Daughter’s Dilemma Ch. 01

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My married daughter, Jillian (Jill), had fallen on bad times. Her husband, Brian, had unknowingly gotten into some financial trouble at his job. Ignorance is no excuse, so the consequences for him turned out to be six years in prison. Because his income would be lost, she moved back in with my wife (not her mother) and I.

Jillian is a cute girl, long, light brown hair, about 5’6″ tall, and carrying a couple of extra pounds, which just makes her appear softer. Her best feature, though, is her legs, which are truly outstanding. With me being a leg man, they were the feature I appreciated the most.

She never missed a chance to show them off, either. When she would get home from work, she’d kick her heels off and sit on the couch across from me. I enjoyed looking at her legs, always sheathed in sheer nylons.

After about six weeks, my wife had to visit her parents’ home for the weekend, about two hundred miles away. On Friday evening, I told Jill that I would take her out to dinner at a nice place, and she seemed very excited.

“Okay Dad, how should I dress?” she asked. I told her to dress nicely, but not over-the-top formal.

I changed into slacks and a turtleneck, and she came down wearing a cute blue dress, cut slightly above the knee, exposing sheer nylons and three inch stilettos. My four-wheel drive truck sits up pretty high, and when I helped her in the truck, she swung her legs in, and I was surprised to see the tops of her nylon stockings when I expected pantyhose.

As I drove to the eatery we made small-talk, but I couldn’t keep my mind off of her legs. The hem of her dress had ridden up to above her stocking tops, and I could see the glint of her garter clip when we went under a street light. It was having an effect on me, causing feelings I was unfamiliar with, and my cock to harden painfully.

“What’s wrong, Dad?” she asked after I didn’t respond to something she said.

As she talked, she turned slightly toward me and crossed her legs, causing her dress to ride up higher. Now I could see the strap of her garter belt.

“Oh, nothing, Honey,” I responded. “I’m just thinking.”

“About what, Dad?” she continued.

“Nothing in particular, Jill,” I answered.

“Is it my legs, Dad?”

I know I turned red at that, as if she were reading my mind.

“I know antalya escort you like legs, Dad… Mom’s told me several times what a leg man you are!” she said smiling.

She ran her hand down from her knee to her ankle, causing another chill to run through me.

“I think mine are okay, don’t you?” she asked with a smile on her face. I’d never thought of Jillian sexually before, but now all kinds of thoughts were going through my head.

“Do you like my stockings, Dad?” she went on.

“Mom told me you like these nylons better than pantyhose. That’s why I wore them…. for you.”

She was still smiling when I looked over at her, dumbfounded. “Honey,” I started, “I don’t think we should be….”

“Hey, we’re here, Dad,” she interrupted. I pulled into the parking lot and found a spot.

I got out and went to her side of the truck, opening the door for her. We were under a bright light in the parking lot, and she turned towards me and swung her right leg all the way over, causing her dress to ride all the way up to her waist. I was able to see that she wasn’t wearing panties under her dress, and her shaved pussy was staring me right in the face!

“Did you like that, Dad?” she asked as she slid out of the truck, allowing her dress to ride up all the way to her waist. I ignored her question, and didn’t respond, feeling more turned on by the minute.

I was very embarrassed as she took my hand, pulling me toward the entrance. I had a hard time walking with my dick in its rigid state, but with her slightly in front of me, I was able to hide it. When we sat down in the booth, she sat next to me rather than on the opposite side. Her hand went immediately to my thigh, just lying there.

Our orders were placed, drinks delivered, and the waiter walked away.

“Dad…. I want talk to you about something.”

She started. As she did, her hand started rubbing my leg.

“Okay, Honey, go ahead.” I responded.

“Well, Brian is gonna be gone for a few years…”

“I know,” I said.

“Well…. before he left, we talked about what I would do…. for sex.”

I choked on my drink.

“Relax, Dad… Brian and I are very open with each other… about everything.” Her hand continued to caress my thigh, without going too high.

“And…?” I pressed.

“Well, antalya rus escort Brian knows I have a very high sex drive…. and it would be unreasonable for us to think that masturbation would be enough…”

Now, I was speechless. She went on. “So, he didn’t want me out screwing around with other guys, so we came up with a plan.”

