Confronted with Homophobia Pt. 02

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“Where are you? Who are you with? Did you find Jimmy? We have to have coffee. I have to tell you about Robert.” She messaged me over and over.

I messaged her back.

“Just leaving Jimmy’s right now! Coffee where?” I sent back.

“Starbucks our usual, fifteen minutes, don’t keep me waiting.” Lisa sent back to me.

When I got there she was at our table, I call it our table but it is not really ours. She had my coffee ready for me it must be something good she had to tell me, I have a few things of my own to tell her.

“Took you long enough.” She said before I even got a first sip of coffee.

“Calm down sister, it’s not like you have to be anywhere today.” I replied to her.

“No but I have to fill you in before Robert gets here.” She said to me.

I’m sure she could see the frown on my face, I did not like the man.

“Tom you have to give him a chance he is a really nice guy once you get to know him.” She tried to convince me.

She filled me in they went to this biker bar, totally her scene, she was having a blast with all these bikers, she was the life of the party. After the bar they went for coffee, then a ride on his bike around the city, finally ending up at her place where they spent the night in bed making out with each other, but they had not had actual sex.

She was about to give me details when he came in the shop, he gave me this look like why are you here? I ignored him and we continued to talk, I told her about the bar and how I ended up at Jimmy’s for the night and how he and I had sex last night and again this morning. Robert grabbed a coffee and joined us.

“Robert good to see you again.” I said trying to sound sincere.

“You too Tom.” He responded staring at me his eyes glued to mine, the look the man gave me melted me.

The more I got to know the man the more I disliked his attitude but at the same time I found him so incredibly sexy, he clearly felt the same way about me as well, the not liking me part I mean. Lisa excused herself having to go to the ladies room.

“I will leave you boys to get to know each other.” She said as she turned away.

He and I sat there, there was no topic of conversation I could possibly have with a guy like him, he hated me and my kind, my friends and anyone I knew. We sat there looking at our coffee cups, Robert looked at me a few times, I was about to say something and he up and says.

“Your best keep away from me Tom, I’m not comfortable being this close to a faggot like you, you make me very uncomfortable and you would not like me when I’m uncomfortable. Do you get what I am saying?” He asked me.

I saw Lisa come out of the washroom, I was not about to sit here with this guy and pretend I liked the guy. I made an excuse I had to meet up with Jimmy for lunch. Lisa suggested we all go together all four of us. My face dropped now what was I supposed to do? I messaged Jimmy.

“Want to meet for lunch?” I texted him.

“Sure when and where?” He replied back.

“The Italian place on Market?” I texted back.

“Sure meet you there in half hour or so?” He replied gaziantep escort back.

“Lisa and Robert will be joining us, can you pretend we had this planned I tried to get away from them using us going for lunch now they want to join us. :(” I texted back

“Sure no problem, who is this Robert? Is he hot?” He replied back.

“You’re in for a treat he is the most homophobic guy I have ever met in my life, hot yes.” I sent back.

“Oh fun!” He replied back.

“Thank you so much for doing this Jimmy.” I texted back to him.

“No problem Tom see you in thirty!” He sent back.

“Okay Jimmy is all good with you guys joining us.” I said to them.

You could tell Robert was not good with this lunch arrangement, he would have to sit with not just one fag but two at the same table, the sour look on Roberts face said it all.

“Tom where are we going for lunch?” Lisa asked me.

“Jimmy suggested sushi?” I said just to make Robert mad.

“Don’t think Robert likes sushi that much.” Lisa said to me.

“No I suggested to Jimmy that little Italian place, the one with homemade pastas.” I said smiling at Robert.

“You like Italian food I hope Robert?” Lisa asked him.

“Yes Italian is fine not sure we should do lunch thought we could go for a ride in the country.” Robert said to her trying to get out of lunch.

“Oh no Robert I want you to get to know Tom here, he and I are like twins.” Lisa said to him kissing him. A very uncomfortable kiss by the looks of it.

“Okay we can go for lunch then a ride through the countryside, just you and I.” Robert said to her, his eyes on mine.

This Robert I liked the homphobe Robert not so much. He still gave me the look that if he could kill me where I sat he would, but there was something else I could not figure out what it was.

“Okay so lets meet in half hour I will take a cab you two meet us there.” I said to them hugging Lisa.

I leaned in to hug Robert, he just gave me his look of total discomfort, like he would rather be shot than hug me. I met up with Jimmy before they got there, I had to warn him of what Robert was really like, I gave him the lowdown on the guy just as they pulled up on his Harley.

“Nice bike, you must be Robert.” Jimmy went up to him holding out his hand to shake.

Robert took Jimmy’s hand in his and shook it.

“Thanks you must be Jimmy?” Robert asked him.

Was the guy actually being cordial with Jimmy? Meanwhile he has this hate on for me, what to hell was that all about?

I stood there my mouth open.

“Something wrong Tom? You look like the cat that swallowed the canary.” Robert said to me.

“No I’m fine, we should get in there.” I said still looking at Robert.

He was loving this, he knew he had me confused and wondering what to hell he was up to. If I was uncomfortable with the man before, it was even more now. We took our seats, myself directly across from Robert. He was a real gentleman with Lisa pulling her chair, getting her set just right, was I wrong about this guy? We all made small talk at the table, Robert was cordial to both Jimmy and I. Lisa excused herself to go the the washroom, Jimmy got up with her, heading to the men’s leaving me alone with him.

