Contained and Controlled Ch. 02

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For some weeks, Petrus maintained the “training” of my figure and especially my waist, as I told in Part One. We both revelled in the effects of the corseting and I enjoyed more, and more frequent, orgasms than ever before.

Then one evening, we were making love as usual. He had me laced to my minimum at that time; me lying on my front with my hands under my shoulders. And he was slowly but positively shagging into me from behind; lying on me and supporting himself with his elbows either side of my chest.

Slowly, his right hand reached out under his own pillow and brought out the pump-bottle of lube. Without any change to his slow shagging, he squeezed some onto his left fingers, lifted himself a little and spread the gel between my legs again.

“How thoughtful,” I thought to myself, “making sure we don’t run dry after the long time he has planned for us here.”

He wiped his hand on a little cloth we usually keep close by and reached under his own pillow again. To replace the pump-bottle, I thought, but instead he brought out another object which I couldn’t see.

“I’m going to slide this into you. Don’t worry, it isn’t too big,” he explained, although I didn’t think any explanation was necessary. If he wants to slide a little dildo into my vagina, that’s OK with me.

Instead, he pressed something alongside his penis but against my bottom. He was pressing something into my anal opening; into my rectum. That was new to me and a first for us together.

I bucked slightly and tried to raise myself, “What you doing?”

“Be still and let me show you something new. Just flop down and push out slightly,” he instructed me. It was part of our agreement, that this could happen; just so long as there was no injury or aydın escort serious pain.

Petrus continued his shagging in my vagina at the same time as he pressed the dildo-thing into my anal muscles. I didn’t know how big it was but it was spreading me. First, because I was already spread a little by the width of his erection. But secondly, this thing seemed cone-shaped and was getting wider with every little urge he gave it.

Back and forth, just a few millimetres at a time, he urged it into me and eventually it reached its widest point. Then I really was stretched; I felt as if something must tear or at least get bruised.

“Too big,” I said in a rising tone of voice, “It’s tearing me. No more. Please.”

“Cough now, just a little,” he instructed and I did so. Immediately, the thing popped into position inside my rectum and my anal muscles relaxed around its narrow stem. Suddenly I was comfortable and began to get different sensations.

Petrus was still shagging me and I could feel the second object pressing on his erection, through the membrane separating my two holes. It was new and very pleasant indeed.

From pain and anxiety, I had moved onto pleasure and interest in just a few seconds.

“Mmm,” I mewed, and he knew what that meant.

That evening and night, we kept the thing inside me and I learned to call it a plug. Every time Petrus entered me, he rubbed against it and my sensations grew throughout the night.

In the morning, he gently slid it out of me and covered it in a bunch of tissues; so that I shouldn’t see if it was dirty. Quickly, he brought some wet-wipes and cleaned me thoroughly, ending with a little towel. Then he kissed me around my belly and groin and over my mound and aydınlıkevler escort onto my labia. He is such a caring and lovable man.

That was my gentle and beautiful start with anal sensations. After then, we entered the anal-brigade with serious intentions. Over the next two years, he got other plugs of increasing size and we worked out way through them, so to speak. In fact there were six of them altogether, leading to the size we use now. Each new one was about half-inch [12mm] bigger than the one before.

A typical intro to each of them went like this. “This is the new one, my lover,” he would say and lead me to the bedroom. He would undress me completely, including my girdle or corset, and kneel me on the bed, with my head down.

“Breath slowly,” he would say as he gently withdrew the current plug from my rectum. As usual, wrapping it immediately in a tissue or two as it came out.

Then silently he would lube me a little more from the pump bottle and I could sense him greasing the new plug as well. In addition, he would lube my labia because, we both knew, that he would enter me and enjoy the new sensations as soon as the plug was installed in me.

“Take a breath,” he would say, “and hold it for a second or two.” Which I did.

I could feel the rounded tip of the new plug pressing against my anal ring, not forced in any way at that stage. Just a gradual opening of the same hole that was filled a few minutes ago. But that didn’t last. Within a few seconds I could feel more of a stretch than ever before. You may think that half an inch wouldn’t make such a difference but believe me; I felt like I was going to split right open.

Just as I was getting to the panic stage, ayrancı escort with my little grunts and a squeak or two, Petrus always says, “Cough now.” And I always do and the plug settles inside me, behind my newly stretched anal sphincter.

Then he would resume his shagging, now against an even bigger device in my rear. So that I can feel the extra sensations of his pressure, the stretch in my rectum and the weight of the plug inside me. I have always come to a great orgasm at that stage and he has always flooded me with his juices. And the plug was left in my overnight and often he would take me again; to flood me again; and for me to raise another orgasm.

Of course, the morning removal of the plug is another story. Can you imagine? I would lie on my belly, on a towel and Petrus would sit between my spread legs; with his ankles under my armpits. He would take hold of the base of the plug and slowly lean back while telling me, “Push now; try to force it out.” With a massive push and a stretch enough to split me wide open [I thought], the plug would suddenly exit from my bowels. Often covered in shit by this time and leaving my anus wide open. After looking up inside me and cleaning me, Petrus would re-insert the next smaller plug; our previous play thing. To prevent any accident from my over-stretched anus and full bowel. Then up my legs and over my hips, he would stretch a pair of black latex pants, “Just to be sure, yes?”

This process of gradual stretching went on for months. At the end of the year, the plug was 3-inches across and my bottom was permanently open. No control at all over the contents of mt bowels. And Petrus would put his rubber-glove hand inside me each day and pull out the contents of my rectum. At the same time, he would play on my clitoris, with his hand or a vibrator, until I came to orgasm during the clean-up.

I thought that would see the conclusion of our anal excursions but I was wrong. Petrus had other intestinal ideas, even more extreme, and I’ll tell you about that next time

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