Daddy’s Little Girl

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As a young father you get to experience a lot in life. The joys of fatherhood, the trials and tribulations of dealing with the family, the pure joy of watching your kid grow up. I was only 16 when I first had my daughter. Just a young knucklehead with no goals. However, that was 18 years ago. Today I am a successful businessman with my own small company. My daughter’s mother and I did not stay together. We tried to make things work but after college. We realized that we were growing in different directions. She eventually got married and had another child. Me, I never married and after one failed relationship after another. Decided to put more time into starting my own company. Which, I ended up doing.

This weekend was my weekend for my daughter to come stay with me. Even though she was now legally an adult she still felt that she needed to spend some time with her old man. We both knew that since she was going off to college in the fall. Our time together would be limited to holidays and special occasions. I was home watching a porno tape the day her mother dropped her off. I hadn’t even heard them pull up in my driveway I was so engrossed. I was slowly massaging my cock as a man ravenously attacked some woman’s ass on the screen. The sound of a beeping horn caught my attention. I stopped the tape and duck walked over to look out the window. I got there just in time to see my daughter’s mother car driving off down the street.

“Hey dad. You in here?” The door to my room swung open and my daughter entered the room.

I spun around from the window with my dick in my hand and my sweat pants pooled around my ankles.

My daughter face went from pleasant surprise to shock when she realized what I was holding in my hands. Then it dawned on her what I might have been doing. You could see the look of disgust. “Ooops!” she said. Then quickly and quietly closed the door. I had not moved from my original position. One had on the blinds. The other on my dick and my mouth stood agape. In a jillion years the last thing a father wants his daughter to see him do. I think jerk-off would be up there. After the door closed. I quickly pulled up my sweatpants from off the floor. I stood there contemplating what my next move would be. How do I rationalize this to a girl of eighteen? I didn’t know what I was going to say but I knew I had to say something and say it quick. I opened the door to my room and crossed the hall to room where my daughter stayed when she visited. Her bag was on the floor but she wasn’t in there. I checked the bathroom. Not there either. I thought I heard the front door open and I quickly went downstairs.

Downstairs I found my daughter in the kitchen. Calmly making herself a sandwich. I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. Her back was facing me and I found myself admiring the sleek lines of my daughter’s body. She had her mother’s round fat ass. Said ass was prominently on display in the short track spandex shorts that dikmen escort bayan she was wearing. Her legs were long and muscular from 4 years of running track. She still had on her short ankle socks although her shoes were kicked to the side. She turned around to face me. We both stood there silently. Neither one of us saying a word. I still didn’t know what to say.

“You want a sandwich?” she asked. Her eyes went from my face down to my waist.

“Uh no sweetheart. I’m not hungry, thanks.” I watched, as her eyes seem to lock onto my groin region. I looked down to see that my hard on was still evident in the cottony confines of my sweatpants. Now that she was facing me I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breasts weren’t large again like her mother. I think they were about a B or so if I remembered right. So she usually never wore them. My daughter had on a half-shirt that stopped at the top of her rib cage. Exposing her six pack stomach to me. I think my dick achingly bobbed up and down without my consent. I had to save some face.

“On second thought, make me whatever you are having. I seem to be having some technical difficulties here. So, I’ll be right back.”

“Ok dad.” She said and turned back into the refrigerator. When she turned I imagined myself sliding between her soft cheeks into her moist pussy. I shook the thought away and rushed back upstairs. I realized that my hard on was not going away with out some release. I made my way into my bathroom and started to jerk my dick off. No matter how I tried, I couldn’t get the vision of my daughter bent over out of my head. I jerked off furiously and when I came. I felt both ashamed and still strangely aroused about the fact that I had such an explosive orgasm thinking about my own daughter. I cleaned up the mess I hade made on the floor and washed my hands. My erection mercifully had subsided. I figured the only way to treat what had just happened was with laughter.

I came out the bathroom to find my daughter sitting on my bed. Indian style. Her thighs were splayed apart and I could see the outline of her pussy through her shorts. To make matters worse. She was playing the tape I had shut off but not removed from the vcr earlier. I froze momentarily. My eyes alternated between her and the sexual carnage that was unfolding on the screen.

“Let me turn this off.” I said walking over to the vcr.

“No daddy, it was just getting good.” She whined to me in her little baby voice. The voice that had gotten her so many things in the past. “Come?” she said patting the bed. ” I brought your sandwich upstairs.”

“Thanks honey.” I went over and sat on the bed. Since she was up by the headboard I had to take residence down by the footboard. Thus, when I looked up to talk to her I was staring right between her thighs. Directly into her sweet spot.

“Umm babe, I just want to apologize for what…uh you, umm witnessed earlier.” M daughter emek escort bayan waved her hand. “Don’t worry about it. We all need that release some time.” As she spoke her eyes were focused on the TV. It was a close-up shot of a dick entering and leaving a pussy. My daughter watched the action on the TV slack jawed.

“Wow, Dad his dick looks kinda’ like yours. Except yours had looked more yummy.” My dick began slowly inching its way up my leg.

