lower body. She could also see his magnificent erection, the one she wanted so badly. She leaned against the doorjamb, suddenly weak with desire.

Michael continued, unaware of his audience. He ran his soapy hands over his tummy, his cock and balls and down his legs. But he always returned to his cock. bakırköy escort His hard cock, standing straight away from his body, throbbing with need. He carefully moved his hand up and down the erect shaft, sliding his palm over the head, circling it briefly. His other hand was cupping his balls, massaging them lightly and thoroughly. Kate thought it was the most erotic thing she had ever seen. She began to grow moist and swollen, aching between her legs. She couldn’t stop watching, couldn’t open the door and enter the bathroom. She was mesmerized by the sight of her lover touching himself. His long fingers moved with skill and knowledge along his length, slowly massaging his beautiful cock. He stopped long enough to rinse the soap, then turned off the water and stepped from the shower. Reaching for a towel, he dried himself. First his hair, then his chest, arms and legs. He slowed his movements then, running the soft terry cloth over his distended dick, his eyes closing at the pleasure.

Kate remained immobile. She licked her lips and enjoyed the vision of Michael, her Michael, touching and tantalizing himself. Suddenly, she couldn’t wait. She felt her hand sliding to her waistband, then under it, her fingers seeking the very wet pussy she knew was waiting. It seemed too difficult to reach and she quickly pushed her clothing off and kicked it away. Now she stood there, in just a lacy bra and shirt, her fingers finding and pushing deeply into her wetness. Still she watched Michael.

He was looking into the mirror, his eyes on the engorged cock bobbing there. His fingers traced along his chest, following the small trail of brown hair that led directly to his groin. Again, his long fingers reached his cock and gently caressed it, moving the skin of the shaft up and down, while drops of precome gathered on the tip, then dripped to his moving fist. Kate stared, fascinated and excited, wanting him yet wanting to see what would happen. Her own little fingers had found her clit and begun to circle it in the manner she needed. She moved her fingers faster, around and around, her clit distended and throbbing. Then she slipped into her pinkness, feeling the slippery dampness that had gathered there. In and out, up and down, she couldn’t move her fingers fast enough or deep enough. She needed more.

When she re-focused on Michael, her eyes met his in the mirror and he smiled. Now, he turned to her, openly sliding his hand up and down his erect cock, his eyes moving down to her busy hand, her wet pussy.

“I was hoping you would meet me here, baby. I was waiting for you,” he said.

Kate couldn’t speak. She needed him too much, too immediately to spend time talking. She rushed forward, wanton and needy and so ready for him. She pushed him down on the toilet seat and straddled him, with his cock pressed against her curlies, her body flush with his. He grabbed her right hand and sucked the still-wet fingers into his mouth, his eyes closing with pleasure at her taste. When he released her hand, she moved her mouth to his, kissing him with all the urgency that she felt, tasting herself on his lips. Her tongue thrust into him, taunting him, daring him to respond. Their mouths moved hungrily together, her fingers deep in his hair, holding him tightly. Finally, she began to relax. She took the time to enjoy the kisses, to tease and play, to nip and nibble. Her mouth moved to his eyes, his nose, his lower lip. She fluttered her lashes on his cheeks, she traced his lips with her tongue. All the while, she remained in tight contact with him, felt his hands moving under her shirt, up and down her spine. He cupped her bare ass and pulled her even closer, until his cock was trapped between them, and the heat burned her flesh. He pulled her shirt over her head, leaving her dressed only in the white lacy bra, her nipples taut against the rough fabric. Pulling away from her kiss, he bent and sucked a nipple into his mouth, wetting her through the fabric. Kate leaned back, arched to meet him, sighing and moaning, begging for more.

Michael nuzzled and suckled her nipples, enjoying her strong reactions. Burying his face between her breasts, he moved his hands once again to her hips. This time, he lifted her until his cock was under her, and then he settled her, impaling her on his massive erection. She accomodated him immediately, happily feeling him plunge deeply into her needy pussy. She remained still for a moment, just loving the feel of him, then began to move against him.

She loved this, looking into his face, into his eyes, as they made love. It seemed she could see all the emotions he felt by watching his eyes. His hands were strong and hot on her, holding her close. She could feel his heart pounding on her chest, inhale his very breath as they moved together. His cock was home, deep inside her, filling her and even hurting just a little. It was a good hurt, one she relished for hours afterward.

It had been too long for either of them to wait. As she moved against him, she could feel his cock rubbing up and down on her sensitive clit and knew she was going to come soon. He felt her thighs tighten, felt her body stiffen and continued to thrust into her until he felt the first spasms begin. He watched from mere inches away as she went to that other world of pleasure, one that held her enthralled for long seconds of delight. He continued talking to her, knowing she could hear his voice as she trembled with completion.

Michael knew when Kate became aware of him again. He could see the transition in her eyes, the desire to please him suddenly uppermost in her mind. She held his cock with her spasming muscles, milking and squeezing him, making love to him without ever moving. Now her mouth lazily moved to his, loving him, teasing him. Her very hot hands moved up and down his back, making soft patterns, occasionally scratching him lightly. God, she had the tightest little pussy he had ever felt. He was completely sheathed in her moist heat. Without moving, she increased the pressure on his cock, and he knew he couldn’t last any longer.

kate sensed the impending orgasm, heard the growl begin in his chest, and felt his cock swell inside her. When Michael finally erupted, she clung to him and enjoyed the spasms against her silky pinkness.

He seemed to come forever, pouring himself into her, filling her. Finally, he opened his eyes and looked into hers. He kissed her softly, held her close. Then he stood, lifting her with him, not wanting to break the connection. He carried her to their bed, settling with her into the soft cocoon they shared.

They talked for hours, reconnecting. Their bodies automatically moved into the snuggle positions, wrapped around each other, Kate’s body intricately woven with Michael’s.

They had survived the week.


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