Daddy’s Slave 2

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Daddy’s Slave continued…….Daddy has allowed me once again to post this continuation of my story as I have fulfilled his ever desire and then some…………………………….
Dear Diary- I awoke the next morning with pain coursing through my body, my arse feeling like it was on fire and had gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson. There was blood on the sheets and my cock and balls were throbbing with pain as well. I wasn’t game or didn’t want to talk to or see my mother so I called my father and when he saw my state he called a Doctor that he knew to come and see me. I lay there trying to remember what and who had happened to me last night but the pain kept me from concentrating. Finally the Doctor arrived and I recognised him as one of the men that I had sucked and been buggered by at the party. He examined my arse externally and internally and although it hurt my cock started to get hard at his touch. Both he and my father laughed at seeing this and my father remarked that I was certainly my mother’s son. After the examination and the light banter that ensued the doctor gave me a shot that he said would ease the pain and told my father not to allow any anal intercourse for about 3 or 4 days to allow the swelling to go down. My father agreed and then suggested to me that I show my gratitude to the doctor by giving him a blow job and I watched as the doctor opened his fly and produced a half hard cock that he bought to my mouth. Being only half hard I took it in one gulp right to his pubes and ran my tongue around the base, flicking it out of my mouth to lap at his balls and feeling it starting to harden quite considerably as I sucked. It slowly moved into my throat as I held it in place and I felt it twitching in me as I started to move up and down on the cock and take it all the way in time after time. Suddenly the Doctor grunted and I felt that heavenly feeling in the back of my throat as someone spunks there so I pulled it out slowly so I could get the taste on my tongue and feel the spunk slide down my throat. With a final effort the Doctor had been drained and he put his softening cock away applauding me for not getting any spunk on his clothes.
I was then left to my own devices and as the drugs set in was able to recount the events that bought me to where I was today. I was a slut, used and abused by anyone that wanted including my own father and my girlfriend. My mother was also used and abused and I recalled the thrill I had when I shoved my cock up her arse and fucked her till I came. I should have felt ashamed but I didn’t and as I mused my cock got harder and harder and I started to wank myself slowly as vision of the night played back in my mind. I didn’t hear the door open but was bought back to reality by a sharp slap across the face by my father who told me that my body belonged to him and he would tell me where and when I would come and that failure to obey would reap dire consequences for me. He also informed me that from this day forward I would dress like a girl at all times in the house and on special occasions when we went out. My daily attire was to be the leather ball stretcher, stockings and garter belt, 5 inch high heels and a wig and later when we found time pierced nipples and cock and if I was much sort after, a breast enlargement program.
I was to learn how to apply makeup and keep my body hairless and that most of my male clothes would be removed from the wardrobe and be replaced with dresses and feminie underwear. If someone was invited to our house I was to be available at all times to submit to their whims and at special meetings I would be used by all and sundry. I was not to speak unless spoken to and then only to answer yes master or mistress. My mother would teach me the makeup as well as Joan and Angie when they had time. On hearing Angie’s name I asked how long dad had been fucking her and he said about six years, since she was ten years old but had been fucking Joan for longer and that Angie was actually my half sister. This news hit me in the guts and I didn’t know what to say as I realised that I had almost fucked my sister and that Dad had fucked her for years. It was hard to get my head around and then he told me that he expected me to service my mother wherever and whenever I was told to and in whatever manner was proposed. I balked, remembering the fucking I had given her last night and the shame I felt afterwards and he explained that this was my mothers job since the day they got married when he used her body to get a hotel room for their honeymoon and continued to use her for whatever we wanted. He chuckled to himself and said we would live a better life now that he had two sluts to peddle and I could look forward to many pleasurable experiences in the future. I was shattered and realised that today was going to be the first day of a life of slavery and misuse that couldn’t be avoided without losing my mother and family. Dad told me to get some sleep and that my mother would bring up my evening meal and that as from today I was slut for sale to the highest bidder.
