Country Girls

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Edie Trudeau was at the kitchen sink doing the dishes following Sunday dinner when she looked out the window and saw her father walking through the back yard toward the old tool shed.

She smiled wickedly and licked her lips as she saw the rolled-up magazine that was just peeking out from the pocket of his overalls.

“I know what you’re up to,” she said out loud in a sing-song voice.

She gave him a few minutes to get to the shed and get started then she dried her hands and slipped out to follow him. Her cunt was bubbling, and she could feel the slippery heat seeping into the thong panties she wore under her tight jeans.

She quietly sneaked over to her spot, to the open knothole that was almost perfectly positioned to give her a straight view of her father seated on his old office chair. A desk lamp was on, beaming down on the magazine that lay open on the desk in front of him.

Edie gasped in excitement as she saw her handsome father with his overalls bunched around his ankles and his nice fat cock hot and hard in his hand.

Charles Trudeau was engrossed in what he was doing and didn’t hear anything from outside the shed. He slowly worked his throbbing meat up and down with his left hand while turning the pages of his favorite sex magazine with his right hand.

Since his divorce 10 years earlier, this had become his favored method of sexual release. He was a quiet, hard-working man, a machinist for the paper mill in town, and he didn’t have much of a social life, being devoted to raising his two daughters and keeping his small house in the country.

While he sometimes masturbated in his bed at night, just to get to sleep, he much preferred the excitement, the forbidden thrill, of coming out on a Sunday afternoon and taking care of his business.

And, really, the house was too small for him to hide behind his bedroom door in mid-afternoon, especially if one or both of the girls were home.

However, that was also part of his fantasy. He wasn’t sure what he would do or how he would react if one of them caught him doing what he was doing, but the possibility of his sexy daughters discovering his secret drove him almost to madness.

Charles groaned at the thought of Edie’s or Aimee’s taut naked body in front of him. He imagined them together, holding each other, caressing each other, as he suspected they did when he was gone to work and they were home alone.

He swirled a flow of pre-cum around the head of his throbbing, purple cock at the shocking images of incest that ran through his fevered mind. He could feel the cum boiling in his balls as he rhythmically stroked his dick imagining that he was fucking one or both of them.

Edie had to stifle a groan of her own as she knelt by the side of the shed. Her left hand was wedged between her legs, caressing her jean-covered crotch. She fervently wished Aimee could be there with her, to watch the show with her, to stroke her hot pussy and make her come.

But Aimee was at work, at the part-time job she had at the supermarket in town, and that would have to wait. Nevertheless, Edie made a silent vow that as soon as her little sister got home, she was going to get what she needed.

She quietly unbuttoned her jeans and slid her hand inside. She nearly swooned when her middle finger caressed her hard little clit and she felt the well of juice flow over her hand.

Charles was almost there, as he flipped the pages of the magazine and drank in the images of the young girls getting all of their horny holes filled with hard cocks. Faster and harder he stroked, until at last he felt that crackling sensation that he knew was the onset of his climax.

With a loud groan, he squeezed his dick hard, then leaned back as a fountain of cum exploded out the end of his cock. The pearly white cream splattered up and down his naked virile chest as he milked his cum from his throbbing, twitching cock.

Then he slumped back on his chair in satisfaction, but also in some remorse. He missed the soft touch of a woman, but the pickings for a man his age in this isolated area were pretty slim.

And he hated himself for having such wicked thoughts about his girls, but he couldn’t help it. They were so beautiful and so sexy and they were so devoted to him, that he couldn’t keep the thoughts of lust away.

Edie groaned softly in frustration as she watched her father’s awesome display of cum. The thought of his hot cock giving her pleasure unending had driven her close to an orgasm, but she hadn’t quite gotten there.

Now, she really was going to have to attack her sister, and at that point she didn’t care if Charles found out or not. As she thought about what she was going to do when Aimee got home, a sly smile creased her face.

She stood up, buttoned up her jeans and quickly, but quietly, walked back to the house, and as she did, a plan began to form in her mind about how they could finally get what they’d always wanted, their father’s cock.

