Cruise That Changed My Life Ch. 02

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Day 2 of a life changing experience that I didn’t know I wanted until it was happening to me.

If you want the full back-story please read part 1.

So it was the morning I was to start my cruise. I am still in the dark as to what type of cruise I am on. The day was starting off in a really weird way. The dreams I had felt all to real. I don’t know if I would really want that or not now. But I did my best to put the dreams in the back of my mind so I could make it to my ship on time. When we got to the docks there was still no way to tell what type of cruise it was going to be.

There was a very stunningly beautiful blonde with a great ass and tits waiting to sign in the guests.

When it was my turn I chit chatted with her to see if I could find out what type of cruise it was. But it was as if the cruise was a secret to everyone. As I finished signing in she was looking up my suite number. She started to giggle when she found it and told me to make sure I was ready for adventure. Now I was more curious than ever.

All of the sudden, two guys came and grabbed my bags. The blonde told me that they would take my luggage to my suite and that I would be shown the way after started out to sea.

I was very surprised by this because only certain people were given the same treatment.

I made my way up the ramp and to the pool area. There was a bar that was open so I got a drink while I waited. I decided to take a seat by the pool to enjoy the nice weather. It took about 30 minutes before we set off.

I had about 3 drinks while waiting and was feeling pretty buzzed. I tried to stand up but that was a mistake. I was drunker than what I thought so I quickly sat back down. I was going to rest and let the drinks wear off but I fell asleep while waiting. I was awoken by one of the male attendants when we made it out to sea as the Captain wanted was greeting everyone.

The Captain said, “Welcome aboard everyone. We are crossing into the zone. As you all know while in the zone clothing is optional, open acts of sex are allowed as long as all parties are willing, and there will be sex of all types. The crew is off limits during their working hours. You will know the crew by the red collar they will be wearing because as you can see all crew is no clothing at anytime. There are also a few guests who have signed up to be a little more adventurous. They will not be allowed clothing unless they earn it from someone for that day. As well each one has something special about their rooms. We sure hope that you all enjoy your surprises. So good luck to you all and have the adventure you crave. You know you are one of these guests if your luggage was gathered at the dock. So you need to strip now or suffer the consequences that were on your contract.”

I thought back to when I signed the agreement. I didn’t read it because I thought it would be your normal agreement. I was definitely wrong about this. Since I didn’t know what my consequences would be, I started strip right there by the pool. The male attendant who woke me took my clothes from me. He told me to enjoy my room and that it was room 111.

As I made my way to my room, I noticed there were several people into master or mistress/slave relationships. This was a new sight for me to see in person. It was rather intrigued I should say. I put it into my mind to find one of these couples to find out how they came about their relationship. But I had to find my room first.

I finally found my room. It was oddly located in between two restrooms. When I went inside I noticed how big the room was and that it had all kinds of sex toys. There was a note on the bed that said all of the sex toys in the room were mine to keep. I didn’t know what I was going to do with all the dildos and anal plugs.

As I continued to look around the room, I started to notice that there were multiple coverings along the walls at about waist high. My curiosity got the best me and slid one to the side. It was hole straight to what I thought was a restroom. It turned out that both rooms were porn booths and had glory holes to my room.

To say I was getting upset would be an under statement. When I said I wanted something new and adventurous, it sure wasn’t glory holes. I decided that I would go to the weight room and work out to relieve my frustrations.

When I got to the weight room there were only a few guys lifting. It was a little weird because I had to lift nude and they were also nude. I was trying to figure out what would be the less compromising positions for lifts. Like I didn’t want to do anything that left my butt up in the air. I couldn’t think right at casino oyna that moment because I was so frustrated. There was nothing I could do about my situation without suffering unknown consequences.

With all that on my mind, I said screw it and went to the curl station. I noticed the other guys were a lot bigger than I was muscle wise. There was a straight bar bench press in front of the curl station. I decided to do that station next. While doing my curls, I realized I was relaxing and started to get an erection. I didn’t want to get up for all to see but someone wanted to use the curl station.

When I got up, my erection went away. So I went with my plan and went to the straight bar bench press. I put lightweight on the bar since I was by myself. I was sitting down I could help but see the large penis and low hanging balls on the man in front of me. I guess I was staring because the man asked me if I was looking for help.

I told no that I was but he insisted on helping me. He said that I looked like a guy who lifted more than that. Then he added some weight to the bar. I had no choice but to lie back on the bench and lift at that point.

As I was getting ready to lift the bar, the man stepped forward to spot me. His cock was dangling right above my face. He noticed that I seemed a little uneasy. He said to not worry about it. That it was just a cock and we were lifting. I tried to not think about his magnificent penis above my face and started bench pressing. I was did my first set and then he added more weight. I told him I was good and that I didn’t want to interfere with his workout. He pulled me back down and said it was nothing.

