Confident, Older , Powerful Men Ch. 05

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In this section Hanna and Jason are lust-consumed, that turns into a torrid ‘family affair.’


After hanging up from her father her she told her brother that she was a little nervous when he called. He kept running his hand up and down her leg to calm her and slowly went back to kissing. This time it was a sexy kiss that had them both groaning, and groping for each other. As they kissed her hand drifted to his pants as his went to her amazing tits.

“Wow, you are really huge,” she said in a hot breath as she kissed him hard as her hand tried to expand around the width of his big cock.

“Talk about huge,” he said almost in a stutter as his hands squeezed the biggest pair of tits he ever saw or felt.

“Oh god I heard so much about you,” she said in a hot breath as she continued to squeeze along the length of his huge shaft.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned from the thrill of his hot sister’s hands on his big cock, happy that she did hear the stories from her girlfriends.

“Why do you think I fucked them,” he groaned as he kissed her hard.

“Oh God-just so I’d know you had a really big cock.”

“Yeah sis,” he said in a groan as he heard his sister use the word ‘cock.’ “I wanted to fuck you for years,” he said in a deep groan.

“And I’ve been so turned onto you,” she said throwing her head back from the thrill of her brothers hands messaging her huge tits.

“Do you know how many nights I jerked off to you sis,” he groaned.

“Oh God, me too baby,” she said now deep in ecstasy and going lust crazed.

“Let’s fuck sis-I can’t take it anymore. I’ve got to fuck you bad,” he growled.

“Yes baby,” she groaned as she let go of his huge, bulging hard-on and pulled off her loose-fitting sweater.

As they each stripped their eyes were locked onto each other as each piece of clothing came off them. The second she unclasped her bra and saw her perfect round tits and her hard little pink nipples he nearly came.

“Fuck you’ve got perfect tits sis,” he groaned as he brought his head down to suck each of her hard nipples.

“Oh God that feels so good baby,” she groaned as she rolled her eyes in her head.

Her brother’s mouth on her excited nipples was sending sparks through the flat tips right into her wet pussy. As he was sucking her tits his left hand was pulling her panties off. She helped him get her panties off by pushing off her new pumps and lifting her sexy ass. Once she felt her panties reach her ankles she lifted her pumps off the floor as he slipped them over both of her new pumps.

Desperate to suck his sister’s cunt he went between her legs and spread them apart as he took in the sight of her shaved pussy with a small teardrop patch above her clit.

“Nice cut sis,” he said in a low, throaty voice as he looked at her shaved pussy and the ridge of her exposed fuck lips that clung together waiting to be separated by his tongue and his big cock.

“It was for Tom (her current boyfriend) but now it’s for you,” she said in a low groan knowing her brother was staring right at her exposed pussy.

She was already panting at the thought of her brother’s tongue and mouth on her pussy. She had dreamt about it and fantasied about it for so long and now here he was between her legs about to eat her himself. Her two boyfriends had done this to her and she absolutely loved it.

Pulling his sisters sexy fuck-lips apart he starred at the most beautiful pussy he ever laid eyes on. He had fucked about 10 girls his age and 50 older women starting with his 45 year old High School math teacher who was married with three kids then his 75 year old college English Professor.

She stood 5’4″ tall and weighed 102 pounds. She was never married and didn’t have any children and had an amazing body with an incredible set of 34DD tits that defied her narrow waist and thin frame. Although she had a weathered face from years of chain smoking, her body oozed sex. If not for the years that showed on her face, from smoking 4 packs of cigarettes a day since she was 14, her body could easily pass for a hot 20 year old.

She had a pair of huge nipples that could always be seen poking through her lace bras and sheer blouses and a wet ass that could take his big cock with little resistance. In the classroom she always dressed teasingly and younger than her years wearing short miniskirts with high heel pumps , and always a sheer blouse that highlighted a sexy, lace white, black or red bra. The 75 year old professor had heard about the stud’s huge cock from the ‘Professor’ grape-vine.

It was the night she was in bed with a sexy 18 year old teenage female student and another black female professor who was 63 years old and also had a great body. During their wild fuck season the black professor brought up the rumor about Jason’s really big cock and the teenage girl confirmed it saying he fucked her roommate, but that she couldn’t take him, because he was too huge.

