Daddy and Daughter Dreaming

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My daughter had recently turned 18 and despite her mother’s lengthy protestations she had decided that she wanted to move in with me over the summer.

I was a very laid-back father figure, after all who was I to preach chastity or self-restraint considering my reputation and having had her so young. So, I’m sure she had knowingly decided to stay with the mindset that she could probably get away with anything. Plus, I had a nice house, all the latest tech and plenty of alcohol in stock for whenever the mood took me.

Quickly she made herself at home and took full advantage of all the creature comforts. We would often stay in a watch the new box office releases and drink ourselves to sleep. Well at least this was what I was notorious for anyway. All too often I would have one too many whiskey’s and fall asleep in my comfortable armchair, awaking late in the morning having been left to my own devices.

On this occasion my daughter and I were watching a rather raunchy film that bordered on softcore porn and I had felt so inappropriate as my daughter in front of me in her usual position laid on the floor in front of me in a carefully coordinated pile of cushions taken from every chair in the room. As the scenes became more explicit I could see her squirming as her toned legs stroked back and forth against the tight material of her very short cut jean gym shorts.

I must admit the sight had made my cock begin to stir but even more so was the sight of my tight bodied 18-year-old daughter clearly fighting back some primal urges.

I couldn’t help but glide my hand across my aching crotch. My cock leapt at my touch and I closed my eyes slightly to focus on the pleasure knowing that I certainly could do nothing more. I noticed she glanced back over her shoulder furtively, once then again and again. The room was dimly lit from just the screen and with my eyes still slightly closed she seemed to be checking if I was in my usual state of drunken comatose.

I kept my eyes lightly closed as I watched with eager anticipation for what she may do, if she thought she was alone. She moved so cautiously as her right arm moved from her side to between her legs and her knees raised slightly allowing her hand access to caress the sweet sensitive spot between her legs.

At first her movements were incredibly subtle as she repeatedly checked back to confirm my eyes were still closed but as the growing shadow of moisture grew between her legs, the more pronounced her movements grew. Her second hand joined her first to firmly wrench her shorts and panties aside and for the first time I caught sight of a vision that will stay with me for life. My daughters tight shaved glistening pussy shone in the dim light of the room as she purposefully circled her swollen clit. The moisture of her yearning pussy coated her finger as she slowly probed inch by inch between her tight lips. She reached deep inside and arched her fingers back towards her g-spot releasing an involuntary moan of pleasure. My cock began to throb and twitch. Startled by her own unexpected break from silence she checked back to see if I hand stirred. I stayed perfectly still but surely the throbbing tent in my own shorts was giving conflicting evidence casino siteleri of my ‘slumber’.

She starred for a moment but undeterred and building in confidence she returned to self-indulgence only now her finger had been joined by its neighbour and both quickly became coated in the shiny juice of her dripping pussy. I had a front row seat to the most erotic scene of my life, yet I was completely unable to do anything.

She began to pant and moan as she worked her pussy to a frenzy. Without the slightest of touch, I could feel my fully erect cock leaking gallons of pre-cum and aching for release as each of her drawn out moans was matched with the firm caress of her fingers flying with frenzy in and out of her pussy.

Her eyes were pressed tightly together as she searched deep inside herself for that orgasmic release and her moans changed from a low pitch to something more akin to her forthcoming ‘O’.

But then the most unexpected of revelation broke my steely still cover, “Oh daddy!”. My mind reeled at the sound, but my body reacted immediately and without conscious control as a rippled of pleasure shot through me and a soft gentle groan of my own escaped my own lips. Her ears pricked up and she looked back at me, forensically studying my every muscle challenging me nervously to maintain my façade.

She climbed up on to her knees and leant in towards me looking for evidence I was awake. I saw her eyes linger on the tent in my shorts and the evident wet patch around the pronounced head aching against the material. But my hands stayed firmly at my side. My cock twitched, and she looked back from my crotch to my face repeatedly before a sly smile spread across her face.

She lay back on the floor this time face up. She shuffled her way out of her tight gym shorts and panties, fully exposing the beauty of her pussy perfectly framed by her toned abs and thighs. She spread her legs open wide, presenting herself fully for my inspection, I could see her eyes transfixed on my crotch as it involuntarily twitched.

She began to put on a show unlike anything I had seen before. She began running her hands up and down the length of her thighs only glancing the sides of her pussy leaving it fully exposed as the lips turned and contorted with her teasing touch. Two fingers parted the outer lips of her pussy as her other hand reached up under her top to massage her small firm breasts, pushing her top up to tantalisingly only expose the underside. Clearly unable to withhold her own lust, the teasing quickly ended and both hands returned to the attention required between her legs. She squeezed her legs together pushing her hands firmly against her clearly throbbing loins. She worked her perfect little clit with one hand as the other plunged in and out of her now sodden snatch. She rhythmically gyrated her hips bucking up off the floor as she fucked at an invisible lover. Her head rolled from side to side as the pleasure grew within her and once again her groans became more pronounced.

I felt my own hips begin to roll as my stiff cock sought to desperately find stimulation by rubbing against my shorts. Her moans increased as one eye opened and fixed on my crotch as once again the canlı casino words began forming silently at first before growing in pace and volume.

“Oh daddy, oh daddy yes, oh, oh daddy, mmm, oh daddy I wanna cum, I want to cum so bad.”

