Daddy was Waiting

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Even hours later Chloe wasn’t sure what to make of her father’s actions. Hell, she wasn’t even sure if they had been intentional or accidental. All she knew was that she couldn’t stop thinking about them. Her mind whirred as she remembered what happened in the kitchen early that morning.

Chloe was barefoot, tiptoeing on her pink polished toes to keep the noise down while her family slept upstairs like a lifelike rendering of a Scooby Doo villain. If she lived in the kind of house with portraits of dead relatives, she would have expected their eyes to track her as she passed. Her parents’ modest, modern single-family home was better suited to the reproduction still life paintings of apples and grapes that hung on the walls; her father would have considered anything in oils to be ostentatious. Her shoes dangled from her left hand while her right clutched her sparkly silver bag.

She’d been at a party all night, not studying at Sarah’s like she had told her parents. Even at 19, her parents kept her on a short leash when it came to any activity where alcohol or sex could be involved. Chloe supposed this probably had more to do with the fact that her mother and father conceived her in their late teens than it had to do with her own behaviour. Luckily, they fell asleep early so sneaking out and in was a breeze — so long as she was quiet and crept in the back door off the kitchen.

Chloe was so worried about not making any noise that she failed to notice her father sitting at the dining table on the other side of the kitchen island. She was nearly passing him on her way to the hall when she heard his voice from the darkness.

“Not quiet enough tonight, Chloe,” his voice rumbled from the gloom. Chloe froze, mind whirring about how she could explain herself, face hot from knowing that there was no excuse her father would buy.

James didn’t even have to stand to be intimidating, though if he were standing he would have towered over Chloe. Now that she knew he was there, she could see his green eyes piercing into her, the same way they had when she was little and had failed to clean her room. His voice sounded the same too — low and serious, but with nothing harsh or sinister. It was the sound of a father disappointed, but not angry, with his little girl.

“Don’t bother to lie to me,” her father said, reading her mind. “I don’t know exactly where you’ve been, but I know that tight blue dress wasn’t for studying with Sarah.” He frowned, “Come over here. We are going to discuss this quietly, without waking your mother.”

Chloe obeyed. Slowly, reluctantly, she walked the rest of the distance to the kitchen table where her father sat waiting. Her mind felt numb. She had never been caught before, so she had no idea what her punishment would be, but deep down she knew that she was in serious trouble. She started to sit in the chair next to her father, but he put his hand out to stop her.

“Don’t get comfortable. This isn’t a casual conversation between friends. You’re going to stand there and explain yourself.” James reached for his drink, a neat whiskey and not his first while he waited for his daughter to come home.

As Chloe stood next to him, she could smell the whiskey and the warm woody smell of her father’s cologne. It smelled like home to her. The same smell from when she skinned knees and had her heartbroken and her father would comfort her. There would be no comfort tonight, and the smell had her on edge.

“I … I’m sorry …” Chloe stammered. “I don’t know what else to say, but I lied and I am sorry.” She looked down at the floor, her curly auburn hair tumbling over her shoulders to hide her face. She bit her lip to stop the tears from filling her hazel eyes.

“Look at me, Chloe.” Her father’s voice, stern, made her raise her eyes to meet his. She looked for the good-natured twinkle that always lay there when she was getting scolded as bursa escort bayanlar a child. The one that said she was in trouble but that they would play chess and make up when she was done with her punishment. She only saw cold darkness there. Her heart beat faster.

“Good girl,” James said, taking a long sip of his drink. “Now, tell me where you have been.”

Chloe shifted her weight uncomfortably from one leg to the other. “I was out, Daddy. With Jen.”

“I thought that you were studying with Sarah?” James’ eyes raked over her body, taking in the dress that hit above her mid-thigh. His finger reached out idly to stroke the bare skin the dress revealed, moving slightly upward so the dress covered his fingers to the first knuckle.

Chloe’s mind went blank. Her entire being was concentrated on her daddy’s finger. Was it really underneath her dress? “I…I…” she stuttered, words failing her as that finger slid even further up her thigh, a second finger joining it.

“I think I know exactly what you were doing,” his voice was dangerously low now. “I think you were out drinking at a party, dancing with boys and lying to your parents.” Still sitting in that kitchen chair, he raised his other hand and ever so gently ran it over the curve of her hip over her dress.

