Conflicted Ch. 09

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Chapter 9: She’s Taken By Surprise

Leslie sat in her bathroom, wearing just a red thong and bra set, gently cleaning the skin where her tattoo was. It was Christmas Eve today; the tattoo had had five days to heal, and it was progressing nicely, despite some scabbing. She hadn’t had a chance to see her boyfriend since she got it, and she wondered if that was a good thing, as she could hide the gross reality of the first few days after getting a tattoo.

Before she got it, she wasn’t sure if a lion’s head was too masculine for her to get, but the thin, intricate, dark green lines weaved a delicate picture of a lion with a beautiful floral mane. She had even started wondering when she could get the design coloured in. She had also been nervous about the size of the tattoo as it was quite big; it was placed just above her ankle bone, and covered 5cm by 5cm across the outer side of her lower leg, but when she considered what it was, a gift to Stuart, she was happy she hadn’t caved to her fears and gone smaller. The thing she liked about it most though – and each time she saw it, this feeling sunk into her a little bit more – was that it was a permanent mark of Stuart, etched onto her skin forever.

Her family didn’t know this, of course. They each had a different reaction to her new body art. She cast her mind back to when she returned to the house hours after getting her Stuart-inspired branding.

When she got back that day, she walked into the kitchen and her family, presumably curious to see what a freshly tattooed, middle-class mother-of-two looked like, quickly joined her as she placed her bag down on the same counter she had been bent over a few weeks previously, as the teenager who bullied her son took her from behind.

Both her children looked to their father. He had tried to hide his look of disapproval, which, in fairness, had Leslie not known him so well, she might not have noticed, but it was there to read on his face. Despite this, he spoke politely, his annoyance barely conspicuous as he stated both the tattoo and the belly dangle ‘looked nice’.

“Yeah, I like your belly button, Mum. I didn’t expect something so pink. I think it’s really cool. I think it’d look really good if I got one,” beamed her daughter, who then nervously looked at her dad before adding, “When I’m 18, of course.”

Leslie had avoided making eye contact with her husband, worried about the reaction he would have to their daughter being encouraged to modify her body because of her own piercing and tattoo. Instead, she turned to her son, who was inspecting her ankle tattoo.

“Wouldn’t have expected you to go for a lion,” said her son.

“Oh, you don’t like it?”

“Actually, I kinda do. Bit strange how you made it look so girly, but I do think it looks good. Why the lion?”

“Oh… um…” she mumbled, feeling a pang of guilt as she thought about how it was the zodiac sign of Lewis’s bully, “Just liked the design.”

“Good a reason as any,” added her husband, his tone obviously sarcastic.

Her husband had made a couple more comments betraying his displeasure but after a couple of days those stopped. Leslie had hoped that was because he had become less bothered, but she suspected it was more likely to be that he was ignoring the situation.

Leslie finished cleaning her tattoo and put on her black swing dress; a shoulder-strap dress that hung loose over her whole body, before moving to her bedroom, where she donned a pair of red open-toed metal-stiletto heels. She grabbed some rouge lipstick from her make-up drawer; it was a shade of lipstick she wouldn’t have normally worn, as she preferred more natural tones, but this time it matched her underwear, her shoes and her carefully painted fingernails and toenails.

She checked the time, half-past six, and peeked her head out the bedroom door. Her sister, along with her family, was due to arrive soon but, judging by the lack of extra voices coming from downstairs, she assumed that they were still on their way.

Leslie quickly shut the bedroom door again and whipped off her dress; as it was loose, it barely took a second to remove it, and grabbed her phone from her desk. She opened Whatsapp and went to her conversation with Stuart. A few days ago she realised that no one in her family would ever check her work phone. With her personal phone, it was commonplace for her children or husband to use it without ever needing to ask. It would be very suspicious if she suddenly changed the PIN code or in any way prevented them using it, however, with her work phone, she had legitimate reasons for keeping it private.

Technically, she wasn’t allowed to use her phone for personal reasons at all, but, in practice, provided she didn’t rack up any charges on her phone, which she wasn’t as she was careful to use it only when connected to WiFi, then no one would check.

Of course, this didn’t work both ways, as Stuart still only had one phone to contact Leslie on. She had expressed her nervousness güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri at this to Stuart, but so far nothing had gone wrong; his phone was password protected and to date no one had seen anything she had sent him, especially as a teenager being possessive over their phone was the norm.

