Dad, Do I Turn You On? Ch. 03

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Disclaimer: All sexual activity is between adults. Enjoy.


“There’s no easy way to ask this. Are the two of you having sex, y’know, with each other?”

I don’t know what my face looked like, but Suzy’s went pale. “Yes,” I whispered. Honesty was the first rule of the circle, and I knew we were caught, somehow, and denying it would only make things worse. Taking a deep breath, I said, “But I guess you already knew the answer to that?”

“Pretty much,” Mandy said. “Little things I noticed between you two weren’t adding up, but the clincher was last night when Suzy talked in her sleep again. Hearing her say ‘Fuck me, Daddy, harder’ and a few other things made everything click. By itself, I could have thought she was just having a fantasy dream, but not combined with how nervous you’ve both been acting, Daddy.”

“I’m sorry, Dad,” Suzy said.

I squeezed her hand. “Oh, sweetie, don’t be. We should have known it would get figured out eventually by someone as perceptive as your sister.”

“But that’s not the only reason I called for the circle,” Mandy said. “The second reason was to let you both know that I’m okay with it, and you don’t need to hide it from me any more. Incest doesn’t bother me. I actually think it’s hot when two people who shouldn’t love each other can’t control their attraction. I got SO turned on thinking about the two of you last night, listening to Suzy. Oh, gawd, so hot.”

Suzy and I both gasped. After a moment, Suzy asked, “Is there a third reason?”

“Yes, this.” Mandy leaned over and kissed Suzy right on the lips, and kept kissing her for 20 seconds more, tongue obviously involved.

“Wow,” said Suzy, when Mandy leaned back. My dick was hard as steel.

“So, am I next? And are you wanting into my bed, too?”

She treated me to the same kind of kiss. She was fantastic. When she finished she was still holding my hand and said, “Actually, Daddy, the weird part of that second question is my birthday wish yesterday actually was to make love to one of my parents…”

I knew immediately. “Except it wasn’t me you had in mind, was it?” She squeezed my hand in confirmation.

“Mom??” exclaimed Suzy, eyes wide.

“Yes, Mom. You get to be horny for Daddy, I get to be horny for Mom. I haven’t made a move yet, because I’m sure she would have just used my being underage to say no, but I’m pretty sure I won’t have any trouble getting into her bed once I go home from here.”

My mind was spinning. “Your mom never mentioned she was into women, in all the time I knew her.”

“Daddy, that might have had something to do with which woman she was into – it’s Aunt Nancy!”

“What?!” I gasped. “When did that start?”

“I don’t know.” Mandy shrugged. “Might have started a long time ago, but it’s definitely been happening since Suzy went to college and Aunt Nancy moved back here after her divorce from Uncle Larry. Aunt Nancy’s been over the house a lot, and there were three different times when I got home from school earlier than normal and her car was in the driveway and I heard moaning coming from Mom’s bedroom. Far more obvious than you two. I would just slip back out of the house and come back at my regular time, and they’d be in the kitchen talking like nothing had happened, or Nancy had left. And then there’s the strap on harness and dildos I found in Mom’s dresser,” she giggled.

“So how do you plan to seduce her, Mandy?” Suzy asked.

“Simple. Come home unexpectedly again and catch them both together, then ask to join them both. It’s not like Mom can complain that it’s incest, if she’s already doing her sister.”

“That’s true.” I said. “But I notice you actually never answered my question about whether you wanted into my bed. Are you going to ask to join us, too?”

“Daddy, I hadn’t actually thought about you that way, at least until last night. My thoughts have always been about being attracted to Mom and then Nancy, and a few about Suzy. But, my answer is I’d love to be with you both, except for one thing. I’m a virgin, Daddy, and I want to stay that way for my eventual husband. But if you’re okay with fucking only one of your daughters, I’d love to help you do it to her. I could even learn a few things from you both so I have more experience. What about it, Suzy? Will you let me practice my pussy licking on you, so I can be better for Mom?”

Suzy looked dazed. “I… I… I… Oh, wow… Mandy! You want to?”

“Why not? You’re hot, I love you, and now I know incest doesn’t bother you either, obviously.”

We adjourned the circle and went to my bedroom, got undressed, and still standing next to the bed, Mandy began kissing Suzy, while I got behind Suzy, my dick pressed against her ass, and started kissing her neck, while running my hands up her sides, caressing her skin.

I noticed Mandy’s hands were just by Suzy’s hips, so I took her right hand, and raised it to her sister’s breast, and guided her in squeezing, first the breast, then the nipple, then let go so Mandy could continued on her own, and saw her do the same with her left hand.

