Daddy Cop and Daughter Ch. 02

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I was up and out of the house by 5:30, probably moving faster than normal as I didn’t think I could take any more of Jena rubbing on me without simply fucking the hell out of her.

We had a big break in the case that day and hauled in 5 mid level sellers and their supplier. The Cap was walking on air. When he told me Sully would handle the paper work and I should take the rest of the day off, it was only half past one. I was half excited to get home to Jena and half scared.

First thing I heard when I walked in the house was music coming from the deck. She was laying on a chaise lounge on her belly with no top on. I stood watching for long enough to get hard before I was ready to go jack off again. Just then she rolled over, exposing her tits in their full glory.

She reached down beside the chair picking up some lotion. Fuck, she started rubbing lotion all over those huge tits. They stood up proud, no sagging here. The nips kept rising up higher and higher. I took my dick out and started stroking. She was facing away from the door and with the liberal dose of lotion I expected she wasn’t about to get up to come in the house any time soon.

Her hands moved down her body and her legs bent at the knee. She raised her ass and pushed the tiny bikini bottom off. Fuck man, she was shaved smooth, not a hair to be seen. She picked up the lotion, squeezed some into her hand and started to rub it on her smooth mound.

My cock was throbbing, the head almost purple it was so swollen and hard. Damn, wish I had some of that fucking lotion. I wasn’t about to leave my spot, so I spit on my hand and kept on stroking like crazy.

Jena picked up a towel, wiping her hands off. Now her legs opened wide and her fingers slide into her hole; all the fucking way to their last knuckle. Her thumb went to work on her clit.

I took one step forward trying to see if I could see what I knew would be a swollen pink bump under that rotating thumb. All I could get was a little glimpse when her thumb pushed way down.

Her hips started to move up and down. She was really working herself off. The sliding glass door was open and the screen let me hear her moans and now every word she said.

“Ah, God Daddy. Fuck your baby girl; make me cum on that big hard Daddy cock. Show me you love me, fuck me hard.”

My hand stopped jerking my throbbing shaft. Fuck, she was fantasying about me! It shouldn’t have been any surprise after the heavy come on behavior yesterday, but there was still some shock value to hearing her say it.

“Oh damn it Daddy. I want to fuck you and suck you and lick that long rod. I know you love me but I want you to show me Daddy, let me show you how much I love you. Fuck me…oh fuck Daddy…you’re bursa eve gelen eskort bayan big old pecker is gonna make me cum.”

Her body started to shutter at the same moment my cock started shooting up ropes of cum. I was biting my lip to keep from yelling out. I pointed my dick at the corner under the cabinet. I knew I’d never catch it all, if I got it in the corner I could get it cleaned up before she spied it.

Jena’s body went slack, her tits heaved up and down with her breathing. When I saw her pull her fingers out of her cunt and suck them off I damn near passed out. She made three dips into her hole licking each new load of cream. She held her legs wide with her ass raised.

I made a hasty retreat when she sat up. Just as I opened the door to step back into the garage I heard the screen door slide. What the fuck I did next never went through my brain first. I opened the door and stepped into the kitchen in time to see her walking around the table headed for the hall.

Jena froze in place, naked as the day she was born. I stood staring at her not moving or speaking.

Once her shock at seeing me there was over she smiled wide. “Hi Daddy, you’re home early. I was just sun bathing.” She stood looking at me with this expression like ‘want some of this’.

I walked toward her and she turned to give me a full frontal view.

“Fuck baby, you are amazing. Totally fucking hot.”

“I’m glad you like what you see. You can have it all. It’s yours for the taking.” Her eyes were smoldering and she was licking her lips.

“That’s probably not a good idea. I’m your father remember.”

My body seemed to have a mind of its own because even as my brain said ‘this is a set up’ my legs were taking the last steps toward her and my damn hands reached out to those fucking tits.

I cupped them both, my thumbs rubbing over her nipples. She sighed, then moaned and as I pinched her nips hard, rolling them between my finger and thumb she growled like an animal in heat.

“Like that baby?”

“Oh Daddy, the minute that towel fell off you yesterday my cunt got wet and it’s been wet ever since.”

I laughed, pulling on her nipples to move her against me.

“Is this not incest since I didn’t raise you? Is it okay cause we are consenting adults? Did you plan this when you made this trip?”

Her hands were taking my shirt off and then unbuttoning my jeans. Her tits were pushing forward to me. “I don’t know if its incest and I don’t give a flying fuck. I want that hard piece of meat inside me. It’s no body else’s business what the fuck we do.”

“This was planned before your plane ever landed here wasn’t it?”

She bursa eskort bayanlar took her eyes off my cock and looked up at me then. She looked confused and said, “No. I hadn’t thought about fucking you till I saw that monster sticking straight out at me when you exposed yourself.”