Leslie turned her phone to ‘selfie’ mode, and ensured her body was in shot, including the fingernails of the hand she wasn’t holding her phone with. However, she avoided getting her face in shot; she knew such a precaution was pointless, considering Stuart had a sex tape of the two of them going at it, but she still didn’t feel comfortable having her face in a provocative shot sent over the phone. She captioned the photo with ‘Everything matches… do I look pretty?’

She snapped another photo, this time of just her lips pouting and sent that too, labelling that with ‘My lips match too… wish they were wrapped round your hard cock.’

Leslie looked excitedly at the confirmation that the photos sent – after all, she had bought the lingerie set for him, though, ironically, she rarely wore underwear around him – and turned the phone back to standby mode. She quickly put her dress back on, checked her appearance and then, after she took a second to let her heart stop racing at sending such an explicit message, headed out of her bedroom.

Coincidentally, just then, she heard the chime of the doorbell and she eagerly sped up. The loose, lightweight material of her dress billowed up around her waist; it wasn’t enough to expose anything embarrassing but it tickled her bare skin and threatened to reveal her skimpy underwear. Unwilling to flash her family, she slowed down enough to prevent her intimate areas from being put on show, descending the stairs with caution.

She reached the final step when her daughter flung open the door to Steph, Leslie’s younger sister. Steph was a couple of years younger than Leslie but they had always looked very similar, though perhaps Leslie’s features were softer and more ‘motherly’. Steph had always bonded to people quicker than Leslie could. Steph was always the wilder one, always she was the exciting and adventurous one; their mother secretly confided to Leslie many times that she was worried Steph would never be a success in life.

So it was a shock to their family when Steph got engaged at the age of 23, and it was almost out of the blue, after a string of short-term boyfriends. It took a few days for Steph to admit it, but after asking for the wedding to take place at a short notice, it became obvious that she had fallen pregnant, and six months after she was married, her little sister gave birth to twin boys, just weeks before Lewis was born.

The sisters hugged, kissing each other’s cheeks, and the extended family members greeted each other, Katie particularly enthusiastic to see her aunt; the two had always been close, bonding over more traditional ‘girly’ things like make-up and clothes. Their sons were a lot more muted in their greetings, but the male cousins were good friends as they were the same age and had similar interests. She noticed the guests glancing at her ankle, but none of them said anything about it.

Tony, her brother-in-law, grabbed his and Steph’s bags and headed to the guest bedroom. Her nephews were staying on fold-out beds that had been set-up in Lewis’s room. She had watched Lewis moving the furniture around the room to make space for the new beds and she felt naughty, in a good way, when she saw him move his desk and computer chair, thinking about how Stuart had fucked her to orgasm on both of them. She took her husband to bed a little earlier that night and thought about being fucked on the desk by Stuart; she had gotten so into it she almost called her husband ‘Stuart’.

Steph and her family took twenty minutes to smarten themselves up, after which all eight of them had dinner together. Leslie cleared the table and began the washing up when her sister joined her in the kitchen. Steph walked to her sister and loosely wrapped an arm around Leslie’s waist.

“Hey Les, want a hand?”

“Nah, I’m almost done, but thanks.”

“The food was good; I can’t wait until Christmas lunch tomorrow.”

“What’s up, Steph?” asked Leslie, politely but firmly.

“What do you mean?”

“You have your ‘we’ve got to talk’ tone of voice.”

“Fine…” laughed Steph, “I just was wondering about the tattoo… honestly, I didn’t believe it when you said. You’re supposed to be the sensible one! I’m pretty sure Mum is still mad at me for getting mine, and it’s been nearly 25 years.”

The pair of them giggled for a few seconds, Steph’s body jostling enough to expose part of her stomach, between her top and her trousers, and reveal the phoenix feather tattoo that she had just referred to.

“Does that mean you got your belly done too?”

Leslie looked round quickly to ensure she was in no one else’s line-of-sight, before pulling her dress up to just below güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri her breasts, flashing her thong as well as her belly button piercing.

