Coming Home

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I’ve been gone too long, four years of college and two more getting my career started. Now, being home with Mom and Katie is like finding my roots. I do not mean to say I did not like being on my own, plenty of girls and living in the gym so much of the time. I don’t mean weights either but boxing, God I love a good fight.

Training to be a mechanical engineer and being lucky to be transferred back to within commuting distance of home, just seems too good to be true. So much has changed, Katie is nineteen now. She grew up while I was away, I know I have to reconnect with her, and there is time though.

Even Mom seems more at peace since the old man died, dad wasn’t old but the name just stuck. Five years has gone by quick, Mom is only forty-four and I have to admit that she still looks hot. Older women just seem drawn to me, especially when they find out I have a big dick. Who says size does not matter.

The biggest thing is, now I have to find a gym, I love boxing too much to give it up. At twenty-five and in my career, no one imagines what I like to do for fun. Back in LA, even the black fighters did not want to spar with me, they said I hit too dam hard. I was always proud of that, I knew I could never go pro but respect from guys who were really good, made me realize I was feared. Respect is what it’s all about.

There are some issues I have to straighten out at home though. Katie dresses like an old lady. It’s those two fat Carlson sisters she hangs out with, be friends with them but you do not have to dress like they do. I have to set Katie straight and soon.

I can tell she has a cute body, nice little ass and small tits. Just the way I like them, she is my sister but I have eyes. The baggy jeans and the big shirts, she is trying to hide or something. Maybe, she thinks she is ugly, I’ll fix it.

But, my other concern is not going to college. She wants to be a Massage Therapist, where did that come from. Christ, I have had plenty of chicks give me a massage and they certainly were not therapists. Mom says she knows what she is doing so I guess I might just have to accept it. A Massage Therapist though, she’s to shy too even look people in the eyes let alone give a massage.

I have not even looked at her love life; something tells me she is still a virgin. Nothing wrong with that but if she keeps hanging out with those tow cows, she is never going to get laid. And with that cute little body, that would be a waste. I have to admit, I find myself checking her out, so she must have a cute package otherwise my radar would not go on.

“Please Please Please.” Katie said.

“All right, I’ll do it. I’ll be your test patient.” I said.

Katie needs to practice giving a massage and guess I will be the recipient. Jesus, I didn’t think about it but do I turn over on my back, I haven’t got laid myself in a while and what if I get a hard on. This could be tricky, going to have to think of those fat friends, that will kill my dick from acting up.

“I’ll be down in ten minutes, I need a shower.” I tell her.

Be a good time to jerk off too, no chance of getting hard with her rubbing my stomach and thighs. For some reason, when women rub my thighs, I just get hard, don’t know why but I do. No time to jerk off either, plus nothing to look at, I need to at least see some skin on a woman.

Shit, what do I wear? Am I supposed to wear my shorts or wrap a towel around my waste? If I wear my shorts, that will help keep me under control. She will not know the difference; odds are this is a one shot deal anyway.

“You’re just supposed to wear a towel; I’ll get oil on your shorts otherwise.” Katie said.

How the fuck did she know I had my shorts on. Even worse, she has one of those white gowns on. I knew the kid had nice legs; it would be easier if she dressed the way she normally does. Now, this is going to be tough. My head says no but my dick might say full speed.

“Relax; I’m sure plenty of girls have given you a massage before.” Katie says.

Yeah, and they ended up with their legs spread wide open too. I fucked Susan for twenty-five minutes straight the last massage she gave me. But, I do not think little Katie wants to know those details. Dam, Susan and Katie are built about the same. Great, Katie gives me a massage and memories of Susan give me a hard on. What have I got myself into?

This kid is good, I really am enjoying this. Guess there is a difference between a masseuse and a massage therapist. The way she is rubbing my back and arms, I’m in heaven.

“I can’t believe how hard you are.” Katie says.

What did she just say, did I hear it right. Maybe this kid is not so naive after all. She couldn’t have meant it the way I thought she did.

“All right, time to do the front. Roll over.” She tells me.

My biggest fear is what if I start to get hard, the black guys in LA always teased me about how hard I could hit for a white boy and also having a big dick. I wonder why white guys aren’t as big as the blacks; bursa escort bayan I measured mine at seven and a half inches. Women sure never complained.

