Daddy’s Mind-Controlled Daughters 3: Daughters Pleasing Daddy

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Daddy’s Mind-Controlled Daughters
A Story of the Institute of Apotheosis Research
Chapter Three: Daughters Pleasing Daddy
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

I groaned, my orgasm shivering through me, my dick lodged in Crystal’s pussy. She was the second daughter I’d fucked today. My fantasies of taking my daughters, using their barely legal cunts, had come to life today thanks to an impossible device.

The Halo.

A ring of gold housing nanites. They’d changed my mind, allowing me to rewrite the brainwaves of others and control them. I imposed my will upon two of my daughters and Crystal’s friend/lesbian lover Jessica. First, I deflowered eighteen-year-old Kitty then I took her upstairs where Crystal and Jessica were fucking in her bedroom. I broke in Jessica’s ass, had Crystal suck my cock clean, then pounded her tight, nineteen-year-old cunt.

What a treat.

I didn’t understand why the Institute of Apotheosis Research gave me this Halo. Their name implied they were creating gods, apparently through technology. Why me? What did they hope to gain by this? They sounded more a cult than a technology company.

Maybe that was it. They were just following the delusional commands of their founder. I guess it really didn’t matter. Not when I got to enjoy my desires finally. After lusting after my daughters, I enjoyed their bodies so much.

“Oh, Daddy,” groaned Crystal as she rolled off of me, my dick sliding out of her pussy. Her round breasts jiggled as she sank on her back, legs spread wide, a look of euphoria on her lips.

Downstairs, someone moved. Either my wife, Anne, was home from Pilates or our twenty-year-old, twin daughters were back from their youth group meeting at church. Either way, I was eager to have more fun.

“Well, Kitten,” I grinned at my youngest, a petite thing with her blonde hair in pigtails, her face smeared with Jessica’s pussy juices. The pair had sixty-nined while Crystal rode my dick. “You wanted to eat Daddy’s cum out of your sister’s pussy.”

“Yes!” Kitty gasped, her blue eyes so bright. She jumped off Jessica and threw herself on the bed. Springs creaked as she bounced between her older sister’s thighs.

“Holy shit!” Crystal gasped.

Kitty buried her face into her sister’s twat with so much enthusiasm. She licked and lapped, devouring my incestuous seed out of her sister’s well-fucked pussy. My dick throbbed, still hard. Another thing the nanites gave me: increased sexual stamina. Well, they wanted to make me into a god. So I had to be strong and healthy and virile.

Like Zeus. He fucked everything he could, too.

Footsteps creaked up the stairs. Over Crystal’s panting moans, I only heard one person climbing. So my wife was back from Pilates. Part of me was disappointed. I wanted the twins. I wanted to fuck their tight snatches and then watch them lick my cum out of their identical pussies.

God, that would be so hot.

“Oh, Kitty,” groaned Crystal.

“Kitty, you’re not bothering your sister, are you?” my wife called as she walked down the second floor hallway. I stared at my daughter’s open door, eager for this moment. “I told you to stop being a brat and going in her room.”

“She’s not bothering me at all, Mom!” Crystal gasped, her hands squeezing those youthful breasts, small handfuls but bigger than Kitty’s budding mounds. “Oh, my god, yes!”

“What are you two girls doing…?” My wife’s words trailed off as she stepped into the doorway. She stared into the room at the sight of the incestuous orgy, Kitty’s ass pointed right at her, her cute hips wiggling as she feasted on Crystal’s snatch. Jessica lounged naked on the floor, her large breasts rising and falling with her heavy breaths.

My wife’s jaw dropped.

She stood stunned in her sweat pants and t-shirt, her face flushed from Pilates, brown hair mussed and tousled. Her gym bag fell out of her hand and landed with a muffled thud on the carpet. She shook her head.

Her eyes found me, dick wet. Her jaw worked. A strangled groan burst from her lips. Then a red flush washed across her face. Eyes hardened. Hands twisted into claws. Angry words hiss out of her mouth, a teapot hitting boil.

“You fucking bastard! You fucked our daughters! Oh, I’m going to have your ass thrown in jail, you fucking pervert!”

“Mom?” Crystal gasped in shock. “Why are you so angry? Daddy can fuck us all he wants.”

“We’re his whores, Mommy,” Kitty moaned between hot licks. “He told us so.”

Jessica nodded her head in agreement. “He explained it to us, Mrs. Horne.”

“I’m sure he did,” she snapped. She bent down, opening up her gym bag’s side pocket. She pulled out her cell phone. “I’m going to have you arrested!”

