Dad is an Exhibitionist Ch. 04

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Dancing virtually naked on the stage of a dimly lit New York City bar as music throbbed around me, I shimmied my hips at a man on the front row. It felt good to be sensually twisting my body at an audience of horny men and drinking in the lust in their eyes. Their stares and faces, frozen on my every move, were like ambrosia, sending me spiraling around the small stage rubbing my body as if I was spreading sweet honey all over.

Dancing in a strip bar in New York was a long way from attending school in conservative Atlanta and I was relishing in the experience. My hips gyrated in time with the pounding music while I slowly lowered the thong I was wearing to just above my cock. I danced over to the edge of the stage and pulled the thong away from my body, inviting a customer to have a look while he inserted a five dollar bill inside. This gesture always excited me and my cock began to swell. Most of the men in the bar were older businessmen types. It turned me on to realized I was doing the same thing to them.

I gripped my crotch, cupping my swelling cock which was beginning to bulge from the thrill of sixty or so men imaging sex with me. At least that’s what I pretended they were doing.

The bills began filling the sides of my thong as men of all ages reached up to the stage to give me their money and cop a feel of my bulge or catch a glimpse of what was inside.

It had been two years since I’d left Atlanta. Following a string of dead end jobs, I finally landed the gig at “Wonder Bar,” a “dick” bar near the Village. The experience seemed to temporarily fill the empty space that I always felt inside me; the space that a string of boyfriends hadn’t come even close to filling.

My set was coming to an end and I danced to the front center of the stage and twirled to show them my ass. Accompanied by the loud pounding of drums I bent forward slowly pulling down my thong. To the cheers and encouragement of the customers, I jerked it down to my ankles, exposing my puckered ass hole while I stepped out of the small fabric.

I began to slowly then quickly shake my ass at the crowd. A cheer went up from the customers behind me. With the last beat of the drums, I twirled around to face the audience revealing my turgid cock, shaking it back and forth with each movement of my hips as the customers cheered.

When the music stopped I stooped to grab the thong which lay huddled on the stage, turned to wave one last goodbye, and sprinted off the stage. Once in the wings I bent over to step into the thong and felt a light spanking across my butt. Looking up I met the grin of the next stripper and friend, a muscular black man from Canada named Reggie, who said, “You’ve got them warmed up now, baby.”

I grinned back while saying “Break a leg Reggie,” then went to the communal dressing room. It was communal because the three to five strippers that worked each night shared the small facility. The small room was usually filled with naked men, talking about all sorts of things and tugging on our cocks getting ready for the next set. It was Saturday night and I had danced my last one. In one corner, Eddie, a hot red head, was down on his knees sucking the hard cock of Raphael, getting him up for his next dance. Strippers liked to “prep” each other that way, while openly enjoying the task. After coming out of the small shower, Jackie, another dancer who had also finished tonight, came into the room. “Hey sweet cakes,” a name I was often called around the bar in reference to my ass I was told. “I’m leaving with a man who was impressed with your, “hum, performance. I told him that I’d ask you to join us in a three-way at his apartment?” He then winked, “He’s very generous.”

I thought a while before responding, “Not tonight Jack, I’m starving and just want to go home, I’m tired.”

“I’ll tell him that you are taking a rain check,” Jackie replied, “That way we’ll keep him on a sting for another time.” He grabbed his crotch and gave me a lascivious grin.

I waved back at Eddie and felt a hand slip into my thong and grip my cock. It was another stripper finished for the evening. “Do you want me to come over to take care of casino oyna this, Dave? It’ll help you sleep.”

I responded “No thanks Mike, not tonight, I’m in the mood to take care of myself tonight.”

The room erupted into hoots and whistles and boisterous comments, “The college boy still likes to jack off,” said one. “That’s your money stick boy, don’t use it up,” shouted another.

“Yeah,” I replied, “like you jack offs don’t pound your own.” Grinning at our exchange I stripped the thong and finished dressing into street clothes. It was this way in the world of strippers, I had learned. Lasciviousness between the dancers was wholesale, though outside the dressing room we seldom did anything about it. Something about seeking each other naked and frequently erect seemed to take away the mystery. Besides, some of these guys are straight, at least I think so since everyone participates in the banter.

Reggie, however, was different. He and I had gotten drunk one night after the club closed and had wound up in his bed for an all-nighter.”

“Jeeze, Davey,” I could still hear him; “you’ve got the best ass I’ve ever fucked.” We had just finished our second round of sex and he kissed me while I slowly caressed my still hard cock. I grinned while emitting a hum. I felt him slide downward over my body and then, gasped, as his warm mouth enveloped my cock to begin slowly going up and down on the shaft. His tongue flicked the head of my prick, creating little rivers of sensation. Reggie gave a great blow job. It was that way between us since our first meeting. We’d have an intense sexual attraction filled with lust, but afterward we grow friendly but sexually indifferent to each other.