The drug made me tired and I drifted off into a fitful sleep punctuated by visions of what had transpired in the last 24 hours until finally my tired body just collapsed into a deep sleep and I was awoken to sunlight streaming in my window from the morning sun. I realised I had slept through the night and felt somewhat better this morning and then a slight knock on the door bought me to full consciousness and I called for whoever it was to come in. The sight that greeted me caused my cock to stir and harden, there was my mother in all her glory wearing only a garter and stockings and high heels with small weights hanging off the rings through her nipples and labia. My mum was 38 years old and about 5’6” with wavy black hair and green eyes, she was slender in build and her tits were about a 34 size with really great nipples that stood out like beacons , She had a flat stomach and a hairless pussy with the labia hanging slightly down caused by the weights that she had there. Long legs and milky peaches and cream skin added to this vision that greeted me. I tried to cover my cock but she didn’t seem to notice just placed the breakfast tray down and turned to go. I asked her to stay and explain what had happened but she just smiled at me over her shoulder and said I had better get the breakfast into me as we had to go shopping for my new clothes and makeup and see a Doctor about having my breasts implanted or chemically induced. I couldn’t believe the look of her as she walked out the door, legs slightly open to allow for the weights and an arse to die for. My cock was as hard as I’ve ever known and I desperately wanted to jerk off but was afraid in case my father found out. I woofed my food down and dressed in the clothes laid out for me, just a pair of shorts and a t shirt that did nothing to hide my erection. I put on a pair of sandals and made my way down stairs and there was my mum and dad waiting, dad dressed as usual in pants and t shirt and mum in a mini and blouse that was just transparent enough to see her brown nipples rubbing against the fabric. She had heels on which made her a bit taller but the effect was enough to keep my cock hard and visible to all. Dad suggested that mum do something about my hard on so she dropped to her knees and took my cock out of my shorts and started sucking it like a vacuum cleaner. I came almost immediately and mum swallowed my load and then put my cock back in my pants and we set out for the shops. I opened the car door for mum and when she got in I noticed that she wasn’t wearing any panties and the slightest bend of her body would show her cunt off the all and sundry. My cock started to stir again so I quickly got into the car and off we went.
What an adventure as mum took me from shop to shop buying underwear and clothes for me under the guise of buying for her daughter who was away at boarding school. Some of the shop assistants twigged to what was going on and made a fuss of trying outfit after out fit onto me as I was supposed to be the same height and builds as my sister without the boobs. My mother accompanied me into the change booths and every time she bent over I saw her cunt reflected in the mirrors and noticed that in the stores she always pointed her arse towards some unsuspecting chap before bending down to pick a garment or straighten her stockings giving the bloke an eye full of cunt that was now glistening with moisture as she became more and more aroused at showing her body off. To add to this every now and then out of the corner of my eye I saw Dad with his hand up her skirt fingering her as she waited for me or a shop attendant. This was having an adverse effect on me and my hard on had returned and it was decided that I would go back to the car and wait until the shopping was done. After about half an hour mum and dad came out of the complex with a trolley loaded with goodies and a strange man in tow pushing the trolley towards out car. Dad unloaded the parcels in the back of the car whilst mum opened her door and leaned over the passenger seat and this stranger undid his fly, took out his cock and plunged it up my Mum’s cunt in one go. She gave a muffled scream and the man settled into a rhythm as he fucked her in broad daylight in the middle of the parking area. He said something to my mother and she straighten up, turned around and took his cock into her mouth and sucked for about a minute and then he grimaced and I could see spunk dribbling out of the sides of my mothers gebze escort mouth as he pumped his spunk into her. After she had licked him clean he handed her a $100.00 bill and walked away and we drove into the heart of town in silence until we arrived at the Specialists rooms in the city. To cut a long story short the doctor decided to give me a mixture of chemicals and also silicon implants to augment my breasts and a date was set for the operation in about 3 months time. I was thrilled and scared as I realised that once I had this done I would no longer be the boy I was but a cum slut for one and all and the thought made my cock pulse and harden again on the way home.
We arrived home and Dad made me try all the goodies on that they had bought for me including some really sexy underwear with split crotch panties and quarter cup bras. As I modelled these clothes mum sat on dads lap and I saw him direct his cock into her arse and just let her slide down it until she was completely impaled. Without moving he watched me and as I tried each piece and he became more and more excited until the last item he lifted my mother up and down until he came in her arse with a grunt and then called me over to clean his dick with my mouth and then lick the spunk dripping out of my mothers arse until she was also clean. I was overjoyed and took his cock in my mouth and ran the tongue up and down and everywhere and then allowed the cockhead to penetrate my throat as I tried to take all of him into me licking the spunk and savouring every little bit and when he said enough I reluctantly let him slip out and moved to my mother and ran my tongue around her arse and stuck it up her and licked all the spunk that was now running out hoping I wouldn’t miss a drop. After I had finished I was ordered to go to my room and put on something appropriate for this evenings meal and stay in my room until I was called.