“Drop your phone,” I calmly said, a small tingle racing through my thoughts as I dominated her brain.

My wife gave me such a sneer. “Like I’d ever…” She trailed off, her hand relaxing, phone tumbling through the air. The phone, clad in a purple protective sheath, hit the carpet on its corner, bouncing into the room. Letting out a snarl of irritation, she shot down to grab it.

“Don’t pick up your phone.”

Her hand froze, fingers about to snag it. She jerked upright, a startled look in her eyes. “What is going on? How are you doing that, Michael?”

“Just come here and suck my dick clean of our daughter’s pussy juices, and I’ll explain it to you.”

“You fucking pervert,” she said, marching towards me. “You have to be out of your goddamn mind if you’d think I’d do that.” She fell to her knees before me. “What is wrong—”

She silenced herself by engulfing my dick in her mouth, sucking our daughter’s pussy juices off of my cock. I groaned, my wife’s familiar mouth wrapped about my cock. I shuddered, breathing in deeply as she sucked my shaft.

I smelled the perfume she wore.

I’d forgotten she put on perfume before going to Pilates. It seemed weird. She claimed she did it to keep herself smelling good. I could detect her sweat beneath it and a salty musk. I frowned, my wife bobbing her mouth up and down my dick, her eyes staring up at me wide with fright, the color drained from her face.

“Relax,” I told her. “You have nothing to be afraid of.” My stomach twisted. “You like the taste of your daughter’s pussy.”

“Crystal tastes so good, Mommy,” Kitty moaned beside us. “Especially full of Daddy’s cum.”

My wife did relax, my thoughts prickling hard as I rewrote her thoughts. Color blossomed in her cheeks again. Her dark eyes didn’t tremble. She sucked harder, her tongue swiping around the shaft as she groaned her enjoyment.

“Mmm, yes, she does taste amazing, Mrs. Horne,” Jessica groaned.

I leaned back on my elbows, glancing at my daughter’s lesbian incest beside me, Crystal smiling at me as she ground her shaved snatch on her little sister’s mouth. My dick throbbed in my wife’s hungry mouth, her hair brushing my naked thighs as she bobbed her head.

Kitty feasted on her older sister’s cunt with the same enthusiasm she did everything. Her tongue licked wildly, flailing upward, striking Crystal’s clit. It made my middle daughter squirm and moan, her hands squeezing her tits.

“Come sit on your girlfriend’s face, Jessica,” I groaned. “I think Crystal needs to do something with her mouth.”

“Yes, Master!” Jessica groaned, hopping to her feet, her dark hair swaying, her large tits bouncing. She had such big, pillowy tits, larger than my wife’s. They swayed as the nineteen-year-old climbed onto the bed and deftly mounted my daughter, bringing her shaved snatch to Crystal’s hungry mouth. “Oh, honey, yes, lick me.”

“Did you know Crystal and Jessica are lovers?” I asked my wife, stroking through her brown hair, my balls throbbing as her hot mouth sucked and pleased me.

My wife moaned a “Yes” about my dick.


“You did, Mrs. Horne?” gasped Jessica, her huge tits swaying just beside my head as she squirmed on my daughter’s face.

My wife just kept sucking. She couldn’t stop if she wanted to.

“Incest is perfectly fine,” I told my wife. “You have the hots for your daughters. You want to eat all their pussies.” My vision fuzzed. Spots of pain wormed through my brain. I groaned. “You’re so happy they’re daddy’s whores. You want them to make me happy.” I pulled her mouth off my dick. “And why do you want them to make me happy?”

“Because you’re their father,” she panted, shivering.

“And not because you want me to be happy?”

“I do want you to be happy,” she moaned, trembling. “Please, I need to keep sucking your dick. I have to make you happy.”

“I love you,” I said.

“Love you,” she moaned and then groaned in relief when I let go of her hair. She engulfed my dick with such hunger, sucking it into her mouth.

“I can’t wait for Mommy to lick my pussy,” Kitty said, face smeared with pussy juices and cum. “And to lick hers.”

“She birthed you, so I think you owe her,” I said, the pleasure swelling in my balls, my lusts building so fast beneath my wife’s eager blowjob.

I couldn’t remember the last time she sucked my cock with so much enthusiasm.

“Now keep licking your sister. Don’t leave her frustrated.”

“Yes, Daddy!”

Crystal let out a groan of relief when Kitty started licking again. She antalya escort bayan seized Jessica’s thighs, clutching them as she devoured her lover’s pussy. Jessica quivered, those lush tits swaying beside me. I loved watching them. Loved having my own harem.