“What plan is that?” I asked.

“You.” She answered, and when she did, her hand slid up and grabbed my now rock-hard cock. I was again dumbfounded. “Wow, Dad… I knew you were big, but…. wow!” she said, to which she got no response from me.

“It just makes sense, Dad.” she went on. Her hand left my thigh and came up to take my hand in hers. She pulled it down under the table, and placed in on her nylon clad thigh, where he dress had ridden way up. Then, her hand went back to my lap… on my cock.

“Brian and I both know that you love me… and I obviously turn you on, she squeezed my cock, “so it just makes sense,” she continued.

My hand started to caress her stocking, moving up to the darker welt and the strap on her garter belt.

“See? I knew these stockings would do the trick,” she smiled.

Before I could respond, our food arrived, and we reluctantly started eating. As we dined, she went on. “It wouldn’t be too often, Dad…. a couple of times a month…” She put her hand back on my cock, squeezing it.

I was pretty much tongue-tied, so Jill kept the conversation going. “You don’t have to give me an answer right now, Dad. You think it over and let me know what you decide, okay?”

I just nodded, and went back to my steak. As we ate, Jill slipped her high heel off and ran her nylon clad foot up and down my leg.

Once dinner was over, we headed back to the truck. Again, when she was getting in the truck, Jill showed me everything she had, below the waist anyway. As I slid up into my seat, she came over and kissed me… on the lips. I started the truck, and she stayed right by my side, her hand again on my thigh.

As I drove home, my mind was in turmoil. I knew it was wrong to even think about sex with my daughter, but, man, she was very sexy! I reluctantly put my hand on her thigh, and slowly caressed her, enjoying the sheerness of her nylons.

We were on a country road, and suddenly, antalya ucuz escort Jill moved her hand up and undid my seat belt. Then, she went to my zipper, and before I could protest, she had it down and her hand inside, working my cock out.

When it was standing up in her hand, as she stroked it, she just said, “I’m gonna give you something to think about, to help you decide, Dad,” and she scooted back, leaned down and took the head of my cock in her mouth. I almost wrecked the truck!

But, I didn’t try to stop her. She worked her tongue on the head, probing the hole, her hand continually stroking the shaft slowly. I knew I wouldn’t last long, and I reached over and stroked her nylon clad thigh, going from her knee to above her stocking top. She let some of the juice in here mouth run down on the shaft of my cock, providing lubricant for her stroking hand.

I started to moan softly, and she locked her lips around the head, and stroked faster.

“I’m gonna cum, Honey,” I warned, and she looked up at me, saying, “Do you like it, Daddy? Does my mouth feel good on your cock, Dad?”

Then, she just sucked harder. A few seconds later, she said, “Cum in my mouth, Daddy, so I can swallow it!”

The first spurt hit her with a lot of force, and she had to swallow quickly to keep it from leaking out the corners of her mouth. I had to stop the truck in the middle of the road, as I simply couldn’t drive anymore.

She moaned loudly as she swallowed three or four times, and finally I was able to get control of myself. She continued to lick and suck until I was cleaned off. Then, she came up and kissed me, her tongue forcing itself in my mouth. The tartness of my cum was very evident as we kissed.

After a few minutes, I zipped my pants up and we headed out again. We hadn’t gone very far, when she leaned back and spread her legs. My hand had still been on her thigh, stroking her stocking, and when she leaned back, she took my hand and put it right on her wet pussy. “Make me cum too, Daddy,” and I slid first one, then two fingers into her sopping wet pussy.

Again, she moaned loudly as I finger-fucked her, and in just a minute or so, she started cumming.

“Ohhhh…Daddy… I love you!!!!” was all she could say. When she was able to, she straightened her dress and leaned up against me, snuggling up tight.

“What do you think, Dad…. are you gonna take good care of your only daughter?”

“We’ll see,” was all I could say, and she just smiled. “Well, I just bought over a hundred dollars’ worth of stockings, garter belts and pantyhose, and I’d hate to see them go to waste…”

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