I choose a lovely white garter belt, white stockings and white high heels and a blonde wig with a string of pearls around my throat as an after thought and then fixed the ball stretcher to myself and sat on my bed waiting to see if Dad was pleased with his little whore of a son at dinner.
Dinner was a simple affair with just the three of us and dad was happy except he wanted me to wear some heavy weights on the ball stretcher whenever I had it on. He produced some fishing sinkers similar to the ones that Angie had fitted to me and clipped them on the divider and I felt the weight making my balls stretch even further down. Mum had her usual weights on her nipples and cunt and Dad sat there like a Sultan with his harem and seemed quite happy.

Dear diary, it’s been 9 months since I last entered anything here as we have had a few problems with the death of family members overseas and Dad has had to go over and sort it out leaving me and mum to our own devices. I had started the chemicals and noticed that my body hair became less pronounced and my hips became more round, I lost the muscle look in my arms and legs and I took on a softer look and then it was time for the operation and I duly went under the knife, had the silicone implants fitted to make my breasts a nice 34B size, had both nipples pierced and several piercings in my cock which had now healed and now as I look at my self in the mirror I see this sexy girl staring back at me but with a dick. Mum and I would spend hours brushing each others hair, doing each others makeup and shopping for clothes and jewellery. Mum always seemed to find a guy or two to fuck her and pay for our outings as I was still recovering and wanted to save myself for Dad. Several times whilst preening each other we would get really hot and have sex of one sort or another and I looked forward to our times together and the almost inevitable consequences.
Dad was due back yesterday and mum and I greeted him at the airport and he was overwhelmed at my new look and commented on the sexy sway to my arse as I walked. He sat in the back with me on the way home and played with my new tits, sucked the nipples and pulled on the rings through them whilst I fondled his cock and balls, scooping up the pre come and licking it off my fingers and occasionally dipping my head to lick and suck the knob. My own cock was straining against the silk knickers that I had worn and dad slipped his hand down and released it slowly stroking me and feeling the piercings that I had placed in it. We got home and after a beer dad called both mum and me into the lounge room and told us to strip off our street clothes and parade before him in our frillies. I was over the moon as I proudly showed off my new tits and the cock piercings and he was very eager to see up close the great job the surgeon had done. As I stood before him he examined my tits, lifted them and tweaked the nipples and then moved down to my cock and pulled the piercings this way and that until he was satisfied then told me to fetch the lube from the bedroom and hurry back. It had been months since I had had any sex other than the occasional head job or fuck from mum and I looked forward to whatever dad had in mind and was disappointed to see he already had his cock in mum’s cunt when I got back. She was bouncing up and down on his cock as though her life depended on it and I stood there with a raging hard on wondering what was going to happen next. Dad soon answered my thoughts as he stopped mum moving, lifted her off his cock and then told me to bend over in front of him and touch my toes which I did as quickly as possible and then I felt the lube being pressed into my arse and a finger penetrating me making sure my back passage was well and truly ready for a fucking. Dad then told me to sit on his lap and as I did he guided his cock into my arse and I felt the knob pop in for the first time in ages. As I hadn’t had anal sex for a while I was tight and it took dad some time to work his cock right in but when he did it felt marvellous and I wiggled to get more and more into me. He then told mum to lube my cock and impale herself on it up her arse and there we were, my dad and two sluts with cocks in their arses and feeling great. Mum raised herself up a bit and I was able to move in and out of her arse with ease and this caused my dads cock to go in and out of my arse. I was the driver of this fuck train and decided to make it last although my cock was straining to come but I didn’t want dad to come too early. I moved ever so slowly and could feel the pressure building in my balls and no matter how slow I went the pressure became too much and I spunked up my mothers arse with several long spurts and the contractions of my arse caused my dad to come in me filling my bowels with lovely hot spunk which started to squeeze out over his pubes and down the crack to his arse. Mum lifted herself off me, turned around and cleaned my cock with her lovely mouth and then it was my turn to cleans dads cock and balls and arse with my tongue. As I lent over dad licking and sucking his cock mum moved behind me and started lick my arse and dads spunk which was coming out slowly. I made my arse contract and forced more and more spunk out so that mum could have a great taste of her husbands used spunk and she was like a women possessed as she stuck her tongue right up me and I could feel the spunk running out onto her tongue and mouth. I had finished cleaning dad and he told me to clean mum up the way she clean me and I happily obliged, marvelling at the amount of my spunk that ran out of her arse and down my hungry throat. Dad then told us to leave him as he had to make arrangements for my coming out party next week and didn’t want to be disturbed. It was then that Dad informed us that we now were relatively wealthy as the family overseas had bequeathed their goods and chattels to us. I innocently asked if this meant the mum and I wouldn’t be sold as usual but all I got for my troubles was a slap on the face and told to go to my room as I was an ungrateful little bitch.

