Craigslist Adventures Don Ch. 02

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I had met with my relatively new friend Don a few times in the couple of months or so before he moved out of state. I sent an email to him to see if he was horny and wanted to play around a little bit. He quickly replied back that he was horny and wanted me to come over. He also asked if I would be fine with another guy joining us. I said that wouldn’t be a problem. I then got ready, got in my car and headed to The store to buy a 3 pack of condoms just in case things went further, as in blowjobs. I left the store and got on the road toward Don’s house.

I had arrived, knocked, and he let me in. He told me that the other guy, Rob, was running a little late. So we just watched a show on the History Channel for about 20 minutes until Rob showed up. He rushed in, introduced himself to me and asked Don how he was doing after apologizing for being late. Don and Rob had met up a time or two previously to jack off together like Don and I did. We got right to business. Don searched for a long porn compilation video we could watch while mutually masturbating. He got undressed once he found something good. Rob was already undressed. He had an average dick, a little thin, but still pretty nice. Mine is about the same length as his but thicker and I have a big mushroom tip. I pulled my shorts down and Rob looked over to see what popped out of my shorts. Don passed the lube around, we each covered our cocks in it and started playing with ourselves. It was a pretty big turn on to have a small group jacking gaziantep escort off, watching porn, and watching each other.

After only a couple of minutes, Don said, “Well, what are we waiting for?”. He stood up and walked over to Rob and grabbed his dick. He started playing with and stroking it. Rob told me to take my shirt off like they already had, so I went ahead and did so. After a minute or two, Don walked over to me and started playing with my dick. I was so turned on at this point! I reached out and grabbed Don’s dick and started to stroke him. We stroked each other briefly until Don went back to his chair to stroke himself.

We all sat there naked, I was edging myself because I didn’t want to cum before everyone else. I like cumming last when I jack off with others. I finally decided to ask if they would like to all suck one another. After I told them I had condoms for everyone, they immediately agreed to with my idea. So we all stood up, gathered out clothes, and walked to Don’s bedroom with our rock hard cocks sticking straight out, swaying back and forth. This is where things got heated…

We all set our clothes on the floor and I grabbed the pack of condoms from the pocket in my shorts. I handed one to each of them. We all opened them and rolled them onto our still rock hard cocks. Don got on the bed. I laid down so he could suck me, which in turn meant I would be sucking Rob, who laid down right after me. As soon as I laid down, I felt a very pleasurable warmth on the tip of my dick. Don went right at it, sucking me so good. I then licked Rob’s dick. And slowly took the tip into my mouth. I worked my way down his took until I couldn’t really go any further without it being uncomfortable for me. Rob had Don’s big cock stuffed in his mouth and was doing his best to suck it. We were all in a triangle with only slurps other cock sucking noises coming from our little group. Don was basically too good at sucking dick, as he had me close to coming within around 5 minutes of solid sucking with a little deep throating. I told him to stop for a minute so I could calm down and last a little longer. We all took about a 2 minute break and just laid there on our backs, staring at the ceiling and basking in the glory. We were all somewhat sweaty at this point from the intensity of what was going on. Finally I was ready for round two…

I lasted a little longer this time, probably right between 5 and 10 minutes of getting sucked really good again. Don and Rob then said they were both ready to cum. Don said that he wanted all of the cum on him if nobody else did. I was good, I don’t really like other guys cum anywhere on my body. Rob said he was fine too. So Don then adjusted himself so he was in the very middle of the bed. We all took our condoms off and started stroking. Soon enough, Don started grunting and spurting a huge load all over his stomach. I was getting there but wasn’t too close quite yet and neither was Rob. Don reached with both of his hands and started to play with Rob and I’s balls while we were jacking off. That definitely helped to get us closer to cumming. Rob suddenly said he was going to cum. He started breathing heavily and started to lightly moan and groan. He had a decent sized load. At this point, Don was already covered in cum, but that’s when I added mine. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and I tilted my head back. I quick looked down as I blasted my first rope of cum. It actually went all the way over Don’s stomach and landed, for the most part, on Rob’s thigh. I apologized and every rope of cum after that landed on Don. Rob was impressed that I shot like that. They were both pretty amazed!

After we were all drained, we got towels and cleaned ourselves up, and got dressed. Rob and I took off pretty quickly as we were slightly exhausted after our hour or so of fun. I left first and Rob followed behind. I got an email from Don in the next couple of days. Rob wanted Don to tell me that he really like my body and he liked playing with me. He also wanted him to tell me that he really admired how I wanted to play safe and brought condoms for all of us. And the one last thing he wanted me to know is that he loved the fact that some of my cum missed Don and landed on him. He thought it was really hot! So, I ended up getting Rob’s email from Don and messaged him. We chatted a little bit, and within a couple weeks, I was headed over to Rob’s for some playtime between just us two. But I’ll save those experiences for another story!

The end!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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