Daughter has been Naughty

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Ashley came home late in the afternoon after cheerleader practice, still wearing her little costume. Her dad had come home early from work and was concerned that his only daughter wasn’t there as he had expected.

“Hi Ashley. Where have you been?” Dad asked.

“At cheerleader practice, where do you think,” Ashley replied sarcastically, with palms up to show how she was dressed, like it should be obvious to any idiot.

“Don’t get smart with me kid. I just expected you’d be home when I got home.”

“Well, don’t come home so early and you won’t be surprised if I’m not here.”

“Girl, you’d better not give me too much attitude. What about the other night when you stayed out until 2am?”

“Dad! I’m in college! I can stay out late if I want and I can take care of myself,” She replied defensively.

“Now, that’s what I’m talking about. You’d better watch how you talk to me and show me some respect, or else.”

“I’m not a little girl any more is all I meant.”

“Well you left a mess in the kitchen that I had to clean up for you, and I keep seeing things like this that worry me.”

“Lighten up, dad. I was in a hurry to get to class and I was going to clean it up before you got home. It’s your fault for coming home early!”

“Little girl, you’re getting too big for your britches. In fact, that’s another thing. Those jeans you were wearing a couple of days ago were so tight they showed everything. You shouldn’t be going out wearing clothes like that.”

“You are soo old, no one says ‘britches’ any more. And those pants are a perfect fit. I can’t help it if I have long legs, a small waist, and a big round bootie, now can I?”

“Well you certainly do have curves all over and that’s why I don’t want you showing them off for everybody to see. You’re not too old to put over my lap for a spanking young lady!”

“Yes, I am too old. You wouldn’t dare do that,” She replied defiantly.

“That’s it. You need to learn some discipline and manners. Come here girl,” He exclaimed as he grabbed her by her wrist and sat on the couch, pulling her over his knees with her big round bootie, as she called it, sticking up in the air as she fought to get up.

“NO, you can’t do this!”

“Yes I can,” He replied as his right hand smacked down on her buttocks while he held her wrists with his other hand.

“OH! That hurt!”

He smacked her butt again through her short cheerleader skirt that barely covered her ass, freeing her long bare legs to flail around trying to escape the sudden pain. He smacked each ass cheek in turn, over the skirt cloth, eliciting a yelp from her with each one.

Looking up at her dad in surprise, she said, “Dad, that hurts. Why are you doing this to me?”

“Because you’ve been a naughty little girl, talking back to me that way, and doing bad things. You need an attitude adjustment to learn how to respond to your father without being so sarcastic. I’m not even hurting you.”

“But I’m not a bad girl.”

Smack, smack. He hit her cheeks even harder so she could feel it this time.

“Are you going to be a good girl now?”

“No. I mean, I’m good already. I don’t need to change.”

Whack! Whack! Again and again he applied the discipline he felt she so desperately needed. He took notice of her long, smooth, firm legs as the flailed about from the pain. He knew he wasn’t really hurting her that much and it was more of a shock to her than anything else. Her skirt was gold with black trim to match the school colors of The Yellowjackets, and pleated for easy movement, with the top being several inches below her navel and the bottom only reaching down to her upper thighs. Each movement brought her skirt up higher on her thighs and hamstrings.

“Now, see, that’s the problem. You need to stop talking back to me and realize the bad things you’ve been doing and I’ll stop.”

“But I AM a good girl Dad, really. I haven’t done anything wrong that needs changing!”

Whack! Smack! She was yelling louder with each hand on her butt now and her squirming had raised the hem of her skirt to expose the bottoms of her ass cheeks. He could see some redness from where he had spanked her and as she raised her butt up in response, he saw the dark space between her slightly opened thighs. She was not wearing panties!

“What the hell! You’re not even wearing panties! How can you go walking around in public with no panties on? Good girls definitely do not go to school with no panties on. Where are your panties? Do you hear me?”

“Oh, daddy, I don’t know.”

“What? You don’t know?”

“Well, maybe I lost them somewhere. I don’t remember where they went,” Ashley replied innocently.

