Daddy’s Swimming Pool

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The telephone call Elaine Garrett received from her father on that hot Friday afternoon in August had been most welcome, for three reasons. For one thing, she loved spending summer weekends in his cool swimming pool. For another, she always enjoyed his company. But, most important, she was really looking forward to what Daddy’s tongue and cock and fingers could do for her needy ass and, especially her pussy.

Swimming together and the ensuing sexual frolicking had been his and her favorite recreation ever since her mother died, leaving her father financially very well-off and still a relatively young man. Elaine remembered their first coupling, when she was 18 years old and had just finished high school. She had been splashing around, really relishing the cool water, when Daddy had joined her and told her of the pleasures of swimming nude. She happily peeled off her bathing suit and found he was right. The next ten minutes had been a lot of fun and one of the best parts of the adventure had been the sight of Daddy’s virile, unclothed form cavorting in the water.

She approached him where was standing with his feet on the shallower part and placed her hands on his shoulders so she could face him in an upright position. “You’re right, Daddy. This really feels good.” Knowing how they could make it a lot better, Elaine moved in closer until their bodies were pressed together, slid her hands down to his ass and pulled herself more snugly against his form. She could feel his cock stiffening against her pubic area and smiled lewdly, because she could also feel the juices trickling down her thighs, although the cool water immediately washed them away.

“How about going and lying down on that mattress there?” As she spoke, the horny daughter pointed to the inflated air mattress on the edge of the pool.

Her father thought that was a wonderful idea. That was why he had left the mattress there. They had ended that day, two years earlier, fucking and sucking and exploring each other’s bodies beside the pool. After she came the first time from her daddy eating her pussy, Elaine’s second orgasm of the day from his big cock was the best of her life until then. The happy pair had quietly gotten together regularly for more of the same, until Elaine went away to college a few months later. Since then, she had completed four semesters at the nearby state university and was a summer intern at a major law firm, but they still got together to cavort in Daddy’s swimming pool whenever they could.

As arranged, Elaine got there at ten o’clock, just when the sun was starting to approach its zenith and the heat of the day had started. For appearance’s sake, she brought her rather modest bathing suit, even though she didn’t expect to even get it wet.

“Hi, Sweetie” her daddy said when he met her at the door. She greeted him in the same casual way and kissed him on the cheek.

In college and at work and other places she had been, Elaine had met a lot of men, but none she had known were as attractive as her own father. He was tall, broad-shouldered and ruggedly handsome with green eyes and a full head of straight black hair. He thought highly of her too. His daughter took after her mother, with her dark brown hair, rather dusky skin, warm brown eyes and a sexy, full figure, including big breasts and a shapely bottom. Even if he hadn’t known how much his daughter reveled in their trysts and how great she was on several different mattresses, Daddy would have been attracted to her.

Once she was inside with the door closed, their salutations were more physical. As she was scuffing out of her shoes, their tongues met between their mouths and his hands raised her short skirt to caress her succulent ass in its pair of skimpy panties. He was already barefoot and wearing jeans and her hands got busy too, unzipping the fly and reaching inside to fondle his cock, which had been stiff even before the contact.

“C’mon” he said, his hand on her back to guide her to the back yard where the pool was. “I’ve really been looking forward to seeing you again. And a lot more than that.”

The swimming pool was exactly the way it had always been, including the metal awning that extended from the high board fence and provided users with shade and maximum privacy. Once under its protection, Elaine and her father embraced again and, this time, Daddy unbuttoned her skirt while she was unfastening his belt and pulling open the fly of his pants. Both garments fell to the ground at the same time and father and daughter stepped out of them to start on her blouse, which quickly joined her mini-skirt on the ground, to be followed by his thin cotton t-shirt. Elaine turned her back on her daddy then, so he could unhook her bra, which was added to the growing pile of clothing. When she turned around to face him, the lustful girl put on a brief display, swinging her torso from side to because she knew how much Daddy loved her gorgeous breasts, especially watching them as they bounced and swayed while unencumbered by any garment.