Great, those little hands are working there way up to my thighs. I need a bigger towel. There is something about the way she is moving those hands and fingers. She might be a virgin, but she has some cat like moves too. And those legs, Jesus, just the way she’s stretching. Almost like, she is giving me a look at her body.

Too late, what do I do now? Her hands are on my thighs, think about anything except this. Maybe, no, it’s getting hard. She knows what she is doing, the little tease. Now my cock is straight up and she is still rubbing my thighs.

What do I do, she already knows I got a hard on. I should make her jerk me off, that is what I should do. Sister or no sister, just lay back and enjoy it. Too late to worry now. She will just figure all guys get erections from a massage. Sure, I am sure they are taught that in school, happens all the time.

“Jeez Jimmy, you could be a porn star.” Katie says.

Now I know this kid is fucking with me. Now her hands are on my balls, sister or no sister. She’s either going to jerk me off or watch me do it. Let’s see if she likes being teased, God, I’m getting horny.

“What do you know about porn?” I asked.

“I look at porn, just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I don’t like it. Mommy does too.” She answers me.

Great, my balls are being rubbed by my little sister and now she tells me her and mommy look at porn. I can feel my cock about to explode.

“I love to watch when the guy…” She just leaves that hanging out in mid-air.

When the guy cums, that is what she is saying. This kid is killing me. I can feel her fingers moving up past my balls now. She will have those little hands wrapped around my cock in about a minute the way she is going. Let her, she caused this; she knew what she was doing.

“You keep moving your hands up and you’re going to see it happen live.” I tell her.

“I’ll give you a happy ending.” She says.

Did she say happy ending? Holy shit, the towel just came off and she has both hands wrapped around me like a baseball bat. This kid is good, I need this, I really do. It’s just a hand job, no big deal, not as if I’m fucking her or anything.

“Let me pour some lotion on you, I can’t believe how big you are. I wonder what it would feel like to…” Katie says.

You keep talking like that and I am going to rip those clothes off and fuck that little virgin pussy of your’s. Is she a virgin? Now, I wonder. Keep pumping kid, move both hands up and down. Pour the lotion on and make believe it’s your tight little hole I am fucking. Almost there baby, just a little more.

“Do you like looking at girls my age on the computer? Do you get turned on? What do you like them to do?” She asks me.

Almost there, it’s close. I can feel it coming.

“I bet you like to look at them with their ass wide open. All guys like that pose.” She teases me.

“You keep teasing me and I’ll make you pose that way. Pussy and asshole wide open. How would you like that?” I say.

Relief, finally. I’m shooting.

“C’mon baby, stroke it all out of me.” I say.

Past the point of caring now, this kid has either jerked off a lot of guys or watched a lot of movies. I hope it’s the movies.

“Aw baby, just keep moving those hands up and down. That’s it; you know what you are doing.” I tell her.

I cannot believe how this kid jerked me off. Now I’m wondering if she is a little whore. I know it sounds terrible for me to say. Double standard for guys, we can fuck all we want but girls are whores if they do.

“Jimmy, I have to tell you something. This is the first time ever that I did this. I have never been with a guy but something just started to happen as I rubbed you. Don’t be mad at me, Please. I want to be like other girls but I don’t know how.” She says to me with tears in her eyes.

Christ, I have cum all over my stomach and tears coming out of her. What the fuck do I do now? Am I her teacher because I let her jerk me off? I owe this kid something for being away five years.

“Well, I guess I’ll have to take you under my wing and teach you some thing’s. Don’t worry kid, I don’t start trouble but I finish it. You’ll be ok, you certainly did well tonight.” I say.

“Did I do it right?” She asks.

Did you do it right, I shot so much out of me I thought I was drowning. She must have watched a lot movies or someone has coached her. Mom would not have done that, but she is the one who said I had to come down here. I have to think of Katie, she said. Did she know what Katie was going to do? Now, I have two sex kittens on my hands. I’ll find out.

“Katie, you were great. I needed it. You really did a good job.” I say.

Imagine telling your sister she did a great job jerking you off. She did do a good job though, just wished she would show a little more skin. Easier gorukle escort to look at and be jerked off at the same time. This kid is good.

“So how was the massage?” Janet asked.