He raised her skirt up to be sure they really were missing. Her red, round butt came into full view, showing clearly on her white skin where her swim bottoms had made nice tan lines. It wasn’t that big, but definitely was round and firm from her constant workouts. He saw her exposed ass hole puckering closed and open from the sudden exposure. He smacked her bare ass now, again and again, firmly; only Niğde Escort now, he paused to rest with his hand on her warm ass after each stroke. For the first time, he felt his penis start to rise from her squirming on his lap and spread his own legs further apart. Now, he felt her full, soft breasts pressing into and rubbing against his bare left leg as she squirmed. Her matching fitted top was sleeveless and short to show a bare midriff when she stood and cheered. Now the back was pulled up above her waist and showed a lot of her smooth, tanned back that rose and fell with her breathing.

“So you lost your panties, huh?”

“I don’t know Dad. Maybe I left them in my locker. Or maybe I lost them the other night on my study date. We were studying for our anatomy class the night I came home late. Maybe they’re there?”

“That’s bull shit. Who were you studying with that you might lose your underwear? And don’t you have more underwear anyway?”

“Well, I was studying with this friend of mine from my class, Randy, and the text and pictures just don’t explain everything very well, you know?”

“Yes, I know. Wait! No I don’t understand, but don’t tell me. You really have been a bad girl.”

Spank, smack, whack. He smacked her bare ass until her yells turned to whimpers and she ground her hips into his crotch with her legs spread as far as she could without falling off his lap, making his penis grow into a cock pressing into her lower belly through his boxer shorts, which he often wore around the privacy of their home after work.

“Oh, Daddy, I really am a good girl. I’m not a bad girl. You now that. And my butt hurts.”

He spanked her more gently, and rubbed her pretty ass cheeks longer with each stroke. She, in turn, ground her pubic bone onto his leg, suddenly needing some contact on her neglected pussy that was getting turned on by the spanking, but she couldn’t quite reach it, and she felt his cock pressing onto her now.

“Daddy, do you miss Mommy?”

“What? Yes. Why would you ask that now?” He asked, now only rubbing her ass while wondering what she was talking about.

“I meant, do you miss spanking Mommy now that she’s gone?”

“What? I didn’t spank your mom. What do you mean?”

“When I was younger and she was still here, I heard you two through the walls, when you thought I was asleep. You used to spank her and she would yell and groan from the pain. Were you teaching her to be a good mommy?”

He laughed out loud at the obvious misunderstanding his innocent daughter was expressing. Now how should he explain it to her?

“No, I wasn’t spanking her and she wasn’t groaning in pain. It was something else, something we both enjoyed.”

“But, it sounded like pain to me. Why else would she cry out like that?”

“Oh, baby, I don’t know how to tell you this. I don’t think it’s appropriate for you.”

“Why not? She is, was, my mother and I deserve to know why you were hitting her.”

His hand turned to rubs and squeezes of affection at this comment, and his mind wandered to the thought of losing his loving wife and mother of his only child due to breast cancer a couple of years before.

“I would never hit or hurt your mother. I love her very much, still, and miss her every day. No, I was not disciplining her or teaching her anything. As consenting, loving adults, we enjoyed a healthy sex life, and sometimes I might smack her butt a little to add excitement to it. She did it to me sometimes too, and trust me, she didn’t mind it but actually liked it. It made us both feel good. So that’s about it.”

Thinking about the strange words from her dad for a while, and feeling the spanking turning into pleasure from his caresses on her ass, she replied, “It’s a little weird hearing you talk about sex with mom like that, but I think I understand it. I’ve heard of things like that but never quite knew what they meant. I know you wouldn’t hurt Mom, but I just didn’t know.”

“It’s strange talking to you about this stuff too, but you deserve to know now. No, instead of pain, she really enjoyed it. And there’s more stuff we did but you don’t need to know everything right now. Just know that I love you and I want you to be a good girl, and better woman, and I am teaching you the only way I know to get through to you.”

“So, do you miss spanking Mommy?” She asked again, with a different meaning this time.

“Yes, I do. In fact, your cute round butt looks just like hers and I flashed back to her when I saw it for the first time just a moment ago. I hope that’s not too weird, is it?”

“Oh, no, Daddy, I understand now, I think. And I’ll do anything you want me to because I am a good girl. You must know that, don’t you?” She inquired, looking up at him with her head in his other hand now. “Tell me what you want.”

“I want to know where you are if you are late, and who you are with and where you are going. I know you’re a woman now, but you’re my only little girl still, now and forever and I don’t want to lose you too. Do you understand?”