He got Ankara escort to his knees in front of her, hooked his fingers in the waistband of her bikini panties and pulled them down around her ass to let them slither to the ground. In anticipation of the great sex and swimming she was expecting that day, Elaine’s pussy was already wet with her juices, and Daddy licked them off, before standing up. She replicated his actions, pulling down his jockey shorts, grinning at his big, erect cock and lightly kissing him there. The naked woman stood up, and the equally bare father and daughter faced each other.

Following one more kiss, with their tongues meeting, the went to opposite ends of the pool, as was their custom. Elaine jumped into the shallow water; her father dived into the deep end and they splashed and swam to meet each other in the middle. Treading water and hugging, they kissed and petted repeatedly, until they wanted more, and swam to the side of the pool where the air mattress awaited them. The highly excited young woman pulled herself out the water and lay down on her back, her head resting on the inflated pillow, while her equally aroused father, stiff cock protruding, followed her to kneel beside what would be their place of pleasure. She smiled at him and at his big erection and prepared to be taken to Paradise.

But his hard cock would have to wait its turn, because there was something else they both loved to do first. After kissing her eyes and ears and mouth and the pulse spots in her throat, he cupped one of her luscious breasts in his hand and leaned forward to start licking her nipple. Elain’s body squirmed lustfully under his ministrations and she murmured of her desire.

“Mmmmm, Daddy, that feels so good. I love the way you do that.”

He did not respond; his mouth had better things to do than chat with his eager offspring. For several minutes, his tongue continued fondling her precious pink nubbins, alternating between them and feeling them grow rigid from his licking and kissing. When he smelled the nectar from her pussy, he knew it was time to move his attentions lower on her sexy form. He began by applying his tongue to the channel between her lovely breasts.

Moving slowly, because they had all day, he licked and kissed and nuzzled his way down the voluptuous body in front of him. When he reached Elaine’s navel, he briefly swirled his tongue inside, and was rewarded with a giggle and by her hands pushing down on his shoulders. She knew where his mouth was heading and very much wanted him to get there. None too soon, from her point of view, he reached her Mount of Venus and kissed the soft hillock before moving to kneel between the thighs she was spreading for him. He leaned forward; she raised her legs and he ducked under them to let her knees rest on his shoulders.

Daddy leaned forward and wrapped both arms around his daughter’s thighs so his hands met on her mons. He leaned in closer and his face was inches away from her adorable pink hole, close enough for him to derive the full benefit of her heavenly aroma. Elaine had shaved herself there earlier that morning and the smooth skin contrasted beautifully with her lips, dark pink and engorged with her lust. With utmost delicacy, Daddy parted them and an intoxicating cloud of her fragrance arose to please his sense of smell even more than his eyes were relishing the beauty of his daughter’s pussy.

Some of the fresh juice had run down her thighs, and her father began his worship of her pussy by licking it off. It was as delicious as he knew it would be. She spread her legs farther and her daddy buried his face even more snugly in the enchanting confection and started to lick upward, lapping up all the freshest treat as it trickled from the pink hole that was its source. The young woman writhed under him as waves of excruciating pleasure swept through her body and — quite unnecessarily — she urged her father to continue.

“Oooo, Daddy! Eat my pussy! I love it! Keep licking me like that!”

He did, but only until his tongue reached the bottom edge of her dripping pink hole. Once he was sure he had all the nectar that he could reach, his mouth moved over to an outer lip and he started licking her there. The cleanly shaven skin was soft and smooth as a satin pillow, and he slowly lapped all the way up to his daughter’s mons. He kissed the dusky mound again before returning his mouth to below her precious wet hole, where he devoured all the ambrosia she had just produced. Once again, after finishing all the delectable fluid his agile tongue could reach, he started to lick the one opposite where he had begun. His sexy daughter was just as smooth and enticing there, and he licked slowly, covering every part of the lip. By the time he reached her mons again. Elaine’s hips had started swiveling under his face, thrusting her legs back and forth past the sides of his head.

Having his lovely daughter in an extreme state of arousal was such a thrill that Daddy had to lift his head to see the affects his actions were having. Ankara escort bayan The result was extremely gratifying. Elaine’s pussy lips were even more swollen and her adorable clit had become so big it had almost pushed its way out from behind the shelter of its protective hood. Smiling inwardly, he lowered his head again to resume licking and sucking the alluring place which had given him so much joy already that day and had received so much from him.