I casino siteleri shifted my hips a little, grabbed Suzy’s hips and pushed my dick between her legs and into her pussy, causing her to yelp into Mandy’s kiss. She pushed herself back at me. Mandy noticed what I was doing, and helped me hold Suzy up, while her left hand moved to Suzy’s pussy, exploring not only her lips and clit, but also running her fingers under my dick, as it slipped in and out.

Suzy was screaming out her first orgasm in under a minute, and her knees buckled. I guided us to fall sideways onto the bed, Suzy and I landing on our right sides, as I resumed stroking into her from behind, lifting her left leg and wrapping my left arm around it for better access and leverage. Mandy climbed onto the bed, turned the other way around, and moved her head between Suzy’s opened legs, and began licking away, more enthusiasm than skill, but when your younger daughter’s tongue slides across your dick while you’re plowing it into her sister, you’re not going to complain about technique.

Suddenly, Mandy moaned, and I saw that Suzy had pulled Mandy’s hips toward her into a 69, and was going to town on her little sis. I leaned forward, and nibbled on Suzy’s ear then whispered, “Wait until Sandra hears about this.” She laughed, then resumed licking.

I extended my right arm to run my hand along Mandy’s thighs. I then guided my hand to Mandy’s pussy, and added my fingers to stimulating her labia. I wanted to put a finger inside, and asked, twice, “Mandy, honey, are you okay with fingers inside?” before she heard me.

“Oh, yes, Daddy, please!!” she finally answered. I started with one, as Suzy focussed on sucking and licking Mandy’s clit.

The moans were getting louder from both of them, and I could feel my own orgasm getting closer. I thrust into Suzy faster and harder, and added a second finger into Mandy.

When Suzy pulled her head away to scream out her second orgasm, I thrust my thumb onto Mandy’s clit, rubbing it round and round, then I heard Mandy’s orgasm start, just as I came into Suzy, shot after shot after shot of cum saved up over the previous week.

As I pulled out, Mandy stopped me, grabbing my dick and started licking it, intent on cleaning me. She then stuck her tongue back into Suzy, seeking out more of my sperm. For a virgin who apparently preferred women, she was turning into quite a cum-chaser. I turned myself around, so I could watch, and also give her some pointers, as she licked Suzy to a third orgasm.

Suzy finally had to cry out, “Stop, I’m too sensitive!”

Mandy and I turned around, and lay to either side of Suzy, and proceeded to kiss her, and clean Mandy’s juices from her face. They were subtly different from Suzy’s. Then Suzy and I did the same to Mandy, tasting some of my sperm in the mix.

Mandy started giggling, finally saying, “I’m SO glad you talk in your sleep, sis! That was sensational!”

Suzy frowned, still upset that she’d let the secret slip, then decided to get back at her by saying, “A prick inside you is even better, honey! Daddy wasn’t my first, but he is the best lover I’ve had. He’d treat you nicer than any boy your own age. Think about it.”

“I know he would, because that’s the kind of man he is,” Mandy said, giving me a kiss on the cheek. “But that’s the problem – he’d spoil me for any man my age. I’m tempted, but for now, I’m sticking to my decision.”

I said, “Mandy, I hope you would never feel that you can’t find a man who’ll love you like you deserve, because of your involvement with me, any more than I’d want to interfere with Suzy and Nick’s relationship. I was once a bumbling virgin, too. Worry less about finding the man who’ll stir your loins, and focus on finding the man who’ll touch your heart, then you can teach him sex and what pleases you. That’s the foundation for a good marriage, in my opinion, even if your mom and I didn’t last. And you can tell Nick I said the same, Suzy. Your heart is what matters first.”

“Aw, Daddy, you’re still a romantic”, Mandy said, kissing me. “I love both of you, and if I didn’t want Mom even more, you’d never get rid of me!”

“Oh, gawd!” Suzy and I said, together, then laughed.

Suddenly, we all felt hungry, went to the kitchen and finished off last of the birthday cake, putting robes on first. We then piled on the couch, and put on some silly teenage comedy movie. The girls decided they wanted to blow me, instead of watching the movie, Suzy helping to teach Mandy how. She was a fast learner. In the back of my mind, I thanked Sandra once more for teaching Suzy.

They traded off regularly, and I wound up warning Mandy I was about to come, but she kept her mouth on me, and did a pretty good job swallowing most of that load, Suzy licking up what she missed.

We then went to sleep together, Mandy spooned behind me, Suzy in front. I remembered a fragment of dream of walking a daughter down the aisle, but couldn’t remember which one it was. It still made me smile in the morning. It felt like a good omen.