Now Mom is asking about the massage. I have to admit, in her tight jeans and little top, I would not mind going downstairs and having her jerk me off too. Older women are hot, and they all seem to want to take it in the ass. Christ, now I am thinking about fucking my mother in the ass. But she does have a nice ass.

“It was great, I really needed it.” I say.

“Katie couldn’t get over how hard you were.” She says.

What did she just say, I was hard. Did I hear right. OH my God, she’s bending over right in front of me. What an ass, I would fuck that all night. What am I thinking? Great, she caught me looking. Bullshit, she did it on purpose. I know this game, they play until it’s time to fuck. But, she is my mother for Christ sake.

“She said she really had her hands full.” Janet says seductively.

Why don’t you just take those jeans off, keep bent over. Let me see that camel toe, she does have a nice ass, ans she knows it too. She knows what she is doing; now my cock is hard as a rock. She has some cat moves. Well, I have some moves too.

“She really did a great job; I think she had some coaching though. I bet you would give a great massage. Epically if you wear those jeans, I think those are camel toe brand, aren’t they?” I say.

Let her squirm now. This is actually fun, who would have ever thought I would be flirting with my mother. Who ever thought I would be jerked off by my sister, either? Let see what her next move is.

“Do you like them, I like showing camel toe.” She replies.

I cannot believe it, if she spreads her ass any wider I’ll cum again. Now her nipples are sticking straight out, I should have come home sooner.

“You certainly show camel toe, that’s for sure.” I say.

“This is what we have to teach Katie, tonight was the first time I’ve seen her this excited. Hanging out with those two sisters, just keeps her hidden away. She idolizes you and tonight she pleased you. She feels safe with you, as I do, and I think you’re going to have to be her teacher.” Janet says.

Is she saying what I think she is saying? Fucking my own sister or is it teaching her about life. Giving her confidence or fucking her, which one. And what about this one, she’s not spreading her ass and nipples sticking out for no reason, either.

“You mean…” I cannot even finish.

“What ever it takes.” She says.

Getting permission to fuck my sister from our own mother. I don’t know why but the thought of having Miss Camel toe here riding my cock is driving me wild. Maybe we should fuck and Katie can watch and get her confidence up. I am too far gone to worry about saying the wrong thing now.

“Maybe you and I should work together, like surrogates.” I say.

“I hoped you would consider that, she could learn by watching us before you start fucking her, I mean having intercourse.” Janet says.

I never knew how hot she was until tonight; I would fuck her right now if she hinted at it. Give me a sign and I will rip those jeans off you’re skinny ass.

“She certainly did a good job jerking me off.” I say.

“Jimmy, we’re flirting with each other and that’s between us. But Katie needs to have her confidence inflated and you and I are the only one’s she really trust. Those Carlson girls are just keeping her at their level. I’m sorry they are obese and miserable but Katie is not like them.” Janet tells me.

Sounds different now how she puts it this way. It kind of makes sense; I am going to have to look at it that I am helping Katie. Having sex and helping someone at the same time, going to have to deal with this one for a while. Mom’s right though. Why not.

“I’ll take her under my wing and be a teacher to her, we both will be. Tomorrow, I am taking her to the Mall. She has to start dressing differently to feel better about herself. Jeans, thongs and tops like you have on. If you dress sexy, you feel sexy.” I say.

“Camel toe jeans?” Janet asks.

“I love that tight little ass you have. I wonder though, do you like having you’re asshole stretched as much as your pussy.” I ask her.

“OH, I think of that big cock stretching my ass wide open, kind of turns me on. Especially having Katie watching as you shoot inside me. How’s that sound?” She asks me.

“Like a plan.” Is all I can think of saying.

Lying in bed with my cock hard as a rock, tossing and turning. Better get some water. Walking to the kitchen, I can see Mom’s door half way open. I bet she is just as horny as I am.

“Jimmy, is that you?” I hear her say.

“Yea mom, just getting something to drink.” I answer.

“I was just reading one of romance novels. Why don’t you come in and I‘ll read some it to you.” She tells me.