This time I started to struggle because he added too much weight. As he bent down to pull the bar back up, his cock and balls laid right across my face. His cock started at my forehead and ended right on my lower lip. His balls were laid right on my eyes. He kept urging me on to push. He wasn’t pulling the bar up so I had no choice but to push. As I pushed I opened my mouth to breathe out. When I did, the head of the magnificent cock went right into my mouth. I pushed harder than ever and the bar went up extremely fast. He wouldn’t let me put the bar up. He said that I pushed it up to easy and that I must have needed his cock power to help me. He made me do it five more times. The whole time his cock was in my mouth.

When he finally let me put the bar up, I jumped am asked what his problem was. He said that he didn’t think it was issue since I liked it so much. I didn’t know what he was talking about until I realized I had a raging erection. I ran back to my room in embarrassment. I just couldn’t believe I got hard from another mans cock in my mouth.

I didn’t make it to my room though. I decided to go to the pool instead. When I got to the pool there was only one chair available beside this gorgeous woman. I asked her if the seat was taken. She said no it wasn’t and asked me to join her. I laid down on the chair breathing heavily from the running. She asked me why I was running. But I didn’t want to tell her the truth. I guess she could since it and told me there wasn’t any reason to worry. I don’t know why but I felt comfortable with this woman. I decided to tell her what happened.

After I explained what happened, she told me there was no reason to be embarrassed. She said that men’s cocks have a mind of their own. Then she pointed out that I was erect again. As I went to cover my erection, she pushed my hands away and grabbed it.

She slowly stroked me while telling me that I was just too horny. She surprised my next when she bent over and licked the drop of precum. Then she sucked me down her throat and started to massage my balls. I started to lie back but then she stopped and told that if I wanted her to finish I had to do as she says. If I didn’t do just one thing, then she wouldn’t pleasure me.

She asked to go back to my room. I started to lead way but she smacked my ass hard. It was so loud that everyone stopped and looked to see what was happening. I asked what I was doing wrong. She told me that she would lead the way after I gave her my room number. I told her my room number was 111. She got a big smile on her face and said she can’t wait to get there. She put a collar around by ball smack and cock. She then attached a leash to the collar and started to pull me towards my room.

We finally arrived at my room. I unlocked the door and she pulled me into my room. Once inside I was made to kneel. She saw all the toys in my room and asked whose they were. I told her what the note on my bed said. She got a bigger smile on her face. She then blindfolded canlı casino and told me to keep my hands behind back or she would handcuff me.

I must have been on my knees for at least 10 minutes while she looked through all the toys. I heard her moving something when she started to laugh. She took my blindfold off of me and gave me an angry look.

She asked, “Why do you have the room full of glory holes if you are not into cock?”

I then explained the whole situation to her about Tony booking the cruise and me not knowing anything about the cruise. I told her how I was looking for relaxation plus a little adventure. I didn’t tell her about the dream I had though.

She said that she believed me and asked if I trusted her. I pointed out that I didn’t even know her name and yet I was on knees with a collar and leash around my cock and balls. She started to laugh and pointed out she didn’t know my name either.

She said her name was Shea and that she was here with her friend Kristen. I told her my name was Jake. The next thing I know she is picking up the phone and calling someone. It was her friend Kristen. She told her to come to my room because she had a surprise for her. She then told me that I would do as I was told or she would leave and have nothing to do with me for the rest of the cruise. I didn’t know anyone else so I figured I better listen.

There was a loud knock on my door and then Kristen walked in wearing only a wrap around her ass and pussy. She was a knockout standing at 5′ 7′ 125 lbs. with a nice tan complexion. She walked around me looking me over like I was a piece of meat. Shea explained the whole situation to Kristen. Kristen started to laugh and said that they would definitely give me an adventure if listened to them. I agreed to do what they said as long as it didn’t involve urine or feces. So it was agreed that I would be their sex slave for the day.

Kristen stood me up and took off the collar from my cock and balls. She grabbed my cock and massaged it until I was hard. She said she was disappointed that a man with a 8 inch cock didn’t know whether he liked other cock or not because it could some much wilder if I did. Then Kristen dropped her wrap from around her ass and pussy. But she didn’t have a pussy. She had a beautiful cock that must have been 6 inches soft.

I couldn’t stop staring at her cock. Shea then got behind me and pushed me to my knees. Kristen’s cock was just 2 inches from my face. I just wanted to reach out and fondle her. Shea was in my ear asking me if I wanted to touch it, suck it, have it in my ass, or run away.

When I didn’t respond Shea took Kristen’s cock and rub my lips with it. I started to think back to my dream the night before. I knew that if I took her cock in my mouth I would be changed forever. I started to pull my head back from Kristen’s cock but Shea stopped me. She pointed to upper corners of my room. There were cameras everywhere. She then informed me that when I agreed to be their sex slave for the day that if I backed out I would have to pay the consequences on my contract. She then hinted that it would be worse than what they had planned and our agreement was on video.