Reggie was different from the other guys. It’s true that he tricked out for money, had an occasional blow, but the stripper/hooker life style didn’t suit him. Born in Montreal, he had a dark swarthy look. He’d even graduated college with a teaching degree. He told me that he’d begun supplementing his income with a little “selling it” on the side. One of his customers happened to be one of the owners of the Wonder Bar who talked him into moving to New York, and the rest was history.

On my way home, I stopped to have a bowl of soup at a local café a block from my apartment. After leaving the restaurant, I saw a dim figure sitting on the stoop of my apartment building. In New York that can be a cause for concern and my antenna went on alert. Then approaching my building I saw that it was Reggie in the dim light.

“Hey,” I said walking up, “what are you doing here?” He stood and we embraced on the stoop before entering the building.

“Oh, just a hunch,” he said.

“What’s that?” I answered.”

“Just a hunch,” he said as he grabbed my ass, “that you need a little more than a self-party tonight. So here I am at your service, Baby Cakes.”

We entered the building and when the elevator closed I turned, grabbing him as our tongues met. I felt his hand go under my jeans and a finger sliding down my ass crack.

“Maybe you’re right,” I whispered.

We pulled away, but his finger continued to probe my ass hole. He said, “I think that you need a lot of attention down here tonight.”

Finally in my apartment we fell into a tight embrace while our tongues and lips ground against the other.

Reggie had been right, of course. I felt my rising lust for the handsome man. Stripping from our clothes, he stopped me from pulling down my underwear.

“I’ll take it from here, bud.” Then as his hand slid over my body and under the band of my jockeys, he kissed my nipples. First kissing then nibbling on them, my breath began coming in gasps. I felt his hands begin pulling off my under pants.

Also naked, Reggie leaned up on his elbow while stroking my body and said “Damn Dave, no wonder the crowd was going berserk for you tonight, you’re beautiful.”

“You’re not so bad yourself, Reg,” I said just as his mouth engulfed my swollen cock. Arching my back and allowed the delicious feeling of a hot man devouring my prick to flood through me. My fingers began clutching his thick black hair while he moved to my balls, taking canlı casino one at a time into his mouth.

As an afterthought, I heard him mumble, “But you’re so young.”

“Oh fuck man,” I heard myself say. This is what I needed tonight and I was grateful that he picked up on that.

Suddenly Reg released my balls and began licking his way to my ass hole. My moans intensified when his tongue began probing my hole. I was squirming on the floor from the sensations of a tongue going deeper into my man pussy.

As he suddenly flipped me over to my knees and forearms I felt wet kisses from my balls to the crack of my butt.

“Oh man, don’t stop,” was all I could think. His hands grabbed my hips pulling them towards him as his tongue dove further into me. I began humping backward and forward on his mouth. His hot breath now came in what felt like waves over my squeezing anus.

After a while of this pleasure, he pulled away from my butt. Then without warning I felt the cool, slick wet from lube being rubbed into my hole.

“Give it to me Reggie; I’m so ready for this.”

His hands began pushing me forward and down and I felt his hard cock pushing against my ass hole. I leaned down over my elbows with my ass stuck upward. The feeling of his cock pushing on my hole gave way to fullness pushing inside me while my sphincter muscle spread. The man leaned forward over my back and began humping me.

Resting on my elbows and knees I rutted like an animal while his hard prick plunged down into me. My ass hole had loosened to welcome the invasion of his huge penis. Unable to resist, my hand felt between my legs to grasp my own swollen cock.

Precum formed on the tip of my cock and lubricated my hand; I began stroking in time with the thrusts of Reggie’s big pole. “Fuck me Reggie,” I cried aloud, “Fuck me hard”. His own grunts grew louder and he thrust me even more vigorously. His cock pushed my hips forward while he plunged even deeper inside me.

Rocking back and forth on my knees I could feel my balls begin to tighten while we humped. The deep plunging inside of me caused tingling and warmth that spread throughout my lower torso. My knees began to tremble and my stroking increased.

After an extended period he said, he said from behind me in a voice gasping from his panting, “I can’t go much longer, baby.” His arms wrapped around my stomach and we became inseparable, one rocking mass of sweaty animal urges.” Our cries filled the room oblivious to all other sounds.

After just a short while I cried aloud when spasms of my cum shot from my throbbing pole. Very soon I could feel the warm squirts of his cum as it began splashing inside me, accompanied by yells of “I’m coming.” His bursts of cum seemed to go for minutes and my motion stopped while I relished in the sensation.

