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Sarah rode the GO train Monday to Friday back and forth to her job at the long distance telephone provider she worked for in downtown Toronto.

She had worked for the company five years and enjoyed the high wages and benefits she would not receive in her own hometown.

The forty-five minute commute each was gave her an opportunity to drink her cup of Second Cup coffee and scan the Sun newspaper for the overnight news.

As she boarded the train at its Hamilton terminal she was always assured a seat in her preferred coach. Sarah liked to sit in the first or second coach of the train as when it pulled into Toronto’s Union Station she would be close to the street exit.

Many of the same commuters occupied Sarah’s coach during the week and she had struck up a casual acquaintance with a few of them.

There was Ron who worked for a major credit card company and was divorced and traveling from his rented room in Burlington. Ron was an affable chap always going on about how much he missed his children.

George was a software developer, a chubby prematurely bald bachelor who Sarah suspected may be gay.

Emily was in her coach most mornings as was Josie.

Emily was an older spinster secretary for a Toronto attorney and Josie a young attractive Asian girl betrothed to be married the following summer.

There were other familiar faces that did not have names and only warranted a polite smile and nod each day.

It was on this train that Sarah encountered temptation.

It was Monday morning and she had left her children at the daycare before boarding the train. She saw many of the usual people as she chose her seat in the second coach. She had just settled down waiting for the train to pull out of the station when he sat down in the seat beside her.

Sarah was a bit annoyed, there were plenty of unoccupied seats in the coach and she didn’t like her space being invaded.

“O.K., if I sit here?” the stranger asked.

Sarah politely smiled her consent.

Trying not to be obvious she took a closer look at her new seatmate. He looked a bit younger than her, perhaps in his early twenties and was nicely dressed in a well-tailored charcoal suit. Sarah imagined he was an up and coming employee of one of the many Toronto firms employing young college graduates. His sandy hair was cut in a close brush cut and he had the build of an athlete. If she was going to have a seatmate it might as well be him.

“Brad.” he introduced himself.

Sarah smiled and volunteered her name.

A Sarah had not yet started reading Brad engaged her in conversation, starting with an exchange of each other’s jobs, families and friends.

Sarah learned that Brad had indeed recently graduated from university and had been hired as an intern for a big advertising agency. He still lived with his parents in Sarah’s hometown and was betrothed to his university sweetheart and was to be married the following summer.

Sarah filled her new friend in on her husband and children, her job in the customer relations’ department of Sprint Canada and how she had gotten into a rut.

Brad listened with a sympathetic ear as Sarah lamented that her life had turned into going to work and back, looking after the kids and how her husband had no interest in taking her out places. She said she yearned for the excitement she had experienced in her university days.

They were nearing Toronto’s Union Station and would soon be parting when Brad made the bold suggestion ataköy escort that they meet sometime for a fun night out. Brad assured Sarah it would be just for fun and she could draw the limits as to where and what they did.

Brad had tugged on Sarah’s interest and she was not ready to end their relationship. Boldly she gave the good-looking sandy hair lad her cellphone number.

Brad was not on the train the following morning and their brief encounter slipped from Sarah’s mind. She was sitting in the lunchroom on her afternoon break when her cellphone rang.

“Hello.” she answered warily not recognizing the number on the call display.

“HI, it’s Brad!” the cheery voice on the other end replied.

“Hi Brad.” Sarah acknowledged.

“Wanna go out tonight?” Brad asked.

Sarah was bedazzled, he had caught her off guard, “Where to?” she asked.

“Maybe just a club?” Brad offered.

“I will have to call my husband and see if it’s O.K.?” she replied wanting to take Brad up on his offer.

“Let me know as soon as you can, you have my number.” Brad agreed.

Sarah felt guilty lying to her husband as it was so out of character for her. But she definitely needed a night of kicking up her heels without kids to look after and obligations to fulfill. Making up a story about a meeting at work that would last until late she told her husband she was going to stay in the city for the night. It was not unusual, Sarah had stayed in Toronto over night before when she worked late or there was a snowstorm or some other reason it was impractical to come home. Rick told her to take care and he would miss her.