The remainder of Mandy’s stay canlı casino went pretty much the same, a different kind of threesome, but no less satisfying. The things Mandy was willing to do, she got better and better at. My life had transformed once more. During the times we weren’t making love, we made a plan to get Mandy her wish with Paula and Nancy.

I told Mandy to tell Paula that we were landing at 5 PM on the 15th, but our flight would actually arrive around 1. If we could surprise Paula and Nancy in bed, a lot could get resolved at once.

We used an airport shuttle service to get to the house, since it didn’t make sense for me to get a rental car this time. When we pulled up, the girls confirmed the presence of Nancy’s car. We got out, I paid the driver, and we carried our bags to the door and entered as quietly as we could, and left the bags at the entryway.

There was no sign of anyone in the rooms visible from there. Sneaking towards the master bedroom at the back of the house, we didn’t hear anything, but the door was closed. I put my hand on the handle, and slowly pushed it down, then pushed the door open, and we crept in.

Paula and Nancy were indeed in bed together, engaged in a slow and lazy 69, Nancy on top, not screaming, or thrashing, just gentle lovemaking. They were soaked in sweat, though, so if I had to guess, we’d missed their orgasms by mere minutes. I felt myself start to harden at the sight. They looked so sexy together, Nancy a brunette copy of her blonde sister.. All three of us just silently watched for about a minute, the two women still not aware of us, until finally, I said “Aherm?”

They both froze, then turned to look at us, and a look of terror crossed Paula’s face, while Nancy just looked bemused.

“I… I can explain…” barely came out of Paula’s mouth, as she tried to sit up and grab a pillow to cover herself.

I put up my hand to stop her. “I’m not your husband any more, Paula. You don’t have to explain to me who you take into your bed, even if it’s your sister. I’d ask ‘Does she make you happy?’ but I think that’s pretty obvious right now.”

She looked confused for a moment, then said, “You don’t seem at all surprised.”

Mandy crossed to sit next to Paula on the bed, taking one hand in hers, saying, “That’s because we’re not, Mom. You and Aunt Nancy haven’t managed to keep this nearly as much a secret as you seem to think. I could have walked in on you several times over the past two years, but I didn’t.”

“Why not?” Nancy asked.

Mandy took a deep breath. “Because… because I want to join you. I want to make love to you both. And I knew my odds of getting a ‘yes’ were better once I turned 18.” She then leaned over and kissed Paula full on the mouth, then sat back.

“Baby? What?!?” Paula seemed truly lost from what was happening, just looking from face to face.

Nancy, on the other hand, seemed much calmer. “Well, that explains how you knew about us, Mandy. But why did you tell your sister and dad?”

Mandy turned slightly to answer her. “Some things happened at Daddy’s place that led me to confess my attraction to Mom, and your involvement together came out as part of that.”

“Umm, what kind of things ‘happened’, that would make you reveal that?”

Mandy looked back at me and Suzy, and I nodded my permission. She turned back to Nancy. “Figuring out that Daddy and Suzy were doing the same thing I wanted to do with you and Mom.”

“WHAT?!?” screamed Paula. “Steve, what did you do?”

I shrugged. “I surrendered, both to feelings I was having towards Suzy but was resisting, but also to her feelings towards me. And I don’t regret it for a moment.”

“But that’s incest!” she muttered.

“And making love to your sister isn’t? asked Suzy, taking my hand. “Daddy didn’t actually initiate this, mom, I did, and I’ve wished for it over and over ever since I turned 18. Every birthday cake and a bunch of other ways. A few days after I got to Dallas, he admitted he was attracted to me, but I wound up having to ask him, actually begging him, to stop resisting that feeling, because I wanted him. But I’m glad he finally caved into the little things I was doing to entice him. He’s made me so happy. I’m on the pill, so we won’t have kids, and we both know he can’t be my long term partner.”

We had decided not to reveal our relationship with Sandra to Mandy, although she knew about Nick being Suzy’s boyfriend.

“Mandy, too?”

Mandy shook her head. “Mom, once I knew Suzy and Daddy were lovers, I told Daddy I wanted to stay a virgin for my future husband, and he respected that. But I did put oral in play, with both of them. I wanted to learn, to be a better lover for you, and I learned a lot.” Paula looked close to fainting, at that news.

Nancy got up from the bed, still naked, and came to give Suzy and me both hugs, saying, “I’m really happy for you both!” To Suzy, she whispered, just loud enough for me to hear, “I’ll get your mom to come around – or I’ll stop making her cum.” To me, she whispered, only for me, “I want you.”, then kissed kaçak casino me lightly on the lips. She then went back to the bed, and pulled Mandy into an embrace, briefly kissing her and then saying, “I won’t answer for your mom, but you’ve got a ‘yes’ from me,” and engulfed Mandy in a much longer kiss. I was now rock-hard.

