Cruel Intentions Ch. 03

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Big Tits

Chapter 3: Step Mom Discovers My Fetish

The morning after the “theatre episode” I did as Faye had instructed. I got up about 7:30, took off my pajamas and donned my robe. I took her black half-slip, now stiff from our “playtime” the night before and put it inside my robe. I headed down stairs and into the kitchen. Both Nikkie (Veronica’s nickname) and Faye were there, both dressed and ready for the day. Both greeted me with smiles and “Good Morning”. Nikkie was busy compiling a shopping list.

Faye had that special smile on her face she gets when she knows she has someone over a barrel or in a potentially embarrassing position. She finished loading the dishwasher and said, “Oh, you need that shirt today you asked for. Its in the laundry room. I was ironing it. Come on and I will finish it for you.”

The laundry room was almost a safe distance from the kitchen and we entered it. She half-way closed the door but left it uncomfortably open for me. She was between the door, and me so I was stuck. When (not if) she started something, we could be caught very easily. I had no doubt she’d come off innocent and I’d be the one explaining.

“Well?” she asked softly, then reached for the tie on my robe.

I pulled out the slip before she could untie me in an effort to maintain some modesty and control.

She took the slip, smiling and clucking as she first appraised it then dropped it into the washer, already loaded with dark nylon lingerie, but not started.

“Want to see mom’s new slip she was so proud of yesterday?” With that, her hand came out of the washer with the slip by the straps. It was stunning. The nylon shimmered in the light, begging to be touched. I could tell it would hit Nikkie just above the knee, starting with three inches of beautiful ornate lace. There was a lace trimmed 6 inch split on the side. The skirt was slightly flared. The bodice was mostly nylon with lace trim. There was lace around both the breast cups, but not over them. It accented them nicely. I fantasized about how Nikkie would look in it.

Faye, seeing my eyes widen, reached over with her free hand and pulled the tie on my robe. As the tie fell back and the robe opened, her gaze dropped to my already stirring cock. She then lowered the slip so the straps were about waist high in front of me and reached over so it was against me, then pulled it up slowly. As if commanded, my cock rose with the travel of the nylon against it. As her hand got even with my face, she gathered the slip and caressed my face with it, then pulling it around my neck. As she pulled it around she backed up a step. It felt so good. She held it up in front of her, modeling it.

“What do you think? Do you like it? Do you want it? You know you can’t.”

As pretty as Faye was, that slip was her mom, not her. I told her. She pouted not totally in mock anger and said “Eat your heart out. You’ll never know that pleasure.”

As she dropped the slip back in the washer, I started to close my robe, figuring the tease was over for the morning. It wasn’t. She picked up a pink waltz gown out of the basket on the floor, pulled open my robe and pressed the silky nylon against me.

“I was really mean to you last night wasn’t I? Let me make it up to you.” With that, both hands began rubbing that pink nylon against me. Her left hand rubbing my nipples with the nylon while the right paid rapt attention to my crotch. She worked quickly, the nylon encasing my sacks with her expert touch, kneading them just so till that feeling of electricity started coursing through me. Then both hands worked the nylon in my lap. Her right hand shifted, wrapping the nylon around my cock and stroking it, while her left worked my sacks and thighs. Precum oozed out in short order. She felt it wet the gown and unwrapped my cock so she could see it, then milked me into the gown.

“You have no idea how much I enjoy doing this to you.”

I wanted to reply but all I could do was moan. She shushed me then a light kiss.

“Quiet” she said, almost laughing.

I was close to cumming and she knew it. Again I saw that sparkle in her eyes and the demonic look on her face.

“FAYE, Would you look in the freezer and see if we have a roast for tomorrow?” Her mother called from the kitchen. It scared me but only mildly startled Faye.

“Just a minute, Mom.” And with that walked out of the laundry room and across the hall casino siteleri to the upright freezer.

There was nothing to do but finish myself. It didn’t take long.

“Yes Mom there is a roast there. Do you want me to get it out?”

“Yes dear, put it in the sink so it can defrost.”

Faye grabbed the roast and turned around. She stood there looking at me with an expectant look. I came just as we made eye contact, the nylon caressing my thighs as my hand stroked my nylon-covered shaft. My knees almost buckled. She smiled and made a motion for me to stay as I was. I was still cumming. What did she expect?

She quickly put the roast in the sink and said a few words to her mom, then returned to the laundry room just in time to reach down and milk the last of my cum into the gown. Then she cleaned me up, making sure the last clean up stroke was with dry nylon on my shaft, and dropped it into the basket.

“Ok” she said loudly enough for her mom to hear but not so loud as to be obvious, “here is your shirt.” She then retied my robe for me, smiled and copped a feel as I turned to leave with the shirt.

I had given no thought to the gown that had just had me even though I hadn’t seen her wearing it before. I should have. The next time I saw it were the worst moments of my life.

I went upstairs and got dressed, came down and got a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Nikkie asked what were my plans for the day. I told her I was going over to my friend’s house and help him with his car, a mint condition 65 GTO. I was really looking forward to it.