Edie and Aimee had always canlı bahis been close like that. They had been born almost exactly 11 months apart, Edie in September and Aimee in August, and because of the way their birthdays fell, they had started school at the same time, had gone through school together and had graduated together nearly a year earlier.

From their father they had inherited a bit of shyness, at least to those on the outside. Edie was a little more outgoing than Aimee, but they had both always been loners, a little outside the social mainstream in their school. But from their mother they had gotten a deep well of carnality, a strong desire for sex.

Their mother, Simone, had been a city girl, but Charles hated the bustle and pace of urban life. He had gone to work as a machinist at a factory after high school, because of the high wages. While he loved his work, he was miserable in the city, and he was reluctant to raise his girls there.

When Edie was 6 and Aimee was 5, he had convinced his wife to move to the country, into the small house he’d inherited when his father had died. As miserable as Charles had been in the city, Simone had been miserable in the country. The house was a good 20 miles from the nearest town and quite isolated.

About a year after they’d moved, she’d started going to town one or two nights a week. She’d said she was bored to tears and craved a social outlet. Charles was working hard, plus he’d started a vegetable garden, and he wasn’t much of a drinker, so he’d had no desire to go with her.

Before long, she was going out virtually every weekend, and it didn’t take a genius to figure out what was happening. For two years, Charles turned a blind eye to Simone’s antics, hoping she’d come back to her senses, but finally he’d had enough.

All things considered, the divorce had been relatively amicable. Simone basically just wanted her freedom, wanted to go back to the city. All Charles wanted was custody of his girls.

That had been 10 years ago, and Edie and Aimee had rallied to their father’s side. Charles had always been devoted to his girls, and they had reciprocated. They had taken over the job of keeping the house, fixing the meals, all the things a housewife was supposed to do.

They both had part-time jobs in town, but they considered taking care of Charles and the house their main occupation.

They had each had a few boyfriends in high school, and each had lost her virginity at around the same time. But the guys who found Edie and Aimee attractive were kind of nerdy, and the few truly studly types at their school ignored them, because they were quite girlish.

Even now, at the age of 19 and 18 respectively, Edie and Aimee didn’t look a day over 15. They both stood right at 5-feet tall and they were both slender, with the dusky skin of their French-Canadian heritage.

Edie had straight black hair that she kept cut in a very boyish cut, full lips and a devilish look in her dark-brown eyes. She wasn’t skinny, but she had almost no breasts. Aimee’s hair was a little curlier and she had a trifle more on her chest then her sister, but not much more, and while Edie’s eyes spoke of mischief, Aimee’s brown eyes were more sultry, speaking of unfathomable depths of passion.

In high school, the girls had fooled around with some of the guys in their own social class, and had developed a disdain for the snobs and jocks. But they quickly realized that none of the guys at school could touch their sexy father, and none of the boys could please them sexually the way they could each other.

Almost from the time they reached puberty, Edie and Aimee had experimented with sex with each other. They’d always shared a bed, since the small house only really had two bedrooms, and they had taught each other the basics of sex.

It had taken them awhile to see Charles as an object of fantasy, but as they reached their late teens, they began to understand that he had sacrificed whatever social life there was to be found in their part of the country to be a father to them.

They realized, too, that he was quite sexy, standing about 5-8 and well built from his years of hard work at the mill, and from working in their garden. He was still a fairly young man, at age 42, and he had sandy-colored hair that was just beginning to go gray, with steel-blue eyes that seemed to reach into their souls.

It was Edie who had first discovered what her father was doing on his Sunday afternoon excursions out to the shed, about a year earlier, and she had quickly brought Aimee over to join her. They had already begun to talk about Charles in sexual terms, and when they started watching him jack off in the shed, it had crystallized a lot of deeply-held feelings for their father.

Charles sighed as he cleaned himself up. He slipped his T-shirt back on, pulled his shorts and overalls back up and placed the magazine back in the desk drawer with all the others, locked it and walked slowly back to the house.

He knew he should bahis siteleri get out and maybe try to date, but he’d become so set in his ways and he was so afraid of rejection that he contented himself with masturbation and shockingly illicit thoughts about his daughters.