“Daddy’s got such a beautiful harem,” I groaned. “You must be so happy, Anne. Our daughters are so eager to please me. Us.”

My wife moaned about my cock, sucking even harder.

I grinned at her. “Yes, you are. You want all our daughters to lick that hot pussy of yours. Eat the very cunt that birthed them. And you want to feel them suckle at your tits again. Imagine the twins sucking at your breasts, both of them loving your nipples, their identical faces staring up at you. That will be hot.”

Just thinking it, picturing my brassy-haired twins sucking at their mother’s tits at the same time, their hands fingering each other’s twats, made me groan. My balls tensed. My wife sucked so hard, so hungrily.

“Fuck!” My dick erupted. My cum fired into my wife’s mouth. “Don’t spit it out. Drink it. You love the taste of my cum!” A small prickle caressed my mind.

My wife gulped down my cum, her hips wiggling, her brown hair swaying. I groaned, my hand tightening in her hair as I flooded her mouth with all my jizz. Every blast sent rapture sweeping through my body.

“Drink all his yummy cum, Mommy!” Kitty moaned, voice muffled by her sister’s twat.

“Go, Master,” moaned Jessica. “Flood her mouth. Ooh, Mistress must like your jizz.”

“Mistress?” I grunted, my wife sucking the last drops of jizz out of my cock.

“Well, she’s your wife. That makes her my mistress. Right?”

I grinned at her. “Right.” I glanced down at my wife. “That makes you wet, too, having this slut call you mistress.”

My wife kept sucking on my dick.

Beside me, Crystal moaned and bucked, cumming hard on Kitty’s mouth. She screamed her pleasure into Jessica’s cunt. My daughter’s fingers dug into her friend’s thighs, gripping them hard as she groaned and squirmed.

My cock throbbed in my wife’s mouth. She bobbed hard, eager to make me cum a second time. I almost wanted to. But Kitty’s face popped up from her sister’s thighs, staring so imploringly at me. She licked her pussy-stained face, and I knew just what she wanted.

To play with Mommy’s pussy.

“You can stop, Anne,” I groaned, my dick throbbing in her mouth. “And answer my question. Does it make you hot when Jessica calls you Mistress?”

Anne popped her mouth off my dick. “Of course it does, hun. So hot. Look at those tits. They’re huge. You must be in heaven right now.”

“So in heaven,” I grinned at her. “Why don’t you strip naked and join the fun.”

“Oh, no, I need to shower first,” my wife said, standing up and grabbing the hem of her shirt. “I’m all sweaty from Pilates.”

“Nonsense,” I grinned, “you have to do it. You have to obey me now.”

My wife pulled off her shirt, her eyes widening in panic. “No, no, I really can’t. I need to shower. Please, Michael.”

Her shirt reached her breast, but instead of her gray sports bra I expected to see, she had a lacy, red bra, a black bow between the two cups. It lifted her round breasts into a jiggling mound of cleavage. I blinked. Why would she wear a sexy bra to…?

My stomach twisted.

Tears burned in her eyes. She looked away as she kicked off her tennis shoes and peeled down her sweatpants. A matching pair of panties, cut almost as narrow as a thong and made entirely of lace, adorned her pussy. The crotch soaked, her thighs messy.

Streaked with white.

A chill squirmed in my stomach. More tears fell down her cheeks. Her body trembled as she reached behind her, unhooking her bra. Her tits fell out, a dark mark on the inner slope, the fading red from amorous lips sucking at her tits.

“I’m sorry, Michael,” she whispered, her hands hooking the waistband of her soiled panties. She pulled them down, revealing the mess of cum staining her brown bush. Another man’s seed dribbled out of my wife’s pussy. “It… I was just so… You’ve been so distant lately. You haven’t paid attention to me. And then…my Pilates instructor… And it just… I’m sorry.”

“You’re cheating on Daddy!” Kitty screeched.

“You whore!” Crystal roared, pushing her friend off her face. Jessica didn’t complain. “How could you do that?”

“Your father wasn’t paying attention to me,” my wife protested, her hands covering her pussy, hiding the proof of her adultery. “He was always distracted. I even thought…there might be another woman.”

Four, actually. I’d been obsessed with my daughters for years as they matured. But, still, she cheated on me. Anger swelled in me. Hurt, betrayed. More tears fell down her cheeks as my hand clenched. What to do about her?

And about the man who fucked my wife?

