Country Store Ch. 11

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(This is chapter 11 of a series. It will make a lot more sense if you read them in order)


I walked back to my dorm room with Tracy. Ken stayed behind at the house. Tracy and I walked slowly, holding hands and not talking at all. I had stopped crying and now all I could feel was anger. Angry at Ken for not understanding the first time he saw me raped. Angry at all of the guys in the video. I had imagined what had happened while we were passed out on that bed but to see it in detail was a whole nother thing. I was having trouble connecting with it, the girl on the screen seemed like someone else. Angry at myself for acting like a wanton slut in front of everyone. Now everyone in that room saw it. Not that they hadn’t seen me naked already, the party in the house took care of that. My emotions were flying around like crazy and I felt like I was in the middle of a hurricane. The only thing I knew for sure was that I was not angry at Tracy. I looked at her and squeezed her hand.

She knew me well enough to not say anything. She just held my hand as we walked back to our room. We didn’t see anyone, it was pretty late and dark. I guess I should have been scared but for some reason I wasn’t in the least. We got to our dorm and walked to our room without running into a soul. I was happy for that. I closed the door and Tracy sat on the bed and looked at me. I walked over and stood right in front of her.

“Baby, I am so sorry for what I did to you.” I said to her.

“What do you mean?” She said.

“You did see the video, right?” I said.

“Kim, that was not your fault.” She said.

“Um, yes, it was. If I hadn’t turned into super-slut you would never have ended up there.” I said.

“Um, no, I am a big girl and you didn’t force me to do anything. I was enjoying myself as much as you. I could have stopped any time I wanted to. What happened in that room was the fault of the guys in the room.” She said and grabbed my hands.

I took a breath. She was right. I knew that but the guilt was overwhelming. I didn’t know what to feel. I was going from angry to embarrassed to frustrated to helpless to cheap and then back around to angry. I looked down at my friend and she smiled. She hugged me and pulled me to her, her head on my stomach and her arms around my ass. I put my hands on her head and hugged her back.

The love for my friend overwhelmed me. I pulled her head off my stomach and bent over and kissed her softly on the lips. I held my lips against her and slowly pulled away.

“Now that was your fault.” She said and smiled.

I leaned over and kissed her again. She put her hand on my head and her tongue darted into my mouth. I wrapped my tongue around hers and kissed my wonderful friend hard and long. I felt my body heating up. I knelt down to get on the same level as her. She put both arms around me and pulled me in. I slid in between her legs. She pulled back and looked at me.

“Kim, we have been through a lot but one thing I am thankful for is this. Let me love you.” She said and I nodded.

She canlı bahis grabbed my sweatshirt and pulled it over my head. She tossed it on the floor and grabbed my breasts gently. I felt my nipples harden immediately.

“Are they still sore?” She asked as she moved her hands over my boobs.

“Not really.” I said, a little bit of a lie but I didn’t want her to stop.

“Liar.” She said and I shrugged.

She bent over and kissed both nipples. I tilted my head back and held onto her shoulders. She put her arms under mine and lifted. I stood up in front of her. She kissed my stomach and ran her tongue in my bellybutton. I felt the first tingle. I held her head as she ran her tongue around my stomach and along the edge of my jeans. If I could have willed my pants to disappear I would have. I felt her fingers and then the button on my pants opened and I felt relief. She pulled the zipper down really slow, kissing the exposed skin.

She grabbed the sides of my pants and pulled them down slowly. My white panties were pulled down a little but she pulled them back up. Damn that girl, I just wanted her to shove her tongue in my cunt but she was moving really slow. I felt my pants gather at my ankles and she lifted each leg and pulled them off. She wrapped her arms around my butt and hugged me to her.

“So pretty and soft.” I heard her say.

Another tingle. She pulled back and started kissing around the edge of my panties. Her hands were running across my butt and squeezing. My eyes were closed and I just let my friend take me anywhere she wanted. I felt my panties move and her lips on my skin as she pulled them down slowly. They got below my thighs and fluttered to my feet. I kicked them off.

I felt her warm breath on my pussy. She was blowing warm air on me and I was going to heaven. I tried to pull her head into me but she held back. I moaned and she kissed my stomach right above my clit.

“Please, please.” I heard my voice.

She kissed around my pussy, across my inner thighs and I spread my legs a little more. She knew my body well and slid her hand between my legs and rubbed softly on my upper thighs. I moaned, that felt so good. I spread my legs more.

“Oh God, that is nice.” I whispered.

She kissed farther up my thighs and then ran her fingers up between my ass cheeks. I felt my legs getting weak. I was glad I was holding her head. I felt her warm breath and then her tongue hit my clit. I heard myself squeal and squeeze her head. I felt her giggle and then she licked down between my pussy lips really slow. I felt myself getting wet as she made love to my pussy with her wonderful tongue.

She ran her hands up and grabbed my boobs. She pinched my nipples softly as she licked deep in my cunt. I was getting really close. I tried to hold it back, it felt so good to be at the edge.

I was able to keep it at bay for a little while but then she sucked my clit into her mouth and bit it gently. I screamed and exploded in a thunderous orgasm. I held her and shook violently. She kept licking bahis siteleri my clit as my body convulsed. I held her head and rode out one of the best orgasms of my young life. It slowed and she pulled away. She moved her hands to my butt and ran them all over my butt and thighs. Her hands were so warm and soft on my poor body. I shivered through 3 or 4 mini-orgasms as my body slowly recovered.