“Yes. I miss Mom a lot too Niğde Escort Bayan and don’t want you to worry about me. I won’t be too sassy anymore and I’ll tell you where I am or call when I’m late, OK? And any time you are missing mom you can spank me instead. It didn’t hurt that much, and your hands even feel kind good right now, soothing my sore butt. I deserved that anyway, right?”

“Right, you needed that attitude adjustment and I’m glad we had this talk,” He said, still rubbing her buttocks and upper legs, his cock now pressing firmly into the front side of her belly from her softly grinding hips.

“Oh, Daddy, your hands feel so good there and here,” She said while kissing the hand on her face. “Would you show me some of the other things you did with Mom, because all I got was the pain part and I want to know the pleasure part? Please?”

“Well, I don’t know dear. That would be inappropriate, I’m sure.”

“You’ve already got your hand on my bare bottom. Can you do a little more to show me, please? Besides, how do you get any pleasure from spanking me anyhow?” She inquired sincerely.

“Well, I enjoy touching her, I mean you, like this, and maybe I can touch you more to show you?”

“Oh, yes, Daddy. You can touch me more if you want. I don’t mind. Is that why your cock is getting so hard? I can feel it, you know?”

“Yes, that is why my cock is getting so hard, you little teaser. So, you know what a hard cock is, huh?”

“Of course. I’m not a virgin, you know! I’ve felt a hard cock in my mouth and pussy before so I can tell you’ve got one!”

“You little slut,” He said, slapping her red butt again. “Yes, I knew you probably weren’t a virgin, especially being a cheerleader and all. Well, maybe I can touch you a little more. Let me know if this is ok.”

He ran a middle finger from under her skirt, which was bunched around her waist now, and down the crack between her ass until he passed her pucker hole, then rubbed it up and down over her perineum to her asshole and back. She moaned and clinched her ass, feeling his upturned cock on her bare belly. He could see her puckered ass hole tightening and relaxing under his finger. She likes it!

“That feels OK, but you aren’t going to stick it in my ass are you, ’cause I’ve never done that yet.”

“I like the way you said ‘yet’, because who knows what could happen later, but not now. Just warming up,” He said, pressing the tip of his finger onto her puckered hole, to show her how it felt, without entering.

His goal was lower. Her legs were spread wider now with her butt hanging over his right leg, opening the way for his hand to go lower, which it did. He ran his fingers and hand down from her ass to her pussy and all the way to her little clit. She was shaved which surprised him. It shouldn’t have. Everyone shaves or does Brazil waxing nowadays. He rubbed it up and down over her smooth pussy until he felt a bit of her first moisture.

“So, do you wax or shave?”

“We girls on the team wax each other because with all the moves we do we can’t have hair sticking out the sides of our panties, now can we?” She teased, grinding her hips on his hand, enjoying the friction on her lady parts.

“Or, you can’t have a hairy mound showing when you don’t have any panties on, can you? What the hell are we doing?”

“I don’t mind. Show me more, Daddy. Show me how you did it with Mommy.”

He rubbed the inside of her legs and ass again, and gave her a couple of quick slaps on her ass to prepare her for the next step. His hand slid over her pussy, his middle finger gathering up the moisture from her leaking pussy. He pressed a finger into it and she accepted it eagerly and pressed back to take it all inside her as far as it would go. His thumb covered her asshole while the other fingers played with her throbbing clit. He didn’t know it but it was tingling and throbbing to her.

Her right hand found its way under her waist and felt the inside of his hairy legs, giving her access to his growing hardon, where she reached into his underwear and stroked and held it firmly, pulling it free of the garment.

“Yes, more, more. Show me more my big papa,” She demanded eagerly. “Wow, this is a nice one!”

He took this as an invitation and slipped a second finger into her now wet vagina. It was snug and tight in there but she took them both willingly, just like her mom. Wait, this is his daughter, he thought! But it reminded him so much of his departed wife that he quickly dismissed the thoughts of who it was and gave in to the feelings of his hand fucking his daughter’s tight, wet pussy, and her hand stroking his hard dick, and there was no way to stop now. He fingerfucked her harder, with his fingers and thumb doing their part on her clit and ass. It was almost like when he was dating his future wife in college, only better. She was never as passionate and horny as his daughter was right now. He wanted to make her come, to show her something new, and different than she might have experienced with the young guys she might have had quickie sex Escort Niğde with.