This time, he started caressing her between a pair of her inner and outer lips. When Daddy’s tongue got to the point where the labia were close together, he canted his head slightly so he could probe it into the seam between them as his face continued onward and upward. This was among the most fabulous places his face had ever been, buried deeply in his gorgeous daughter’s pussy, where he could smell the incredible aroma and savor the taste of her steadily flowing juices. As heavenly as those two parts were, the very best part of what he was doing was the texture of her lips against his tongue. The outer one was slick and wet and the inner was puffy and engorged with her excitement, and he was receiving both erotic sensations at once.

Elaine’s actions were steadily becoming more frenetic and her lust was growing as her daddy’s mouth continued its slow journey between the two labia. Her pussy began bouncing up against the source of the incredible delight she was receiving. The highly aroused brunette’s eyes were closed in bliss and her head was tossing from side to side on the pillow. Her father had eaten her pussy and fucked her regularly on that same mattress or in his bed, but his sexual ministrations had never ceased giving her extreme pleasure, and she was certain they never would

Her climax was steadily mounting, seeming to build up in every part of her body, and she begged her father to continue what he was doing. “Keep eating me, Daddy” she urged him. “I love it! Keep doing that!”

He heard her entreaties, but paid little or no attention to them because, as he always did, he wanted to bring the sensuous girl to the peak of desire before finally sucking and licking her clit, which would result in her first orgasm of the day. His tongue continued its upward journey, probing the seam between the two lips until he reached her clit. Not ready yet to give all his attention to the little cutie, he did no more than draw his tongue over the hood, relishing the sensation and feeling her movements become even more strenuous. From there, he brought his tongue back down below Elaine’s dripping hole again and devoured all the nectar she had just secreted.

The second pair of inner and outer lips was treated the same way. Slowly and meticulously, Daddy’s tongue fondled this precious pair until he reached Elaine’s clit again. The succulent morsel had completely pushed its way out from behind its protective hood and was ready. She was ready too and, besides her thrashing all over the mattress, her thighs had turned slightly outward, presenting her pussy to him as fully as possible. The time had arrived for her to come, but first he brought his mouth back to lap up all the freshest of the delectable treat, and this was followed by slowly thrusting his tongue upward, over the pink hole that had provided him with the delicious treat and up to his daughter’s clit.

Elaine felt the delicate contact being made by her father. “Yes! Yes!” she urged him. “Right there! Suck me there!”

Daddy heard and, this time, he did what his daughter wanted. He opened his mouth wide to draw the swollen morsel inside and, with his lips forming a seal, sucked on it in the same tempo as her pussy ramming against his face. As he sucked, his tongue was also busy, caressing the engorged sides and top of her adorable clit.

Elaine’s body was thrashing all over the air mattress and she was constantly begging her daddy to keep doing the same thing to her when her climax started to erupt. She clamped her thighs tightly on the head of the man who was bringing it about and grabbed his hair, as if to keep him from escaping. There was no reason for that, because he was exactly where he wanted to be and doing exactly what he wanted. The young woman’s pussy rammed up harder than ever against his face and her legs swung from side to side, yanking him all over the mattress.

When her orgasm overwhelmed her, her back arched; all her muscles clenched, and she seemed to be trying to wrap her pussy around her Daddy’s face. After that tremendous explosion, all of Elaine’s muscles completely relaxed; her legs released their grip on her father’s head and her arms flopped at her sides. Her daddy backed away slightly, then leaned in even more closely, to lap up the fresh rivulet from her legs, lips and everywhere else they had spattered. They would have tasted even better than usual, but he left the wetness inside the pink place that had been its source. He had a raging erection, and needed to fuck as much as he ever had and he knew the slippery fluid would have to be left inside her Escort Ankara to serve their natural function of lubrication for his big cock.

