Cuckolding My Father Ch. 06

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My campaign to seduce my mother continued to move forward, although I was never sure when it would move to another stage. Almost three months to the day after I started it, I got up one morning, slipped on sweatpants and a T-shirt, and went out to have breakfast, just like I always did. The house, as always, was filled with wonderful smells from Mother’s cooking. She was standing at the stove when I walked into the kitchen. Today she was wearing another of her faded housedresses, this one a faded blue color.

“Good morning, Mother,” I said. I walked over, slid my arms around her from behind, gave her a hug, buried my face in her hair, and kissed her on the neck, just below her ear. Mother’s response was a soft, sensual giggle and a little wiggle of her body. Her bottom was pressed against me and that wiggle caused an immediate reaction in my groin. I pulled my hips back to keep her from feeling my body’s response to contact with hers.

Reluctantly I released her, turned, and poured myself a cup of coffee. Then I walked to the kitchen table and sat down. Mother brought a plate holding a heap of with corn beef hash that had poached eggs atop it over to the table and set it in front of me. She walked back to the counter, got herself a cup of coffee, then she joined me at the table, sitting in a chair next to mine.

“How was your night?” she asked.

I finished chewing what I had in my mouth, swallowed, then washed it down with some coffee. “Busy,” I said. “Scott and I had to bust a guy who’s been stalking his ex-wife. He broke into her house and was beating the crap out of her and her new boyfriend when we got there.”

Mother shook her head and frowned. “Your job is so dangerous,” she said. “I’m always worried you’ll get hurt.”

I took her hand and squeezed it. “I try to be as careful as I can,” I told her. “The thing I’m always thinking about is keeping myself safe so I can come home to you.”

Mother squeezed my hand back. “You darn well better come home to me,” she said. “I’d be real upset if you didn’t.”

I grinned at her. “I’d be upset, too.”

I finished my breakfast, got up, took my dishes to the sink, and rinsed them off. As I did, I heard Mother sliding her chair back. When I turned around, she was walking toward me. I noticed that she’d left her coffee casino oyna cup on the table. She walked over to where I stood in front of the sink, wrapped her arms around me, buried her face against my chest, and gave me a fierce hug.

“I worry about you getting hurt every night,” she murmured. She tightened her arms again. “I don’t think I could live if something happened to you.”

I’d slid my arms around her and squeezed her back. “Nothing’s going to happen to me,” I told her.

“Having you around is the only thing that keeps me from goin’ crazy,” Mother said softly. She gave me another squeeze.

It felt way too good having her body pressed against mine. My body was responding the way the body of any sensible heterosexual male would have. I tried to keep my hips pulled back so Mother wouldn’t feel the erection that was starting to tent my sweatpants.

“It was awful here when you was off at college,” she continued. “I didn’t have hardly nobody to talk to.”

I could feel her shaking a little, then I felt wetness soaking through my T-shirt and realized she was crying. “Mother, it’s all right,” I said. “I’m home now and I’m not leaving.”

Mother leaned back in my arms and looked up at me. Her eyes were red and still filled with tears. “Someday…someday you’re…you’ll find a girl, then you’ll get married and leave me here alone again,” she said softly. A tear seeped out of her right eye and made a trail down her cheek.

I wiped the tear away with one finger, then I kissed her on the forehead, pulled back, and looked her directly in the eyes. “I’m holding the only woman I ever want in my life in my arms right now,” I told her. “I’m never, ever going to leave you…unless you tell me to go away.”

Mother pressed herself against me again and gave me a hug that was even stronger than the ones she’d given me earlier. The way she her body was plastered to mine, she had to have felt my erection pressing against her. “You aren’t just sayin’ that, are you?” she murmured against my chest.

I combed my fingers through her hair as I held her. “No, I’m not just saying that,” I said. “I mean it. There is no way I’m ever going to leave you again. I’m not planning to leave this mountain, but if I ever do, I promise you’ll be going with me.”

“What…what about your…your canlı casino father?” she murmured.