“Wow!” exclaimed Steph, before she spoke again, her words careful, “Sexy underwear too… kinda adds to my point actually… I just thought, here you are, getting a tattoo, a new sexy belly piercing, you’re looking more toned too, so I’m assuming you’re going to the gym more…”

Steph trailed off and Leslie looked at her for a few seconds, before coaxing her along, “What’s your point Steph?”

“You remember my friend David, right?” asked Steph, sounding a little nervous; David had been a close friend and co-worker of Steph’s and Leslie had suspected that Steph was having an affair with him.

“Yeah…” answered Leslie, worried about where this was going.

“David,” she continued, hesitating for a second, “was a good friend… and I did new things and was in a good place… but spending time with him was taking away time from family and you know Tony and I argued a lot because of it… Just… if this is because of someone in particular then I don’t know if it’s the best idea…”

“No…” replied Leslie, feeling guilty about lying straight to her sister’s face, “I just felt like being a bit wild… taking a break from being a boring old housewife.”

Steph laughed, but Leslie could tell she wasn’t convinced, “Well, you’ve always been a boring old housewife, so you can’t stop now ‘Mrs Watkins’.”

“Hey, I can be fun! ‘Mrs Tweddle’,” retorted Leslie, and watched her sister roll her eyes; Steph had always thought her marital name of ‘Tweddle’ sounded silly.

Both sisters laughed of their discomfort at the situation, and Steph suggested they grab some wine. As Leslie opened the cupboard with the wine glasses, she began to wonder what life would be like for her in 10 years. She imagined Lewis coming home for Christmas with a fiancée and that girl asking her what her tattoo meant. She wouldn’t be able to tell anyone the truth, just shrugging it off as a ‘wild moment’ in her life. Leslie and Lewis might go to shops that day and coincidentally they spot Stuart. She imagined Lewis saying ‘oh there’s that arsehole I went to school with’, and Leslie would have to bite her tongue and pretend he meant nothing to her.

Leslie imagined seeing a beautiful woman in her mid-twenties, next to Stuart, young, firm and in the prime of her life. In Leslie’s mind, the woman turned around and she saw a large tramp stamp saying ‘Stuart’. The imagined Leslie looked at her tattoo and wondered if the young woman had her nipples pierced for him too. Stuart’s imaginary girlfriend could do all these things because she wasn’t some secret tryst with a husband and kids.

Leslie and Stuart’s future had popped into Leslie’s mind many times but the nature of how they met and their age gap had meant she was always too scared to think about it. She knew it had to end somehow, eventually, but right now, the thought of not being with Stuart actually caused a twang of pain to ripple through her chest for a second.

“Les?” called Steph, “Are you ok?”

“Yeah, fine, just day dreaming,” replied Leslie, who just realised she had been standing in front of the open cupboard for a good 30 seconds, without doing anything at all.

She followed her sister through to the living room, where their respective husbands were deep in conversation. Steph sat down next to Tony stroking his shoulder and pecking him on the cheek. Leslie sat down next to Malcolm and snuggled up next to him. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if, or rather when, she had to break up with Stuart. Another pang of pain gripped her chest and she put thoughts of the future far to one side as all of them clinked wine glasses.


‘Sleigh Ride’ was blaring from the living room speakers, as Malcolm and Steph prepared some nibbles to keep the family going until Christmas Lunch. Tony was peering curiously at various gifts under the Christmas tree. Leslie had been setting the table but she was now done. She told her sister and husband that she was going to wake up their kids, and they all joked about how at Christmas it used to be the children who were up at the crack of dawn, yet it was almost 9 am and not a peep from upstairs.

She went to Katie’s room first and saw that her daughter was already awake, but she was just lying there, using her laptop, presumably on Facebook or something like that. Katie groaned as she started to roll out of bed, so Leslie moved onto her son’s bedroom.

She knocked on the door and announced her entry, as she walked into her son’s bedroom. A simultaneous grunt greeted her, but none of the three boys moved. She walked to the window and leant over the bed to draw the curtains. She quickly moved away, towards the bedroom door, as she was worried that her nephews, whose beds were low down, might be able to see up her silk negligee to her bare pussy.

She saw some movement as the winter güvenilir bahis şirketleri sun shone through the window. Her son wedged his head between two pillows and she felt a taboo thrill as she remembered that she had used one of those to wipe between her legs when Stuart’s cum was dribbling out of her.