I got back late that afternoon and was really in need of a shower. I could hear noises coming from the kitchen as I went upstairs.

Nikkie asked from the Kitchen “Ken, is that you?”

I replied that it was and that I needed a shower before anything else. I didn’t know it at that moment, but the relationship with my step mother was about to change dramatically.

The shower in my room was a really good one, lots of water, lots of pressure. I reveled in it for almost half an hour, scrubbing away all the grease and dirt from the day under the car. My skin was red from scrubbing. The big terrycloth towel felt good as it dried up all the water from the shower. I never heard her enter my room. Drying my hair and face, I walked into the bedroom naked.

I didn’t see her right away. As I brought the towel down from my face, I smelled her perfume before I actually saw her.

Nikkie was sitting in the easy chair in the corner of my room, her long legs crossed. She was wearing a black long sleeve nylon tricot jump suit, high heels and jewelry. The jump suit was unbuttoned enough to show cleavage. I could tell she was braless but did have panties on. The effect was stunning. She sat there studying me as I pulled the towel in front, wrapped it around and tucked it in.

“Its time we have a talk,” she said, eyes locked on mine.

“Uh, ok.” I was off-guard at finding her in my bedroom and her seeing me naked. “What would you like to talk about?” I asked, trying to regain some composure, and not being very successful.

“Tell me the meaning of this.” She said sternly, then held up the pink gown that Faye had taken me with that morning, the cum still wet on it. “Did you think I wouldn’t find it? Did you think I wouldn’t notice or if I did, I wouldn’t know what it was?”

I looked down at the floor. I knew I was turning red with embarrassment and shame. There was simply no way out of this. All I wanted at that moment was for aliens to abduct me right out of the room.

“I know guys, especially guys your age, masturbate. Those that say they don’t are lying. Most guys do it to Playboy or the like. Tell me why you used my gown.” She continued, “you weren’t by yourself in that laundry room long. You must have planned to do this.”

I stood in silence, head down, hoping for that abduction, or at least the floor to open up and swallow me. The truth would not work. She wouldn’t believe me and probably slap me silly.

“Do you have the hots for me? Is that it?” She uncrossed her legs, stood up and walked over to me, dropping the gown on the foot stool.

The faint smell of her perfume became stronger. It was hypnotic. The fear was still there but something else began to emerge. It was that funny feeling that hits before arousal starts.

“Or do you like the feel of the nylon?” canlı casino She lifted my head by the chin and looked into my eyes. My lower lip was trembling.

I could not say anything. The pleading in my eyes must have told her all she needed to know. She smiled and the stern look almost left her face.

“Which is it? Me or the gown?”

How could I tell her I didn’t even know it was her gown? How could I tell her that yes, I was turned on by her?

“Ok if you won’t speak, then we’ll find another way.” Her hand came up to the tucked in portion of the towel. I reached in panic to stop her.

“You have two choices at this point,” she said with that raised eyebrow look. “One I don’t think you will like. The other, well… we’ll see. Your first choice is to show me what you did with this gown. I know what you did, now I want to see you do it. The other choice is to explain to your father when he gets home what your sperm is doing on my nightgown. Make your choice. Since you are speechless at the moment, simply take your hand away from mine if you choose to give me a show.”

I dropped my hand.

“Good choice. This will be a lot more fun than the other choice.” She then tugged the edge of the towel and it came undone, falling to the floor.

She brought up the hand that had just released the towel and left me naked in front of her, and holding my cheek, reached over and kissed me. Her perfume continued to fill my lungs and weaken me.

“Now, lets have a look at you,” she said as she looked down and cupped my almost semi-hard cock in her hands. “That is going to be nice when it gets fully hard.”

She turned around and picked the gown up off the foot stool, then turned to face me.

“I think it’s mostly the nylon, but I think you like me too. Am I right? I saw the look in your eyes when I walked in on Faye’s slip show with you the other day. You clearly liked what you were seeing. I could tell you were dying to touch, to feel those slips.”

She caressed my cheek with the gown. The wet spot on the gown was so close I could smell my sperm even over her perfume. The silky nylon sent those feelings coursing through me. I gasped and my erection became even harder. My erection was now horizontal and she stepped up to me so that we were touching, body to body. I could feel her breasts against me and felt my cock slide in between her nylon cover thighs. She squeezed her thighs together and I moaned. She giggled. Again she kissed me, then pulled back slightly to study me. As I started to put my hands on her waist she intercepted them with her own and pressed the gown into them. Then she stepped back, separating from me completely.

“Enough of that for now. You made your choice and you are certainly ready.” Her voice got very husky and her eyes got almost smoky. “Show me what you did to my gown. Show me how you handle that fine cock of yours. Share your most private act with me.” She pushed the foot stool out of the way and pulled me closer to the easy chair then she sat down to watch.

Compelled to obey, on fire with passion for her from her kiss and feeling the nylon work on me, I began. I wrapped my cock and balls in the nylon and began stroking. She stopped me.