“Go, shower!” I snarled. “Wash that whore cunt clean of his spunk then get your ass back in here!”

My thoughts itched. She bolted out of the room. The bathroom door crashed open. The shower curtain rasped as she flung it aside. The water hissed on. She hadn’t even closed the door. I sat on the bed, Kitty crawling into my lap, hugging me.

“I can’t believe Mommy would do that to you,” she said, squirming on my hard dick, rubbing that cute ass up and down it as she stared up at me with liquid eyes. “I’m so sorry, Daddy.”

“God, she makes us go to church every Sunday,” grimaced Crystal, “and she’s having an affair.”

I nodded my head. I wanted to throw her out. I wanted to send her out into the street to be a cheap whore. She thinks she can just fuck another guy? Why, because I’ve been a little distracted by our daughters and their nubile bodies? Any guy would. They were beauties.

But she was still my wife. And, a part of me not consumed by the anger, twinged with guilt. I had, technically, cheated on her. With three girls. What made me any different?

Well, the Halo. I could do it. Mine didn’t hurt her. Not after I told her it didn’t. She didn’t feel this horrible, sickening twist in her guts or this raging fire in her belly. She didn’t burn to punish me for fucking our daughters.

She accepted it. She was about to join in the fun. So it wasn’t really cheating. Not if I was including her. But she…

The shower shut off. My wife darted back into the room, her body still dripping wet, her pubic hair drenched, no sign of cum remained. She still cried, eyes swollen as she fidgeted in the middle of the room.

“Cheating wives are punished,” I growled. “They deserve it for being whores and going behind their husbands backs. Don’t they?”

My thoughts hardly twinged. My wife needed no convincing. “Yes, hun. I do. I’m so sorry.”

“Are you really sorry?” I asked. “Do you even love me?”

“I am sorry,” she gasped. “I didn’t want to hurt you. I just…needed something. Someone to pay attention to me, and Scott was there. I couldn’t help myself. I do…love you. I just…thought you didn’t love me.”

“If you loved Daddy, you wouldn’t have cheated on him!” Kitty screeched.

My wife flinched as I cradled our youngest on my lap. I made my decision on how to punish her. “Since you are sorry and love me, I won’t throw you out on the street. But you’re still a whore to me. You’ll have to work hard to please me again. Do you want to do that?”

She nodded her head. “I can be your whore. I can. I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have done it. I felt so bad after every time, but… I was weak.”

“Bend your ass over the bed. Girls, your mother’s been naughty. She needs a spanking.” I gave Kitty a vicious grin. “Just like she used to spank you when you were naughty. Bare ass and all. Make her rump glow red.”

“Yes, Daddy!” Kitty exclaimed, bouncing on my lap.

“We’ll make her hurt, Daddy,” Crystal grinned, licking her lips. “We’ll punish her so hard.”

“Yes, do it!” Jessica hissed. “The fucking whore deserves to be beaten.”

My wife didn’t say a word. She just bent over the bed, her naked ass a firm curve, Pilates giving her body a sexy, athletic tone, melting off some of the weight being in her forties had put on her. I groaned, admiring the view.

This Scott had to be punished, too. But that was for later.

I grabbed Jessica’s dark hair, pulling her along with me as I moved off the bed to watch. I pushed the girl to her knees. She engulfed my cock like a good slut, sucking and bobbing her mouth, her hands resting on my thighs, fingernails biting into my muscles.

But my attention was wholly on my wife’s cheating ass. Our daughters flanked her, both grinning, their faces smeared in pussy. Kitty went first, slapping her hand hard on her mother’s right asscheek. A mighty crack echoed through the room.

A bright, red hand print appeared.

My wife gasped in pain.

Crystal grinned. Her firm tits bounced as she smacked her hand down hard, adding a second bright-red handprint on my wife’s left butt-cheek. Anne groaned, the bed creaking, her supple back arching.

“She felt those,” I said, my hips pumping, fucking my cock in and out of Jessica’s wet mouth.

“Yeah, she did, Daddy!” grinned Crystal as Kitty wound up for another spanking.


My wife yelped, her ass clenching.


“Ouch!” she gasped. “Girls, not so hard!”

“Hard!” I escort antalya hissed. “It’s your punishment, whore. Accept it.”

“Yes, hun,” she groaned then winced as Kitty’s hand landed on her ass, intensifying the red.


Crystal’s hand landed hard, making my wife’s firm ass jiggle. She groaned and bucked. My dick throbbed in Jessica’s mouth, savoring the sight of my wife being discipline by our daughters. An excitement surged through me.