The Professors grapevine was a group of male and casino oyna female teachers that always had their beds full with college co-eds. The Professor grapevine had him fucking a different older, sophisticated woman every night, and on a lot of nights two hot, older women in bed together.

This was how Jason spent his entire freshman year. This is also how he honed his skills at fucking and using his great big cock to drive women crazy. And now all his experience fucking older professors at college was going to pay off with his smoking-hot sister.

As he licked all over his sister’s hot pussy his hands were messaging her gorgeous ass as it hung off the sofa.

“Oh God,” she groaned out loud as her brothers expert tongue licked up and down and finally between her soft folds.

“Such a beautiful cunt sis. An amazing taste,” he groaned, as he compared his sisters pussy taste to the many older professors he fucked that year and a lot of the girls on campus.

“Oh God, where did you learn to do that,” she groaned as she rolled her eyes up into the back of her head as he took both her pussy lips between his pouty lips and pulled them apart as he turned his head sideways so that he could use his lips to jerk her pussy lips off.

“Lots of Professors at college sis,” he groaned as he took in the incredible sent of his sisters amazing pussy.

“Oh God, you studied really hard,” she groaned as a powerful orgasm shot right through her like a tidal wave.

As his sister came he inserted a finger in her ass. This was something he learned from all the older professors he fucked. He learned from them that this added to the intensity of their orgasm and made then not only cum really hard, but made them ultra horny, which is how he wanted his hot sister to be.

“Oh fuuuuuk,” she groaned as she continued to explode over his mouth from the excitement of having her brothers mouth on her pussy and his finger up her asshole.

It was the first time he had ever heard his sister use the word fuck, and to her surprise it was also her fist time, but through the weekend and after that she would use the word fuck many times as it would become part of her ‘new’ sexy vocabulary.

As she continued cumming through the most powerful orgasm of her life she instinctively lifted her legs and wrapped them around her brothers back. Feeling her new high heel pumps dig into his back he stared to groan really hard as he continued to finger fuck her wild ass.

“Don’t stop cumming baby,” he commanded as he pulled his mouth away from her pussy and began finger fucking her spasming cunt with two fingers and he continued to fuck her wild ass with one finger.

“Oh God, Oh God,” she cried out in a lust crazed state as her pussy and ass exploded at the same time.

For the next 10 minutes she continued to explode in one, long, drawn –out orgasm that made her see stars. When he knew she was right at the height of her orgasm he pulled his huge cock out and brought it to her wet fuck hole.

As soon as she felt her brothers big cock head touch her fuck lips she exploded again.

“Fuck me. Fuck me with that great big cock lover,” she groaned as her eyes were rolled back inside her head.

Cautiously, sending an inch at a time into her smoking pussy, opening her up and spreading her wider than she ever have in her life, was pure torture for him as he nearly blew his load the second his cock met his sisters gorgeous pussy.

“Oh fuck, so hard to hold back my load with you sis,” he groaned as he thought of how much self-control he had with all his older Professors.

While he was kissing her pussy earlier, telling her he liked the way is was shaved she told him that she was on the pill and had been since she started dating her first boyfriend Jimmy 6 months ago.

The second his big cock hit bottom he lost it, and so did she as pushed his body close to her as he flooded the insides of her clinging cunt with a hot load that lasted for half a minute. As he came her pussy exploded in a sexy unison along with him. Through their earth-shattering orgasm they kissed hard as their broth/sister juices mixed in the most incredible ‘fuck cocktail’ ever.

After they both came he lay beside her and the continued to kiss as their heart-rates continued to be at rapidly.

Oh my God you are really huge,” she said taking hold of his fleshy cock for the first time, feeling its massive size in her hands.

“Your cock is ten times bigger than both my boyfriends,” as they kissed and she ran her out stretched hand up and down his growing shaft.

Oh fuck sis, your hands feel great,” he groaned then added, “God your pussy was amazing.

“As good as all your whores’ baby,” she said slyly feeling his cock turn to steel in her hands.

“Fuck sis, I never fucked a more incredible pussy. It’s like my cock was designed for your cunt,” he groaned wanting to fuck her again.

“Well it kinda’ was big brother,” she said kiddingly making the reference to her being his sister.

As canlı casino she stroked him he started kissing her huge tits again.