Chloe flinched. Her father had never touched her like this before. Feelings warred inside her. Was she afraid? Remorseful? Turned on? She could feel something uncurling way down deep. A warmth spreading inside her like when Jarek Gramzinski at school touched her hand, but that had been innocent. This was more like the time she looked out her bedroom window and saw her neighbour Andrew fucking his babysitter Grace on the kitchen island. She knew it was wrong to watch, but she slipped her hands into her panties imagining it was her bent over that island. Grace was only a year ahead of her in school, a first year now at Brookes.

Grace had loved it. Even if Chloe didn’t see that from the kitchen window, Grace bragged about her affair with the older man next door. She said being with a real man was on a whole different level than the football players she had fucked under the stands. “They know things,” Grace had said, “things about your body that you don’t even know.”

Chloe was snapped back to reality as her father’s fingers slid between her legs outside her panties. She nearly gasped at the sensation and stopped herself just in time to avoid pressing her increasingly wet pussy against her father’s hand.

He raised his other hand, the one on her hip, and gently slapped her face. Not hard enough to even sting, but enough to make Chloe’s eyes open wide and stare open mouthed at her father’s familiar face, turned alien in the gloom. “You’re not listening to me, Chloe girl. Not a good start if you don’t want to get yourself in more trouble tonight.”

“Daddy,” Chloe managed to get out, her lips trembling, “Your hand…”

“Not the hand you expected up your dress tonight?” The pressure from his thumb outside her panties increased and sent a bolt up Chloe’s spine. “Girls don’t dress this way and sneak around unless they are looking to let some football player slide his fingers into her panties.” His fingers slid forward and backward down her covered slit.

It took everything in Chloe’s power not to moan out loud. She was somehow the most turned on she had ever been in her life and it was with her father. It made her feel sick. It was so wrong, and with her mother just upstairs…

“Your mother and I tried our best with you,” James said. His fingers continued to move along the outside of her panties. His thumb pressed right on Chloe’s clit, and this time there was no stopping it. She whimpered, and her hips shifted against her father’s hand, desperate for the friction. His hand was the only thing that mattered. “We gave you everything and tried bayan sarisin escort bursa to instil some morals in you,” her father continued, “and here you are in a whore’s dress grinding on my fingers like a slut.”

His words were harsh, breaking through the cloud of Chloe’s lust as she realised that was exactly what she had been doing. She tried to pull back, shame flooding through her. James’ grip on her hip tightened, bringing her back to his fingers which were wet from her juices soaking through the silky material of her panties. His eyes blazed into Chloe’s and she could hear his husky whisper. “Did I say you could stop?”

Chloe let out a strangled moan and let herself move against her father’s hand. This is what had been missing with those boys. They were too nice. They let her set the pace, they let her run circles around them and tease them until they begged. In short, they did everything right and everything she wanted was so wrong. She craved this feeling of being controlled, of being entirely at the mercy of a man who knew exactly what she wanted and was going to give it to her. Chloe’s eyelids fluttered closed, but she felt another of those light slaps from her father.

“Open those eyes,” James growled. “Look at me.” Chloe slowly opened her eyes, meeting her father’s gaze for the first time since he laid his hands on her.

“That’s it, little girl,” her father was breathing heavier now. Chloe had moved closer to him. She couldn’t remember doing it, but her daddy was close enough now that she could feel his warm breath on the tops of her breasts. The dress was tight enough to force them up creating some enticing cleavage, and her short quick moans made them rise and fall inches from James’ mouth. “You want to be a good girl for daddy, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Chloe moaned, her hips moving. Her mind was a blank. She would have agreed to assassinate the president at that moment if someone had asked her to.

“‘Yes’, what?”

“Yes, Daddy.” Chloe moaned as he picked up the pace. “I want to be a good girl for you, I’m sorry I lied to you.”

James groaned, his mouth closing over her nipple. She could feel the dress wet beneath his mouth as his tongue moved against the taut peak. He sucked hard through the dress, and Chloe’s knees buckled. Her daddy took his mouth off her breasts and smirked.

“Look at you, little girl. Fully dressed, moaning for your daddy,” he pressed harder on her clit. Chloe couldn’t hear him now. She was too absorbed with what was going on between her legs. Her head was thrown back and her hips bucked.

Chloe’s head was spinning. She was getting closer and closer to what she was sure would be the most intense orgasm she had ever had at the hands of someone else. A voice in the back of her mind screamed at her that this was wrong. This was her father!