Sarah felt like a real Jezebel when she returned Brad’s call agreeing to meet him.

“Is it O.K. if I bring a friend along?” Brad asked.

Sarah was surprised at his request but as it was all innocent fun she agreed.

Sarah walked into the dimly light Coq D’or shortly after five. Brad and another young lad were sitting at a table in the corner waiting for her.

Both men stood to greet her, “This is Carl.” Brad introduced his friend.

Carl was about the same age as Brad and equally as handsome. Carl had darker hair than Brad’s and his body was not as toned.

They sat at the table and the waiter brought their drinks Over a Daiquiri Sarah listened to the two young men warming up to their date for the night.

After the third Daiquiri Sarah was loosing much of her inhibitions and engaging in suggestive references in how they may spend the evening.

Sarah had never had the attention of two men at the same time before and the situation captured her interest. She had of course heard of threesomes but had never pictured herself participating in one. Perhaps this would be the night a new chapter opened in her life?

The taxi ride to the Inn on the Park was about twenty minutes. Sarah sat between Brad and Carl in the backseat necking while the cab driver watched in his rearview mirror.

Carl’s hand was squeezing her breast through her dress as Brad’s hand slid up her leg under her skirt. Both men took turns kissing her as Brad teased her pussy through her silk panties.

Sarah felt like a real harlot as she stood in the lobby while Brad registered.

They remained silent in the elevator as they rode up to the tenth floor of the tower. An elderly couple shared the elevator with them.

Sarah had not contemplated a night of sex, least of all with two lovers. It was just to be a night out away bakırköy escort from the kids, a few drinks and laughs and maybe some kissing. The alcohol had loosened her up releasing years of pent up frustration that had sent her on her quest for sexual fulfillment.

Arriving at the tenth floor the headed directly for room

005 which was to be their love nest.

The room was more lavishly furnished than Sarah had ever seen. Gold gilded white provincial furniture surrounded the largest canopy bed Sarah had ever seen. Out the panoramic window sparkled the night skyline of the city. A chilled bottle of champagne waited in an ice bucket with three glasses.

Sarah was not dressed for a night of debauchery and she wore the simple dress she had worn to work with her everyday underwear beneath. Had she know she was to be seduced she would have put on more erotic lingerie.

Carl poured each of them a drink from the bottle of sparkling wine. They laughed and joked as they got into the mood to pleasure their willing partner.

Sarah was beyond caring, inhibitions all removed by alcohol she was prepared to be a whore for these guys.

“Who wants their cock sucked?” she blurted out.

Brad and Carl both looked at her with interest.

“Get them out!” she ordered dropping to her knees.

Brad and Carl produced two very hard young cocks and walked over the where Sarah knelt. She reached out and took them in each of her hands.

Brad felt the warm wetness of her mouth first as she swallowed half of his cock in her mouth.

The thirty-two-year-old wife’s tongue performed magic on Brad’s cock extending it to its full potential as he felt her lips seal around it.

Sarah inhaled deeply, her cheeks sinking in to form a warm, wet pocket for his cock. He moaned softly as Sarah gently tugged Carl’s erection.

Sarah enjoyed the two young cocks, sucking each one alternatively and teasing them with her supple tongue. She knew she was driving them to a climax and they would be ejaculating their sperm onto her face and into her mouth. The thought of two men’s sperm in her belly at the same time drove her tongue in frenzy.

Brad surrendered first, releasing globs of his thick creamy cum over her lips. Sarah’s tongue quickly squeegee the thick man-juice from her lips scooping it into her mouth. Twirling the goop around in her mouth she swallowed and proudly opened her mouth to show she had ingested Brad’s cum.

Immediately she took Carl’s cock into her mouth knowing he would be following his friend’s eruption and not wanting to loose any of his cum.

Frantically she sucked the young man’s cock forcing him to give up the precious cum she craved.