Dear Diary- Its been a week since dad got home and apart from that first night he has not touched either myself or mum and we are wondering what he has in store for us, especially me. Tonight at dinner he told us that on Saturday night we would be going to a party and we would be required to dress appropriately for the occasion and then left us to work out what we were going to wear. Mum and I were like two little girls at a dress up party as we tried on outfit after outfit until we decided on what we were going to wear. Mum decided on thigh length black PVC stockings with a black PVC garter belt and a peak hole bra that showed her nipple and rings through the holes, she was also going to wear a black wig and a dog collar and 6 inch black high heels. I decide to go as a blonde and choose a pair of crutch less panties, white stockings and garter belt, 6 inch high heels in white, a frilly maids skirt with ruffle underskirts that just covered my bottom, a quarter cup bra in white covered by a sheer white blouse unbuttoned to the waist and a white chocker topped off with a curly platinum blonde wig. The make up was next on the list and mum went for the heavy eyeliner and purple eye shadow with black lipstick and pale white face whilst I settle on a bright red lipstick, long false eyelashes and rosy cheeks. I was also going to make my nipple a brighter shade of red and mum decided to make hers black. We were all set and really excited about the upcoming coming out party where I would be introduced darıca escort as a complete cum slut to be enjoyed in every way by whoever wanted me.
Saturday morning and mum and I are secreted in my bedroom after a bath together getting ready for the big party We started on our make up and finally we were ready for inspection from dad and we called him into the room to have a look at his two whores. He was taken aback as he entered as we were so different. He left the room and returned with a camera and had us pose in various positions to show off our charms to the world. It was only early yet but my cock was dribbling pre come and mums cunt was glistening with her juices and the smell was overpowering. I was a complete woman now except for a set of constrained balls and a cock that still functioned properly. Dad led us down to the car and we were on our way but had to stop for fuel and dad asked me to go and pay for it. I felt like a little doll as I went into the shop and the people there all looked at me, some with disapproving looks but most with lust in their eyes. As I was waiting in line a bloke behind me grabbed my arse and tried to stick his finger in my cunt until he realised that a good set of balls was in his way and he grabbed then and squeezed them before slapping me on the arse and leaving. As I left the shop he and his mates made all kinds of lewd suggestions to me and I blushed like a little school girl and was thrilled that I could revoke such a response from strangers. We travelled on and after about an hour we arrived at a secluded home in the better part of town and drove up the drive way. There were about 30 cars there already and as we stopped we were greeted by girls who escorted us inside………… Inside we were ushered into an enormous ball room with people in various stages of undress drinking and mingling together, sometimes feeling each others private parts and even some women giving men blow jobs in view of everyone. Some men were even giving blow jobs and nobody seemed to take the slightest bit of notice. My mother and I were the only ones of the guests in real costumes although some had accessories that they wouldn’t wear in public and we caused quite a stir as we entered the room and a buzz went up as they inspected us at close range. I was given a drink by someone and was glad to have something to do with my hands and as I looked around I noticed that along one wall were crosses of various sizes and positions all with wrist and ankle clamps and one was already in use as a young girl was upside down, clamped into the cross, nude with a dildo in her cunt and one in her arse and some bloke thrusting his cock into her open mouth. She had welts on her torso and especially her tits and I realised as I got closer that it was Angie. She had rings through her nipples which were bleeding and huge weights connected to them which made her tits stretch so that they seemed flat against her chest and the welts on her body were deep enough for some to draw blood The man fucking her mouth thrust home for the last time withdrew his cock and I watched as this little girl tried to stop the spunk from running out of her mouth and up her nose causing her to cough and splutter with some dripping off her forehead and onto the floor. From the pool of spunk on the floor underneath her I surmised that she had been used quite extensively that night already. I knelt down to her face and licked some of the spunk away and seeing me she smiled and said hullo, long time no see but I was thrust aside by a large woman who removed the dildo from Angie’s cunt, poured a glass of wine into her and then proceeded to suck it out with a straw all to the applause of a small audience. When she had finished she selected a very large dildo from a box beside the cross and plunged it into Angie’s cunt as far as it would go making Angie scream with pain which caused a ripple of laughter amongst the onlookers. I asked Dad why she was being punished like this and he told me that Angie and Joan had been caught giving it away to the pool cleaner without Brad’s permission and this was the result. I was perplexed but didn’t have long to ponder the situation as I became the attention of a group of men who fondle my breasts and arse and who on finding a set of balls and a cock became very interested in me indeed.