Then Daddy’s mouth moved back to her nipple and all there remained was that mindless pleasure. She moved her hips faster and faster as Daddy nipped at her breasts and groaned.

It was like nothing existed for her but the pulse between her legs. A mindless, senseless need. Chloe had felt this by herself, but never with another person. Her mouth opened and closed again, teeth nipping at her lower lip, but no words came out as she ground her hips. She was reaching for that climax that Daddy was somehow drawing out without even touching her bare skin.

Finally, she felt it. Like a woman possessed Chloe moved against her daddy’s hand. She gritted her teeth to quiet her moans as she exploded. It felt like it went on forever. Her back arched, head thrown back, as her pussy spasmed. Her legs were jelly, they couldn’t hold her, and she slid to the ground in front of her Daddy, breath coming hard and fast.

She looked up from the ground at Daddy, still fully clothed and seated at the dining table. It was dark, but bursa eve gelen eskort she could see the outline of his cock through his flannel pyjama trousers. It stuck up obscenely as he looked back at her, panting on the floor. As their eyes met again, he reached down and stroked himself through his pyjamas.

James held Chloe’s gaze as he reached down into the waistband and pulled his cock out. He stroked it as she watched, transfixed. “Watch me, little girl. Look what you do to me.” He gripped his cock and she could see the muscles in his arms flexing as he moved his hand up and down. He groaned as he watched her face — all her attention focused on his cock. Her mouth opened slightly, and he saw her pink tongue poke out and wet her lips.

Chloe had never watched a man do this to himself, and she couldn’t look away. James stroked his cock with the languid pace of a man who had all the time in the world to take his pleasure. His breathing quickened, and he never looked away from Chloe’s face. That was a feat most men couldn’t have accomplished now that her dress was hitched up around waist and her legs were spread, wet spot between her legs on show.

For the first time since Chloe came in late, James stood up from his chair. He stood over his trembling daughter where she sat sprawled with her back against the wall next to the kitchen table. He could see the lust in her eyes, but he could also see the apprehension.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart,” he said, still stroking himself. “Just watch tonight.” Chloe’s daddy was close enough that his hand almost brushed her cheek on the upward stroke of his cock. He was flooding her senses, and Chloe found it hard to breath. She could feel the warmth emanating off him, could smell his cologne mixed with that masculine musk you always smell when a guy takes off his pants. Daddy was still looking right into her eyes.

He was picking up his pace, he must have seen her lust win out over her nerves as she watched every slow stroke in the beginning and now he was going for gold. His face was contorted and he was making a low noise in his throat.

“Are you okay daddy?” Chloe whispered. Her nipples were hard now and poking through the thin fabric of her dress. She knew Daddy could see them, his eyes flicked now between her pert tits and her face which was still hungry with lust.

“Yes, baby girl,” James groaned, “oh God, yes…” he could feel his body reacting to her low voice. His balls tightened and he stifled a low growl as he started to cum.

Chloe’s mouth opened in surprise as she was hit with the first spurts of Daddy’s cum. It splashed onto her exposed cleavage, trickling down between her breasts. She was transfixed by her daddy’s face as he came once, twice, three times on her pert little tits.

A little got in her hair, but she hardly noticed.

Daddy’s breath came fast right before he came, Chloe noticed, but it was slowing down now. She waited for an apology. Now that the heat was wearing off the moment, she could feel her own twinges of regret at the hot lust that had passed between them. For a few moments, his cock was her whole world. How could they go back to normal after that?

She expected something similar from her father, but he just casually tucked his cock back into his trousers like nothing had happened. “Keep that in mind,” he said, “the next time you think about lying to me.” James wiped his hands briskly on his trousers where traces of cum clung to his fingers. “And none of this gets back to your mother.”

Before Chloe could react, her daddy had started out of the kitchen and into the hall. She could hear his heavy footsteps on the stairs, and he was gone. She sat on the floor, stunned. Had Daddy planned that as punishment when he found out she was lying to him, or was it spur of the moment? And which was worse, she wondered, the fact that her father had made her cum with his fingers and masturbated in front of her, or the fact that she wanted him to do it again?

All Chloe knew was it was late. She would have to clean herself off and work on this problem tomorrow. But first she was going to plunge her fingers into her tight pussy, which was dripping wet now thinking of what had happened with her father.

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