“Unwrap the head of your cock. I want to watch you cum. I want to watch your cum poor into my gown,” her voice thick with passion, her breathing getting heavy.

I obeyed. I was getting really turned on about this. Letting her watch me jack off into her gown was a total turn on. As I stroked I knew it wouldn’t be long. I felt the electric sensations starting sending shock-like sensations down my shaft with each stroke. Nikkie leaned forward to watch every action, every detail. She looked up at me briefly, her lips parted. She seductively licked her lips.

“Ken?” and the door opened. It was Faye. She stood there for a moment, taking in the sight before her.

“Mom, Why is Ken standing naked in front of you rubbing his penis with your nightgown?” She even had the cool to act totally surprised.

“Its called masturbation, dear. All guys do it. Stick around and watch. He’s really into this.”

I was beyond stopping, even for a surprise like this. Besides, it wasn’t anything new to Faye, in spite of what she just said to her mother.

“Um Mom, I’d be care…” but her warning was too late.

“uuuuhhhhhh! Oh” The first rope of cum lept into the air kaçak casino as if fired by a gun. It hit Nikkie on her right cheek. The next rope landed on the inside of her right breast, standing out clearly against the black nylon of her jump suit. The third and fourth landed on the inside of her right thigh.

“-full, he’s a heavy cummer,” she finished.

“We’ll get back to just how you knew that in a moment. First, he has a mess to clean up,” Nikkie said in a mixture of pleasure and anger. She then dipped a finger into the rope on her cheek and brought it to her lips. “Nothing like teenage cum.”

As I brought the gown up to clean up, she stopped me.

“Not with the gown. I want you to lick it up. Start with my thigh. Hurry before it soaks in.”

I stood, speechless.

“Oh come on. There is nothing to be afraid of. Every guy need to know the taste of his own semen. Get on your knees and lick it off my thigh.”

I dropped to my knees and she pulled me between her legs, guiding my head to her thigh.

“Go on, or I’ll give the gown to your dad.”

I licked. A slight salty taste but not too bad. I licked some more, moving higher with each lick. She brought her other thigh up and caressed my cheek with it before draping her leg over my shoulder, and gently rubbing. It was all the encouragement I needed. I finished and even sucked the fabric to get it all, and finishing by kissing her thigh. She noticed and as I looked up gave me a smile and a squeeze.

“Now my breast.”

This time I didn’t hesitate. Her nylon covered breast was firm on my face. The rope was on the inside so I got to snuggle a little between both breasts while I licked. I worked around and got to her nipple and began to suck. There was no sperm there but her nipple was very hard and seemed to beckon me. She placed her fore finger and thumb under my chin and pushed me back.

“That’s enough of that for now. You still have this big batch on my cheek. I want you to scoop it up with your tongue but don’t swallow it. Share it with me in a kiss.”

My tongue went after that rope with a vengeance. I licked up the whole thing in one pass. She turned my head to her, “Kiss me, give me your cum.”

My tongue was sliding into her mouth before our lips made contact. She put her hand around the nape of my neck and held me while she literally sucked the liquid from my tongue. Once that was done, she concentrated on the kiss itself, and I found myself the recipient of the most passionate kiss I’d ever gotten. It left me gasping for breath, as we broke almost a minute later.

“Now, back to you, Sissy “(her nickname for Faye). “How did you know he is a heavy cummer?”

Faye studied her mom. She was seeing her in a new light. She liked what she saw.

“Oh Mom, I can’t lie to you. I was going to give him to you as a plaything. I have been training him for a while now. The sperm on the gown was my idea. I did him this morning in the laundry room. I figured you’d find it and explode. I didn’t realize the outcome would be this good. I really enjoyed watching you in action.”

“Thank you, dear, for both the compliment and the new plaything. I am glad you enjoyed watching. Its obvious he enjoyed giving us a show. Since it is obvious I can’t teach you the basics about sex, is there anything I can teach you?”

I had gone over to my bed to sit, still holding the gown. I listened in disbelief. I had become a sex slave to these two. Unconsciously, I cuddled the gown and spread it over my naked body as I sat and listened to them. Rubbing the nylon on my thighs, I pondered my fate. Then Faye spoke.

“Yeah, Mom, there is something. I would like to explore orgasm denial,” looking at me with that devilish sparkle in her eyes.

“Orgasm denial, huh? That’s a great idea. I haven’t done that to a guy for a long time. I guess we will have to do that another time, huh?”

“No Mom, we won’t. He recovers quickly. Look, he is already playing with the gown again. He’ll be hard as a rock in a few minutes, especially if we help him.” She then turned around with her back to me. “Unzip me, Ken”

I pulled the zipper down past her waist and reached up to slide the dress from her shoulders. She was wearing the slip she first used on me.

“He likes this slip a lot” she said, then commanded me to unhook her bra. After I had done that she turned around and pushed me back on the bed and climbed on. Her mother went around the other side of the bed and climbed on.

As they got comfortable with me sandwiched between them, Nikkie said “Don’t worry, sweetie. We’ll let you cum… eventually.” Then they both laughed.

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