“That was an accident. And it wasn’t a monster, it was only half hard.” The whole time we were talking she had been stripping me bare while I was moving one had from her tit to her cunt.

She laughed, “You seriously think it was only half hard? It was blue and throbbing.”

As she pushed my jeans down she went down with them. “Holy Christ!! It was only half hard. This, Daddy, THIS is a fucking monster.”

With that she wrapped her lips around it and pushed her head down onto my shaft.

Both of my hands went to her head, I tangled them into her hair. She grabbed my ass pulling me tighter to her.

“Take it baby, suck Daddy’s dick.” I stepped out of my jeans. There we were in the middle of the kitchen naked ready to fuck our brains out.

She was nodding her head like she was saying yes to something; I could feel my cock head at the back of her throat. She gagged once, and then pushed forward hard.

“Jesus baby! Holy fuck!” Her nose was buried in my pubic hair and her chin was on my balls.

My legs felt weak, she was sucking and licking. Her moaning put a vibration on my dick that made me about damn crazy.

I held her head firm in my hands and started pumping my cock in and out of her mouth.

“Mmmmm”. She was trying to say something but with a mouth full of dick it was just mumbling.

“It okay? Can I keep face fucking you?”

She made a noise that sounded affirmative, so I kept pumping. Having just dumped a load watching her masturbate I didn’t expect much but I felt my balls start to tingle, then pull up tight.

“I’m gonna shoot baby. Daddy’s gonna fed his baby girl some hot cum.”

Her fingers dug into my ass pulling me to her. Ah, yeah she wants my cum. That did it; I shot a hot load down her throat. I could feel her licking and swallowing while I did my level best to keep from collapsing to the floor.

With the last shot gone I pulled out, against her strong suck hold. It popped when it left her mouth. I turned her head so I could look at her face. She was licking her lips and smiling.

I put my hands under her arms and pulled her up to me.

“Now we go to the bedroom where I am going to eat your hot wet cunt until you scream for me to stop.”

I slid my hands down her ass, pushing them between her legs. When I bent my knees slightly and pulled up on her legs she wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my görükle escort bayanlar waist.

“Good girl, Daddy loves his little baby girl.” I knew this was a total turn on for her. She lost her Daddy at 10 and now was here to claim him and get the love she’d been missing. Who was I to turn her down?

“Oh Daddy, I love you too. I want to make you happy.” She was kissing my neck and sucking on my ear. The girl had amazing sucking power.

“You’re making me fucking happy right now baby.”

I laid her down on the bed and stood looking at that beautiful body. “Play with your tits for me honey. Work those nips to a hard point.”

She smiled up and me and went to work on them. I got between her legs, pushing them open exposing that hot smooth wet pink pussy. Pulling the pussy lips open I could see how soaked she was. I reached up and grabbed a couple pillows.

“Lift your ass honey, Daddy wants to get a good look at the hole his pecker is going to sink into.”

Jena lifted her ass up off the bed and I slipped the pillows under her. I dropped my head between those long legs sniffing her cunt and pulling her open again.

“Ummm, Daddy that feels so good. I want you to take me, use me. I love you so much.”

I shoved one finger in all the way to the last knuckle. She gasped and then giggled. “Damn Daddy, that’s nice. Give me two.”

Pulling back my middle finger I added another and twisted as I pushed in. “Like that baby girl?”

“Ah yes.” He hips were wiggling around.

I worked her like that for a few more minutes then pulled her as wide open as I could and dropped my face into that sweet warm creamy slit. She tasted salty, tangy, and sweet and oh fuck so very, very good.

Lapping the length of her slit, bottom to top over and over she was trying to hump my face. I grabbed her hips holding on tight to keep from getting bucked out of that wonderful place.

My tongue went up her hole as far as I could shove it, licking the pussy walls and using the tip of my tongue to tease the tenderness of that deep cavity.

“Ah God fuck, that is so fucking good Daddy.” She grabbed on to my head pulling me hard against her cunt rubbing up and down on my face.

I managed to pull back and move up to mount her. I kissed her deep and hard letting her suck my tongue to taste her cream on me. Watching her eat cream off her fingers out on the deck I knew she liked it.

“Are you ready for Daddy’s cock honey? Do you want your Daddy to fuck you?”

“Oh, Daddy yes, yes, yes. Put it in me. Now!”

I wrapped my hand around my engorged dick running it up and down her slit. When I was over that sacred hole I pushed the head in and stopped.

“Right there, like this baby girl? You want all of it pushed up inside your fuck hole?”

“Daddy, please don’t tease me. My pussy needs you so bad. Love me Daddy. Love me with your big fat fuck stick.”

I grabbed her hips to hold her steady. “Look at me baby.” When she locked eyes with me I rammed in as hard as I could. “There you are baby girl; you’ve got the Daddy cock.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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