My cock flexed and my bucked as my abs tensed and pulsed as my cock desperately sought release. I couldn’t help but gently groan.

“Oh, daddy yes, yes daddy, OOH!”

Her body convulsed as she made herself cum furiously in front of me and in climax her hips rolled, and her wrists flexed as she pushed her fingers deep into her tight little pussy, moaning in ecstasy. I shook and convulsed silently as my cock pulsed desperately trying to push out my building orgasm but to no avail, lacking that little bit of extra stimulation.

Her euphoria passed, and she arose from her sensual showcase and knelt in front of me once again studying my acting prowess. My cock still stood fully erect and my pronounced breathing clearly showed my frustrated state but still I stayed, to best of my ability, perfectly still. She looked me in the face trying to engage me before turning away as I refused to break my act.

She began to turn back to pick up her discarded clothing before abruptly turning back to me. She was biting her lip with the most mischievous playful look.

“Oh you, dirty daddy, you seem to be having a naughty dream.”

Her eyes travelled from my face down my chest to my aching throbbing cock.

“But what could you be dreaming of? Maybe a fresh little beauty playing with herself for you? Hmm, or maybe a warm wet blowjob from a pretty young girl, eager to please?”

She let out a long slow questioning groan and shy as she placed a hand on my knee.

“Oh, but daddy you seem to be struggling. Clearly the starlet of your little dream fantasy isn’t doing enough for you. Whatever should we do? Maybe you just need a little extra stimulation?”

She walked her fingers up my thigh, each step sending an electric charge through me until she playfully tapped on the head of my cock fixing me with a sly smile. The bolt of pleasure drove my body into a fiery rapture, momentarily bordering on orgasm before rolling back. My body visibly shook as my cock cried for more. A malevolent chuckle escaped my daughter’s lips as she realised her slightest touch had complete control over me. She could torment me for hours and the only way I could end this charade would be to confess and suffer the consequences.

She gently placed the tip of her finger on the head of my cock once again teasing my engorged member to near orgasm. A large shadow formed as her touch released the copious pool of pre-cum that had built up.

“Oh daddy, I can see you so desperately need release.”

She slowly slid her finger down the length of my outlined cock, inch by inch she paused to review my expression. Despite my silence and now firmly closed eyes, my pained expression, panting breath and twitching body, said more than I ever could.

She perfectly judged every movement to tease and tantalise my cock to the utmost, I have never ridden the edge of orgasm for so long in such a torturous and pleasurable way.

“Oh daddy, I just don’t think this will do it. kaçak casino I certainly don’t think it’ll do justice to this clearly lustful dream of yours. But I wonder…”

She placed a firm but steady hand on my waistband, checking for a reaction. My heart froze in my chest, I was that desperate not to move.

Slowly a finger, then two and three explored inside my waistband, then the pressure released as she gently pulled it away from my body and down over my cock. It sprang free like a yapping dog, desperate for someone to play with it after a long evening alone.

She laid my waistband to rest just below the base of my cock and sat back momentarily as she admired the full length of my gleaming erect cock. The moisture and the cool air from outside of the confines of my shorts helped to slightly calm my pounding heart.

“Oh, wow daddy, that’s the most gorgeous cock I’ve ever seen. I may have to visit you in your sleep more often. But I wonder what we can do to make this dream the best yet?”

She pressed a single fingertip against the sensitive frenulum of my cock, circling and firing bursts of pleasure deep into me as it glanced against the head. Tentatively she formed her finger and thumb in a tight circle around the head, gently tugging the skin back tight. My cock tensed to a throbbing full erection as a large bead of pre-cum escaped.

“Mmm, oh daddy, that one is going to be just for me!”

She bent over the gently kissed the tip of my cock, tasting the drop of my precum. A thread formed between her wet glistening lips and the head of my cock as she lifted away.

“Oooh that is sooo good.”

Her grip tightened around the head of my cock and slowly forced its way down the length. As she reached the base her grip tightened, and she pushed firmly into my groin pulling my cock tighter than I’d ever experienced. It visibly throbbed as more blood managed to pool in the swollen head as each beat pushed more pre-cum to flow freely from the tip.

“Oh daddy, I don’t think this will take much, I think the climax of this dream is pretty close and taste so sweet!”

She slowly lowered her head to my crotch and pursed her lips as she slowly kissed and enveloped the head of my cock. Her stroke slowly but steadily grew pace as my orgasm raised to absolute fever pitch and my mind swam with ecstasy.

My silence broke as I panted and groaned with pleasure. It felt like an eternity as the electric fizz of painful pleasure surpassed one overwhelming limit and another. Wave after wave rocked through me as her mouth formed a vice like vacuum around my cock and her grip worked me up and down and my orgasm overtook me. My body pulsed as my huge pent up load exploded inside of my teenage daughter’s mouth. Ribbon after ribbon of cum shot uncontrollably into her soft, warm, wet embrace as she effortlessly swallowed and worked every drop from me. The orgasm lasted minutes, as every spasm subsided another twist or jerk of her expert hand and soft lips worked another jet of cum from my now aching cock.

Finally, my body stopped convulsing with pleasure and fell limp in my chair as my daughter still worked my diminishing length for every last drop. She finally raised her head and licked a final drop of cum from her lips.

“Oh daddy, what an amazing dream. I’ll let you rest now, that must have been tiring.”

She leaned into my ear.

“But next time daddy, won’t you please dream of fucking me?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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