Maybe Anne should be spanked often. Just to remind her not to be a whore.

“You’ve been a bad Mommy!” Kitty hissed, her hand slamming down.


“I have been,” gasped my mommy.

“Beg them to punish you,” I groaned. “Whenever you’re bad, you need to be punished.”

“Yes,” my wife groaned. “Spank me, girls. Punish your naughty Mommy!”

“Yes!” Crystal hissed.





“Oh, god, that hurts,” my wife sobbed, her ass glowing as the girls’ spankings came fast. “Keep doing it. Punish me! I’m such a dirty Mommy! A naughty wife! I need to be punished!”


“Oh, yes, Crystal!”


“Kitty, angel, yes!”


“Punish your bad Mommy!”


“Such a whore-mother!” Crystal hissed, hand flying down.


“Yes, I am!” my wife gasped, her body bucking. The bed creaked. “Keep spanking me!”

My dick ached, Jessica sucking so hard on my cock. I groaned, staring at my wife, her thighs glistening. And not from the shower. Fresh juices dribbled down from her thighs, her pussy getting hot from being spanked.

“Are you such a whore that being spanked is turning you on, Anne?” I groaned, thrusting my dick harder into Jessica’s mouth.

“Yes!” she moaned. “Such a whore! I don’t know why, but this is so hot. It hurts so much, but our daughters are punishing me!”




“Keep spanking me, girls!” she moaned. “Ooh, spank my pussy. It’s such a naughty cunt! It caused me to cheat on your daddy!”

Kitty’s small hand cracked down on her mother’s bush. My wife’s body jumped. She screamed out in rapture. Crystal’s followed a moment later, smacking onto her mother’s whorish cunt. Juices squirted out of my wife, spraying Crystal’s palm.

“Such a whore!” my wife sobbed, her orgasm raging through her. “Oh, yes.”

Kitty smacked her mother’s wet, cumming cunt. Then she rubbed her hand against her mother’s whorish flesh. She brought it to her lips, licking her mother’s juices off of her palm, such delight on her face. Her pink tongue lapped over and over, her head moving, looking so much like a cute kitten.

“Fuck,” I groaned, my balls unloading into Jessica’s mouth. “You are such a whore, Anne.”

“I am!” she screamed. “But I’m your whore from now on. Only yours, hun!”


“No, wait!” Deidre Icke, president of The Institute of Apotheosis Research, gasped as her ex-husband pinned her to the table. “I’m not your wife any longer.”

“But you were when you cheated on me,” he groaned.

Not long ago, Deidre Icke had discovered her daughter, Alexis, being fucked by her ex-husband in his office at the Institute. Though they divorced three years ago, after her affair was discovered, he still worked at the Institute. He was in charge of managing the internet technology patents which generated the Institute the money used to finance the Halos. Like her, he believed in Dr. Blavatsky’s vision of new gods changing the world into a better place.

“Just take your punishment, Mom,” Alexis said, her father’s cum dripping out of her eighteen-year-old pussy and down her thighs. “The God gave us a lesson. You have to accept it. You cheated on Dad. And cheating wives get spanked by their daughters.”


Deidre gasped in pain, her daughter’s hand leaving a burning impact on her right butt-cheek. They’re right. I cheated on my husband. I deserve this.

“Spank Mommy again,” Deidre moaned, using the God’s unfaithful wife as an example for her behavior. A hot thrill shot through her pussy. “Mommy’s been so bad!”



My dick throbbed hard as I pulled it out of Jessica’s mouth. She swallowed the last of my cum as I stared at my wife and daughters. My eyes fell on Kitty. “Anne, you need to lick Kitty’s asshole. Get her nice and ready for my cock to fuck her asshole.”

“Yes, hun,” she panted, her face stained with tears, flushed from her orgasm, her eyes glossy with lust. “I’ll get her nice and ready.”

“Thanks, Mommy!” squealed Kitty. “Watching Daddy fuck Jessica’s ass had been sooooo hot. I want to feel Daddy’s cock in my asshole.”

She hopped onto the bed, wiggling her slim ass at her mother. My wife climbed up after her, round breasts swaying before her. I shuddered as my wife parted Kitty’s asscheeks and leaned her head in. I moved closer, watching my wife’s tongue swipe out and brush our daughter’s brown sphincter.

Kitty moaned in delight.

My wife swirled her tongue about our daughter’s asshole, rimming her. Anne’s fingers squeezed our daughter, my wife moaning. I grinned, hearing the pleasure in her voice. Behind her, Crystal leaned in and licked at her mother’s pussy.