But that would never happen, he told himself. He figured they’d be repulsed by the idea alone, and they wouldn’t be interested in an old man.

Edie was back at the sink when Charles came back in the door, and she gave him a disconcerting look as he passed. She finished the dishes, and as she did, she decided to push things a little to see where they went.

Charles was seated in his favorite chair watching a ball game and reading the newspaper when Edie walked into the living room from behind him. He was startled when she bent down and wrapped her arms around his shoulders from behind.

“Daddy?” she began. “Can I ask you an, um, intimate question?”

“Sure, sweetheart,” he answered.

“How come you never tried to remarry after Mom left?” Edie said.

She was trembling with lust, and it was all she could do to keep from reaching down between her father’s legs and grabbing the object of her desire.

“I don’t know,” Charles said. “I guess I was just so hurt by what your mom did, and I was trying to be a good father to you girls. I don’t know, maybe my standards are too high. I never wanted to settle for just anybody. You know, I loved your mom. She was funny, beautiful, sexy, and after I’d had her, it just seemed like the women around here didn’t measure up.”

“Well, I can’t believe she’d want anyone else after she’d had you,” Edie said.

Charles was starting to become aware of his daughter’s nipples boring into his shoulders. For a woman with almost no breasts, Edie had a fairly fat pair of nipples and they were on high alert. She never wore a bra around the house, and the tips were showing dark and promising through the tight tank top she had on at the moment.

He was also getting a little uncomfortable at the conversation. He rarely talked about his time with Simone, because it always brought back unwelcome memories. He’d been deeply humiliated by her adultery, and had convinced himself that it had been his inadequacies that had driven her away.

To her credit, Simone had never talked bad about Charles, especially to the girls. For awhile, they had made an annual trip to the city to spend some time with their mother, but after she had remarried and they got older, they stopped making those trips.

Simone still sent birthday cards and called on holidays, but that was about the extent of their relationship with their mother.

“I don’t know, I guess she wanted things I couldn’t give her,” Charles said, finally.

“Well, I think you’re the sexiest man in the county,” Edie said. “I love you, Daddy.”

“I love you too, sweetheart,” Charles said, as he reached around to give Edie a hug.

As he reached up, he looked up just in time to get a clear view down the top of his daughter’s shirt at her tits, with the brown nipples tight and swollen. It was just a quick look, but it was enough. He turned away quickly, blushing in embarrassment, but his cock lurched in his pants.

“I, uh, I couldn’t have made it without you girls,” Charles said hesitantly. “You’ve been a real blessing.”

“Thanks, Daddy,” Edie said as she stood up and headed off to her room. “You’re the best.”

Just before she turned into the short hall that led to her room, Edie turned back to look at her dad, and their eyes locked for just a second. Edie flashed Charles that devilish grin that always set his heart aflame, then she disappeared around the corner.

Charles just groaned and squeezed his cock in frustration. But as he thought about it, he realized that there was something odd about the conversation he’d just had with Edie, about the look in her eyes as she’d walked away.

He knew that look, and it was a look of desire, of naked lust. For him? Surely not, he thought. Nevertheless, the encounter buoyed his spirits. The fact that his young, sexy daughter had said he was the sexiest man in the county made him feel quite good, even if he thought she was bullshitting him.

Edie leaned against the door and ran her hands down her front. Her nipples tingled and she groaned in frustration. She looked at the clock, and saw that she still had a couple of hours before Aimee got home. Screw this, she thought. She was at least going to have to take the edge off her arousal.

She pulled the tank top off and tossed it aside. She swept her hands over her tiny titties and squeezed her super-sensitive tips. Little jolts of lust cascaded through her body from the feeling of her fingers on her nipples.

Sighing, she pulled her jeans off and lay back on the bed in just her panties. She pulled the gusset away from her crotch and slid two fingers between the dripping-wet lips of her well-trimmed cunt, before rolling her clit around with her middle finger.

She gasped bahis şirketleri as sparks of passion exploded through her body, and she pressed on, swirling her clit with the middle finger of one hand, while sliding two fingers of her other hand into her hungry pussy. How she wished her daddy would burst through the door and fuck her with his hot hard cock, and she imagined him taking her, the way she had so many times before.