“Dam you have the biggest most sexy tits I ever saw sis,” he said as each kissed each one then began sucking her pink nipples to life again.

“Oh fuck, you’re making me so hot again baby,” she groaned excitedly.

“Sensitive nipples sis.”

“Oh fuck yeah,” she groaned as her pussy reached the boiling point.

“You want this big cock to put out that fire in your pussy sis,” he groaned loudly.

“Oh fuck yeah baby. Fuck me again with your huge assed cock,” she said in a sultry voice neither of them recognized.

“Get on the couch on your knees sis. I wanna fuck you from behind,” he growled.

Prying her tight pussy apart again, he fucked into her real slow as her slippery cunt adjusted to his big cock. Half way down she exploded all over his shaft, her liquid coating his fat shaft in a way that lubricated it, allowing him to fuck deeper and faster.

As he fucked her in a steady rhythm he reached around and grabbed her hanging tits and played with her sensitive nipples causing her to toss her head and groan loudly.

“That’s it sis, fuck me back with that sexy ass of yours,” he said in a voice that turned her on.

None of her boyfriend’s ever talked this way to her. Her brother, and his great, big cock were bringing out the animal in her, and she responded in turn

“Fuck me baby. Fuck your new pussy with that big assed cock,” she groaned as her ass met his every thrust.

After her pussy came five times nearly making him exploded each time they settled into an incredible fuck rhythm that lasted an hour. During that time they lay on their sides as she turned her head and they kissed as he held her left leg up and fucked into her. At one point he looked up and saw her new high heel pump on her foot. The sight of her being nude with just her pumps on made him explode inside her in a flood.

After they came she went down on her knees and took his rubbery cock in her hands. As she licked it clean he was going out of his mind seeing his conservative sister with his big cock in his hands.

“I wanna’ blow this huge cock,” she hissed

“I wanna suck the cum out of my big brothers huge assed cock,” she groaned as she took his throbbing cockhead into her mouth.

Stretching her mouth wider than she ever had to do for her boyfriends she greedily sucked his huge crown as she pumped his thick shaft up and down with her out-stretched, groaning like crazy from him having a cock so big.

Hearing the sounds of her brother groaning and telling her she gave amazing head turned her on like crazy. After ten minutes his cock spurted the most powerful blast of hot seed she ever felt. As she kept pumping him he kept shooting.

“Swallow that load sis,” he commanded, as she drank and drank his hot seed.

After the second blast she herself exploded from the excitement of her brother’s cock cumming in her mouth. It was something she had dreamt about for so long, and now here was, exploding in her mouth without any signs of stopping. She could not believe the amount of cum he shot down her throat, as she once again compared him to her two boyfriends who never shot more than a few bursts of cum during their orgasms.

After he came they kissed hard and passionately. After kissing like long-lost-lovers he suggested that she model the outfits he bought for her. Thinking it would be really sexy she took the boxes in the order he gave them to her and went to her room to try each item on and model for him.

As he went to set his camera again his big cock began to swell at the idea of her posing for him again and fucking her. As he was thinking how proud of himself he was for planning this entire week out and that he finally got to fuck his smoking, hot sister he heard the clicking sounds of her high heels as she came down the hall.

As she walked down the hall putting one high heel pump in front of the other she felt her nipples turn to stone at the thought of posing for her handsome brother and the thrill of exciting his huge cock again. “God, I can’t wait to fuck him again,” she thought to herself as she saw him holding the camera.

His mouth once again dropped at the sight of his knockout sister as she modeled the one piece swimsuit for him. The pumps added a real naughtiness to the swimsuit and the sight of her 44DD tits spilling over the top of the cups had him rock-hard at the sight of her.

“Fuck sis, I still can’t believe that amazing body of yours,” he growled as he began shooting her as she confidently took on poses that kept him hard-as-a rock.

“Umm, I’m just happy to see that great, big cock fill out your shorts for me,” she said in a sly voice as she ran her tongue over her upper lip seductively.

“Fuck sis, there’s a lot more that I want to fill,” he said putting his camera down after he took a 100 shots of her in the sexy, one-piece swimsuit.

Kissing her hard and telling her he had kaçak casino fuck her, he spun her around and bent her over the table as he took out his straining cock from his shorts and sent it way up into the back of her already wet pussy. Her new pumps helped arch her ass, giving him the perfect angle to fuck into.