“Nancy,” Paula whimpered. “What are you doing?”

Nancy ended the kiss to answer her. “Loving my niece. It’s that simple, Paula. Do you love Mandy, and are you ready to make that love physical, like we have?”

“Of course I love her, but this…” Paula sighed, then took both of Mandy’s hands in hers, looked her in the eyes, and said, “Baby, are you sure? It changes things, not all of them for the better.” Paula quickly glanced at me, then returned her attention to Mandy. Curious. “Are you ready for all that?”

“Yes, Mom. I’ve thought through everything I can imagine happening, and it’s worth it to me to take the risks. I love you so much, and want in.”

Paula shuddered, then came to a decision, I expect in the same fashion as I had, resistance crumbling into dust and blowing away on the winds of change. “Yes, my sweet daughter. Welcome. Get undressed – all of you. I can’t friggin’ believe I’m saying this, but I want to see what you and Suzy look like together, Steve.”

It rained clothing, as we raced to get nude and on the bed. Paula began exploring Mandy’s body at the head of the king-sized bed, kissing from her neck to her breasts, finally pushing her onto her back, and turning around to start a 69, moans pouring from each other as they discovered each other’s tastes for the first time.

At the foot of the bed, Nancy approached Suzy and I, saying, “Is it okay if I try out his dick for myself? You’re not the only one who wished for him over an 18th birthday cake.”

“Really, Nancy?” I asked, remembering being at that party, while I was dating Paula.

She reached and took my dick in her hand. “Well, the wish then was for a threesome with you and Paula, but yeah, I thought you were hot then, and still do.”

I kissed her, and our tongues met in the middle. We separated, and each took turns kissing Suzy. I lay on my back, and pulled Suzy to sit on my face, leaving my raging boner for Nancy to ride on, in cowgirl position.

While I licked and nibbled at Suzy’s labia, and Nancy began to slide down my dick, I heard Paula giving Mandy both encouragement and instruction on how to lick her pussy, “softer, slower, there, yes, yes, YES!” gradually turned to “faster, harder, oh, baby, Yes, Yes, YEEEEESSSSSS!” I wished I could see, but had all my other senses focussed on the two women riding my body.

With four women in the room, I quickly lost count of the orgasms going on. I licked Suzy to at least three, and felt Nancy spasm at least twice.

Meanwhile, the only words I heard from Mandy, when I heard anything but grunts and moans, were “oh, mom…”

Suddenly, all four women seemed to be screaming at the same time, their cries feeding into each other’s ecstasy, ramping and ramping upwards. Just as Suzy gushed into my mouth, Nancy arched her back, and spasmed so fiercely around my dick that I had no choice but to cum. Hard and long spurts of jizz fed into Nancy’s orgasm.

I was nearly shoved out of the way, as Mandy moved to the foot of the bed to get to Nancy.

I wound up side-by-side with Paula, as Mandy and Suzy took turns to suck all of my cum out of their aunt, giving her two more orgasms.

I turned to Paula, and we rolled onto our sides, facing each other, almost nose-to-nose. Quietly, I said, “Tell me if it’s none of my business, but can I ask you when you and Nancy started as lovers? Was it before we got married, or was it when you went to San Diego when Larry had cancer?”

“It was during the San Diego trip,” she answered, almost in a whisper.

“You gave me a weird look when you told Mandy that starting a relationship like this doesn’t always produce changes for the better. Were your feelings for me one of the things that changed because of Nancy? Because that’s when we started arguing about my job.”

She sighed. “It’s not that simple, but it was connected. I know this is probably too little too late, but I left San Diego feeling really confused. About how I felt about Nancy, how that might affect how I felt about you, even how I felt about myself. Larry found out about us while I was still there, and nearly left Nancy right then, but needed her more while he was sick than he needed to be angry. Instead, it took a few more years for them to split, after he was in remission, but he never forgot or forgave her or me.”

She paused, then said, “I didn’t think I could tell you, after the way Larry reacted, and I was scared you’d figure it out anyway. It was the fear that made me so clingy, then somehow it turned into anger at you, and that wrecked our marriage. And the whole time, I’m trying to stop myself from lashing out at you, and couldn’t, because that would require explaining everything. Here I was, trying to keep you from finding out because you’d leave me, and instead I wind up being the one to ask for the divorce, so I could stop hurting you. It was so fucked up. I was so fucked up. I never in a million years imagined you’d be cool with it.” She sighed again. “Can you forgive me?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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