My cock is on full alert now. I did not think it would happen this soon. bursa merkez escort bayan Opening the door and walking in, Jesus, she’s on her stomach naked, just lying there like it’s no big deal for her son to walk in and find her nude. Slowly, she opens her legs and lifts up just enough so that her ass is wide open. I can see her pussy glistening and she’s acting like it’s no big deal. Fuck it, I take my t-shirt and shorts off and standing there with my cock sticking straight out. I take in just what a great body she has for being over forty. The setting is so perfect, her hair rolled up behind her neck and those gorgeous long legs. Acting so coy as she opens her legs even more and turns her head giving me such a seductive smile. I feel like I’m goanna cum standing here.

“Listen to this, he see’s her light still lit in her room. Slowly, opening the door and stepping in quietly. He is greeted by the sight of the naked young woman; she knows he is standing behind her. Letting him know what she wants, she opens her legs wide open and lifts her hips slightly. She wants to feel him spread her apart, sliding into her aching cunt. Holding her down, riding her as she squeals in ecstasy and with his cock wet from her dripping hole, he pulls out and shoves deep inside her waiting ass. Letting it contract its muscle tightly around his shaft, waiting for the cream to explode inside her.”

I climb on the bed and come up on top of her. She must feel my cock on her lips; she’s still pretending to be reading the book. Her pussy is so wet, my cock slides all the way in and I start stroking her long and deep.

“I can’t believe how big it is, fuck me, fuck me hard.” She moans.

“C’mon sex kitten, tighten that pussy around me.” I say.

I cannot believe this is probably the best sex I’ve ever had, maybe because its taboo but I just love fucking her. Then I have an idea, “C’mon Janet, my wild Milf. Wrap those lips around my cock, squeal you little whore.” I tell her.

I don’t know what happened but it sure had an affect on her. She laid herself flat on the bed and I pounded her pussy. She pushed her ass up to meet my every thrust. I was thinking of fucking her ass but this just felt too good right now.

“I’m you’re Milf, ride me with that big cock. Is my pussy tight enough for you?” She moans.

“I can’t believe how tight you are, all you Milfs like to fuck.” I moan.

I want to stick it in her ass but wonder if it might be too big. I don’t want to hurt her either.

“Fuck my ass; c’mon let that snake spread my asshole apart. You’re not going to hurt me; I fuck my ass with a dildo and a vibrator in my cunt all the time. Fill me baby, I want to feel that hot cum shoot into me.” She moans.

This chick is just too much, just the thought of having her asshole and cunt filled drives me wild. I pull out of her and slowly slide into her quivering asshole, this feel so good. I cannot believe I am fucking my mother’s ass, this bitch is so hot. I know I am not going to last.

“Fuck me, fill me with your cum. You better get used to doing this; I have two holes that need to be filled all the time.” She moans.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” I moan.

“Shoot it deep inside me, go all the way in and shoot it. I want to feel it deep. I can feel it, it’s hot and you’re still shooting, I can feel your cock as it shoots each strand out. Let it all shoot inside me, I told you I would surprise you.” She moaned.

I just lay there, so easy to just pull the blanket up and go to sleep. Odd though, it’s ok that I just fucked her brains out but sleeping together some how wouldn’t be right. I know, it makes no sense but I think we both felt that way. As I was about to walk out, she said, “Goodnight honey, I think I better buy some more novels.”

I slowly walk back to my room; I still can hardly believing what had just happened. The best sex…and it was with my mother. She is just too hot.


Standing in Macy’s lingerie department felt a little strange, especially with my sister in tow. But, the kid needs my help.

“I would guess you’re a size two and a 32 A or B cup bra from where I’m standing,” I say.

“I know I have small boobs.” Katie replies.

I can tell she feels inferior, all women are supposed to have big boobs. If they don’t then there is something wrong. I think that is bullshit. Give me small boobs any day.

“Big boobs sag, small ones don’t. I love a woman with small boobs, especially long legs, and a little butt. You have a great figure, you just have to show it and feel good about yourself. There is a girl on the internet called Andi Pink, I’m telling you, she looks just like you. You just have to see yourself the way I do.” I tell her.

Taking a nineteen-year-old girl shopping for thongs and jeans makes for a frustrating adventure. I think she realized when she tried on those Levis that she caused me to get a hard on. This kid is strange, in some ways she is so shy and withdrawn but with me, she is a little sex kitten. They both are but last night was the best sex I ever had.

Now, I could use another massage. I don’t want to ask but sure wish she would ask me. Wrap those little hands around my cock and pump me until I explode. That’s what I need right now, a nice 4:00 PM hand job.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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