I was asked to walk this way and that, pose this way or that way, bend over, straighten up and the expressions of praise I received made all the work of this morning and the last 6 months seem worth it. I wiggled my arse like a good little slut, batted my eyelids at them, stuck my arse out and opened my blouse to show my lovely tits. One of the men came and sucked on my nipple and then bit it sharply causing me to cry in pain but then another man did the same to the other one and I was bewildered but remembered what my father said about not saying anything so I bit my lip and waited for the pain to subside. As I was wearing crotch less panties my cock and balls were outside and my cock had hardened somewhat making a tent in my dress and several men took turns squeezing my cock and balls or slipping my knob into their mouths for a quick suck. I felt someone rubbing a finger on my arse hole and suddenly it slipped in and then another and another and they started to move back a forth in me before being withdrawn and presented to me to kick clean. This was the cue for someone to bend me over and slide his cock into me and start fucking me quickly until I felt that familiar but missed sensation of a cock releasing its spunk into my bowels. He removed his cock and I saw him force it into Angie’s mouth for her to clean. I barely had time to take a breath before another cock was forced up my arse and another was pushed against my lips for me to suck. I opened my mouth as wide as possible and the cock slipped in right down my throat in one easy stroke and then I proceeded to bob up and down on this cock whilst my other end was being well and truly filled. I loved sucking cock and this one tasted like a woman’s cunt so I surmised that some lucky girl had had it earlier and left her scent on it for me. It was long and thin and easy to deep throat and it want long before I felt it spurt into my throat and it continued for a few spurts then was pulled out and replaced by another somewhat bigger cock. The cock in my arse had spunked also but he stayed rigid and continued to pump my arse causing whatever juices were trapped there to seep along his cock and out of my arse onto my legs and stockings. I was being used as a spunk deposit from both ends and instead of feeling used was enjoying every minute of it. The man in my mouth decided that a good girl like me should get a severe pounding from a good sized cock so he started to ram his cock into my mouth, down my throat and never letting up until with a cry he unloaded his cum in my mouth, it was very tasty and I swirled it around my mouth before swallowing the whole lot.
My dad rescued me from this group and took me over to another group which included Brad. I said hullo and he was amazed that here was this gorgeous girl who he had fucked in the arse not so many months ago as a guy. He told me I looked beautiful and that my dad must be really proud of me. I blushed again and looked at him through half closed eyes and he led me to a bench and sat me down before dropping his trousers and placing his cock against my lips. I sucked him in all the way remembering the first time and rested with his balls against my chin, his knob in my throat and his cock throbbing in my mouth. I started to suck him very slowly savouring each and every inch of my first cock again and kept up this slow pace until I felt him stiffen and pulling his cock out of my mouth I aimed it at my mouth and watched as spurt after spurt shot from his knob towards me, some going into my mouth but some onto my face. His taste was wonderful and I tried to lick all the spunk off my face that had missed my mouth. Dad then came over and in a loud voice invited everyone to take advantage of his new cum slut in whichever way they wanted and that those waiting could have the use of his wife and the other people who were being placed on several crosses against the wall. This started a free for all as I was led to a hanging contraption that I was forced to lay back on, my legs in the air and tied to the suspension ropes at one end and my arms the same at the other. Mt nipple rings were connected to small ropes hanging from pullies in the ceiling and weights were put on the other ends of the ropes to stretch my new tits towards the sky. A woman came forward and took my cock into her mouth and swallowed me down to my pubes and proceeded to give me a head job until on the verge of spunking she stopped and with forefinger and thumb, squeezed my cock and prevented me from coming. She then walked to the other end and straddling my face commanded me to lick her cunt and arse which I found were full of man juice and tasted great. I went at it with relish and licked and sucked and swallowed all the juices that were forthcoming and content she moved away to be replaced by a man who plunged his cock into my mouth and straight down my throat. I then felt a cock at my arsehole and it slowly worked its way into my arse and started to fuck me in time with the man in my mouth.