“Fucking wet sis.”

“Oh fuck just getting dressed I was so horny thinking about your great big cock and the way you fucked me.

“I’m gonna fuck you a lot of ways this week sis-a lot of ways,” he snarled as his 11 inch cock was swallowed by her incredible hot cunt.

“Oh baby it’s all yours-all yours big brother,” she said turning her head to meet him in a hot kiss.

As he held her narrow waist and fucked her from behind her pumps clicked on the wooden floor from the way he was angling his big cock. Her wearing pumps only added to the sexy and very naughty, hot brother/sister fuck.

After a few minutes he knew he was going to cum and he wanted her to explode with him. Reaching around and moving the front of her suit to the side he began messaging her swollen clit.

“Oh fuck,” she she groaned in ecstasy as she felt her brother do something to her she never realized.

“That’s it cum sis. Come with me sis” he said as he worked her sensitive clit to an explosive cum.

“Oh fuck. Fuck that’s so hot,” she said exploding all over her brothers fat shaft, coating it in an obvious, white liquid as his cum coated the walls of her incredible pussy.

After cumming she turned around and they kissed passionately like lovers.

“This is going to be an incredible week baby,” she said as her hands lifted his cock and she began caressing it again.

“Oh fuck yeah sis, the best fucking week,” he moaned as she broke away to model her jean cutoff short outfit.

When his sister came out wearing the tight jean shorts and the sheer white blouse, tied under her huge tits, with the sexy, white lace bra and her hot, black pumps his eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. The sight of her jean cut-offs going all the way to her upper thighs with the pockets hanging down from the cut-off edge, with the front button unbuttoned as huge tits swayed from the looseness of her sheer, lace bra, had him going insane. The added effect of her high heels clicking seductively on the wood floor had him ready to explode.

“Oh fuck sis, you are so fucking hot,” he said as he ran his hand down the length of his bulging cock as she walked to him slowly, and deliberately, with a sly grin on her face, purposely crossing one pump in front of the other as they clicked naughtily each time they made contact with the wood floor.

“Fuck, you know you’re smoking hot sis. I can see it in your face,” he said as she just grinned at him slyly then squeezed his big hard-on as she walked past him.

As she walked by he noticed a pair of scissors in her hands, but instantly took his eyes off them to catch the sight of her wild, swaying ass. His eyes were riveted to her long, slender legs and her incredible ass.

She then handed him the scissors as he looked at her with a confused expression.

“I want you to cut the backs of my shorts to show my ass a little more,” she said hotly.

“Fuck sis-I love the ‘new’ you,” he groaned as he ran his hands across her incredible ass.

Standing in front of the expensive wood coffee table he took her hand, and helped her stand on it.

Standing in her sinful new pumps, with her amazingly curved ass just inches from his face, was pure torture for him, and she knew it too, loving every torturous second of it.

As she stood on the expensive table, she was loving the feeling of his hands, holding the scissors as he carefully cut around her sharply ass cheeks. After her shorts were cut, she teasingly asked him if he liked her ass.

“Oh fuck sis, you have the most amazing ass I’ve ever seen,” he groaned

“Show me how much you like it baby,” she said as she looked down at him with her hungry eyes.

He instantly began thrashing her ass cheeks with his tongue, which caused her to moan

“Oh fuck yeah baby. That feels so sexy,” she groaned out loud

She then felt her brother pull her cut off shorts to the side and felt his tongue work its way into her hot asshole, and across her now exposed fuck lips. She was going wild, as her high heels clicked on the expensive table making little imprints in the wood from the spike of her heel.

“Oh fuck yeah,” she cried out as her skilled brother probed and pierced her wild asshole and pussy lips with the tip of his tongue.

He then began sucking her pussy lips as his finger worked its way into her soaking wet asshole. Within seconds she snarled,

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum baby.”

For the next two minutes she pounded her hot ass against her brother’s mouth as his tongue shot as far up into her pussy as it could go. As she was squatting up and down, going crazy from the way he was fucking her with his tongue he continued to finger-fuck her wild ass and probe the insides of it as her pussy exploded all over his mouth.

In all his years of fucking girls his age or any of the older women and his Professors he never tasted a finer pussy.

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