Carl came in a deluge, spurt after spurt of his fresh warm sperm pumping directly into her mouth. Tilting her head back she let the slimy cum slide down her throat to join Brad’s.

“Where did you learn to suck cock like that?” Brad exclaimed.

“And swallow!” Carl added.

“I was young once.” Sarah smiled.

Sarah rose to he feet and Brad unfastened the back of her dress while Carl peeled it off her shoulders. The dress fell to the floor leaving Sarah standing before them in her well-filled bra and bikini panties.

Through the thin material of her panties Brad and Carl could see Sarah was natural and unshaven. A strand of her pubic hair had escaped through the leg opening.

The bra strained to contain her ample breasts and her aroused nipples were discernible under the smooth cups.

“Boy, are we going to fuck you!” Brad smiled.

Brad led Sarah over to the large bed and laid her across it. She stared at the canopy above her as her panties were pulled down over her hips and down her legs.

Hands parted her legs and fingers entered her hungry pussy.

Sarah moaned as hand raised her bra and cupped her bare tits.

She felt the bed yield to the weight of Brad joining her and she was looking into Brad’s eyes as he mounted her.

She felt Brad positioning his cockhead at he opening and then his cock spreading her lips and sliding into her waiting cunt. Sarah’s legs wrapped around Brad’s hips and drew him into her.

As Brad began fucking her Sarah felt Carl’s mouth swallow her left nipple.

Brad’s was the first cock other than her husband’s to enter her pussy in years and it felt refreshingly good. Fucking Rick had become a lethargic weekly exercise of draining his balls offering little satisfaction to Sarah Brad’s vibrant young cock brought life back to her sex.

“Oh god yes, I need that!” Sarah moaned as Brad’s cock churned in her juices.

Carl was sucking Sarah’s nipple like a famished infant as his friend’s cock plunged in and out of her pussy.

“I knew you were a slut!” Brad goaded Sarah as he plundered her body, “I could tell you were cock starved when I first saw you.”

Sarah wondered if her frustration was so obvious a stranger could detect it? No, surely it was just dirty talk.

“Carl and I are going to fuck your brains out.” Brad promised.

Sarah smiled as she nourished Carl’s needs.

Brad’s potent sperm flooding her womb triggered Sarah’s orgasm.

The orgasm stuck her like a bolt of lightening right between her legs. It was if thousands of volts of electricity radiated from the head of Brad’s cock into Sarah’s womanhood.

“Oh Christ, you’re making me cum!” Sarah cried.

The intensity of her orgasm was more than she could contain, her body trembled as the wave of spasms shook her body.

Brad plunged the coup de grace driving his meat far into Sarah’s sacred space.

“Aaaaaaagh!” Sarah groaned.

Brad withdrew his spent dripping cock from Sarah’s throbbing pussy. Her cunt tingled even without a cock in it.

As Brad dismounted she felt Carl taking his place.

She felt Carl’s cock slid into the mess Brad had left inside of her.

The replacement hard cock instantly brought Sarah back to life, her pussy quivered around the new invader. Her legs and arms embraced him.

Sarah fucked the stranger as if he were her long lost lover, her body clenched to his as they did the ancient dance of mating.

Carl’s cock made soft squishing noises as it slid in and out of her sloppy hole. She was getting wetter and wetter as she was fucked.

She wondered if Rick would be able to tell she had been cock-pounded when she got home? Right now she was enjoying Carl’s cock too much to care.

“Oh yes, that’s it, fuck me!” she moaned as Carl’s cock battered her cervix.

Over the following hour Carl and Brad took turns tag-teaming the horny young wife.

They pumped load after load of sticky strings of cum into her pussy until it was running down the insides of her thighs from her red, swollen pussy lips. Still she wanted more and more not being able to extinguish the inferno they had ignited.

It was two worn out young bucks that delivered Rick’s wife home to him that night.

“Did you have a good night Dear?” Rick asked looking up from his newspaper as she entered the room.

“Come upstairs and I will show you!” she smiled kicking off her shoes and heading up to their bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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