A young girl was watching and moved over to take my balls in her hand and give then a squeeze which combined with the stretcher I was already wearing caused izmit yürüyüş yolu escort me to wince in pain. Seeing my reaction she squeezed them again but this time harder and I bucked up and down causing the cock in my mouth to fallout. The man wasn’t happy and holding my head gave me a resounding slap on the face and pushed his cock back in as far as it would go and held it there until I almost fainted through lack of oxygen before he pulled back and began fucking my throat in earnest. I was gagging and chocking and then he shot his load into my throat time and time again and I coughed up some of it and it ran down my face over and onto the floor. He pulled out, gave me another slap and moved away to have his place taken by another woman who wanted her cunt and arse cleaned as well. The man in my arse was still thrusting in and out and it seemed that he would never spunk until with a roar he filled my arse once again and pulled out allowing the spunk to dribble out of me until another man started to lick my arsehole and drink the spunk. The young girl who had squeezed my balls was still there and took my cock into her mouth and ran her teeth the length of it as she deep throated me and then once again as she pulled it out and repeated this for a while until she felt my cock twitch and then she too took my cock between her fingers and squeezed stopping me from coming. Laughing at my predicament she moved away and a very attractive woman came into view but for some reason I felt my balls contract as I believed that this woman was to be feared and how right I was. She motioned to someone just out of my sight and a man came to my head and produced a very sizeable cock which he started to force feed into my mouth, it was bigger than anything I had had today and it took quite a while to get it into my throat and I was not at all comfortable with it. I then felt a cold object being forced into my arse and realised that the woman had a strap on dildo and was dildo fucking my arse with this monster. She drove it to the hilt and then just stood there watching me deep throat her partner and as I concentrated on his cock I felt a sharp pain in my one of my balls which continued to grow and as the partner pulled back I let his cock slip from my mouth and looked down between my tits and legs and saw a needle sticking out of one of my balls being pressed further in as I watched. The needle finally came out the other side of my ball and the woman twisted it to the right and left causing more pain. The man then grabbed my head and made me take him in my mouth again as I felt another prick in the other ball and the procedure was repeated and I would have been screaming except for the cock in my throat that muffled all my sounds. Quite a crowd was gathering at this spectacle and one after another needles were forced through my ball sack and balls until someone commented that my balls looked like a spiny ant eater. The pain was tremendous and I could feel moisture running down my balls which I assumed was blood. The woman just kept fucking me as she twisted the needles and the pain became pleasurable as my arse was reamed by the plastic monster and my mouth was plundered by a big cock. The cock in my mouth was pulled almost all the way out and then I felt spurt after spurt of spunk hitting the back of my throat, coating my tongue and sliding into my stomach and I was again in heaven. The woman tired of arse fucking me and pulled out and moved away and people came and admired her handiwork on my balls, flicking and twisting the needles and then without anyone touching me I spunked all over my groin and chest and hungry mouths descended on me and licked my spunk away. I lay there wondering what more could be done to me when two men came up to me and twisting me sideways in the harness turned me on my side and one then thrust his cock into me from the back and when fully in the other man in the front placed the head of his cock against my already stretched sphincter and pushed his knob hard against it until it popped in beside the already in place cock. I couldn’t believe that they were trying to double fuck my arse but soon the man in front pushed and his cock started to go deeper and deeper until I felt his pubic hair against my hairless pubes. I was so full that it felt like a telegraph pole had been pushed up my arse then the men started to move back and forth, first one then the other, rubbing their cocks together in my crowded and stretched arse as they see sawed in and out with increasing speed. This invasion adding to the pain in my balls from the needles was making my head spin and when one of the men unloaded his spunk into me I think I may have blacked out only to come to almost instantly as the other man also unloaded into me. There I lay with two softening cocks up my arse, needles in my balls and a cock that was again straining to come and I was loving it. Finally the softened cocks fell out and the amount of spunk that followed had to be seen to be believed. I fell back onto my back and felt a tongue on my arsehole licking and sucking trying to draw out all the man juice that had been deposited there and then the head belonging to this mouth popped up and I saw it was my mother, her face covered in sperm and licking her lips to get as much as possible into her mouth. She stood up and I noticed that she too had been needled as her tits were covered in needles and some larger ones had been pushed through her nipples forming several crosses, small rivulets of dried blood came from several of the needles and I could see that she was I some pain as well.