“Mmm, your whore-pussy taste good, Mom,” she moaned and licked again.

“I can’t wait to taste yours, baby,” my wife moaned before she rimmed Kitty’s asshole again.

“Oh, Daddy, this is soooo different from having my pussy licked,” my youngest moaned, glancing at me, her blue eyes shimmering with passion. “Oh, Mommy, you like it, don’t you?”

“You taste good,” my wife moaned. “So sour. I like it.”

“Because you’re a whore!” Kitty beamed, wiggling her ass, rubbing her sphincter into her mother’s lips.

“I am, baby girl.”

Kitty’s back arched. Her smile grew toothy. “Oh, Daddy, her tongue just wiggled into my bum. Ooh, she’s probing in there. It feels sooooo weird.”

“I bet it does,” I groaned, stroking my shaft. “She’s just getting you ready for my dick. You’re so eager to let Daddy fuck your ass.”

“So eager, Daddy!”

Kitty’s face screwed up with pleasure, her pigtails swaying. Her mother rimmed her and ate her ass with noisy passion. The depraved, incestuous ass-licking made my dick so hard. Anne had her face planted between our daughter’s butt-cheeks, loving her, eating that sour musk.

Behind my wife, Crystal feasted. She devoured her mother’s pussy. Jessica joined the fun, rimming my other daughter’s asshole. Jessica’s dark eyes burned. She gave me a wink as she tongued Crystal’s asshole.

I winked back at the slut.

“Oh, Daddy, she’s got her tongue so deep in my bum,” groaned Kitty. “Oh, that’s so nasty, Mommy. I love it! Get me ready for Daddy’s cock.”

“Yes,” I groaned, stroking my dick. I ached. I was so hard. I had to be in my youngest daughter’s asshole. “Is she ready, Anne?”

My wife lifted her mouth. “She is. But I can keep licking her just to make sure.”

I grinned at my wife. “Fucking slut. Just enjoy Crystal devouring your pussy.”

“I am,” my wife panted. “Ooh, she’s so good at that. Eat Mommy’s pussy. Mmm, you’re such a good daughter.”

“She is,” I grinned, grabbing Kitty’s hips and turning her to face me. I brought my cock to her butt-cheeks, my wife’s dark eyes staring at it. She licked her lips.

“Fuck her ass, hun. She wants it so badly.”

“So bad,” groaned our daughter, wiggling her ass, sliding my dick through her butt-crack.

My dick rubbed over her wet, puckered asshole, lubed by her mother’s loving spit. I paused, savoring this moment of family incest raging around me. Despite my wife’s affair, it felt right to include her in it, to have her lick her daughter’s ass for me, all of us loving each other.

I couldn’t wait for the twins to get home.

I pressed against my daughter’s virgin asshole, taking Kitty’s last cherry. My youngest let out a long, low groan as her sphincter stretched wider and wider. Her blonde pigtails danced about her head as she shook and convulsed.

Her hungry ass swallowed my cock. I grinned as I sank into her velvety depths. Her bowels sucked in my cock with such a wanton hunger. I groaned, my eyes rolling back into my head as I let out a grunt of delight.

“Damn,” I shuddered, squeezing her hips as I sank deeper and deeper into her bowels, enjoying her tight hole.

“Daddy!” she quivered. “You’re in my bottom! Oh, wow, you’re in my bum! This is so…awesome!”

Her bowels clenched down on my dick as I bottomed out in her. I groaned, savoring this magical moment. My hands stroked up her side, reaching around to cup her budding breasts. Her nipples rubbed hard into my palms as she quivered and groaned.

“Fuck our daughter’s ass,” my wife moaned, her face twisted with pleasure, her hips grinding her pussy into our Crystal’s licking mouth. My daughter’s blue eyes peeked over her mother’s ass, staring at me as she feasted.

“Fuck my ass, Daddy!” Kitty cheered.

“Yes, Kitten,” I groaned, unable to deny my youngest anything. I loved spoiling her.

She moaned in wanton delight as I drew my dick back through her tight asshole. She quivered and groaned. Her eyes rolled back into her head. She squeaked out in delight as I rammed back into her bowels. My balls smacked antalya escort into her taint.

I loved her velvety tightness. Her bowels burned so hot as I fucked my daughter hard. She moaned and gasped, her voice squeaking out across the house. She clamped her bowels down so hard on my dick, squirming and moaning as I reamed her.

“Daddy, Daddy, yes!” she panted. “Oh, Daddy, fuck my bottom. Fuck my bum.”