He lifted the corner of the air mattress and reached under to retrieve the pack of condoms he had placed their earlier. His daughter was on The Pill and he was not concerned about AIDS or STD’s but he had his own reason for wearing them. Once they had both come from the fucking they were about to start, he very much wanted to eat her pussy again. This was one of the favorite parts of a session of sex for both father and daughter, but he had no wish to lap up his own semen if he could avoid it.

When Daddy got back on the mattress, his daughter opened her eyes and saw him approach, his stiff cock with its latex covering aimed at her. She grinned lasciviously and reached down between her legs to spread the lips of her juicy pussy. Holding his shaft in one hand, her father knelt between her legs again and leaned forward to put his other hand beside her to support his weight. Leaning forward more closely, he placed the tip of his cock against the wet hole that lusted so much for it and Elaine used her fingers to center the head.

“Right here, Daddy. Now, stick it in me. Really give it to me!”

He started to do exactly that. With the first strong thrust, the tip wedged its way into the slippery hole that was being held open for him. His daughter squealed in excitement as the hard, thick cylinder glided past her fingers and into the place that yearned for it. Seconds later, another push drove an inch of Daddy’s cock into her. Elaine’s body was already writhing in bliss while most of the rest of the very welcome visitor eased into her in small increments.

“Ooooh, Daddy, that feels soooo good. Keep giving it to me!” Elaine extended her arms to him in an invitation.

The response was immediate. Her father no longer needed to guide his shaft, so he placed his other hand on her other side and leaned forward, allowing his forearms to slide under her shoulders. She hugged Daddy closely and father and daughter shared a passionate kiss. When he raised his mouth from hers, he began to slowly draw his cock from the warm, wet place that felt so good to both of them until only the head was still inside. After a pause of no more than a few seconds, he started driving it back inside her.

When Elaine felt the hard cock surging into her, excruciating pleasure filling her body all along its path, she fucked back to meet it. The two bodies came together with a highly satisfying “smack” and her juices spattered on both of them. Seconds later, his giver of joy was withdrawn the same way and plowed back into her the same way and met by her in the same way. The horny father and daughter moaned in delight at the incredible sensations sweeping through their bodies.

“Oh, Daddy, I love that! Keep giving me that big cock!”

He did keep giving it to her, but slowly, using long, deep strokes. Elaine kept fucking back to meet him, but her movements grew less controlled as her level of arousal mounted. She rocked from side to side on her luscious ass and, as before, her hips started swiveling under her Daddy’s body. He smiled at this display of her sexual stimulation and continued to plunge his cock in and out of her eager pussy.

Their coupling was already fabulous, but Elaine wanted something more. “Let me, Daddy,” she murmured into his ear.

Her father chuckled softly at his daughter’s enthusiasm, which he shared, and burrowed his cock as deeply as possible into her avid pussy until his pubic hair was tickling her bare skin. He elevated his body from her and she reached down, put her hands on his hips and pushed away, slowly pulling her pussy from around his erection until only the end remained imbedded inside her. She paused very briefly, just long enough to move her hands low enough to clutch his ass cheeks and impale her pussy as she pulled herself against her daddy. When they came together, they once again spattered her plethora of juices on both their bodies.

Elaine continued holding his cheeks with her hands, but otherwise the next thrust was identical to the one preceding it. She drew slowly away from the body above her until just the end of her daddy’s cock was still in place. With just the head still stretching her lovely pink orifice, she slid back down to imbed its entire length again. Elaine moaned in bliss as the big, stiff organ slowly filled her to capacity until Daddy’s pubic hair was again brushing against the lips of her pussy.

“Daddy, that feels so wonderful,” she whispered into his ear.

“It feels pretty wonderful to me too.”

For a few minutes, the happy father and daughter lay there, reveling in the incredible sensations they were feeling, until Elaine started moving away. Once again, she stopped with just the head of Daddy’s cock in her pussy and this time, as she was sliding back under his body, he rammed forward, raking the base of her clit extra hard and evoking a loud exclamation of joy from her and a glad sigh from him. They continued like that, making slow, sweet love beside the swimming pool, while Elaine felt her climax mounting within her. When she was on the verge of what she knew would be a glorious orgasm, she whispered into his ear again.

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