“He can stay right here on the mountain,” I said.

My comment got me another powerful hug. Mother continued to hang on to me for a few more moments, then she leaned back in my arms again. “You really do love me, don’t you?” she asked, looking at me wide-eyed.

“You know I do,” I told her. “And you better know I always will.”

I wasn’t expecting Mother to kiss me, but she did. And what a kiss! It was unquestionably the hottest kiss I ever shared with a female. My penis wasn’t just stiff any more; it was throbbing. I experienced such an intense rush of pleasure I was afraid I’d come in my pants. Mother’s body was pressed against mine as if she was trying to meld the two of us. And even more surprising, it wasn’t a French kiss. Mother’s mouth was open, but her tongue stayed home.

We finally broke apart because we had to breathe, I think. Mother stood there, looking at me, gasping, her face flushed. “What…oh, Lord, J.J., what happened?” she panted. “I…I ain’t never felt like this.”

“Me, either,” I admitted. Part of me wanted to grab her, drag her into my bedroom, and jump her bones right there. But I didn’t. I doubt if she’d have resisted, but somehow I knew she wasn’t really ready to have the kind of relationship I wanted to have with her. I wanted her to come to me, to be fully committed to the relationship I hoped to have with her.

“I…um…I gotta go…do…do the…um…dishes,” Mother stammered. She turned toward the sink, put the stopper in the drain, and turned on the water.

“I love you, Mother,” I told her.

“I love you, too, J.J.,” she replied, without looking at me.

I shuffled down the hallway to the bathroom. I had to do something about the throbbing erection I had, and did. Images of what I believed my mother’s nude body looked like played in my imagination like the most wonderful erotic movie ever made while I masturbated. It took every last bit of self-control I had not to scream out Mother’s name when I finally came. I can’t remember ever coming as much as I did then, either.

After I had relieved my built-up pressure, I went out and did some work on making our front yard look nicer. I had put in a white stone walk that led from kaçak casino the porch down to the road and I’d raked, roto-tilled, and re-seeded the yard so we’d have a nice, even green lawn. The last job was to put flowerbeds along the front of the porch, on either side of the steps. I was edging them with special edging bricks I’d bought. Mother had talked about having a nice front yard for as long as I could remember. My father never had time to do it, and didn’t really care how the house looked. He also didn’t care enough about Mother to do anything she wanted, either. I did, thus my work on the yard. When he saw what I was doing, he started to complain, but he shut up when I said I was paying for everything.

Mother came out with some sandwiches and soda at lunchtime. “The yard looks really nice, J.J.,” she said.

“You’re going to have to tell me what kind of flowers you want,” I told her. I noticed she was sitting by herself, almost as if she was afraid to get too close to me. I took that as a good sign.

After lunch I worked on the yard for another couple of hours, then I put my tools away, went in, took a shower, and got ready to go to work. I walked out to the kitchen and found Mother there. She was just putting my lunch things in the small cooler I carry.

“I could have done that,” I told her.

She turned and smiled at me. “I like doin’ stuff for you,” she said. I saw her looking at me. Her face reddened a little. “You look so handsome in your uniform,” she added, sounding almost shy.

“Lots of women love a man in uniform,” I said, grinning.

“Well, they damn well better stay away from my man in uniform,” Mother said, then she blushed furiously.

I chuckled. “How about I shoot any that try to get too close?”

“If you don’t shoot ’em, I will,” Mother said, grinning back at me.

“Well, I better get going,” I said. I held my arms out, Mother stepped into them, and we kissed. The minute our lips met, I knew something was different. The kiss was far more fervent than the ones we normally shared before I went to work, although it wasn’t nearly as stirring as the one we’d shared earlier., but it was a whole lot hotter than the way she normally kissed me before I left for work. I could feel it having an impact where I really didn’t want it to, especially since I was about to leave for work.

I broke the kiss and stepped back. “Uh…I…um…I’ll see you in the morning, Mother,” I croaked.

“You be careful, come home safe,” she said.

“I will,” I told her.

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