“Such a pretty bum,” my wife moaned, leaning her head in to kiss and nuzzle at our daughter’s hips. “Plow her, Michael. Fuck her ass so hard.”

“Yes!” I growled, squeezing my daughter’s small tits, her nipples poking into my palms.

She gasped and squirmed, her pigtails flying as her small body rocked beneath me. She worked her hot asshole up and down my dick. Her bowels clenched, massaging my dick. I groaned, loving every moment of plunging into her bowels. It was so hot, so wrong.

And I could do it. Because of the Halo. The Institute chose me because… I must be special.

I thrust harder and harder, my balls boiling with the pleasure of my daughter’s tight asshole. She groaned and squeaked, her moans echoing through the room, bouncing off Crystal’s walls. They mixed with her mother’s pants and moans.

Anne kept kissing and nuzzling at our daughter’s hips, sucking and leaving little hickeys on our daughter’s flesh as I plowed her asshole. I groaned, my eyes rolling back into my head. The heat burned through my cock, spurring my hips to fuck so hard, to plow my daughter.

To build the pleasure in my cock.

“I’m going to flood your ass with cum,” I groaned, thrusting so hard and fast.

“Yes, do it, Master,” Jessica moaned. “She’ll love it as much as I did.”

“Don’t stop licking me, Jessica,” gasped Crystal. “I’m so close to cumming. Keep licking my snatch. I need it!”

My wife gasped, her head snapping back. “Oh, Crystal, yes, suck on Mommy’s clit. Oh, you want more of Mommy’s cream. Yes, you do. Oh, yes, fuck those fingers in and out of my cunt. Mmm, such a good girl!”

Anne came on our daughter’s mouth. She sucked hard on Kitty’s hips, her moans of passion muffled by our daughter’s flesh. My dick ached and throbbed, savoring watching my wife’s incestuous rapture as I fucked our youngest daughter’s asshole.

“Ooh, Mommy’s cumming so hard, Daddy!” squeaked Kitty.

“I bet you want to, too, don’t you, Kitten? You want to purr with Daddy’s cock in your asshole!”

“I do!” she gasped, her bowels clenching on my thrusting dick. “Daddy!”

Her bowels writhed about my cock. My daughter came hard. I groaned, plunging into her hot asshole, my crotch smacking her tight ass. Her juices squirted out of her pussy splashing my thighs with her sweet cream while her bowels massaged my cock.

I groaned, drawing my dick back through her convulsing sheath. She sucked at my cock. My tip throbbed and ached. Pleasure shuddered through me, bringing me closer and closer to cumming in my youngest’s bowels.

“Flood her ass, Michael!” my wife gasped, her body quivering, Crystal still feasting on her pussy. “Give it to her.”

“You want to lick her ass clean,” I groaned, my balls tensing. I rammed my dick back into our daughter’s asshole.

“Yes! I’m such a whore!”

I came.

My wife’s hunger shuddered through me. My cock spurted hard into my daughter’s bowels. Spurt after ropy spurt of jizz flooded her asshole. I groaned, the pleasure knifing through my body. Her sheath milked my cock as she gasped and squirmed.

“Fill my bum with your cum, Daddy!” she moaned. “Then Mommy gets to lick me clean!”

“Yes, she does,” I groaned, shivering, wondering how would I clean my dick this time.

Last time, I used Crystal’s mouth.

I grinned as the final blast of cum spurted into my daughter’s asshole. Kitty mewled in pleasure as I ripped my cock out, glistening. Her mother moved, taking my place and burying her face back between Kitty’s butt-cheeks, this time licking my cum flowing out of our daughter’s gaping asshole.

“Oh, Mommy, that’s so nasty,” Kitty groaned. “I love it! Lick Daddy’s cum out of my bum!”

Crystal giggled. “That rhymes.”

“I know!” Kitty beamed. “Lick Daddy’s cum out of my bum!”

I stared at my wife’s brown bush, dripping with her juices. Crystal made her cum hard. I pressed my dirty cock against her cunt. I rubbed it up and down. “A cheating whore-wife cleans her husband’s dick of her daughter’s asshole with her pussy.”

My thoughts prickled.

“Yes, hun,” my wife moaned. “Let my pussy wash your cock clean.”

I rammed my dick into my wife’s pussy. She lacked the tightness of our daughters and Jessica. But she was so hot. I couldn’t remember the last time my wife was so hot and wet when I fucked her. She squeezed her pussy so hard on my dick, polishing my cock clean as I rammed it in and out of her pussy.

