Daddy Loves Me! Pt. 01

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I guess it’s true! I was always Daddy’s Girl! They say that it was because of me that my Mommy and Daddy broke up! Of course, I hated to be the one to take all the blame. But as I grew older I guess I could see why they were right! On my Eighteenth Birthday, I knew what I wanted most of all. I wanted Daddy to make me feel like his wife, and now I was old enough to be her.

As a young girl, I’d always loved Daddy more than Mommy! It was always Mommy that would get angry at me and Daddy would always give me hugs and kisses to comfort me! She made me cry so many times! She was also so spiteful saying they were just crocodile tears. She told me so many times I loved my Daddy more than she ever could and that I was just trying to break them up! When eventually they did break up I guess to many it felt like she was right all along!

Through High School, I took care of Daddy as best I could, cleaning, washing, shopping and doing everything my mother had done. I knew he loved me more than he ever loved her because of it.

So then, one day, when all of a sudden he brought another woman to our home I was livid! He had not dated a woman in over 5 years! Why would he, when he had me to take care of everything he needed? It was then that I discovered something that this new woman could give him that I hadn’t!

At first, she just came over during the day but then that first night happened when she stayed at our house and I realised Daddy needed something more!

From the first moment, Daddy said that She would be staying the night I could have exploded! I was so jealous with rage I could have strangled her with my bare hands! Instead, I concealed my anger and promised myself I would find out how She had stolen Him from Me and I would use it to get him back.

From my bedroom, I started to hear strange sounds coming from Daddy’s room which was just next to mine! I’d never heard anything like it before! Although I thought I remembered similar noises when Mommy had lived with us!

I knew what I had to do. I had to find out what she was doing to make Daddy love her so much more than me! The solution was easy of course! The next day I immediately went to the local electronics shop to buy a miniature camera that I could hide in Daddy’s room and connect to my computer so that I could find out exactly how she was winning him over!

The next night that she came I was so eager for them to go to Daddy’s room so I could spy on their activities. It was then that I discovered the shocking truth of how she had stolen Daddy from me! But it also made me realise the truth of what I needed to do to win him back!

At 18 I was still a very innocent young girl, I didn’t have many friends at school so I didn’t know a lot of the things that the other girls did. Most of them were into boys our own age or a grade or 2 higher. But to me, they were all just silly little kids. For me, Daddy was everything I could ever want. I loved him so much.

As the door to Daddy’s bedroom closed behind them I flipped on my computer to see just exactly what it was Daddy and Debrah — oh, I hated that name so much – we’re doing. When Daddy and Debrah started kissing while sitting on the edge of Daddy’s bed I was so angry. Why did she take him away from me? I did everything for him. Why did Daddy allow himself to be fooled by her?

Of course, Daddy had kissed me many times before, but not like he was kissing Debrah now. The way he was kissing her was so different. Their kisses were so much longer! When he kissed me it was just a brief, Bahçeşehir Escort quick thing, but for Her, it seemed to go on forever. Using the cameras zoom I closed in on them as best I could. To my surprise when Daddy kissed Debrah they both used their tongues, Daddy’s tongue and Debrah’s seemed to be sliding in and out of each other’s mouths. I even saw Daddy sucking on her tongue almost as if it were a lollipop.

Watching them together I could almost feel the tears welling up in my eyes.

Daddy’s hands caressed her entire body from her cheeks to her mouth to her lips, through her hair and then down to her back and bottom, he even moved them to the front of her body where her ample breasts were and gently ran his fingers over them circling around where her nipples must have been under her pretty red dress.

Why did he like to do that to Her so much? I thought. Why did he never do that to me? I felt cheated as I watched them both together. I felt angry. Not so much at Daddy but at Debrah. She was the one who had made him like these things they were doing. Daddy had never needed anything like this before. As Daddy circled her breasts I mimicked his hands on her body and did the same to myself. I needed to know everything about what they were doing, and that meant how she felt when he did it.

To my surprise as I circled my own tiny nipples I realised how good it felt to me. In fact, it felt amazing, wonderful! It felt fantastic, divine!