“You gonna’ eat your sandwich?” She asked as she finished hers. I reached for the sandwich and took a bite. My daughter pulled her legs together and hugged her knees. Making her camel toe stand out even more. I turned away from her and faced the television so she wouldn’t see that I was getting hard again. With my back to her I proceeded to eat my sandwich. After one or two bites. I heard a low moan, followed by a short gasp. I turned to find my daughter with one hand under her shirt tweaking her nipples and the other rubbing her pussy through her shorts.

“You don’t mind do you daddy?” she asked innocently. “I told you we all need that release sometime. Right now is my sometime.” I swallowed hard and stood up. My daughter reached down and pulled her shorts completely off. Exposing her clean-shaven vagina to me. She sucked on her fingers then rubbed her clit. She then slid her entire finger up and down the length of her opening. Spreading the lips apart. I subconsciously began massaging my dick.

“Take out daddy. I want to see it.” She said writhing on the bed as she slipped two fingers into herself.

The rational part of my brain screamed out no. But that head was no longer in command. I pulled my sweat pants off. This time completely and crawled up on the bed. I was still scared to touch her.

“Come closer daddy, I want to feel it.” I moved close enough for her to touch it.

“God daddy, is this where I came from? Let me thank him.” Before I could object she grabbed the base of my dick and enclosed her mouth around the head of my cock. My daughter began slurping earnestly. Letting me slide out of her mouth then back in. She took my cock and slapped it against her lips. She licked all four sides, each time starting at the base then ending at the tip. On her last lick she stopped at the top where my pre-cum was slowly oozing out. She ran her tongue over the head tasting me. She circled the head completely then moved down to the edge of the crown. She stopped then hawked out a glob of saliva than ran down my dick to my balls. I did all I could do not to come in her face right then. My fingers were slowly circling her clit. Making her hips follow in my motion. I slipped a finger into her and pulled it out. It was sticky with her juice. She was unbelievably wet. Again like her mother. My daughter licked my sack, which sent a tingle up my spine. At this rate I was going to come and come soon. I went down on my back and she followed my dick. However, she swung eryaman escort bayan her legs up and over my head so we were 69’ing each other. I spread her cunt with my fingers and continued doing with my tongue what my fingers had started. My daughter violently grinded her pussy into my face as my tongue snaked in between the folds of her pussy lips.

“Yes daddy eat that cunt? Eat your daughters sweet cunt?” I licked, sucked and slurped as if my life depended on it. My daughter was so focused on what I was doing that she stopped sucking my dick and concentrated on her own impending orgasm.

“Like that daddy, oh shit just like that daddy. Oh god yes, yes, yes. Daddy I’m gonna, I’m gonna. DAAADDDEEEE!” Her hips bucked up and down on my face making my lips, chin, nose what have you wet with her juices. I rolled out from under her and left her on the bed panting.

“Your turn to come now. Tell me how you want me. I want to hear you say how you want to fuck me.”

“Doggy style.” I croaked. My daughter got up on all fours and moved to the edge of the bed.

“Take it daddy, it’s yours.” I lined up the head with her entrance and marveled at the roundness and firmness of her ass. My daughter eagerly pushed herself back onto my dick while I was still admiring her beautiful body. I grabbed her hips and eased myself into her. Her cunt was extremely tight and hot.

“Damn daddy I feel you all the way up in my stomach.”

“Sorry baby.” I apologized. “It’s just that you feel so fucking good.”

“No daddy it does feel good.” She continued. “I like it.” Slowly she started to rock back and forth on my cock. Each time make it shine with her moistness. I spread her ass so I could get a better view of my cock each time it disappeared into her. I began to feel a little ashamed of myself as I plunged my cock over and over again into my little daughter’s wanton hole. But still my hips would not listen to my head. I pushed on the small of her back pressing her further down onto the bed. Her ass was up in the air while her chest rested on the bed.

“That’s it daddy, Fuck it hard, Fuck it deep!”

I mercilessly began to ram my cock into her pussy. My balls slapping against her pussy lips each time.

“That’s it daddy, Fuck me like that. Fuck me like the little whore that I am.”

“Yes, Yes!” I found myself shouting. “You’re my little whore. My dirty whore.”

“Yes daddy you’re going to make me cum again. Don’t stop. Oh please don’t stop.”

The orgasm started in the base of my dick. I could feel it as it climbed up the entire length of my rod. My daughter’s pussy was squishing each time I pumped my cock into her, which only added to my excitement.

“Daddy is gonna cum baby, Daddy’s gonna cum all over your pretty little ass.”

“Yes do it daddy. Cum for me. Cum for your little girl.”

At her request I slid into her once more before pulling out. As if she were reading my mind. My daughter spread her ass cheeks apart allowing me to milk my cock in the pucker of her asshole. I fell forward on to her back. Squishing the come on my belly and on her ass.

We both lay there panting, catching our breaths.

“Hey dad?” she asked.


“You think I can stay for the whole summer?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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