I reluctantly leaned forward and took Kristen’s cock in mouth. She was still limp at this point. As I sucked on her cock and rolled my tongue around her cock head, it started to slowly grow. It was an amazing feeling having her cock get hard in my mouth. I felt somehow proud of myself. As her cock grew to her long 10 inches, I had to back off or I would have gagged. The whole time this was going on Shea was whispering in my ear how proud of me she was.

I started to bob my head up and down her cock on my own. Without knowing it, I was really getting in to it. I wanted to have my nose on her stomach licking her balls with that lovely cock down my throat. I started to take more and more. Then I realized I had all 10 inches in my mouth and throat. I was swallowing around her cock to give the best sensations possible. Without any warning other than her cock getting thicker, she let her sweet tasting cock juice down my throat. After the first shot, she pulled her cock out my throat so the rest would flood my mouth. They both told me not to spill one drop and to swish it around my mouth to get the full flavor.

After I was finished swallowing Kristen’s load, I found that Shea had opened a glory hole. There was an average sized cock sticking through the hole. He wasn’t to long or thick. Shea remembered my motto from the story I told her.

Try everything twice to decide if you like it.

I told her that I wanted it to be a nice thick long cock for my kaçak casino second before I chose if I like it or not. They both started laughing with happiness.

There was a knock at my door. It was one of the crew informing us that if we have a glory hole open then the cock sticking through has to be satisfied by the occupant of the room. I had no other choice other than to suck that cock because he was in the glory hole. Luckily he only lasted a minute before blowing his wad in my mouth. His load was horrible tasting.

When I was finished, Shea had opened five of the glory holes. All of them had a cock waiting for pleasure. I gave into my situation and lost control. I started sucking on one cock while stroking two others. When one cock was ready to blow, I would suck it into my mouth and swallow the whole load.

Shea and Kristen were having a great time watching me. They had eventually opened all the glory holes. Over the next two hours I had sucked countless cocks and taken countless loads down my throat. I thought I was getting a break because as I finished one cock Shea or Kristen would close the glory hole. I had finally finished the last cock.

I was then led over to the bed to lie down. But I tripped and fell onto the bed. Only my torso land on the bed while the rest of me was hanging off. Kristen took that as invite and started to run her cock up and down my ass. I started to beg no because she was so big and I had a virgin asshole. That is when Shea informed that from now on it was going to be my manpussy because I was going to Kristen’s cock in my manpussy or all of the glory holes in my manpussy.

I submitted further down my road of reluctance as Kristen shoved her cock in my manpussy. But then a sudden realization came to mind. It didn’t hurt me like I thought it would. But I rather enjoyed it. I then got on all fours on my bed. Kristen got behind me giving me the fucking of a lifetime. I was thrusting back into Kristen trying to get more of her cock in my manpussy.

Shea then sat in front of me and had me lick her beautiful pussy. I just dove right in. I was sucking on her pussy lips and clit. She was thriving all over the place as I devoured her pussy. It tasted so great but it was a different taste. I couldn’t figure it out but I was addicted. After Shea had multiple orgasms, she told me that she had two guys fuck her and deposit their loads in her pussy before I went to town on that creampie.

Kristen was riding me so hard. Shoving her cock in and out of my manpussy. She fucked until I was so loose that she would pull all the way out and then slam back in. I was in heaven. I couldn’t get enough of her cock in my manpussy. Shea wanted to see me get taken from both ends so she went out and found a man with a huge cock. Shea had him go to one of the glory holes.

When I saw her open that glory hole and his cock came through, I was like a mad man possessed. I ran over to the hole and sucked his cock right down my throat. He was even bigger than Kristen. But he tasted so good. I couldn’t believe I became so addicted to cock and cum in one afternoon. So there I was with one cock down my throat and another in my ass.

I was as happy as could be. This was because I thought we were the only ones to know who was sucking the cocks in the glory hole. When I finished off the cock I was sucking and swallowed his load, Kristen folded my legs over my head so my cock was above my mouth. Kristen then started to fuck my ass from above. She was hitting my prostate just right. In about two minutes I was had the biggest orgasm of my life. I had a mouth full of cum and my face plastered.

Kristen pulled out of my ass and let my legs down. As I lay there in bed with Kristen beside me, Shea asked how I felt about cock now. I told her that doing this in private was one thing but I don’t know if I could do it in public. Shea and Kristen were laughing their asses off. I was so confused. When Shea finally caught her breath, she explained that the video cameras went to every glory hole, TV, big screen, basically any device you could watch it on. She also explained that the member of the crew informed her that my video was being broadcasted live on the Internet as per my instructions.

So now I have had unknown amounts of cum deposited in my mouth and manpussy for the whole world to see. I thought I was going to die. To make matters worse my phone went off with a text message from Tony.

It read: Hey Jake, I see you are loving your adventure and everyone else’s that has a cock. I can’t wait to see you so I can take the nice mouth of yours and maybe fuck that manpussy to if it isn’t wore out. Tony. P.S. I told you I knew you better than yourself.

If you enjoyed this story, leave comments and feedback. I will continue through Jakes cruise and his many adventures and cocks if I get enough responses.

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