He rubbed his left hand over her bare back, and up under her snug blouse, enjoying the feel of her soft, young skin. He raised it higher, expecting to run into her bra strap any second. It wasn’t there. No wonder her breasts felt so soft on his leg! He shoved the back of her blouse as high up as he could get it to go, with her boobs holding it down in the front. Her long, bare back was a pretty sight as he stroked it all over.

He fingerfucked her pussy with renewed vigor. Her juices were flowing now, inviting his hand and fingers to do whatever they wanted to her pussy, ass, and back. With each stroke of her two fingers she moved her butt in rhythm to try to get even more feeling. ‘No guy has ever done this to me before!’ She thought, enjoying it thoroughly.

Her top was pulled tight across her breasts, so she turned up to face her dad while pulling up the blouse up over them to her neck and made sure he noticed and saw them in their entire splendor. And fine they were, probably “C” cups he figured, which were perfect on her 5’7″ frame. He noticed all right and his dick throbbed at the sight. She felt that in her other hand and smiled up at him, knowing the effect she was having on him now.

“Oh, Daddy!” She moaned in pleasure.

Slap, slap, he whacked her bare ass again with his left hand, making her pussy grab at his hand and fingers. She cupped her left breast with her free hand, raising it up to show him her hardening nipples, which she rubbed with her thumb to make even bigger. Her areola were a puffy light brown and large as half dollars, while her nipples were a firm dark brown eraser size. They were beautiful.

“So, you lost your bra today too?”

“Oh, no. I didn’t wear one today. Besides, it was only practice.”

“What about game time? Do you wear one then?”

“Of course, Daddy! I always wear my support bra for games, and even panties too. We wouldn’t want everybody seeing me flopping around during a game, would we? But I love feeling them bouncing around during practice, and the cool breeze blowing on them and my bald pussy feels so good.”

“You naughty girl! Do you always talk about yourself that way?” He said, slapping her ass again in mock punishment.

Now she felt growing excitement with every slap on her ass, and his big long fingers were driving her crazy. She wanted more and was starting to understand why Mom and Dad might enjoy this sort of thing.

“Only for you, Dad. You’ve got your hand inside my fucking pussy! How do you expect a girl to talk? In fact, I can barely talk or even think right now. You got a problem with that?”

She knew, or hoped, that would drive him to slap her ass again, which is exactly what he did, several times, until she started whimpering at the pain and excitement. He covered her left boob, which she was still offering up to him, with his hand and felt it’s firmness for the first time. It was exquisite. He flicked her hard nipple and pinched it between his fingertips, watching her long blond hair falling over her head and face, her pink lips pursed in pleasure, blue eyes narrowing in delight. She held onto his hard cock firmly with her right hand, loving the guilty thoughts of holding her dad’s big cock for the first time. It was a nice cock and turned her on even more than the spanking and fingering. Well, almost.

He fucked her wet, reddening pussy hole with renewed vigor now, slapping her rising clit with the other fingers, pressing his thumb firmly at the entrance to her relaxing ass hole. Over and over he pounded them while squeezing her breasts and having trouble deciding whether to look at her ass and pussy, her lovely butt, her smooth back, or the big round tit and pretty face, which was now moaning with eyes closed. He felt her vagina grip and push back at his fingers and knew she was close to coming. He fucked her hard and fast with his strong hand until she locked up her hips and almost squeezed his hand off. But he didn’t stop and kept it in deep as she spasmed and rocked her whole body in a rolling orgasm. She almost squeezed his cock off in her excitement, but he didn’t come. He wanted to enjoy his lovely daughter writhing in pleasure and excitement at his touches. It was the most exciting thing he had ever felt, and maybe that she had ever felt. He fingered her slower and slower until she stopped moving and just held her still while she recovered, caressing her gently, lovingly, feeling her hard nipple, her back, soothing her red butt, the inside of her quivering thighs. She was spent and took a while before she could move or talk.

When she could move, she slithered down onto her knees on the floor, skirt falling over her butt and legs, top still wedged above her fine breasts, where he saw both as a finely matched pair for the first time. She was flushed all over and they both knew she had had a massive orgasm. She silently moved in front of him and forcefully pulled his underwear down and discarded them, spreading and moving up between his legs, still on her knees, and gave him their first kiss, a deep, sensual one with her soft lips and tongue kissing him deeply, and he kissed her the same. No words were needed. She felt his upturned cock between her breasts as she kissed him and knew she would have to help him out, no, wanted to help him get relief.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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