Then, reaching to her back, Daddy slowly unzipped Debrah’s dress and gently teased it from her shoulders and slowly down past her full breasts, over her tummy and around her waist. He then kissed her ears and neck and face and everywhere he could find. As I watched, a strange tingling sensation went through me. My entire body felt somehow alive now!

Then his hands dived down to her breasts again and cupped them over the pretty brassier she wore. Her breasts were so much fuller and more womanly than my own tiny ones and her brassiere so colourful and beautiful, a wonderfully flowery attractive brassiere that made her every bit the woman that I was not, where my bras were still simple things to help give my tiny growing breasts shape. Debrah’s wonderfully exquisite breasts were already in beautiful shape. A tear dropped from my eye as I realised what Debrah had and could give him that I couldn’t.

Now his lips were lowering to her neck and kissing her along the long bone below it. He then slowly teased lower and began kissing her breasts through her brassiere. Kissing every centimetre that her brassier covered he then escaped their confines and kissed the bulging naked flesh at the top of her breasts that were bursting out of the top of her brassiere.

Enjoying them for what seemed like forever he then moved his hands behind her back to the strap of the brassier and gently unhooked it and slipped her brassier slowly off her breasts and down off of her arms where she gently dropped it over the side of Daddy’s bed and onto the floor beside them. Her wonderful ample breasts now hung free, released and given freely to Daddy to do with as he wanted. Looking at her beautiful figure I was in awe of her shapely body, those wonderful curves and the prominent nipples that crested her mountainous range.

Now Daddy became like a hungry wild tiger gorging on her ample chest. Moving her back onto his bed he kissed and licked every part of her breasts again making circles around her nipples and licking at them, lapping like a kitty laps Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan up milk. Now I could see how amazing this sensation was for Debrah as she reeled and panted at every taste of her.

Now I undressed myself too. Pulling my pyjama top over my head to reveal my naked breasts, ashamed that they were so small, so much less than Debrah’s, I slipped my finger into my mouth to wet it and slowly started circling my own nipples with it to simulate the sensations Daddy was giving to Debrah.

Oh my God! How wonderful it felt, my body immediately turned to jelly mimicking Debrah’s and began to shake uncontrollably. Why had Daddy never done those things to me I thought, when I had done everything for him!

Still kissing her breasts all over, Daddy then let his hand free and slowly follow a path from her breasts down her tummy to where her beautiful embroidered panties were.

Feeling her around her opening through the panties she began to make sounds that I didn’t understand. I could see though that they were sounds of happiness and pleasure.

Standing up I undid my pyjama bottoms and slipped them off pushing them away from me onto the floor. Then I copied Daddy’s movements and started rubbing myself over my panties where My entrance was with my other hand while I continued to play with my breasts and nipples. Oh did it feel good!

Then Daddy pulled the hand back upwards and closer to his mouth before slipping a finger, his middle finger, into his mouth to wet it before returning it to her panties. This time he let his hand creep under Debrah’s panties, by her reaction I knew that now Daddy’s finger had slipped inside Debrah’s vagina.

Copying him I did the same, I had never known to do this before, but as soon as my wet finger slipped inside through the tight muscle around my virgin vagina I knew how good she must be feeling now.

At the instant I entered myself I almost blacked out, it felt so good, the sensation was so powerful, it was amazing. Watching Debrah I saw her movements and sounds echoing my own.

Fingering my young unused vagina I almost forgot about Daddy and Debrah, that was how wonderful I was feeling as I slowly entered and exited the tight mouth to my vagina.

“Fuck my pussy now Daddy!” Debrah said, her movement almost uncontrollable.

“Pussy!” I thought. Is that what she called her vagina? “Fuck!” I had heard that before but only when adults were angry. I couldn’t understand why Debra was using that word now. But more than anything I wanted to know why Debrah was calling him Daddy! He was My Daddy, not Hers.