I took a deep breath and moved down and kissed her softly. I tasted myself on her lips and then ran my tongue into her mouth. I knelt down, not breaking the kiss, and wrapped my arms around her back. I hugged her to me, my bare breasts against her shirt. I kissed her for a minute and then pulled off her lips really slow. I could feel her breath and her body was warm.

“My turn.” I whispered.

“Please, baby, I love you so much.” She said and kissed me again.

My mind was flipping. Could I fall in love with a girl? She was perfect and I think I did love her. Was I in love with her? Was I a lesbian? That was a hoot after just watching a video of me sucking and fucking a million guys. I decided I didn’t care at the moment. I was going to make my friend cum like she had never cum before. I pulled away and started unbuttoning her shirt.

I kissed her skin as I opened her shirt. Her bra was pink and pretty. I kissed the tops of her boobs over the bra. I opened her shirt completely and pushed it off her arms. I touched her sides and then her back as I kissed her belly. I ran my tongue into her belly button and she giggled. I reached around her back and popped the clasp on her bra. I kissed around her bra as it hung loosely. I grabbed the straps and slid them off her shoulders and then down her arms. Her beautiful breasts hung there before my eyes. I kissed a nipple and then licked it. I kissed the other one and they were nice and hard now. I sucked them a little and she moaned.

I pushed her gently and she lay back on the bed. She was so pretty with her dark hair spread across the bed and her pretty boobs jiggling on her chest. I ran my hands over her belly and then onto her boobs. I squeezed them gently and kissed the nipples again. I moved my hands up to her neck and then onto her cheeks. I moved forward and kissed her deep and hard as I held her head. I felt her boobs touch mine as I leaned over her.

I pulled off her lips and kissed her all over her face. I kissed down her neck and then her shoulders. I flicked my tongue across each nipple and then kissed down her belly. I grabbed the snap of her shorts and popped them open. I kissed her tummy as I pulled down her zipper. Her pink panties were so cute. I ran my tongue across the edge and she moved her hips. I pulled her shorts down her long legs and then off. I flicked them on the floor. I touched her calves and then ran my hands up her legs. She spread them wide and I touched that part of her upper thigh that I love so much. She loves it just as much as me and she moaned deep and stretched her arms above her head.

“Oh sweet God, you are so good at this. That feels bahis şirketleri so fucking good.” She said in a breathy voice.

I felt a little proud and kissed up to her pussy. I kissed it through her panties and then blew warm air through the pink cotton. I knew she liked that and she confirmed it with a hip thrust and a low moan. I pulled back and then pulled her panties slowly off her pretty pussy. I watched it come into view. It was soft and pink and didn’t look swollen anymore. I was amazed at how it could look so pretty after what I just saw on the video. I pulled her panties over her thighs and then down her legs. I kissed her feet as I slipped the panties off. I ran my hands over her small feet and then slowly up her legs again. She opened her legs wide and I saw her pussy open for me. It was pink and glistening with her juices.

“Please, please, I need it.” She begged.

I leaned over and kissed her pussy softly. She put her hands on my head and pushed her hips into me. I felt her wet pussy smash against my face. I slipped my hands under her butt and started to suck and lick my friend’s young pussy. I tried to stick my tongue as deep as I could and then I licked all over the inside or her open slit. She tasted like herself again, the scent of the guys was gone, thank god, nothing but sweet Tracy now. I licked up and down her pussy and then flicked my tongue over her clit. She gasped and squeezed my head. I knew she was close. I pulled off and she tried to pull me back.

“No, no. Please, I am so close.” She said in a strange voice.

I leaned back down and put my lips right over her clit. I knew she could feel my breath. Her hands were pulling me down hard but I stayed just over her throbbing clit. I touched it gently with my tongue and she groaned. I blew on it gently and then sucked it into my mouth. She screamed and I felt her body lurch off the bed. She was squeezing my head and her legs were spread wide but straight out. I knew without looking that her toes were curled. This was one of those orgasms.

I sucked on her clit and bit it, she screamed again and another lurch off of the bed. I held onto her butt and kept my tongue on her clit. She convulsed for at least 15 seconds.

“Oh God, oh God, oh sweet Jesus.” She screamed.

I didn’t know my friend was so religious.

I held her as she shook and then she slowly settled down. I kissed her thighs and then her belly. I felt her pull me up and I slid up her body. She pulled my head to hers and kissed me hard. Her soft, warm body felt wonderful under mine. Our boobs were touching and I was between her spread legs. I rolled over to my left and kept kissing her. We were now on our sides and I slipped my right leg between hers. I pulled her over me until our pussies met. I held her close and rubbed my wet pussy against hers. She was moaning into my mouth and I was running my tongue over her teeth and lips.

I pulled back and looked at her. Her face was flushed and she was breathing really deep and slow. I smiled and she smiled back.

“Thank you.” She said.

“No, thank you pretty girl.” I said and hugged her.

My mouth was near her ear and I whispered.

“I love you.” I said and she hugged me harder.

I held my sweet friend until we both fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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