“Come on boys, we’ve got to open gifts, then have some breakfast, and then you have to get ready before Alan comes round. I don’t want to have a guest round when you’re all still in pyjamas,” she commanded, clapping her hands until she saw one of her nephews sit up.

Leslie went through to her own bedroom to check her work phone. She was excited when she saw 3 new notifications from Whatsapp. Stuart had explained to her how to prevent the notifications showing who had sent the messages, as she didn’t want anyone to accidentally see she was receiving messages from Stuart, and she certainly didn’t want sexually explicit messages appearing on her lock screen, but she knew it would be him.

The first message said, ‘looking at ur photos and again it made me hard’, the second message had a photo proving that he was hard and the third was ‘Merry Christmas you fucking slut!’.

Leslie pulled off her negligee and held her phone out for a selfie. She pinched her left nipple and pushed her chest out, again keeping her face out of the photo, partly for privacy and partly because she hadn’t had a shower yet. She added the message ‘Merry Christmas Bully Boy. Wish you were inside me xxxx’ and hit send. She pulled her negligee back on and went to delete the photos she had sent from her phone’s photo album when she noticed Stuart had already replied.

‘Babe I miss ur pussy. Show me it plz’

Leslie wasn’t sure how she felt about a really explicit picture of her vagina. She had never thought there was a way to make them look good, but she was horny and she had never ‘sexted’ like this before, so it was new and exciting. She sat down on the bed and pulled the hem of her negligee up to waist height. She parted her legs and used her free hand to spread her labia. She took a photo and sent it quickly, before she changed her mind and then giggled what she had just done.

‘Fuck. Ur so hot…’

‘Thanks baby. I haven’t had a chance to open your gifts yet. I’m looking forward to it.’

‘Me too cant wait to see what uve got me x’

Leslie had stashed her gifts from Stuart at the bottom of her gym bag, which was tucked away at the back of her wardrobe. She thought about grabbing them now, but just as she moved towards the wardrobe, she heard Lewis shouting.

“Mum, you made us get up, so where are you?”

“Coming,” she shouted back, as she ensured her negligee was decent again.


The children were playing a board game that Lewis had given to one of his cousins. Steph was helping to prep some of the food for lunch; Leslie had just put the turkey in the oven, and the two husbands were tasting some ales that Leslie had given Malcolm. Now seemed like the perfect time to sneak upstairs and open Stuart’s gifts.

She got to her bedroom and grabbed her work phone, happy to see some messages. Stuart had messaged her to say he was now going to open her presents. The next was a photo of a smiling Stuart holding a pen and a blue tie, captioned with ‘Thanks!! Ur so awesome xxx’.

Leslie, as she had written in messages in the respective gift boxes, she had bought him a tie so he could wear it to university interviews, as a way of ‘being with Stuart’ when he’s there, and she bought him a pen for him to use in his exams, hoping it could be a ‘good luck charm’. She had worried they were really boring gifts, but she didn’t think she could top a tattoo and piercing in terms of excitement.

Leslie grabbed her gym bag, towel and phone then headed into the bathroom. Leslie locked the bathroom door and put her bag on the floor so that she could whip off her negligee. She jumped into the shower and washed herself as quickly as she could. She was hoping to use FaceTime to call her boyfriend, but she didn’t really fancy doing it without washing herself first.

She towel dried her hair, so that it wasn’t soaking wet but as soon as she was satisfied she looked clean, she sent Stuart a Whatsapp message asking him if he was free to talk and when he said yes, confirmed that FaceTime uses WiFi data and wouldn’t appear on the list of phone charges. Satisfied that her company phone bill wouldn’t expose her affair. She pulled a pair of headphones from a side pocket of her gym bag and plugged them in before initiating the video call. She tingled with excitement the second Stuart appeared on her screen, and she enthusiastically, but quietly greeted him.

“Hi you slut, are you naked?” he asked, whispering back.

“Yup! I just got out the shower and I thought you might enjoy seeing me open your presents when,” she tipped the phone down to show her breasts and pussy, “I’m totally naked.”

“Looks good to me! Why are we whispering?”

“I’m whispering because I have 7 family members that could walk by the bathroom door, I don’t know why you are? I’ve got you on headphones.”

“Fair enough,” he said in a normal voice, “Thanks again for the gifts, it kinda made me excited for the prospect of going to an interview now, seems less daunting.”

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