The tears filled my eyes now. I’d lost him, how could I ever get him back. I’d never done any of the things with him that they were doing now. My body was so immature but Debrah had a full amazing womanly body. Maybe I would never have a body like hers.

As the tears filled my eyes I tried to lose myself in the sensation I was feeling as I fingered my vagina or my pussy as Debrah had called it. As I fingered myself harder and harder Daddy stood up over her and began to undress. First, he unbuttoned his shirt then he loosened his belt and slipped off his jeans, and finally he slowly rolled his boxer shorts down over his muscular ass and to the floor revealing his huge long thick shaft.

Holding onto Debrah’s waist he lowered himself back onto the bed and slowly slid his shaft into her pussy and began to slowly move it in and out of her much the same way as I was doing to my own pussy with Escort Bahçeşehir my finger.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” Debrah urged him, her legs now raised around his back hugging him tightly with them. Now I realised “Fuck,” was the word she used to describe what he was doing to her now.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” I repeated as I fingered my tight young pussy deeper and more rapidly with my middle finger. My other hand still flowing from one nipple to the other, a cacophony of sensation coming from my breasts and vagina. “Fuck me, Daddy!” I said again as I watched Daddy fuck his lover his ass pushing into her again and again. Again I asked myself. “Why did Daddy never fuck my pussy?”

“Oh fuck baby!” Daddy said as he continued pleasuring her unstopping. The sounds she made audible even through the walls.

Now Daddy released his hefty shaft from her hole, stood up and pulled her up towards him. Leaning down to meet her lips he kissed her deeply before thrusting his shaft now into her open mouth!

Now fucking her mouth as he had done with her pussy his rear thrust again and again into Debrah’s head. Then he released himself to reveal her gaping open mouth. Again he bent down to kiss her deeply and wildly before returning again to engorge his shaft once more deep into her open mouth.

Now I moved my finger from my own pussy covered with fluid from my vagina, a kind of milky colour, and I plunged it into my own mouth simulating Daddy’s own actions on Debrah’s lips.

Satisfied with the feeling of being inside Debrah’s mouth Daddy now returned to her vagina and continued his wild thrusting motions inside her, now much harder and deeper than before. Soon he was really going at her with all his strength in wild plunging movements.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum.” Debrah screamed as the motions seemed to hit a point of ultimate pleasure for her. Now Daddy really started to fuck even harder and deeper into her.

Mimicking him again I did the same as I too started to feel a deeper sensation taking over my body, my body started to quiver and thrust with more intensity. I entered an extra finger into my small hole and immediately the sensation intensified.

“I’m cumming honey, I’m cumming!” Debrah shouted blissfully Daddy’s movements now harder than ever before.

“I’m gonna cum too.” Daddy responded as he ploughed her harder and deeper not letting up his pace. Then he quickly exited her vagina and jumped onto the bed beside her, his shaft now in his hand stroking it up and down while kneeling over Debrah’s mouth.

“I wanna taste your cock.” Debrah demanded.

“Cock!” Must have been the name she gave to his long shaft.

Daddy knelt down as Debrah leaned up and he again plunged his cock deep into her mouth. All the while I kept plunging into my own vagina soon feeling a sensation that I was sure was what Debrah had just felt. Now Daddy pulled his cock out of her mouth and again started thrusting his hand up and down its length.

“I’m gonna blow baby. Daddy’s gonna blow!” He shouted.

Hearing him call himself Daddy made me feel even more desirous and the sensations I was feeling throughout my body tripled.

“Yes, Daddy! Fuck me, Daddy.” I said. “I want you to blow inside of me. Please blow inside of my pussy Daddy.” I said now my body was shaking uncontrollably and my fingers were ploughing into my pussy faster than ever before, my legs now wide open so I could drive myself in deeper and deeper every time.

Almost at the exact moment that Daddy blew his white goo all over Debrah’s face, I too reached the height of my pleasures and in that instant, I seemed to wet myself uncontrollably. Almost as one, Daddy’s white goo and my clear watery liquid merged as if it were I with him on his bed and it were I that his cock had been inside.

To be Continued!

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