Both of us were covered in sweat as we slowly stretched forward in unison onto the carpet. His big cock remained inside me until I began to feel the shrinking of my sphincter as it ejected the softening prick with a pop of wind.

We laid there, our bodies molded together for a long time. Slowly Reggie pushed away and our bodies released from the stickiness between us.

I felt speechless and continued stretched out on the floor while he rested beside me. His strong arm stretched over my back pulling me toward him with an embrace. As we silently lay there the sounds of a New York night began filling the room replacing our silence. From a distance the ever present sound of a siren screamed. A car horns began their disrupting sounds. From the East River a tug boat horn wailed mournfully. A neighbor’s door opened then closed. Had the nosey man heard us? It was none of my concern.

We kissed a long time, our lips locked together. It wasn’t a passionate kiss but one of sweet acceptance. I thought that I could love this man in time.

Reggie raised slowly, his knee creaking. He had injured it as a child playing hockey, at least that’s what he’d told me. I never had a reason to doubt what he said.

His hand pulled me upward and then we slowly we recovered our clothing and dressed.

“Hungry?” he asked; surprisingly kaçak casino I was. Then I glanced at a clock and realized it was after one a.m. We had been going for over an hour, yet it had seemed like such a short time.

Restored to reality, we left my apartment and walked to a neighborhood bar which also had good food. It was that way in New York, every bar served some specialty. This one had great burgers which we ordered, sipping on our beers as we waited for the food.

“Dave,” Reggie quietly spoke, “there’s something I need to tell you.” I sat waiting perplex by the solemnity in his voice. “Next Wednesday will be my last day in New York.”

I sat stunned then stammered, “But, but, you said you liked it here? What’s changed?”

A smile spread over his face and he continued, “Davey that was nearly a year ago, the first time we were together. I also said that I eventually would return to Montreal.”

I remembered the conversation, but it had never occurred to me that he was serious. Everyone has an exit planned from New York.

“That’s what I want to talk to you about,” he continued. “It’s time that I return home and begin using my college degree. I received a call last week that I’ve been accepted in a teaching position beginning this summer.”

“Teaching,” I perplexed. “You don’t like what you’re doing now?”

“Davey,” he lowered his voice, “I’m a whore, a stripper who goes with customers for money.” Pausing he continued as I sat there in disbelief realizing that I would be losing my only real friend in New York. “That’s something I wanted to talk to you about. “It’s time you think about getting out of this business yourself,” he said.

I shifted uncomfortable, then flagged the waitress for two more beers. “But, I’m really enjoying this. It distracts my mind and I do love the attention.”

“That’s one of the reasons you need to get out. You like this life style too much, which brings me to my next subject,” he paused, as our burgers arrived.

“You mean there’s more,” I thought and wondered what he was getting at.

“Cutting to the chase,” he began, “I want you to come with me.”

“What thu,” I mumbled. “You mean come to Canada with you, as in move there?” I stay aghast at what he was suggesting.

“Sure thing,” he nodded his head. “The fact is Dave, I’m beginning to feel like I’m falling in love with you, and I want to see where it can go. Besides,” he smirked, “I’ve noticed the way you sometime look at me. You see me more than just a fellow stripper and occasional fuck. I know it,” he spoke assuring.

I didn’t know what to say. Sure times with Reggie were special. And I really didn’t like going with a variety of men the way he did. I just enjoyed the attention. But what he was proposing was more than I could see myself doing. With no idea of what to say, I picked up my burger and took a bite.

We sat silently eating, occasionally looking up to catch each other’s eyes. His eyes looked approvingly at me; mine were filled with confusion I was sure.

“You think about it,” he said after we finished our meal. “The invitation remains and you can come up later if it takes a while to decide. I’m serious about my feelings for you, Dave.”

In Atlanta several boy friends had come and gone, mostly leaving me with relief. But Reggie was different. He did make New York feel more comfortable to me. Though our meetings weren’t that frequent, but it was comforting to know that I would see him most every evening at the club. And the sex between us was always fantastic.

He rose from the table saying, “I can see I’ve thrown you a curve, but think about it. You don’t have to decide right now.”

Once on the street we hugged in partying and said we’d see each other at the club one more time. I promised that I could provide him with some answer before he left for Montreal. We parted and I was soon in bed unable to sleep.

I lay there trying to understand my feelings. Despite the men, including Reggie, I always felt something we missing. “Maybe I’m just can’t understand what my feelings mean. I considered that perhaps I’m someone who can’t make a commitment, or even consider one.”

Before morning I knew my answer. Reggie and I would part from each other’s lives. I couldn’t be who he wanted me to be, and that was that.” I cleared my mind for my next adventure.

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