She then moved to my head and moving over my face allowed me to lick her pussie and arse and I discovered that her labia had been subjected to more needles which pricked my tongue as I tried to lick her. She was dripping fluids from her cunt and arse and from the amount that I sucked up it must have been from quite a few men. She smiled down at me and moved away and I had a brief respite from cock and cunts and arses for a minute or two and lay there listening to the sounds of people fucking and sucking, the occasional scream and moan of anguish and pain that seemed to fill the air. The smell of sex was overpowering and I breathed in its heady scent luxuriating in the sights sounds and smells. My musing were interrupted by my legs and arms and nipples being released from their entrapment and I was able to stand, somewhat wobbly on my own two feet again and see what was going on from an upright position. Men and women and women and women and men and men were engaged in all kinds of couplings anywhere there was a clear space. In one place I noticed my mother impaled on two cocks, one in her arse and one in her cunt whilst another man plunged his cock into her mouth and throat and I moved over to her, very gingerly as the needles in my balls were still there and movement allowed that tips to scratch my legs causing more pain to my balls as the needles shifted, and took one of her nipples into my mouth and sucked for all I was worth. I stuck my tongue through the nipple ring and pulled it back into my mouth and wanted to take more in but was stopped by the large needles sticking through her nipples and I could taste the blood that seeped from the wounds made by these needles. I then took the other nipple into my mouth and sucked that too and then moved away to find a place to sit where I could allow my balls to hang down without hitting anything. The woman who put the needles in saw me and told me to stand and then proceeded to pull the needles out very slowly and I watched the trickles of blood flow across my balls as more and more were pulled out. Finally the last one was gone and I dripped blood all over the floor and this woman got on her knees and taking my balls in her mouth and sucked the blood into her mouth. I was appalled and tried to pull away but she had me well and truly caught by the balls in her mouth and the more I tried to pull away the more she bit down on my sack. I stood there and for the first time that day noticed that my cock was soft and the pain of not having an orgasm for a while had diminished somewhat. She finished what she was doing, released my balls from her mouth and as she stood up I noticed that her lips and face were covered in my blood. I was sore , not only were my balls sore but my arse and jaw from the myriad of cocks that I had serviced and wanted to just rest but dad called me over and seeing my distress offered me a drink.
I realised that apart from spunk and women’s juices I had and nothing to drink for hours and gratefully accepted the offering and gulped it down. It wasn’t alcohol but the taste was unusual and reminded me of the pills that I had taken some month’s ago before my first party. Whatever it was certainly picked me up and dad told me to go and freshen up a bit as I looked terrible so I found the washroom and looked in the mirror and saw a once pretty face with make up smeared, dried spunk matted in my hair and on my face and generally looking a wreck. I took some time cleaning myself as best I could and reapplied the makeup and looked almost as good as when I arrived but there was little I could do for some of my clothes as my stockings had gaping holes in them, my panties were soaked and in some places covered in blood and my blouse was ripped to shreds but I managed to repair some of the damage. It was then that I realised that I needed to piss and shit and sat on the loo and emptied my bowels of whatever cum had not already escaped and took a nice long piss and sat thee for a while just letting my body relax from the pounding it had taken……….
The rest of the party will follow if people are interested enough plus my life for the last couple of years under daddy’s protection andlove………

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