Cousins Celebrate Nude Day Ch. 02

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As we left Jill and Ben, they were sitting at Haulover Beach in Miami discussing turn-ons.

As six o’clock approached the beach grew a little colder and emptier. Their conversation had continued into what they would like to do to each other and they sat their unabashedly exposing themselves. Ben his erection, Jill her erections. But the time came to leave.

“Time to go.” Said Ben.

“Yeah, but this has been nice, getting to know you better. And I mean better.” She responded. “Say lets go commando back to the hotel” she suggested.

“Sure enough,” Ben replied as he pulled on his shorts. Soon they were in the car and headed to the hotel, checked in and sitting in their room.

“So what should we do first?” asked Ben.

“How about we take showers?”

“Good idea.”

“You go first Ben.”

Ben quickly stripped and climbed into the shower washing off the sand and sunscreen from the day, debating whether to take care of his erection himself or wait and see what Jill offered up in terms of relief. After their discussion, he figured, there was a pretty good chance of scoring. Meanwhile Jill, mixed some cocktails for them and went out on the balcony to wait for her turn in the shower. illegal bahis Before long Ben walked out of the bathroom, wearing nothing but a smile. Jill turned and screamed laughingly, “Your naked!!”

“Of course I am, I just took a shower and we just spent the day nude together.”

“Oh yeah” she responded as she pulled off her clothes to hop in herself. Ben looked on approvingly. Jill is petite, very petite with small breasts, brown hair, brown eyes, and as I said a closely trimmed pussy. She laughed as he watched and wiggle walked into the shower. As she cleaned off, not showing as much restraint in the self-pleasure category, as Ben did, he settled onto the balcony.

As he looked across the way he noticed one window with no drapes and a couple dancing, nude. Soon enough the dancing stopped and the man and woman began to get a wee bit more intimate, and then more intimate. Being a guy, Ben did not notice what the other guy looked like, but he did notice the woman. She was asian with an amazing body. Also petite but with bigger breasts than Jill and a clean-shaven pussy.

Soon the couple were in a 69, on their bed, but still in view of the balcony on which Ben stood. And stand he did, watching the illegal bahis siteleri couple going at it, penis at full mast.

Suddenly he heard a noise behind him. It was Jill, naked and wet from her shower.

“So watchya doing?” she asked.

“Well Voyeur, there is something to voy, take a look”

She walked up behind him rubbing herself against his back as she peaked over his shoulder. She noticed the guy—and the girl. Both turned her on. As she continued to watch she reached in front of Ben grabbing his penis and began to stroke it as she rubbed her body against him.

“Turn on for you, he asked?”

“You bet. And I can feel it is for you” she added, slowly stoking his cock.

Soon the couple were changing position, with her on top slowly taking his penis into her. As she lowered herself, Ben reached behind him and gave Jill a squeeze, reaching her butt first and slowly stroking between her legs. Despite having just finished masturbating herself, she was soaking and ready to go.

Quickly he turned around, pressing his penis against her as they began to kiss.

“I can’t believe we are going to do this.” She said. Afterall we are cousins. I thought being naked together canlı bahis siteleri would be scandalous, what about this?”

“Having second thoughts?”

“No” she said as she reached between them, again grabbing his penis.

“So you know what I want to do?” he asked.

“No, what?”

“Eat you til you cum.”

“I think I could go for that.”

Ben picked Jill up, being thankful she was light and put her on the bed. The other couple was only sort of forgotten as he spread her legs and slowly kissed up them, approaching his target. Up one leg, down the other, to the hips, and all around he kissed as she moaned, her hand on his head. Soon his tongue poked out taking his first taste of her pussy. She moaned again as he did. “my clit” was all she moaned, “suck on it.” A task he accomplished as he placed her hand on her own breasts, watching her play with them as he licked.

Soon the moans grew more intense and she began to buck her hips, approaching orgasm. He took her clit in his mouth and moved down to her lips, all the time caressing her butt as she played with her nipples. The orgasm began to build, starting in her nipples and moving down lower until her body seemed to explode.

She did not know if it was the voyeurism, the nudism, the forbidden aspects of the situation, or Ben’s tongue, but she knew she had to return the favor and then fuck Ben, giving her all of her holes if he wanted them.

End of Part two

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