Just the thought was enough. Edie arched her back as a very nice orgasm rippled through her body. She shuddered a couple of times from the sensations, then felt her body relax. She rolled over onto her slide and dozed off, momentarily sated.

Aimee Trudeau could feel the heat bubbling between her legs as she drove home from work. She was frustrated from the dead-end job and the fact that she’d had to spend the first nice Sunday afternoon of the year there.

She’d have much rather spent it watching her father in his shed, which she just knew he’d done. She felt waves of arousal at the vision in her mind of Charles leaning back in his chair stroking his hard cock – and of her sister running her hands between her legs as they knelt by the shed and watched him.

She smiled as a good-natured pang of jealousy swept through her at the knowledge that Edie had gotten to see the show that she’d had to miss.

Aimee loved her sister, and her father, and she knew Edie was equally devoted to her, and to him. It made no sense to her that they could have such feelings for their father and not be allowed to express them. The idea of the three of them living as a menage a trois appealed to her well-developed sense of nonconformity, especially when she realized how sexy Charles really was.

She reached between her legs and rubbed her jean-covered mound. She could almost feel the waves of heat radiating from her crotch.

Then a bump in the highway brought her attention back to the task at hand, which was staying on the road and making it home safe.

Edie was up from her nap, and had dressed and put on the lipgloss that Aimee just loved. She liked to look good for her lover because it made her feel sexy, even a little slutty. She was sitting at the kitchen table reading a book when she heard Aimee pull up to the front of the house in the little pickup truck they shared.

“Hey, beautiful, what’s up?” Edie asked as Aimee came through the front door.

“Oh, the same old, same old,” Aimee replied wearily. “It’s a job. What about you?”

“You know what I did,” Edie said with a lascivious grin. Aimee’s eyes immediately brightened and she sat down at the table to get the full scoop.

“Where’s Daddy?” Aimee said.

“He’s out working in the garden,” Edie said. “Baby sister, I think it’s time we turned up the heat in this house, time to cut the crap and get what we all know we want.”

“But do you think he’ll go for it?” Aimee said. “I mean, Daddy’s a pretty quiet guy.”

“You’d be surprised,” Edie said. “Think about it. He had to have something driving him if he was able to get Mom to fall in love with him, for however short a time it was. Hell, he talked her into moving to the country, and we all know how much she hated it out here. Besides, I know I turned him on today, because I caught him stealing a glance down my shirt, and I swear I saw his cock jump. I’ll bet if he catches us, um, together, well, there aren’t many men who’d be able to resist.”

“You do have the devil inside,” Aimee said as she stood up and embraced her sister. “Speaking of which, I’ve got plans for you later.”

“Don’t make it too much later,” Edie said as she retrieved Aimee’s dinner from the refrigerator. “I’m about ready to burst over here. I want you soooo baaaad.”

“Hold that thought,” Aimee said as she gave Edie a quick, but full, kiss on the lips before taking her plate and putting it in the microwave.

It was getting dark by the time Aimee finished her dinner and Charles came in from the garden. He was grimy and sweaty, but Aimee gave him a big hug anyway. Charles felt a chill run down his back as his younger daughter held the embrace just a trifle longer than usual.

They exchanged small talk for a little bit, then Charles announced that he was heading off to the shower and then to bed.

After his shower, after getting into his sweats and crawling in bed, he lay back, unable to sleep. He could feel a certain nervousness, a certain excitement in the air that hadn’t been there before. He was restless, aroused at the possibilities that had presented themselves that day.

His cock was tingling, in spite of the workout he’d given it that afternoon. He squeezed it tight, hoping to stem the tide of arousal. Just then, he heard the door to his daughters’ room shut and he could hear their voices.

It was a warm spring night, but it was still a little early for the air conditioner, and the windows in both rooms were open, so their voices carried easily into his room. He listened and as he did, his cock stiffened into a throbbing hard-on.

Aimee was sitting up on the bed, painting her toenails when Edie came in and shut the door. Aimee had on just her bikini panties and the spaghetti-strap T-shirt that was what she usually used for a bra.

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