I grunted, savoring the thrill of fucking her cunt with my dirty dick. She feasted at the same time, noisily licking my cum out of our daughter’s well-fucked asshole. She pumped her hips, bucking back into my thrust as she savored every drop of my jizz from our daughter’s sphincter.

“Go Mom,” groaned Crystal, she and Jessica scissoring their legs and grinding their shaved cunts together.

“Yes, yes, go, Mistress!” Jessica panted. “Lick Kitty’s ass clean of all of that yummy jizz.”

“So yummy!” Crystal shuddered, her blonde hair swaying.

I fucked my wife harder and harder. I plowed into her cunt, savoring every moment of her cleaning my dick. She buffed my shaft with that juicy cunt. I slammed into her hard, wanting to fuck her better than that asshole Scott.

Oh, he would pay. I would make him suffer.

My balls cracked over and over into my wife’s clit, boiling with another load of cum. Fantasies danced in my head of humiliating Scott. I would enjoy it. I had powers. I could do what I want. I would have so much fun.

My wife’s pussy clenched so hard on my dick, squeezing and relaxing, so eager to make me cum as she feasted. Her butt-cheeks rippled and jiggled as I plowed her. I rammed so deep into her, our flesh smacking together.

“I’m going to flood your cunt,” I panted. “I’m going to leave you dripping, Anne. You’re such a whore. You’ll always have cum dripping out of your cunt. You’ll just show everyone what a cheating cunt you were.”

“I will!” she moaned, her pussy spasming about my cock. “Oh, Michael, I will! I’m such a cheating whore. I need to be punished over and over! Often!”

She moaned her orgasm into our daughter’s asshole. I savored her flesh spasming about my dick. The pleasure rushed through my body. I shuddered, pumping away at her cunt. Every thrust brought me closer and closer to flooding her.

“Fill Mom’s cheating cunt with all your jizz,” gasped Crystal, firm tits heaving as she ground her pussy into Jessica’s cunt.

“Yes, yes, yes, Master! Flood her!”

“Fill her to the brim, Daddy!” Kitty moaned. “I love it!”

“Yes!” I growled, burying to the hilt in her.

My balls tensed. My cum fired again out of my balls. I had no limit to how many times I could cum. The Halo gave me such stamina. I shuddered, spurt after spurt of jizz filling my cheating wife’s cunt, flooding her with my seed.

“Michael!” she groaned. “Yes, yes, yes! Flood me! I need to be dripping with cum!”

“Because you’re a whore, Mommy!” squealed Kitty, joining us in orgasmic heaven.

“Mom’s a whore!” Crystal gasped.

All my women moaned and shuddered their orgasms burning so hot through their bodies. I thrust a final time into my wife’s pussy, staring at Crystal and Jessica as they thrashed together. Jessica’s huge tits bounced on her chest as she shuddered, screaming out her rapture as she came against my daughter’s cunt.

Damn, I loved having a harem of hot women. I couldn’t wait for the twins to get home. I grinned, something Kitty said earlier dancing through my thoughts as my orgasm peaked through me. The twins, who were so into church, had told Kitty about masturbation.

Maybe those two weren’t the goody two shoes they pretended to be.

“Damn,” I groaned, drawing my dick out of my wife’s cunt, smiling as the jizz dribbled out, matting her dark-brown bush.

I liked the look on her.

“I can’t wait for Rosie and Lily to get home,” I groaned. “When is that?”

“Didn’t I tell you?” My wife lifted her head from our daughter’s asshole. She looked over her shoulder at me, my cum smeared across her lips and chin.

“Tell me what?” I frowned.

“It’s a lock-in. They’ll be there all night. The entire youth group. Watching movies, doing activities. Like a PG slumber party.”

I couldn’t wait until morning. And I didn’t have to. “Okay, everyone, let’s get to church.”


“Church?” Deidre Icke groaned, her ass burning, her pussy aching. Juices flooded down her thighs as her orgasm rippled through her body, leaving her trembling. Her daughter’s hand rubbed at her cunt, soothing the pain from the final spanking that landed right on her twat. “Do we have drones set up to monitor his church?”

“I don’t think so, Mom,” Alexis groaned.

“Call down to drone control,” she panted, straightening up, ignoring her ex-husband stroking his dick. “We need to have his church prepared.”

Alexis dashed to a phone. “What’s it called, Mom?”

“Church of Christ of Alamogordo. Hurry! We can’t miss anything. The first twenty-four hours of a new God are the most enlightening!”

To be continued…

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