After a brief moment of silence he commented how he liked Jimmy he seemed to be a nice guy. I sat there staring at him, what kind of game was he playing here.

“It’s you Tom that I’m not comfortable to be at the same table with, Jimmy is fine. Especially being this close to you, to be in the same room with you make me want to punch your fucking fag face in, everything about you makes me want to beat you to a pulp, to totally destroy you, I hate your face and everything about you.” Robert said looking right into my eyes not blinking.

I sat there not sure what to say or do, was this guy really going to hit me? Lisa and Jimmy came to the table.

“Is everything okay guys?” They asked in unison sensing tension between us.

“No everything is not okay, I am out of here, I am not going to take this guys bullshit, he waits till you leave the table then tells me he wants to bash my face in. I am not sitting with a person like this.” I said to them looking directly at Robert, him gaving me a sly smile.

Lisa and Jimmy looked at each other, Jimmy grabbed his jacket and we walked out.

Lisa called me later to ask if Robert really did say that to me.

“Lisa I would not make this up. This man is a total psycho, you’re going to date him you and I are no longer friends. Enjoy your life with psycho.” I told her and hung up.

Lisa showed up at my door a short time later.

“Tom I am sorry about all of this, I asked Robert and he denies it, tells me your making it up to break us up.” Lisa said to me.

“Then you go and date this guy if you think I am lieing to you, within a few weeks he will show his true colours the man scares the crap out of me, he had this look in his eyes like he detested me, when he told me at the restaurant that he wanted to destroy my face.” I said to her.

I could tell Lisa did not see the same man I saw, he was kind sweet and a gentleman to her in every way, the man hated me, I not once did anything to make him feel the way he did towards me. There was some awkward silence between Lisa and I.

“Lisa I am sorry but I would never purposely try to break you and Robert apart, I now have Jimmy he and I could end up being something more or not who knows. I want you happy but I don’t see you happy with a man like that.” I said to her.

“Tom he is so kind to me, never a raised voice, always a true gentleman, I did notice some tension between you two, he did say he did not like the way you looked at him, it made him very uneasy.” Lisa said to me.

“Tension the man wanted to destroy my face, don’t think that is tension, that is just a psycho. You want to date the man go ahead, don’t expect me to join you two anywhere anytime soon. Maybe you should just go Lisa, I can see you want to be with Robert.” I said to her.

Lisa walked to the door, grabbed the handle, turned to me and said.

“Tom you and I have been friends for years, but I have to follow my gut here Robert is the man for me I am sure of it.” Lisa said as she exited.

I did not hear from Lisa for about three weeks, she messaged me asking to meet for coffee.

“Will Robert be there?” I asked her.

“No just you and I, I need to talk to you about a few things about him.” Lisa sent back to me.

When I arrived she was at our table, alone, I looked around to make sure he was no where to be seen. Lisa had ordered our coffee before I got there.

“What did you want to talk about?” I asked her point blank.

“It’s Robert he is acting differently now, the super nice guy is slowly dissapearing, he is short with me at times, abrupt, even rude,bit of a hard ass at times, the sex non existant, or he cannot seem to maintain an erection. I am sorry I did not believe you when you told me about him, he really was being a really good guy to me, something has changed, he wants me all to himself one moment, then he wants to be alone. He does not want me talking to anyone but him then he is telling me to go see friends, even suggesting I go spend time with you on more than one occasion. He is so controlling in every way possible, the restaurants we eat in, he is driving me crazy, and I can go days before I see him.” Lisa said to me concern in her eyes.

I was about to say something and who should walk in, Robert taking a seat next to Lisa.

“What are you doing here with him, I thought you were done with this faggot. You want to push this Lisa, Tom and I will have to have some words in the back alley, won’t we faggot.” Robert said to Lisa squeezing her arm, staring at me the whole time.

“Let go of her before I call the Police asshole.” I said loudly standing to emphasize what I was saying.

Robert let go of Lisa he rose to his feet pushing the table out of the way, standing chest to chest, with me, him being the same height as myself of six foot two we were eye to eye.

“What did you say Faggot?” He said loudly.

“I said let go of her asshole, cause I will call the cops, and with your record I am sure they will have a few things to discuss with you won’t they Robert, or do they know you better as Junior?” I asked him pushing him back.

“You got balls Fag, and I will be sure to crush them when I bust that pretty face of yours up, like I promised you Homo.” Robert said to me pushing me back.

“You don’t scare me asshole, I’ve faced bigger and better than you.” I said pushing him back.

“We will see Fag, we will see.” Robert said gently tapping my face.

“Lets go Lisa, you and the Fag here are done.” Robert ordered her.

“I am not going anywhere with you anytime soon.” Lisa told him.

“You Fucking Bitch, you’re dead to me, just like your Fag friend here, I’ll get you Homo mark my words.” Robert said pointing a finger at me as he turned and walked out.

Lisa and I sat there, should we call the cops? Should we report what he just said to us? One of the patrons said she recorded the whole incident and she would send me the video. Lisa and I headed to the local Police station. We filed a report, they would talk to him if he came near us we were to call them immediately. Somehow we did not feel very secure with the outcome of our reporting him.

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